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Sony Mylo

Which is better, the sony mylo 1 link or the sony mylo 2 link? I thought the mylo 2 was better because of the upgrade with the bigger screen and camera but why is the 1st one more expensive? Thanks.

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Sony HandyCam

Sony HandyCam camcorder. Two batteries (one 6 hour, the other 4) All the cords Case Operation manual Two tapes Make me an offer (over $130)

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sony xplode amp

I have an car audio amp that i need the schematics for, the model is: XM-SD22X. was wondering if anyone can help. have been able to find owners manual and such. but not much help.

Topic by waybrane  


Sony Handycam DCR-TRV280 NTSC Error message: "reinsert the cassette"      Ok, I remove and reinsert it.... Same error message. So, I google and get this video: I don't really understand which pin they refer to removing and cleaning, so I try solution 2-remove battery for a while. It works for a short time, but the battery removal solution no longer works. Suggestions?

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sony dcs-w50?

Not only is my lcd screen cracked but my flash doesn't work, saw how to fix screen need instruction to fix flash in my camera,?????  HELP

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Sony Vaio Z1

I've got an old Z1 laptop with a 14.1" screen and AC power adapter that works 100% except the battery's completely dead and there's a crack in the housing. This would be perfect for someone who's looking to do one of the digital picture frame instructables. Email me if you're interested at I'm looking for $300 obo.

Topic by gleekak  

Sony Ericsson W200i Troubleshooting

 I have a Sony Ericsson W200i one year ago. I wanted to put music and themes in it, but I only had a iMac (shared). The phone came with a CD called "PC Suite" but it is only for windows. So I just plugged my phone in and dragged dropped files in to my phone. I did that a couple times and my phone was fine, then next time I wanted to plug it into the iMac, the phone will not reconise the plug or the computer. So I took it to the phone shop for repairs, and the guy said there was nothing wrong. Now I got a HP windows computer, so I installed the CD, plugged the phone in - same problem Comments will be appreciated. 

Question by TNEN  

SONY Flash Drive HELP!!!

Help!!! Today I had my flash drive with me and was working on some school projects. It worked fine in the morning. Though later I was messing with Batch and saved them to the drive root. Now when I plug it in windows waits for about a min. then says that new hardware was found. When it's done it says that the device is malfunctioned. I don't know what to do or if that batch file is even the problem. If it is I think that it changed the devices properties into making windows think it is bootable. I have plugged it into my Linux machine but still no dice. It won't even come up there. Oh, and I can't reformat it because it's in a way not there. I really need those files for school any way to get them back would be great. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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SONY VIAO LCD from hell?

trying to change the LCD screen on a sony viao SR series, and for some reason the OEM screen is too expensive and from what i have read all you need is the specs to be the same and back lite for it to work? what other model of LCD will work? OEM is LTD133EWZX

Question by tommooc    |  last reply

Visual Studio Plug-in for Sony Clie

It's been many years, but when the Sony Clie was available I managed to get a Visual Studio plug-in for Clie development. Anyone have the plug-in? Link? Torrent? Anything? I'm trying to repurpose one.

Topic by Sovereignty    |  last reply

Fix for Sony Ericsson keypad light ?

I have the sony ericsson w580i cell phone. On the directional pad, the light will stay on. is there any way to fix this? any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Question by Thelonelysandwitch  

Sony Ericsson w580i cell phone

I bought a Sony Ericsson w580i cell phone about a month ago. Are there any cool things that can be done with it, changed on it, or just some simple tips. I all ready have music and vids on it. its a good phone, and I love it.

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sony ux180p lcd, vga pinout?

Does the lcd for the sony ux180p have a pinout that can be soldered to any vga connection? thanks.

Topic by human_aft3r_all    |  last reply

Charge sony ericsson with Iphone charger?

Hello I want to charge my sony ericsson w580i with my iphone charger. My SE charger is rated for charging at the current 4,9V but my iphone charger outputs 5,25V. Is it harmful for the battery in my SE mobile to have a 0,26V current extra? Or can i put in a resistor between to lower the current from 5,25 to 4,9. Old charger: 4,9V , 700mA Iphone charger: 5,25V, 1A.

Question by Popstickal    |  last reply

Sony VCR power supply ratings? Answered

I have got a Sony SLV-XA-130-MJ Video Cassette Recorder/Player. I have disassembled it and have got he SMPS out. It has got a sticker saying "1 - 468 - 039 - 42" "SR642 MALAYSIA" "580786" The output connector has 8 terminals. Does anyone know the output details. Can some one provide a link or something?

Question by ajithkpunnoose    |  last reply

should i get sony vegas 8 or 9?

Question by wenpherd    |  last reply

Sony BDP-S3100 WiFi Bluray player

How do I add or display Chinese character sets to my Sony BDP-S3100 Bluray player;   I have a USB storage device with a lot of Chinese movies & titles. I can display all the Chinese characters titles using my other LG Bluray player. But my Sony BDP-S3100 Bluray player can only display boxes as the Chinese titles. But I can still play the Chinese movies on it. Can anyone help, how to install or provide the Chinese Character sets. I guess this Sony model is missing the Chinese Character set in its firm ware or something.

Topic by faraway123    |  last reply

Sony Walkman, getting info off disks faster than one to one

We have a Sony Walkman MZ-N707-r It uses Mini disks We have all the programs that come with it. eg: Jukebox How can we move all files on disk to computer for editing without transferring hour for hour . The program that comes with the Walkman only goes for a few min. and then shuts down. Some times we have hours of information that we would like to down load but it takes the same length of time that it took to put it on. Any programs out there?

