Sensor Contest Question -

Is a potentiometer considered a sensor?

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Contest question? Answered

Was looking at entering the Humana Health challenge contest with one of my older instructables.  Was wondering if my LED interactive table is to old for the contest? Friend of ours has a son with autism and saw the table, she said they have similar tables for sale for sensory seeking autistic children, but none that are interactive like this one. So I thought this would be a great thing to enter as well as my others.  If its too old, I get it - Keep things fresh, if not, am I missing something? Which with me is usually the case, often resulting in me going - oh  This should be simple for someone to answer, I'm sure its me just missing something like a date. After all it has let me enter some of my other instructables that are very recent.  Thanks in advance for the advice and or answer.  Here is the page for the instructable in question.

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Contest question Answered

In the  info/rules for contests,  it appears to me that it is saying that votes from the "Instructable's community" do NOT count towards who is chosen as the winner. Is that correct?

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Contest question?

I was thinking of entering the Party Food contest and Monster contest but I was wondering...if I become a finalist in both contests (hopefully :), will that affect my chance of winning each contest? Like I probably wouldn't be given a prize for the monster contest if I'm being considered for one in the party food contest?

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Could I post the same instructable into this contest and the Light up your Ride contest?

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Sensor Question Answered

This is a hypothetical electrical circuit question, I'll try to clarify as best as possible. If you had a circuit hooked up to a light bulb, but controlling a the light bulb were two sensors wired into the circuit. One sensor turned the bulb on when there was no light, and the other turned it off when there was light. I'm not sure if that would be all one sensor, but garden lights work somewhat like that. Anyway, what if the sensors were mounted directly in front of the light bulb, facing it, so they worked based on its light. What would happen when you turned it on? Would it act like a strobe light or just explode, and would the effect be different with LED's? Also, would you need to put some other mechanism in to slow the sensor's signals?

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If I'm not 18 when I enter the contest, but turn 18 by the time the contest in finished, am I still eligible to win prizes, etc. or do I have to be 18 WHEN I enter? I'm 17 but turn 18 in November.

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Contest entry

Hello everyone, I just want to know what is happening with my contest entry, I applied to a "build my lab" contest about three or four days ago and I still waiting for approval. Thank you in advance for all answers

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Craft contest

I am a newbie here so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Are we allowed to submit multiple entries in a contest or can we only submit one? Thanks, Michelle

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String Contest Question

If the contest is called the "String Contest" why is the picture full of ropes? Hmmm... Or maybe it should be added that rope is eligible too, It might not be obvious to everyone...

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Amigurumi Contest Question

I have a question about this contest. Is it only open to knitted or crocheted creations, or are felted items welcome too? I.e., anything made of wool/yarn? Thanks, Susan

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A question on the Party contest....

So is this contest about a "lot of money saving ides" from each person, or one major one, to be explained in detail on each instructable?

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Ornament Contest Questions

I have a few questions about the Ornament Contest: 1. What brand/type of Printer will be used to print the final designs? 2. Where will the designs be printed? 3. How many copies of the final 8 designs will be printed? will there just be one or will the whole tree be covered in copies of those 8 ornaments 4.Can the ornament require assembly, or should it be ready to hang straight off of the printer? 5. Can we request that our ornaments be filled with plants?

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Ring Contest Question

I have a question regarding the ring contest. Did you have to actually make the ring or could you have designed it, planned out what went into it, created a mold model, and had a jeweler create the finished product from your design? I designed my wife's engagement ring with drawings and even a wax model but did not have the proper tools or materials to actually make it so a local jeweler put my design into reality and I critiqued it until it was exactly as I wanted. Does that count for this contest?

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questions about contests

Hello i have few questions about contests: Iam in middle east, could i participate in the contest how to get the prizes  and I live in Lebanon?

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Question about the contest

I justmade something realy cool! but already have an entry in the contest?Am i allowed 2 entries?

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Question on contest entry! Answered

It has been 5 days since I entered my instructable in the Launch it Contest, but it still says pending moderator approval? Is there something wrong or will it just take some more time The instructable is

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Just Question?!

Hello People I'm Just Registered Yesterday i wold like to ask how could i know how many votes on my instructable Inside the contest??? thank u in advance

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Hall sensor question

Hey all.I want to be able to measure the current draw through an AC wire in a confined space. I'm thinking hall sensors would be ideal for this due to small size and less chance of frying things (as opposed to a split-core transformer).Unfortunately all of the hall current sensor projects I've found here on instructables are for the pre-made ACS712 board. This is a no-go for me because of size, the need for cutting the wire to make the connection, and also cost is a factor too.Are there other options? I see a lot of three-wire sensors in through-hole transistor packages out there which would be ideal, but can you get the sensor voltage out of any of these, or is it strictly on/off?Any hints welcome.

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Same old question!

Is this contest International?

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Woodworking contests

Why do they not do woodworking contests that often. And. Why are there always 2 or 3 electronic type contest that happen at the same time

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Office supplies contest question

Just a quick question; would an entry of something made out of popsicle sticks count as a valid entry? The finished product is something that you would use in the office. Thanks.

