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Yeah so

How about that UE, eh? ...

Topic by Remote Man  

So uhhhhh....

Nobody has anything to say yet? there're like 6 of us here, so who lives in a state/city that has legal weed? san francisco represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So Excited!

Hey Instructabrarians!  Guess what?  After literally asking and asking and asking for so long now, they've finally agreed and I've finally got my summer dream job.  That's right, starting tomorrow  I get to work as an intern at Instructables, the #1 most awesome show and tell on the net!  This is so cool, and if it wasn't that I need to pace myself for DIY PIXAR at Maker Faire 2011, I might spontaneously combust at any second!  I've been a gigantic fan of this website for more than 4 years now and this is quite literally a dream come true for me.  Not only do I get to work at Instructables but I also get to meet the amazing founders of this awesome website!  Not to mention being able to commute to San Francisco on a daily basis!  This is Awesome and I'm so excited! Anyway, I will be keeping a photo diary for anyone who's interested (as well as updating my personal Flickr page) with weekly activities with the company on my new Nintendo 3DS.  So if anyone's got an .mpo viewer you might be able to see what Instructables is like in more than two dimensions! Well, got to go to bed, lots of commuting to be done tomorrow.  Just thank you to all of the great Instructables employees and to anyone who was nice enough to enjoy the random builds I've created on Instructables. -M.E. PS sorry if it sounds like I'm being overly arrongant about this.  It's just that for people who know me know that this sort of thing never happens for me, so I'm just going to enjoy it while I can.

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So apparently...

After taking a devastating kick to the throat CO my little nephew (yeah, he's gonna be quite the Steven Seagal), my voice pitch has increased about an octave and my NY accent is totally gone (not that I'm going to miss it). My sister says it's temporary, but I can only hope. This happened Thursday of last week, and there's barely any improvement. If anyone else has taken a blow like this, please tell me about your experiences and the result. Thanks, DrWeird

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So... what now?

Right - we have a restricted-access forum, what are we going to use it for?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

so... Were Are the results ?

I've been waiting all yesterday and the day before yesterday , now the contest is closed , but with no results ... What's happening?

Topic by acaz93    |  last reply

What's so funny?

What are you two laughing about? MoarOK, that's enough animal cuteness for the day

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Radioshack... not so bad?

I recently went to radioshack, they now have a wider selection, and on most components the price isn't so bad actually. Most items are only a bit more than what you would pay online, yet there is no shipping charge and you get it instantly. I recently bought 2 micro motors for 8 dollars, online I could get 2 for 2 dollars, plus like 5 dollar shipping, it'd cost 7 dollars, but here I got it for 8 instantly. But not everything at radioshack is like that, I'd say only for resistors, capacitors, and LEDs are way overpriced. The rest is actually not so bad

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

So vote, already!

The Hallowe'en contest is open for voting. Go, vote. Use your vote wisely, though - click them all, and you devalue your vote - and make sure you go through the whole lot, because there are worthy entries on every page. (Obligatory spam)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

I'm so confused

How many erics are running around here? I count three: This guy: guy:, of course, plain 'ol EricWho is real and who is not? Are these accounts all Eric? Or are the others fake?

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

im so sorry

I.... destroyed it .................................................................................................................................................... ............................(\ /) ............................................................................................................................................ ............................( . .)............................................................................................................................................. ..........................c(")(") Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................................ ........@(~_~)@ monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................................

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Me and my brother love brother is 8 and he wants a fort.we dont have much knex.and im stubbern and will ONLY use MICRO KNEX.NOT KID KNEX.I USE THE TYPE I GET FROM ROLLERCOASTER BOXES.back to the subject.i need low-piece microknex guns!I REPEAT:i need low-piece microknex a high rate of fire would be nice

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So I'm new to this...

I'm new to DIY, and I was hoping for some suggested projects for newbies. I have some basic woodworking experience and knowledge of tools, but I'm more interested in electronics and that sort of thing, I just don't know where to start. I would like to make something useful. Can anyone suggest some good projects for newbies?

Topic by kyoakoa    |  last reply

Oh So Tired...

Ach. Wouldn't you know it? I finally start a group that seems to be taking off, and I've come down with something nasty. I've been coughing for two weeks, but I've developed some pretty horrid symptoms that only go away when I'm lying down. I'd appreciate it if you guys livened up the group while I'm out by inviting some more furry friends to join it. Thanks, Kataze (Bleach refrencer extrordinaire!)

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So... What's a robot?

