Controlling ServoBlaster with Keyboard Keys?

I am working on a project involving multiple servos, a pi, Servoblaster, and a short period of time left. What i was wondering, is that is there a "interface" of sorts for servoblaster that would allow me to control the servos with keys on my keyboard? I saw a thread where someone made an interface where you could switch between servo pins using left and right arrow keys, and adjust the servo with the up and down arrow keys. However, this could only be done one at a time. What i want, is to be able to control all 7 servos with 14 keys. Because of the lack of time (This is needs to be done before next week Saturday) i don't care if i have to access terminal with putty to control said interface. (A web page would be nice, but again, lack of time, and first i need the actual interface.) It really isn't an interface, i guess... I don't need to see what i am pushing/what is happening, so long as the servos move when the keys are pressed. I have a custom ./servod, which basically changes pin layout, and the max and min for the servos. Beyond that, ServoBlaster is vanilla. How would i do this? I haven't written any code for Servoblaster, nor any massive coding in general (I know basics of Python, nothing more.) Is there something like this that exists? Anyone have free time to make it? I am willing to try, so long as i am told what needs to be done. (Time is short, and i am busy. Though, i will still make an effort.) Thanks for your time!

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Control software with WebIOPi?

Hello everyone, I have been trying to interface ServoBlaster on my pi, and have ran into an issue. I am a a beginner with Python, and so that may be the reason, but what my issue is: I can't find/figure out how to write a script for controlling software! All i find is how to control GPIO Pins via a python script for WebIOPi. With all the looking i have done, i haven't seen a guide, tutorial, or project involving interfacing software. All i find is how to write a program for the pins themselves, and not a command. What i would need to do, is instead of turning on or off a pin, the python script would run a command.  So, how would i write a script in python for WebIOPi that doesn't make a GPIO pin high or low, but instead runs a command such as 'echo P1-12=120 > /dev/servoblaster'? 

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Connect DC motor to Servo Output? Answered

I am currently working on a robot of sorts, and have a quick question i would like to ask. I am using a Raspberry Pi as my "Brain", and am using ServoBlaster as my software. I am currently working on driving 6 servos and two motors with said software. My question is, how would i attach the motors to the board? I would like to control the motors with the same software (ServoBlaster) and thus would like to have them run off of PWM. The software allows me to change the min and max range of width, along with a whole bunch of other things, but that is for a later date.  So, my question is, how would i wire a motor up to a PWM output? I would like the motor to be continuous rotation (I am using a Mindstorms motor for the task, which will move the robot). I guess i could use an ESC, but i would like to do it without one (Though, if you linked one that would work in this situation, I wouldn't kill you :P Here is a link to the motor if you need more info on it: )  Preferably a method that doesn't require purchasing something i don't have would be best. If this isn't possible, please keep it on the lower end of price tags, as my funding is running dry. Thanks!

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