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Six Diamond or Regular Mesh or Traditional?

 Do you guys prefer six diamond mesh, or regular ten diamond, or traditional? If one why?

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sexy six axis robot arm

I want to thank everyone for the truly massive response to my robot arm. I have decided to launch a Kickstarter for this arm to fill a need that exsits for a low cost robot arm that anyone can program and help to automate the workplace.

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SIx month anniversary present suggestions

I am in a long-distance relationship, and our six month anniversary is coming up. Does anyone have any gift suggestions? I am getting her a webcam, because she doesn't have one and we will be able to see each other. Also, I just recently sent her a bracelet (a souvenir from my vacation). So any other ideas that are preferably not jewelry and hopefully quite inexpensive are welcome.

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Crafts for boyfriend for christmas/six months?

I'm 16, and me and my boyfriend have been going out for six months soon. I want to make him something for Christmas.  He said he wants something that reminds him of me. I can make most anything if I try, 'cept for shop/wood things. I also have this little puzzle box and in it you can fit something up to the size of like a 50 cent piece. I want to maybe hide something in here as well- anyone got any ideas?

Topic by htonks  

practical uses for plastic six pack holder rings? seem like they are very durable and useful.

Thought these might make good tool organizers, mesh bags, or any potential items that would be practical, useful, and eco-friendly. Discarding these without clipping the rings has had a negative impact on wildlife by entangling them, so thought would try to put them to good use and save money. There are likely many gardening, art and craft applications for these also.

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Six degees of separation from Eric Wilhelm

Caitlainsdad says I have 3 degrees of separation: Eric walks the Streets of San Francisco. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas star as detectives in the "Streets of San Francisco". Adrian monk is a detective in San Francisco... How many do you have?

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any help running six stepper motors? Answered

I have six stepper motors and i am planning to build a robotic arm. is it possible to build a driver curciut to run the six motors from an arduino to make the arm move. if its not possible then how would i build a controller to drive six uln2003 driver chips

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How to build a six-sided planter box?

I am trying to build a six-sided planter box around a tree. I am having a problem joining the pieces together, I am using landscaping timbers to build this box. My problem is getting the ends to join and have stability to the box. Please help.

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Cookies? Patches? Cookie Patches!

So, I have eight patches that I want to give away (I'm saving the leftovers for a different time) Simply ask for a patch, and I have one left you'll get one. Patches left: 0 Sorry, all gone.

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Controlling six servos + two motors with Raspberry Pi?

I am currently working on a school project that involves building a vehicle (Must move forward, backward, left and right. Two DC motors are used for this), having a robotic arm placed  on the vehicle (Six servos will be used here), and all controlled by a DualShock 3 Sixaxis Remote. My plan/idea is to use a Raspberry Pi for this. I have only a small amount of knowledge on working with PWM (I do however know what it is), Raspberry Pi programming (All i have used it for was wifi/network related, not to actually control something), and most of what i am about to ask. My question, is can a Pi control six servos, along with two motors? I have seen this, which is suppose to be able to drive up to sixteen servos. I have also seen an Instructable on driving a vehicle remotely. Also, there are guides on connecting DualShock Controllers to Pi's. My question, is it possible to combine the above three? What hardware would i need (I need to build my shopping list fast, and it needs to be on the cheaper end, as the servos, arm, and vehicle wasn't very cheap.)? I already have the two motors for the car, along with the vehicle itself. I need help finding servos (I have never really worked with them to the extent of shopping for them. They need to have decent torque, decent speed, and most importantly, be able to turn 180 degrees), I have the Pi, with a Bluetooth Dongle (And the controller). What else would i need? I did see the IC in the 'able, and i assume i will have to get that as well, along with the 16 channel PWM driver? Will it work? Do any of the Pins overlap to such a point where it is not possible/are conflicting? Currently, i would need a yes/no answer, along with a parts list. Programming comes a wee bit later, but i will also need help with that.