This question seems to keep coming up and is worthy of some discussion.It seems there are a bunch of 'official' definitions for the thing. Here's a few, with examples.A programmable, autonomous machine with sensors that allow it to do complex stuff. So, Roomba: yes. Factory robot: yes. UAV: sometimes. Battle-bots: no. Vibrobots: no. Mechanical man sculpture: no.A machine in the shape of a person. Mechanical man sculpture: yes, Battle-bots, vibrobots: sometimes. Roomba, factory robots, UAV: no.An electronic device in a configuration without an existing name. Sculpture: No. Everything else: yes.Any chance of consensus? Thoughts?Personally I feel a word's meaning comes from its use. If you call it a robot and you can get people to agree with you, it's a robot. That's pretty much how language works and is why I called my little project a robot. I'm no where near the first person to call a pager motor+battery a robot. But I was an English major, you Engineers out there are likely to get twitchy when things aren't up to published spec.

Topic by Grathio    |  last reply

Can nobody hear my woes?

I'm a little worried that I couldn't actually find some of my topics I just posted in the actual forums I posted them in, so I'm wondering has someone blocked my usage of topics?

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

Salvaged smd micro controlers.

Hello everyone, i just salvaged some great finds i think i have a surface mount PIC16F72-1/SO and a PIC16F877A, plus a few other componets. i am wondering what do i need to be able to program and use these PIC's i have very limited knowledge on micro controlers, i am currently learning with the Arduino UNO. and help would be appreciated. and also i have salvaged some other parts kia324f "quad amp" will this work like the more commonly used op amp's i see in other instructables, ATMEL346 not sure what i can use this for. i have more parts that i am unsure of what if anything i can use them for but i dont want to bother everyone with my list =) ill try and post them a little at a time. and agian thank you in advance for your information.

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Why is it that even though I'm a pro member many features are not available to me

I have been a member of Instructables for many years and have always been reticent about posting here. This is simply because as I do not live in the USA , even though I am British I seem excluded from many activities here eg competitions forum groups etc. I know rules and regulations may be varied between nations but  I always thought the world wide web was a place to celebrate skills wherever they arise on the planet  . I do off course accept that any obstruction of such freedoms is a denial of that freedom but does not authorise  surely freedom to partake in abetter world..... ho hum rant over any thoughts good people

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Can someone help me find an acoustic/karaoke version of So Cold by Breaking Benjamin?

Yeah I cant find it anywhere so can someone help me?

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

why is so awesome?

Why is it so awesome?

Question by StudentAccount    |  last reply

Why Is So Awesome?

Why Is So Awesome?

Topic by StudentAccount    |  last reply

So, can you draw??

So, can you draw? If so feel free to post your pictures. I'll start, this is one of my brothers drawings. I can draw too, yet I wanted to post something done by him.

Topic by Lftndbt    |  last reply

So how many burners are there?

I was just wondering if there was any burner family on here. I go to Transformus every year.

Topic by dreadyjazz  

So when are the winner announced?

I just dont understand how it works. Is there a set date and time or no? Im not being impatient, im just wondering.

Topic by iMac    |  last reply

Why are guys so territorial?

Ok why is it that guys flip out when they see their girlfriend even looking in the direction of another guy? its not like he owns me, so why do i get the cold shoulder every time i talk to another guy? Its not like im gonna run off with another guy so why cant he just get over it? Lolz, Are guys chemically wired to guard their girl?

Question by hannah16    |  last reply

So Many Great Cakes!

The Cake Contest closed for entries last night, but voting is still open until noon PST on May 1. So go and look at all the insanely cool cakes that have been submitted.Which ones do you like the best? Cake Contest entries

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

So, How'd Halloween Go?

So with the last of the Western world winding down, how'd the festivities go for ya'll?I had fun scaring the crud outa people (see upcoming ible), got sucker punched a couple times, went Chuck Norris a couple times, and learned never to leave out candy...

Topic by KentsOkay    |  last reply

LED SOS without programing?

If/When i get my pilots license, I would like to build a survival kit that contains a high powered LED "flare" that flashes ..._ _ _... I don't wanna over complicate things by having to program a microcontroller. Maybe a 555 timer?

Question by conrad2468    |  last reply

So... did anybody win?

I know the judging deadline got pushed back 'till after Thanksgiving. Is there a date the Halloween Contest winners will be announced?

Topic by mrcrumley    |  last reply

Dolphin Bubbles: This is SO cool !

