Wanted: Someone to setup HomeAssistant for my house

I bought a bunch of Sonoff basics and a Raspi 3 thinking it would be easy to build a home automation system out of this.  I was going to use HomeAssistant.io and my android phone, weekend project, no big. That was 9 months ago and I still just have a pile of Sonoff switches and a kinda booting Raspberry Pi 3. I'm so out of my depth, I don't know what part of it is or isn't working, or if it's just not configured correctly, etc.  I need someone to either walk me through this or give me a bunch of files to download and instructions on how to flash the devices.   Name your price and what you can deliver.

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Trying to figure out how ultrasonic humidifier detects low water level

Hello all, I'm currently working on a home automation system and have decided I want to throw my fragrance diffuser into the mix. What I'm trying to accomplish is I'd like the diffuser to come on whenever the unit has power so I can simply control it with a Sonoff SV. I was originally planning on just replacing the guts with an Arduino Nano or something until I tore into it and realized I have absolutely no clue how this thing detects when the water level is low! There's no sort of float switch or resistive fluid detection. In fact, the only part that has contact with the fluid is the ultrasonic transducer. I'm curious if anyone can look at the PCB and give me some more insight as to what's going on. On the far left the five pins coming into the board is the cable connector for the buttons and LEDs, the two large pins beneath that are the buzzer for making beeping noises when buttons are pressed, The SMD IC towards the middle is from what I can tell the brains of the operation. The three large pins (two with solder) near the top center are where 24vdc comes in. The two large pins on the upper right are for the fan and the two large pins on the bottom right are for the transducer. If anyone has any insight as to how this thing reads a low water level it'd be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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Ws2812b led problem

Last year I put up 500 led round my home for Christmas (a permanent feature) . About 2 weeks ago I tried them and everything was fine. Over the weekend I added a Sonoff basic (better than a time switch) and had to adjust a small section as they were out of line. Since that (I'll fated) adjustment some of the LEDs have started to play up... I have the leds cycle RGB over several seconds, for testing, but the last 50 or so go berserk and rapidly flash white (and other colours). It's going to be PITA but do I replace the faulty(?) led/s or can I bridge what (may be) the fault and test the others??? The display leds are ip67 rated tied to plastic conduit with power injection at either end of the 5 strips I use. Ive checked the voltage (both ends) and I get 5v so it's not power issues. I've tried to upload a pic (possibly a video) to show what happens. The fault is in the last strip of leds towards the end of the circuit. Many thanks

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