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I'm sick

Does anyone have "good" excuses for sick-leave? Not for myself, but someone else in the building (or not as it happens to be, but she might be back in for a day this month...) So far I've got: Rabies Malaria Rickets Scurvy The Black Death Pendular-Plumbitis Lumber-Lung Plumber's crack Juggler's despair Achy-breaky-pelvis Post-traumatic alien-abduction disorder Electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder Arbeit-macht-krank disorder Jogger's nipple Xbox-thumbs Lotto Letdown Bluntman-chronic fatigue syndrome prostate cancer necrotising fasciitis Death Millennium super-bug Happy Virus (The cartoon published in the free-paper amused me, and that's the only reason it's here)

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Sick Axolotl

We have a white Axolotl with pink eyes .. we recently went on a weeks holiday found our Axolotl on the floor not sure how long he has been there, he was still moist and alive so put him back in his tank. He will not eat... Last night he started shedding his skin. This morning he was floating on his side and you could see pink veins all over him. I took him out of the tank and put in a Tupperware container ...Now he has started to get white patches under his mouth, on his tail and side and on his foot ... please help .... what can we do as we don't want him to die???

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sick baby help

My neice is sick and she has hardly any energy she has a 98.4 tempreture and im getting worried please help

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Flourscent Light Sickness

Every time I walk into Wal-Mart or Home Depot, I get sick because of the fluorescent light. The problem is, almost every large retailer uses fluorescent lighting. I get migraines, and queasiness. It has a great impact on my life. I was only curious to see if anyone else on instructables had such a sickness. If you do have such a sickness, what Do you do about it? My new school has all fluorescent lighting. -sunglasses? -migraine medication? (although that would not do much for the sick to the stomach feeling) I call it Wal-Mart sickness.

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Is my axolotl sick?

I'm new with axolotl so I'm wondering if my axolotl sick or is he a golden albino axolotl. The spots aren't fluffy it is like the skin of a frog I don't think he is sick but just for sure if anyone could tell me is he fine. p/s: I know gravel aren't good for axolotl i just bought him so I'm changing the to bigger stones soon. I bought him because he was kept in a poor condition in the store so I want to give him a better home

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how do you get sick?

How do desises make you sick

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Im sick what do I do? Answered

I had my 1st audition today and it was horrible I was sick and my voice was to squicky it ruin the hole song ,mostly. and the talent show is going to be on may 30 and ive been sick since april 4 and I still don't recover. and I drink medicine every day now. what should I do to recover?

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What to do when bored on the internet? Answered

Right now, I'm sick. Pretty much not willing to get out of my chair. I've been trolling the internet aimlessly for hours, and I'm quite frankly tired of it. Any suggestions on interesting Instructables-type sites? Or any other science/DIY/art sites? Just something interesting.

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In desperate need of a recipe for cat food for a cat with liver disease Answered

I've always taken good care of my animal friends. This little kitty is still very much alive but we know she won't last forever with liver disease. If I buy the canned stuff from the vet I can extend her life. I've made dog food for sick dogs (heart failure). I am willing to put in the time and effort to maintain my kitty's life. It's the money for the food I don't have. Please help me out. BB and I would be extremely grateful for any help.

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Ide goda kold inda mide node....

Mide sinudses id all clogged up. As long as this doesn't go into my chest (like it did for my wife), I will be able to survive the next few days.I really hate sinus infections though, don't you? Anyone out there fall victim to the latest round of stuff going around? ...but this is how I feel about now though....

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What comes after sick?

Spiffing, top-hole, wizard, hip, cool, groovy, fab, smashing, killer, bad, kewl, mint, sick  -  plus all the ones I've left out . . . What comes after 'sick', or am I already behind the times again?