Apparently dolphins can learn to blow bubbles or more precisely, air vortex rings. Take a look at the video:

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

So I made this thing...

I've been having fun with interlocking pieces and this grew out of it. Only the two base pieces interlock. The "leaves" grab on to any edge. I've been playing with it and having fun with it, but have no idea what to name it. Any ideas?

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

So what are you working on?

What upcoming projects are you working on? I'm busy making more instruments/recording-related equipment. My next three upcoming Instructables are an audio converter, something called an "Electric Kickamastick" and a guitar effects pedal (and have been amassing supplies for a few more projects).

Topic by randofo    |  last reply

Why is the circuit so squiggly? Answered

Hi all, Something that's been bothering me for years (I clearly have no life)... Why are traces on  printed circuit boards sometimes very squiggly, when there's an obvious shorter, straighter path. I've attached a picture of a PC RAM card that shows what I mean. Thanks!

Question by Morgantao    |  last reply

Is searching supposed to be so impossible?

What happened to all the options for searching? For as "user friendly" as the site apparently wants to be, removing every single feature of searching beyond typing in one's query has only done the exact opposite. If I only want to search in the Jewelry section, for example, am I completely out of luck? I'm hoping I missed something, because this is unbelievably frustrating.

Topic by Ingulit    |  last reply

I feel so overwhelmed

I've just returned to making stuff. A former tinkerer turned university student and I can't even make an electric project cause i'm worried i'll be a disgrace as an engineer. I tried fixing my tablet but ended up frying the PCB. Now i'm afraid i'm gonna blow something up. I'm also worried that what I make is something someone else made. So copyrights and what not. How did people deal with this fear?  I also feel like I have no initiative i.e. not doing something the easier way and end up looking like a fool. Or do I just look into people's perception of me too much?

Topic by ebubeo    |  last reply

I am SO tired....

I am just SO tired of not being able to be who I am.  If I am kind to children, I become a molester, if I let my feelings go with free reign, am outlandish if I don't let my feelings out, I am unfeeling, if I speak the truth, I am a heratic if I hold on to fantasy, I am bonkers. If I talk about who I am, what I am, people don't want to hear it, and eventually deny it altogether; so I can NEVER be who I am around most people... (obviously "around" means in person). I can't win. Also,  Can ANYONE on line truly know me, in any real capacity ?   Can anyone have experienced the tremendous struggles I have with sensory overload?  Can any of you REALLY know how much I struggle day in and day out to not become cynical like the tv character HOUSE ?  I mean,  really ? 

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Resistance Isn't So Futile

Nissan has introduced the Eco Pedal, an acceleration pedal that pushes back on the driver's foot if the driver is supplying unnecessary pressure and therefore being fuel inefficient. From Wired News: Nissan estimates that the Eco Pedal, coupled with the already ubiquitous instant fuel readout on the dash, can increase fuel economy 10 to 15 percent.While it may hinder driving freedom a little bit, it seems more like it's there to be a friendly little reminder. Sort of like parents when you're learning how to drive. Very environmentally friendly, fuel optimizing parents. Nissan via Wired News

Topic by joshf    |  last reply

So long cruel world!

Well I wasn't that active in making guns, but I think I should move on to bigger things. I will still lurk around instructables, however you wont see me doing knex guns unless I have an ingenious new idea that I'm sure I can portray correctly. I will probably be making instructables pertaining to: Art, Guitar, Video games, and other things, that is all goodbye and goodnight! P.S: 5th pic is an experimental curved mag I was developing around a year ago to go on my mp7, anyone is welcome to use it as long as they give me proper credit and link me to the instructable/slideshow.

Topic by bounty1012    |  last reply

So Many T-Shirts!