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Historians traditionally tell us that to ignore history is to repeat its pitfalls. So how can history help us improve the flow of car traffic? Did you know that many aspects of the world’s legal systems come from biblical origins using tried and true fundamental laws originating from the Ten Commandments? The concept of “watching your six” borrows from these universally accepted laws, whose credo stipulates guidelines for human interaction as well as interaction with god. Your "six" refers to the driver behind you whom you should treat as you would yourself. With this in mind, we have a new credo for today’s need to interact with each other by driving your car responsibly through high density traffic to avoid “wave congestion". This term is used to describe isolated packs of cars suddenly causing a local slow-down in traffic flow, while both upstream and downstream traffic continues to still move well, and so our rule states:   “Drivers are responsible for the immediate driver behind them, keeping him safe and avoiding unnecessary braking”    How This Rule Works In traffic: 1)            The Rule is Expansive, All Inclusive and Saves Us Money If we followed this general rule, we would become responsible for leaving the proper space/time ahead of the car in front of us. Space clearly gives us reasonable reaction time to perhaps "brake by simply coasting" and not force the driver behind us to suddenly brake hard. It will help us to recognize that the proper spacing between cars is not an open invitation to dart between lanes just to get ahead by one car length. This causes “wave congestion” and the possibility of accidents during heavy traffic situations. It assures that braking is something one does as a "last resort" and only when no other circumstance for safety and/or avoiding a collision is available. It holds the “rubber-necker” responsible for maintaining good traffic flow or get ticketed. The rule encourages a driver to adapt the techniques of defensive driving so as to avoid accidents, and to embrace the proper social skills of driver etiquette to mitigate road rage and its associated erratic driving behavior. Ultimately, the rule will financially help us to reduce our car insurance costs by promoting fewer negligence accidents. 2)            Eliminate Reactive Braking … Trust the Driver In Front of You Keep in mind what normally happens in heavy traffic when the first driver uses their brakes either in idle thoughtlessness or in protective response to traffic congestion ahead. Under these circumstances, we reactively use our brakes for two reasons:  a)   Reduced Reaction Time  - The first car’s brake lights go on, giving us less time to react so we over compensate by braking harder than him. This affect gets compounded, causing each subsequent upstream driver to brake still harder, until the reactive braking time becomes impossible to respond to and a collision or multiple collisions occur.  b)   We Don’t Trust Other Drivers  -  We are conditioned not to trust our fellow drivers because they haven’t yet been educated to abide by our Rule. This lack of trust causes us to drive "overly" cautious and results in the over use of our brakes to defend ourselves. Our driving habits have created a psychological situation just waiting for an accident. 3)            Implies Driving Etiquette that Must Become Required Driver’s Education The rule and its derivatives must be taught as part of our driver’s education program, and their concepts definitely reviewed during the licensing exam. The Rule also includes adherence to a driver’s code of etiquette which goes beyond just obeying our basic traffic laws of vehicle safety as is currently done. Highways are becoming too congested to allow rouge drivers to ignore their “social” driving responsibilities and the etiquette of the road.  Traffic tickets for abusing social driving etiquette should be as prolific and costly as our traffic laws for speeding and/or not stopping at a stop sign, etc. 4)            Compliments Our Near Term Use of Self-Controlled Vehicles Our Rule intrinsically implies the responsibility for social driving etiquette and takes us forward with steps that avoid future traffic congestion.  Improvements will come from technological automation which will eventually take the erratic human factor out of our equation to produce the smooth flow of traffic even during congested periods. Something as simple as today’s cruise control helps us to avoid “wave congestion” by maintaining a constant highway speed plus reducing inadvertent “brake riding” which sends the wrong message to the driver behind us.  Our ultimate step towards smooth traffic flow involves using near-term technology that completely eliminates drivers and relies on self-controlled vehicles taking over within regions of high density traffic. Ideally this will eliminate traffic accidents due to the unpredictability of driver shortcomings, making technological glitches our only possible area of concern in the near future. Google, in cooperation with the state of California, is currently in the process of introducing such vehicles onto the state’s roadways.