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Is my axolotl sick or hurt? Answered

Hello there, I have had a axolotl for a few months now and i have noticed he has a white patch on his side and on his head its white and sort of fluffy looking and i don't  know if something is wrong or is just color on his skin? I have added a photo of him (but its not to clear because i didn't use a camera flash on it) he is a Wild type i think and he lives in a 2 foot tank  on his own with heating around 20'c-18'c and a filter and i clean it all out very often and he eats things like worms, shrimp pellets, pieces of fresh beef or snails ( all of these i make sure are fine and healthy for him to eat) The only thing strange about him is that he has a few extra fingers on one hand (but he had that  when i got him). It would be great if anyone could help me with this question and could tell me if he's o.k and/or if you know what to to do. Thank you from, CrazyBassFisherWoman and Norbert the axolotl,

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my gerbil is sick, what can i do? Answered

One of my sisters gerbils died, and my mom didin't notice it until labout a day after, and she had 3. one of them is fine, but the other remaining one has stopped eating and drinking, and its not moving. we put some sugar water into an eye dropper, and put some in its mouth, and now it opened its eyes and started moving around again, but basically all we are doing right now is keeping it warm, giving it sugar water, and isolating it from the other gerbil. Is there anything i can do, like should i put him back in the cage with the other living gerbil, or feed him something else? please help.

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This is an AMAZING looking gun by cool bas3 All credits go to him and here is his gun so go 5 star, fave it, and subcribe to cool bas3. here is is: click the dang link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Axolotl been sick Please help?

Hi my axolotl was sick these last couple of days due to high amounts of ammonia in his water. So we changed it he was very close to dying but survived the night he used to be so active when he was a baby axolotl now he is lazy is this because he was because he was sick or because of his age (hes 2) He is starting to eat again which is good im just worried.

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Is there any sick parties this summer in Virginia? Answered

My friends and i wat to go to a really cool party this summer and we are underage were 16/17 and we want something to do.  Does anybody know anybody that is having a cool party this summer in Virginia (VA).

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Are you sick and tired of Windows Vista? Answered

Like I said I am frustrated with Windows Vista. I am to the point of formatting the whole drive and just run Linux on it. Windows Vista can't find updates. It is too slow. It freezes constantly. Never finds drivers for the hardware that I have. It asks for your permission for almost everything it does. I can't install the software that I want. Do they think that I am another gullible fool that it is going to run to upgrade to Windows 7? No way! What do you think?

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Whats up with this taxidermy thing?

Okay, I didn't know what it was, until I saw someone use a dead mouse as a computer mouse. I have always liked instructables, but now I feel sick. Is this something you guys seriously promote? God gave us all the animals on earth. But he didn't do it for this reason. Please remove this section, because it is extremely offensive. Now I will be thinking about it for awhile, and remembering it in disgust. Please instructables team if you have a heart, please take this disgusting stuff off your site.

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I need some home-remedies for a stopped up ear. Anybody have any? Answered

I just had a cold, and my ear has been stopped up all morning, but only one ear. I'll try anything that helps, but natural remedies are preferred. It's really bothering me, so help would be greatly appreciated.

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My Axolotls have really bad markings on their skin, what's wrong with them???

Two of my Axolotls have some kind of open wound sores on their backs. One also has it on his tail. I have isolated them into the fridge in there own waters to help the healing process. The third axolotl that I have is still in the 30 gallon tank. She appears to have a sore forming also on the side of her. I am watching it very closely to see if it may be the water that's doing this to them. I tested the water for the temp. which is at 70 F this is a little higher than normal and as I have researched could also be a factor. have had them for about 4-5 months. We have recently moved changing the tank took about 3-4hrs to it moved and set back up. I kept 1/3 of the water to keep the bacteria. I honestly don't know what else to do. if anyone has any suggestions or knows what exactly is going on re-guarding my axolotls, ANYTHING please email me at Thank You for the Support.