Instructables just got in a brand new shipment of t-shirts today.  Being that I get to count and stock them, I decided to take a little bit of extra time and write up a forum topic about it. Why you ask?  Well let me tell you.  We have a whole lot of extra t-shirts right now, and I think it would be fun to give one away. So here's the deal: Take a couple of glances at the pictures posted, and let me know how many t-shirts you think we have here at headquarters.  The person who is closest gets a t-shirt (and possibly a couple of other goodies). Now here's a little fine print.  I know there are a lot of people out there who already have t-shirts and have no desire to have another one.  So for those of you who already have a t-shirt, try to win one for someone else.  Upon wining this little grab bag, I'll pm the user and ask who they want their t-shirt to go to.  The winner is by all means welcome to keep it, but if they already have one, I would hope they will donate it to a user in need, who has always wanted one, but never had the means to get one. One last thing: I'll give everyone two guesses.  Any more then two and you disqualify yourself from winning.  If anyone manages to get the number spot on, you'll get (what I consider) and awesome grab bag (that I've not yet devised), as well as two additional t-shirts that you can give to whomever. This package is going to be shipped out Monday afternoon, so all entries need to be in by Monday, 1000 PDT! Good Luck. UPDATE 1:  The answer to this query, is 493.  Now it's time to search through the results and see where people are.  Give me a half hour and I'll publish the results. UPDATE 2: FINAL RESULTS! Surprisingly, no one guessed the exact answer. TNEN guessed 495, which just beat out KevinMatchstick by 1.  Which makes TNEN our t-shirt champion!  -I will be contacting TNEN to see if he wants the t-shirt, or if he is going to be giving it to someone else. For making my laugh, both 9VoltWiseMan and caitlinsdad will get to donate a shirt to someone in need (fine print: it can't be for them, and who they give it to can't already have one).  So I will be contacting them as well. Thank you everyone for guessing!  Hopefully I have time during the next shipment to take pictures again!

Topic by StumpChunkman  

So I've got this brick...

Sometime last year I received a brick that is very special to me. It came from the outside of the old technology wing of my school when they were knocking it down to make way for the new building, and I have a lot of great memories from those rooms. The only problem's a big red brick. Its only current function is as a doorstop to my bedroom which I stub my toe on each time I enter. I'm growing sick and tired of it but I don't want to get rid of it either. I figured I might do something crafty with it instead, but unfortunately other than the creative application of paint and glue to make it a less-than-charming piece I can put on my shelf, I'm drawing a blank. Does anyone have any ideas?

Topic by NeedleFerret    |  last reply

Ratings, so you know...

I spent a bit of time today looking again at the Instructables rating system, here's what I found:A single rating lands an Instructable around the 3 mark, there is a huge spike just on the upper side of 3.0. Mean average rating (rather close to Pi) is 3.14Most ratings seem to be positive, the overall distribution has 68.7% of rated Instructables "above average" (60.5% of all Instructables if you include unrated submissions)There is a "wave" of ratings heading up towards 4, and a smaller ripple going down towards 2. I see this as some kind of fluid-motion effect like waves on water, but I'd be interested in opinions.50% of rated Instructables sit between 2.9 & 3.4Instructables rated above 3.4 are in the top 25%Instructables rated below 2.9 are in the lower 25%Note: Rating is essentially a measure of popularity, it is not a linear indicator of quality / value.Other:Only 31 Instructables are rated above 4.5 (0.1%)Only 19 Instructables are rated below 1.5, 1 of which is the lowest at 0.99Only 12% of Instructables are unratedThe rating algorithm is in Rachel's FAQ if you're interested (I probably should have put this in earlier)

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

Why is Instructables so great?

Hi my name’s Padraig and I’m doing an online ethnography project for one of my modules in college. I’m a member of this site and I’m curious as to whether or not everybody else agrees that the site facilities this kind of D.I.Y. activity far better than traditional person-to-person social groups, oh and also, of course, why you enjoy using instructables and that sort of thing. Like I said I’m a student, I’m not some sleazy market researcher, I’m really interested in instructables as a community and would hugely appreciate any replies to my questions. Answer whatever you like and feel free to add anything you think is worth mentioning. 1 - What is you age, gender, general location? 2 - How often would you say you visit the site? 3 - Do you use the forum often and participate in discussion? 4 - Do you find that having access to the various instructions submitted to the site has directly affected how often you yourself make things by hand? 5 - Do you feel that the site allows you to express a side of your personality which you may not usually have the opportunity to express offline? 6 - If you answered yes to the previous question, then why? 7 - Do you attend offline events that are promoted through the forum? 8 - Do you talk with any Instructable members outside of the site, either online (MSN Messenger etc.) or offline (Events)? 9 - Have you experienced a sense of competition in producing bigger and better instructables or is the atmosphere more laid back, is this good or bad in you opinion? 10 - Do you feel that the community offers a decent support network of friends and like minded individuals? 11 - Would you consider members like threadbanger and giannyl (etc.) to be instructable’s very own cult of celebrities? Cheers.  

Topic by Bearch    |  last reply

Can a so-so computer person reconfigure a desk top PC ?

My son's PC died & I have a desk top PC just sitting around doing nothing.  It's been a while since I used it & don't remember what issues it had.  Would like to reconfigure & give it to him if I can make it usable.