Topic by RT-101  

DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Six; Review of The Racker Rifle

It's been a while since I've made a forum topic, but here it is: an overview of what I've been doing lately. First order of business, I've built a pistol with a sliding trigger.  It works very well: the sliding trigger has never failed, and it gets pretty good ranges for a single shot.  The only problem: I am using terrible bands, which I'm sure is limiting the power, unfortunately. Some of its features: It has a bullet lock. It gets great ranges. It has a sliding trigger. It has a comfortable handle. It isn't a turret pistol :P For the second order of business, I have built TheRacker's Racker Rifle with the new trigger shown here.  I modified it a little, but a lot of things remain unchanged.  I have decided to review it. I. Design Elements Trigger: 10/10:  The best element of the gun.  It functions flawlessly and was my main reason for building it in the first place. Barrel: 8/10:  The main part of the barrel was fine, but the place where the turret was supposed to catch on was a bit iffy, as the y-rod that it was supposed to catch on could fall off easily and turn a little bit. Stock: 7/10: It was a bit flimsy, but it was aesthetically pleasing in terms of piece usage. Pin guide: 3/10: Here's the worst part about it.  I know I don't have the original pin guide in the picture, but there's a good reason for that: after one #64 size rubber band, the pin guide simply would not work.  It bent and moved and wasn't secured to the barrel in any way, causing quite a problem.  I took it off and modified the barrel, but when the picture was taken, I was experimenting with an alternate pin guide. Handle: 8/10 The original handle was a bit simplistic, but seems, from appearance, to be very comfortable.  I modified mine quite a bit. Turret: 0/0: As it isn't TheRacker's design, and it is the basis for all turret guns, it's pointless to rate it. II. Functional Elements: Aesthetics: 10/10:  It is a very aesthetically pleasing rifle, and there's not much more you can ask for. Innovation: 9/10: The trigger is new and that's much more innovative than a lot of other guns that have been posted. Piece Consumption: 10/10: TheRacker Rifle was built with piece consumption in mind.  It is definitely worth a build if you don't have a lot of pieces, but you want a nice rifle. Power: 9/10: For a pin rifle, it was quite powerful.  It can always be better, though. Durability: 7/10: Everything is very sturdy, except for the stock.  If dropped on the ground, not many things would break. Overall rating: 81/100 = (Approximately) **** / ***** (Four out of five stars.) -DarkOwlKnex   ,     ,  (O,O) <(IIIII)>    I    I

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DIY Costume Mute Rainbow 6 siege

My son wants to construct a costume for Halloween: Mute from Rainbow 6 Seige. Some of the costume items are easy like Cargo pants, ski goggles, combat boots, etc. Do any of you have suggestions for the gas mask, tactical vest and details. Thanks for any suggestions :-)

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Goliath walabi world

New knex coaster in construction. Goliath.

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Ninjabread Men Cutters, Bent Plywood Bicycle, Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain

Ninjabread Men Cutters Bent Plywood Bicycle Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain Caramel Dumplings Armored Messenger Bag 10 Uses for Old Toothbrushes Arduino to Nokia LCD Build a Stylophone DIY Portable Photo Booth The Magic Propeller Plant Cell Cake High-Gain Parabolic Mic Camcorder Shoulder Rig Air Freshener Sensor Hack Long Cargo Bike

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Where to buy 6mm brass or stainless steel tubing?

Does anyone know where to buy good lengths of 6mm ID stainless steel or brass tubing?  When I say good length I mean like around 4 feet continuous.  And the tolerance must be very good, in the degree of 0.01mm I've been searching for a while, but getting metric tubing in the US in lengths of anything more than 10 inches or 300cm is hard.  The closest I've found was 6.22mm (which is really 0.2425 inch or something like that), but Ideally I want the ID to be between 6.00 and 6.08 mm and in case if anyone is wondering, I'm building an airsoft sniper, which uses 6mm BB's