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how can you screen print a belt? ?

 so i have been trying to figure out how to screen a belt, i have done it a few times and  when it is done it will just rub right off.  after i dried it, i dont have a heat gun i just a iron 

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What they said, "Something Like The Power Failed" Binary, "000000000000000000100000000000000000"  t00 many Zeros. Religion,"Our Revered Deities Unloaded On Us Members" Members, "Lithium Rain posted" splazem & dombeef Cooked ;-D Blog Robot, "The Robot Was Sick Due to Bad Lube" New Owner "First clumsy effort to install pay per view sadw" Conspiracy "Inscrutable's Turn for Gov Spy Ware Install Day" K'nexers,  "Working Together Inserted Room Sized Router in Dallas" Technical, "It Was The Customer's Fault" Customers, "It Was The Company's Fault" Electrical, "Supply Redundant 10A Feeds To a 12A User ???!!!??" Goth, "Too Much UV Light" Mechanical, "Micro Quakes Let Dust Seep Into Card Edge Separating Mated Electrical Contacts" Shaving Creme, "Road Apples Came Down to Sting UP The Place" Wiring, "Temporary Fix Rewired as Technically Permanent Fix" BUGS, "Finally They Added" ATS, "Could Be Repaired (They do Fail) Replacement Safety Is Paramount" 503, "Was The Correct Error of The Wrong Day" Path, "Our Collective TAO Had a Gopher's Holiday Trip" Attack, "A Mythbusters Tack Was Found further Along The way" Don't Ever Believe the Simple ! Anything Else, "Sure Missed Some Bad Ones Sorry" Please Give The Reason You Believe It Was ? A

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LED glow sick - A hack to make it flash

Hi I have bought a LED glow sitck. The type used in cars for "effect" lighting. I am using it  on the back of my recumbent bike. However I think it would create a bit more safety for me if it flashed. It currently runs off a small 12 volt battery. I have looked through instructables to find out if there is anything already written up. However my knowledge is  very limited, so I am uncertain if I could use some of the circuits described. I can solder okay and that is about it. So my burning question is how do I make a circuit that will flip the 12 volt power supply to the LED's on and off. Alternatively are there circuits already on instructables and I just have to build and run 12 volts through it ( and it won't destroy the light stick). I dealy I would like it to flash on and off fairly rapidly. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

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Sick Graphics

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What causes Heartleaf Philodendron leaves to not separate from their shoots?

I have several small Heartleaf Philodendrons that have been growing for a couple of years.  For the most part, they seem healthy, but oftentimes new leaves have difficulty fully unfolding from the little shoots they grow from.  The stay stuck in the outer protective leaf and don't open up, and either dry out and die or form stunted, misshapen leaves when they finally pull themselves free.  You can see this in the picture I've uploaded, which shows a stunted leaf and a leaf that has not managed to unfold itself from the shoot it grew in. Does anyone know what might cause this problem?  I admit that I don't water them as regularly as I should, but it's not all the tendrils that do this.

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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Its Halloween! YAY! Go get lots of candy!

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How do I make wispy, sick hair healthy and full again?

My mom's hair is really wispy, especially at the bottom. And it's really rough too. She seems to be really rough with her hair when she washes it, and I'm wondering if that is the problem. If she stops, will that help? Or does she need to try something different shampoo?or conditioner? It's sort of embarrassing. It's really wild and all over the place, and unhealthy.

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Will The glass from my CRT Tv Make me sick???

I broke apart my Tv set and literally smashed the screen with an axe.  Why?  Because there was nothing good on.  But anywho.....I heard there is lead and other bad stuff in the glass so i am a little worried that i breathed some of that in.   Also, i love the look of the glass and would love to use it in some art projects.  Is it safe to work with?   Thank u.