Question by BOB J    |  last reply

Lesser known groups (so they aren't so less well known)

Did you know there are more than 2000 groups turn up from a search (mind you, they ain't all active...)? Here are some in need of members: Squirrel Snipers The group for those who love squirrels and K'NEX! ERASERS ROCK I LIKE ERASERS AND I WANT TO KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. A minority interest, but someone else must get excited by erasers? Internet lovers "if u use the internet join" myspace lovers Guess what? - "join if u like myspace" facebook lovers (Guess) the bomb sqaud "Thanks for joining" "i like sports" nicks group "This is easy." Love Grilled cheese For people who LOVE grilled cheese the hubablybubably group "for all instructables members who like to run around in circles screaming, throw a jar of peanutbutter in the bathtub, then g.....................CORN! yay! sasafras! :()<------- its a duck!" helper "i help you with prombles" - I think they're delinquent Wombles? Knex Loathers "This is a group for folks who are tired of seeing 100's of knex instructables when they are not looking for knex instructables, or if you just hate Knex. No offense to you knex enthusiasts." Inactive: GUNZ "please no k-nex they're hard to make and too many peices." Inactive: ki shunners! thhis is a group for all the people who hate mepain and knex innvination by knexsuperbulderfreak

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

So I have been inactive for a while now...

So I have been inactive for a while now. You may have noticed this if I havent been replying to your comments... Now I am going to be honest. I am getting rather bored of this site. No offence to any staff or anyone who this may offend. There is no new stuff, Im slowly growing out of my Knex, I havent played with it in a while... And another thing to be honest with... Im addicted to Habbo. Yes. Habbo. SO... Yah... So I may be on every once or twice a day, but I wont be replying to many comments. If there is a comment you asked me something on, just tell me in a comment to this and I will check it out. If it is important enough I will reply. If I dont reply, leave a comment on my OB. If I dont reply to that comment on my OB, tell me on here. If I dont reply to the comment on here, tell me on my OB :-P

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

So what Knex gun should I build next?

I have built the ZKAR v2 before, it really was a magnificent gun. Played quite a few wars with it and I beated the entire neighbourhood and their El Diablo's and Turret Pistols. It was my trusty gun and we have been through quite a lot. Now it is time for me to say goodbye to my beloved ZKAR w\scope, and to step up. The ZKAR v2 was great, but now it does all weird things. It breaks down very often and such. The bolt often jams and the trigger doesn't work quite properly either, but that's more because it is a really old gun. I've been using it for almost a year now if not more then a year. It is time for me to use something else. Only one question remains. What should I use? I need a Knex gun that can either beat or outclass the ZKAR v2. That means reliability is key, yet any kinds of fancy guns would still be nice. I am already thinking something like swagboss or D-TAB. Anyone has any suggestions? Preferably no TR-18. I can't stand turrets, they always have problems with me.

Topic by TigerNod    |  last reply

What is your favorite.... (Knex)? Answered

So... What is your favorite.... Pistol? Sniper? Single shot? Cannon? Non-gun thing? Sidearm? Most innovative thing? Favorite knexer? 2nd favorite knexer? 3rd favorite knexer? :-) Here are my answers: Pistol? - MeZak Sniper? - Don't know... Single shot? - 'Not a Rectangle' Cannon? - Heavy cannon v1 Non-gun thing? - Shadowman39's mitre saw Sidearm? - Don't know... Most innovative thing? - Shadowman39's mitre saw Favorite knexer? - Shadowman3 2nd favorite knexer? - KnexFreek 3rd favorite knexer? - DJ Radio

Question by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

So Team Fortress 2 Is Down

Since a few days ago many Team Fortress 2 Players have been experiencing a frustrating anomaly. Team Fortress 2 (and on occasion other source games) DO NOT WORK! This is very frustrating, opinions have been voiced that it is due to extreme server overload due to all the F2P people coming in by the thousands. This is not only frustrating but also unfair, ask one of my very good friends who actually pre-ordered Team Fortress 2, was a dedicated Gamer and Beta Tester but has now been demoted so much he can't even boot up the game anymore, while several F2P "gamers" had no trouble at all booting the game up. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Topic by An Villain    |  last reply

why is my hamster so awake?

Why is hamster awake so much at night

Question by jhale789    |  last reply

So... Who is the other 50 winners?

So... Who is the other 50 winners that won in the book contest?

Topic by Plasmana    |  last reply