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(newsletter) Sleep Six Days a Week, Monkey Fist Knot, RC Nerf Tank...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Mother's Day Contest - Sew something for Mom in our newest contest and win a sewing machine from Singer! Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest - Closes for entries next week! You could win a MacBook Pro so enter now!The finalists in the Epilog Challenge have been announced. See the 15 finalists here. Become a fan of Instructables on Facebook! See contest updates, talk to other fans, and find out how the robot is feeling. Milk Bottle LED Lights, Arduino Controlled Soviet Belt Mod Garbage Can Tandoor Oven Kite Aerial Photography Closes for entries on May 10! Chluaid's 10-Minute Monkey Fist T-Shirt Tote 4-Hour No-Knead Bread TeaLED with Switch, Box and Batteries Handmade COG Tags Viking Wire Inlay VHS Tape Storage Drive The Plastic Bag Hoodie Sew something great for Mom and win a sewing machine! See the 15 finalists RC Nerf Tank Sleep Six Days a Week Portable Cable Management Duct Tape No-Sew Tote Sign-up for this newsletter:

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What could I use to amplify 6v DC to run 8 LEDS? Answered

Firstly, I am sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject of electronics. I have an output voltage of 6 DC volts that I would like to amplify to run 8 LEDs in series. What I am trying to do is use this colour organ to run more than just four LEDs per range of music. I need it to run eight. I was wondering if there is any way to do so, that would be relatively simple. Would buying this work? I don't mind buying anything extra in order to do this, so please, help!

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Two or three of my six grand kids have the potential to be DefCon Kids now what ?

So I have access to six young minds by helping my wife and retired teacher to sit with them 4 days a week. Four I drive to school while the parents (my children) earn a living.  Two are easily motivated and do well with Legos.  One likes robots, they all do math window games. I teach chess and play when thy want ( no Queen or rooks for me ) Programming is my artistic expression but I would push too hard and blow them away. What low level intros can be a leap into DefCon Kid status that you know worked well in your experiences ?

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does anyone know where to get an inexpensive diverter valve, that directs to six or more outputs? Answered

I am working on some experiments with pneumatics, and i'd like to find an inexpensive way to swap one air source to at least six different outputs, with the hope of eventually automating it. i'm dirt poor, so i can't afford to use sprinkler valves for each output, so i was wondering if anyone knew where to find a diverter valve that would do it. Thanks in advance!

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I got six of the same emails in two days from instructables does anybody know y? Answered

So the other day I got six of the same emails in two days from instructables does anybody know y? If you know y tell me what is going on thank you

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Major update

Hello all I just released a Major update to my sexy six axis robot arm go take a look..

Topic by sparten11  

Should I delete this instructable?

Do you think I ought to delete my ible on how to get six pack abs? They haven't accepted it into the burning questions contest, and people seem to HATE it, although it saying about the same thing as the six pack ible that was accepted (pure coincidence, I didn't read the other one beforehand, promise!)...on the other hand, I have gotten a ton of view (over 1000 in a couple of days).

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Solar cells Answered

Can I make an effective solar pannel, that can charge a twelve volt battery, with three six by six solar cells that are 3.73 wats each and .52 volts each? Or do i have to exceed 12 volts in order to charge the battery?

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Help me with insurance 101?

I'm a first time auto insurance buyer. Let me pose this question in an interesting manner: You're an insurance agent. You just quoted me at $500 every six months for bare-bones/state minimum coverage (just for example's sake). Do you ask me for $500 upfront, then $500 six months later? Or do you issue me an insurance card and expect the first lump sum of $500 six months from now?

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i need a six channel rc system for a school project . does anybody know where i could get one extra cheap?

I would like websites (not ebay) where i could find this . also , it would be helpful to name the system somehow so i know what to look for.

Question by saberwing    |  last reply

How do you count Black Dog by Led Zeppelin?

Its just simple "one...two...three...four..." then "one...two...three...four...five...six", right? four/four then six/four time? thanks!? -John Smith(the instructables member) (trying out the new Ask thing)

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whats the difference between a 5 and six pin transformer (for a shocker); can i replace the 5 for the 6 pin transformer?

Im trying to make a few of the "worlds smallest electronic shocker(s)" posted up by plasmana but couldnt get a 5 pin transformer out of the cameras i obtained. I did get 6 pin transformers and wanted to find out if i could use these instead of the 5 pin ones.

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How do I motivate myself to work out? Alternate Title: How do I get a six-pack? ?