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Only read this if you are a kind person. Thank you.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I realize it is rather long. If you are not a patient person, you may wish to simply skip reading this.I live in Washington DC and am looking to purchase something very specific, preferably from a reputable online retailer. I am a simple person, without any formal education. I know nothing about electronics or engineering. I hope you can be patient with those facts. I have no tools, no skills, no money, no knowledge.I'm searching for something that has been surprisingly difficult to find. Please, if you haven't got anything constructive to comment about this post, would you please just not say anything? Life is already difficult enough without negative words or sarcasm. Perhaps you might know of other internet consumer bulletin boards/forums that might be better places to ask this question? There don't seem to be very many at all.I am well aware that most modern cell phones easily fill the requirements that I am about to describe. Unfortunately, this item is needed for elderly people who are very suspicious of and dislike all things new. They violently refuse to accept a cell phone.Even if perfect, it's going to be a battle to get them to try it or use what I am searching for.So. Here we go. Maybe I can't find ALL the features, but here is what I am hoping to find:This needs to be a digital timer that can be set to go off at a minimum of six different times in one twenty four hour period, regularly.It has to have both an audible alarm and a strong vibration, and it has to be switchable between these two. Even better if it also flashes or lights up when the alarm goes off, and that also has to be optional, switchable. Very good if the strength of the sound or vibration can be adjusted easily.Should have a belt clip, preferably made out of metal, not cheap plastic.Should have a place where a neck rope could be easily attached and detached.Should have buttons that can be locked, so that no accidental changes by accidental bumping will occur.Should be water resistant. I'm talking about it being able to take a splash from a sink, not something to withstand being taken in the shower.Should also function as a typical normal digital watch with calendar feature. should be SWITCHABLE between calendar and clock view, so that all letters and numbers are as LARGE as physically possible,not all crammed on one tiny screen.Display should be larger than a normal watch, but the overall device must be small enough that a senior would not be upset to wear it around the neck or put it in a pocket, such as a normal shirt pocket.Great if it includes a strong LED flashlight feature, something with an on/off button, NOT a button that you have to hold the button down every second that you want the light to beam.Display should either be always back lit or at least have a button that will make the display light up without having to hold that button down the entire time you want it back litGreat if it came with a DVD of instructions with video, not a flimsy booklet with tiny letters written by someone who can't correctly speak English.It must run on batteries that can be purchased at any national retail chain, such as WalMart or Target. Fine if it has a very long life rechargeable battery built in, but not so fine if that battery is welded in so that it deliberately cannot ever be replaced.Good if it is able to run on the type of rechargeable replaceable batteries such as Nickle Metal Hydride or one of the others, without damage to the device.If it MUST be a plug into the wall rechargeable type, the cable cannot be a tiny pain in backside USB cable, it should be very simple and EASY for someone with arthritis and bad eyesight to plug in, perhaps with a charging cradle dedicated for the purpose, which can just be left plugged in somewhere.The charging device should have bright clear LED lights showing both that the device is currently charging as it should be, and another light that will FLASH to indicate it is now fully charged.Should sell for a price that a person that worked a lower middle class life and now barely gets by on Social Security could afford to buy. This device is not for me, if that matters at all. It is for people I care about.

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Instructables Abbreviation

I get pretty sick of typing instructables all the time. It's a long word. So I think we need some sort of abbreviation.

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UCF is hosting a workshop on commercializing your ideas. I was wondering if anyone had been to one of these, or if anyone local was going. I'm calling in sick to go. ;-)

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Disturbed, KoRn or Slipknot?

Who do you prefer, Disturbed, KoRn or Slipknot? I prefer Disturbed, personally. Listening to Down with the Sickness right now!

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I have used Polyclens for decades. There was no product to equal it. I am sick of "progress" and " green" . What product is recommended as a replacement as most others are useless in comparison?  I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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paracord problems. Answered

I have had a sick paracord bracelet, and I have one concern..supposedly paracord shrinks when wet. wanting the keep my creation safe I was wandering if there was a why to save it if it gets wet.?

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Please stop featuring "steampunk" stuff on the "weekend builder" newsletter

I'm pretty sick of seeing this stuff. I know some people are really into it, but could we not have it featured every single week on the newsletter?

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Project Idea

Im sick of checking for mail throughout the day so i was hoping to setup some sort of motion sensor in my mailbox that trasmits to my home with a beep or light. Any ideas to achieve this cheaply?