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Contest prize shipping question

No shipping in South-Eastern Europe? I live somewhere around Serbia and I was just wondering...I wanted to enter the Woodworking contest and...yeah...checked the small writing on right and I didn't see the country I live in. Am I blind or did my eyes see the truth? Sorry for bad English also.

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Amigurumi contest Rules question.

I have read through the contest rules but I wanted to ask about this rule: Each entry must be entirely the original work of the persons identified in the entry Since this is an amigurumi contest, is it okay if you make an amigurumi using someone else's pattern? Giving credit of course.

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Sci-Fi Contest Question

Hi Internet! I just saw the Sci-Fi Contest recently opened and I immediately had a bunch of ideas for projects, but I noticed that the contest page says "any project inspired by a film, TV show, or book is eligible." I was wondering, if I were to make something based on a sci-fi video game, would that still be eligible to enter? There's quite a lot of this genre in video games and I'm guessing other people will probably be interested in making video game-inspired projects as well, so I thought I'd ask just to be sure before I get too far along in a project that may or may not qualify for entry. Thanks for your time!

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Contest question: what is this moss?

Can you help me identify this here critter? Found October 9th in Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia. Specimen was found in a single, isolated patch on a short hillside under deep brush and about 10 yards from a Cattail marsh. First correct identification commented here or on the punklovedesigns facebook wall with means of identification wins the code for three months of Instructables Pro Service. Winner will be chosen from available answers on Sunday 6th. Every time I get a bonus code for a featured tutorial I'll give it away here with another contest to try readers' Taxonomy skills. Cheers, James Schlitt

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Fiber Arts Contest Questions

If you're looking at that new Fiber Arts Contest and just can't figure out what the heck it's supposed to mean, you're not alone. Traditionally we've run knitting contests on Instructables.  I love our knitting contests, but I know our community is capable of doing so much more with yarn and other fibers that I wanted to open it up to all sorts of skills.  The contest page describes acceptable entries as involving "Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting, and Tatting," but I also encourage entries for tools and tips that accompany these crafts.  You might notice it does not mention sewing.  This is not a sewing contest.  Let me repeat that: This is not a Sewing Contest We will be launching a sewing contest next week, so fret not!  So my takeaway from this is to stop with the confusing contest titles, but "The Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting, Tatting Contest" just wouldn't fit on the thumbnail!

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Old contest

It is May 8th. Shouldn't the burning questions contest be gone from the main page?

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Question About the Etsy Contest

Hello Jeff, I was just wondering if the Etsy contest is only for sewing. I am not a huge sewer, but I have a few ideas that are "useful" and can make humans' lives easier. Also, I do not really understand one thing. Are you saying that we have to enter 3 instructables into this group that are corespond to the contest criteria? Do we need to make an account on the Etsy site? If so, what do we need to do with this account? Thanks! -Brennn10

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Quick question

Hi, I need help. You see the street I live in has more cats than, well the musical cats,  and seeing as my garden seems to be they're preferred  choice for going to the toilet, I decided to build a motion sensing water sprayer. So off to Amazon I went and purchased some PIR sensors, a solar pump with a DC connection, bread boards wires and batteries and chucked it all together. Now the sensor will light an LED no problem but when I switch in the pump I get nothing. I read on tinternet that transistors can be used to up the juice but I was already far beyond my knowledge of circuits, components and the like. I even tried looking at sketches of PIR sensors to transistors, but after weeks of trying I'm no closer and have nothing to show for it but a headache.  If anyone can help and describe to me (in child like, basic terminology) how I wire up a transistor to a PIR and then a 4-12v 3.5watt pump that would be just super.  Or at-least put me out of my misery and tell me it's not doable.  Thanks.

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Contest Judging?

It seems that all contests have the same "Criteria"  originality, usefulness, simplicity, and clarity of instructions. I have looked at some of the past contest winners and wonder how these "Criteria" were applied. Some of the past winners have been anything but simple, and the instructable may have many questions in the comments about what is meant  in the instructions or asking for clarifications. Also the "usefulness" of some of the winners is very questionable. It looks like the more complicated and outlandish the instructable the better chance it has to win.

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Contest idea

Hi, I think it would be awesome if their was a Pokemon contest. Everyone is starting to get back in the Pokemon mood and I really think it would be a good idea.

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Colors of the Rainbow Contest Entries - Photo 'Ible?

Does the contest entry have to be a Photo instructable in the Colors of the Rainbow contest? I made a step-by-step Instructable... Will it be accepted/able to be an entry?

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Contest Voting???

I'm really sorry if this is an ignorant question, however, I'm a bit confused with several of the contests as of now. Many of them are giving me the option to vote on entries.  I thought the voting phase was supposed to start after the contest deadline.  Is that not so?

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Contest rules? Answered

Are you allowed to enter more than one contest at the same time and win both? Can you win both grand prizes? Do you have to wait awhile before you can enter another contest?