I've been trying for around 3 months now to start a solid exercise regimen, but so far my efforts have been fruitless. I'm a junior in high school who runs cross-country and track, but I have decided not to do track this year. I can run a 21 minute 5k, so stamina isn't really an issue. But to be frank, I would really like to build some muscular definition. I have all the necessary equipment, (treadmill, weight machine) but I'm unable to start and maintain a consistent schedule. At most I may exercise for a week or two at a time, and then relax for a week. My main issue is a lack of results, which leads to a lack of motivation. TLDR; I WANT SEXY BOD NAO PLZZZZZ!!!1!

Question by meanbean  

maverick final video

Mavericks final video is finely here

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Minimal Boat? Does anyone have plans or access to plans for a rowing boat around the six foot - two metre mark?

I want to build something that can be picked up by one man and carried to the water, but with as much stability as can be gained from such a short length?

Question by Otwaymist    |  last reply

how to convert a mortor in toy car into a dynamo &amp; how to make a easy solar cell which can charge six volts battery ?

What should be done to make a dynamo . where can i get the parts required, suggest me necessary parts to make a solar cell and solar panal easily

Question by vamsi srinivas    |  last reply

Coke and Mentos Powered Car

Eepybird, the "Coke and Mentos Guys" used 108 2L bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos to propel a car/bike 221 feet! An explanation of how it works, from their YouTube video: "The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car uses a piston mechanism: a six-foot long rod sits inside a six-foot long tube attached to each bottle of Coke Zero. When the Mentos drop into the soda, the pressure tries to push the rod out of the tube. With 108 rods all pushing at once, that gives us a lot of power. All that power is pushing against a wall braced with 3,600 pounds of cement blocks. So all the force is directed into moving the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car forward. We get one big push for six feet, and then it's all coasting from there."   via msnbc

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White LED Variety Pack: 5mm, 8mm, Piranha, 12 Volt Led Board With Resistor         Includes: One 12 volt LED board with 6 white LEDs and resistor. Six 8mm wide angle white LEDs. Six 5mm wide angle white Piranha LEDs  Ten 5mm 15-30 degree white LEDs   $6 Shipping included

Topic by luxstar  

How long am i supposed to wait for the package??

Am i supposed to wait for the package for six months or what? I won an Instructables Prize Pack in Pocket-Sized Contest! ( ) as a runner up prize. So why isn't it here yet? I asked once already about this delay, on forum i think, and they told me that it's because there are many prizes that are holding the sending back. So it's been six months, it should have arrived already, could still be the delay. 

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What does a C02 Progam Engine Module do? Answered

I have a Dodge 2500 5.9 Six Cylinder Diesel and have a recall on C02 Reprogam Engine Module. What did this do?

Question by redsbear    |  last reply

Do it yourself

I want to open an interior supporting wall and make a six foot wide by four foot tall pass thru window/bar counter between the kitchen and living room. Do I have to build a header for the opening?

Topic by TAPena    |  last reply

What battery should I get?

I am building an arduino robot arm and I need to power a total of six servos. What size battery should I get to power the servos?

Question by martzsam    |  last reply

Guys I´d like to know your opinion.

This is my video. What do u think, whats wrong, what should I do better... thx

Question by ZemančíkT    |  last reply

can a taser re start a heart? Answered

I was talking to a police officer at six flags and the issues about tasers came up and i wanted to ask everyone's opinion if a taser can restart some ones heart

Question by theatre_tech_guru    |  last reply

BBM Challenge Council Internship Contest

WANT TO WIN A CHANCE TO MEET LAUREN BERGER, THE "INTERN QUEEN"?  HOW ABOUT WINNING A NEW BLACKBERRY? FOUR CHALLENGES. EIGHT WEEKS. SIX GRAND PRIZE WINNERS. If you think you have what it takes to become the next big thing, enter to become a Protégé of one of our six BBM™ Challenge Council members. All Protégés will get a free BlackBerry smartphone and the chance to meet their celebrity in person. To get started, choose a celebrity and submit an entry describing why they should choose you.  DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? PROVE IT.

Topic by Reiko-san  

Developing a fantasy board game ("Epanatara")

I want to design a fantasy board game with cards and strategy elements. It should be a game for at least six players. For that I need help in designing the board, cards, pieces, rules and story.

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