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safe skin dyes

What is the safest way to dye your skin a different color (temporarily or permanently) without poisoning yourself, and/or getting sick from it? I've stained my fingers with slightly-poisonous malachite, but never got sick from it. in fact, my entire left arm got covered in it, and I felt fine. I never inhaled any, seeing as that's where it's mostly poisonous. so, basically, I just need to know what compounds are safe to apply to skin, and not get poisoned. I need the following 2 colors: Green and Black.

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Go Pro Banners

I am sick of having a 'Go Pro' banner above every page when I already support Instructables by being Pro. Why should Pro members get told to Go Pro?

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The Skittles Dress

This prom dress by Theperilouspopsicle at craftster uses 101 Skittle wrappers and took 15 hours to make and it was worth it. Thanks to Tetranitrate I'm currently sick of Skittles, but the color certainly works. Linkvia Neatorama

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can I go to Indian store and buy mung beans and Sprout them, Answered

 will I get sick because it may be contacted by mice etc and can I just wash them for it?

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: (

Well, tomorrow at ten I'm getting all four wisdom teeth pulled out, plus two others. They were supposed to be out the day after Christmas, but I was so stressed I actually got too sick for the surgery to be done safely.

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Best choice of a scooter for elderly parent? Answered

Does anyone know of best scooters in the market for parents too sick or too old to move freely by themselves. Thank you very much for your help.

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No more Oodammo's

No offence or anything but I'm starting to get sick of oodammo pistols. I agree they're good but they all look the same. I would like people to make oodammo guns but no more pistols please. Thanks for your attention, Mr. Muggle

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Cupcake Gifts

A two in one reuse and cooking project. Fill an old glass jar with cupcakes and frosting...I think YES! I'm always trying to think of easy to make gifts.  These Mason Jar Cupcakes are perfect gifts for co-workers, a sick friend, or just to say thanks.

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should I sing "stop and stare" and post it to youtube or facebook? Answered

I want to sing this and put it online so I can be recognized "this town is colder now, I think its sick of us its time to make our move..."

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Is galvanized steel dangerous to be making rings with?

I am making chainmail in my room and my dad thinks we'll get zinc dust in our carpet and possibly get sick from me bending the wire.

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And I was having the most fantastic day......

Really I was, I got into work, and had no real tasks to accomplish since my mentor was home sick and his boss was sick. Except she was so sick she asked me to do her job. So I got to spend 9 hours escorting 4 PE's all over to different locations. Climbing on roofs, crawling through mechanical rooms. digging things up, getting wet and dirty, all while trying to maintain a professional appearance.  I loved it!  I can't even express how much I love going to work, being an engineer is awesome. But then I got home to discover a microburst had hit our neighborhood. And was filled with anticipatory dread as I noticed the 65 foot oak in front of my house was no longer visible over the neighbors roof line. Well, the pictures below speak for themselves, there was only one way this thing could fall and NOT hit something, and it fell just that way. And if I hadn't been home late from work, my much loved truck would have been right under the trunk.

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Extremely urgent!! I need help figuring out how to connect an alarm to a PIR sensor! Answered

Skip to the second paragraph if you are short on time or get sick of me droning on.              Okay, so you've just done the first step in helping me, reading this.  Me and my dad are sick of having our pumpkins trashed on Halloween just because someone doesn't like our football team. (there are other reasons too but that could take a whole book and a month to explain it)  We live in a nice neighborhood where everybody knows everyone and things are pretty nice.  However there are some people in our neighborhood who just don't give a freaking crap what their kids do, and I'm sick of it.                         So I have a PIR sensor, Ladyada explaining how to use them, RadioShack, and Adafruit Industries.  I also have an extremely loud alarm that goes off when the circuit is broken.  I need some help figuring out how to make the PIR sensor break the circuit on the alarm.  I have included a diagram explaining.

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