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Dessert Contest

Hello, I read the introduction to the dessert contest, and it says you have to put a favorite dessert. Is it okay if it's not my favorite dessert, but it looks pretty and it takes good. Please let me know ASAP since the deadline is tomorrow at midnight. Marina

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how do we find out of the future contests

Is that possible 

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Contest Deadline

Is there any way to ask iRobot for more time to work on the robot? I got the robot on July 26th. I ordered extra parts from iRobot; a light sensor and the breakout board, and both items are on backorder for several weeks. The contest ends August 31st. The timelines set by iRobot are not realistic, especially if they can't supply supporting parts for the robot. What can be done to mitigate the short timelines?

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Question about receiving prizes

I won a prize in a contest recently. I received a message saying my prize was being shipped out a little over a month ago, but I have yet to receive it. What is the average time to receive a prize after it has been shipped? Thanks

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Chaos Contest

This is a contest to see who can make an instructable that embodies the meaning of chaos the best. You can do ANYTHING that you think will stand for chaos the best. The grading is simple:CreativityRelativity to the topicBeauty of you instuctableDon't feel limited by anything, to submit to this contest just reply to this topic with a link to your insturctable. If you have any questions i will be trying my best to keep up with the Q&A; on this board. Remember ANYTHING!!!!

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Contest entry

Dear Inscrutables team! As a member of this forum since 2008, I am desperately waiting for my country to be listed in the valid list of participant countries mentioned on all the contest page.  I want to share my DIYs on this forum and also to enter this sensor contest, but my country PAKISTAN is not yet listed here, rather my neighbour country INDIA is already in the list since last year upon request from Indian members. So, I am again requesting on this forum to please add my country in the list, so many of this lovely DIY forum members form PAKISTAN may participate in those contests. Waiting for your reply with favourable response. Thank you all.

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Contest ideas

I want to make the Create a navigational robot. It can already navigate pretty well, but it is not very intelligent. I want to add Sharp GP2D120 IR sensors so that the robot can recognize an obstacle before it bumps into it. Then it will turn and look for a clearance before it will move ahead. This means it is very unlikely to get stuck. Currently I'm working on a CMUcam, so that when integrated onto the Create, it can follow a white line around, and might come in handy for other purposes as well. I am also toying with the idea of using GPS navigation as I have the receiver and antenna that was used for another project. If GPS is integrated, the Create will be able to move from one waypoint to the other while avoiding obstacles on its path.

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Contest ideas

I want to make the Create a navigational robot. It can already navigate pretty well, but it is not very intelligent. I want to add Sharp GP2D120 IR sensors so that the robot can recognize an obstacle before it bumps into it. Then it will turn and look for a clearance before it will move ahead. This means it is very unlikely to get stuck. Currently I'm working on a CMUcam, so that when integrated onto the Create, it can follow a white line around, and might come in handy for other purposes as well. I am also toying with the idea of using GPS navigation as I have the receiver and antenna that was used for another project. If GPS is integrated, the Create will be able to move from one waypoint to the other while avoiding obstacles on its path.

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Contests On Time?

I have a question, how come every time it says a contests ends, for example "wear it contest, judging ends Oct 28, 2014"   You guys never actually show the winners until much later? Its Oct 30 and still no sign. I really want to see if the instructable I voted for won! Is my computer just late to get the results or does it take a long time to show the winners? No offense but you guys really should follow your deadlines better. (Please don't think im rude, Im really just wondering why its delayed so much) Anyway, Thanks for listening to my feedback.

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Hi everyone-I am confused. Are the voting buttons underneath the contest entries good to go now? Answered

Hi everyone-I am confused.  Are the voting buttons underneath the contest entries good to go now?

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Build My Lab Contest Question

I was wondering if this contest is just about building things or could I enter something along the lines of advice on ergonomic use of microscopes.  I noticed on the contest page under Judges Prize -Lab Hacks it mentions "Do you have simple solutions to common challenges around the lab?..Help make life in lab easier and safer for everyone....".  This would seem to fit but not sure since the contest seems to focus on building equiptment. What do you think?

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K'nex Contest

Upon reviewing the winners of the k’nex contest, we realized that we made a mistake in awarding prizes.  This was a combination of a small judging pool and lack of editorial control and insight on my part and I personally apologize for that.  As the new contest manager, I guarantee that this lapse in judgement will not happen again.  I want everyone to know that we value all of your contributions to the Instructables community and  we are taking steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again including: expert guest judges more instructables staff judges more editorial control Remember, anyone who has posted an instructable is eligible to judge a contest, and we appreciate all the help we can get!  Please feel free to message me with any contest related questions.

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Burning Questions Help

I made an instructable, but it's not showing up for the contest. Any idea, why?

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How much does voting have to do with winning contests? Answered

I'd like to know that. And also is there any way you can see how many votes you or someone else has? Thanks

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Epilog Contest rules: instructables must "not contain or incorporate the intellectual property of any third party" Answered

Does this mean that we can't say brand names of supplies or store names of where we got our materials? I do not want to be disqualified for this! : - )

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