Question by emit    |  last reply

Belt replacment on Sony tape deck TCWR535 resulted in auto-reverse and one direction not working. Any ideas??

I just replaced both sets of belts on my Sony TCWR535 tape decks, per the excellent Instructables directions. Getting the belts on was a bit tricky, but I think I did it correctly. But now both decks only run in one direction, and won't auto-stop/auto reverse. At the end of the tape, they just sit and clunk. Any suggestions on what I did wrong?

Question by dennyls    |  last reply

can you change the frequency on a sony remote?

Im trying to have multiple remotes controll different robots that only respond to a sony remote. were using a pickaxe computer chip and  have about 4 robots that are going to be running at the same time. we need this for our robotics and game design class in school so it cant be too expensive but any help would be great.

Question by Thor007    |  last reply

how to replace keyboard letters on sony vaio?

I have an old sony vaio laptop. My toddler son pulled out some keys off the keyboard. Where can I get the individual keyboard letters? Is it possible to replace them or should I replace the whole keyboard? Thanks Satya

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Sony Reader, Kindle, anybody have one?

Hey everyone, Sometime this year, I was considering getting either a Sony Reader or an Amazon Kindle, the primary purpose of which for me would be to have something small and compact that could hold all of my datasheets so I could read them while on the go. I was wondering if anyone owned either a Reader or a Kindle and could tell me: 1) Your opinion of the device 2) Is there anywhere I can go where I could demo such a device? 3) What process do I have to go through to upload files to the device (example: suppose I have a datasheet saved as a pdf. How do I convert it to a format usable on the Kindle/Reader?) Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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Instructables Mobile Theme

Http:// don't know if this has been done before or not i just wanted to try it. So hope you like it!Tech Details:It only works on sony ericcsonIt is for screen size 176 X 220

Topic by poparoo4    |  last reply

What connection port is this and how could I make my own? Answered

I've got a Sony MHC-EC909ip and was wondering what kind of stereo connection ports these could be. If there custom made by sony, how could I potentially make my own connection? Thanks! (the cable shown is not mine, It's an exact replica of what the cable connector looked like.) Edit: I might have actually found my solution to fix this. Getting a JST RCY Connector - Male/Female Set (2-pin). Just need to make it snap into place now.

Question by Jonknudtson    |  last reply

Why wont my computer charge or the screen come on?

When I push the power button on my sony laptop all the lights come on. When I release the button the battery charge light turns off. I have checked the dc adaptor and it is good. The dc connector on the motherboard seems ok. could there be a problem with the power switch?

Question by lisarucker1    |  last reply

What camera should i get?

I want to get a nice point and shoot to use this year especially as a counselor at camp but as well as at my new England home. I was looking at these 2 specificly;=asn&creative;=395093&creativeASIN;=B00328HR76&tag;=cnet-4241-20 Im leaning towards the Sony but are they still worth it after a year? If you have any other suggestions for pocketable cameras under 200$ please share.

Question by zigzagchris    |  last reply

New Sony Rolly in Motion - Uncut Demonstration

I thought this was kind of interesting :-)

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Generic MP3 player to Sony car stereo

How can I connect a generic MP3 player to a 10-year-old Sony CDX-C4840R car stereo? The stereo has a Line In, but this only works when the CD changer unit is connected to the special bus. I don't want to spend money on the special unit that Sony sells.

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Flashing a Sony Ericsson s710a cell phone.

Does any one know how to flash a Sony ericsson s710a cell phone; any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Topic by Looie_e  

How to Disassemble a sony vaio VGN-CR23?

Hi - I've seen some posts on other Vaio products, but would like the instruction for this, or any VGN-CR laptop. Thanks allot Lior

Question by liori  

How To take care Sony VGP-BPS13/Q battery?

How To take care   Sony VGP-BPS13/Q battery

Question by bateriab    |  last reply

is it possable to make a mobal charger for my sony cyber shot? Answered

Is it possable to make a mobal charger for my sony cyber shot? and can it run on some AAAAs or 9v or is there a mobal charger for it that i can buy?

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

how to export videos to sony bloggie MHS-PM5K from computer?

I have .mov and .vob files,converted them to .mp4 (MPEG-4 movie) which is supported by sony bloggie, and put it in the sd card and try to start the video but it says "The operation cannot be executed on unsupported files." Please Help!

Question by manipushpak  

Does anyone have a complete dismantling instructions in video or images for a Sony PCG-GRX500P laptop ?

What I am looking for is a detail instructions from outside to inside on how to dismantle a Sony Laptop model Number PCG-GRX500P urgently.  I have searched the internet for these instructions and/or service manual guide and no success.

Question by boricua5    |  last reply

beginner USB question...

So I wanted to see if it was possible to create USB driven fans out of an old Sony WM-EX368 tape player. Now this player runs of 2 AA batterys, And I know that usb runs 5V. Now the questions are: Is it even possible? Whats the fastest way to find the right working cable in the walkan?

Topic by Sentroy    |  last reply

What is this?

I have recently acquired a Sony Mavica MVC-FD95, and i noticed a little port or something on the lower right-hand corner, and it was intriguing to me, because it might be a media drive; a Godsend seeing as this camera only takes 3 1/2" floppies, as far as I know. If you know what is please post. :)

Question by RobFS1  

need help and ideas

Didn't know where to post my request for ideas regarding a Sony 27 inch tv that has bit the bucket. Seems that the tube is failing. Would appreciate any and all input: Question is what can i do with this tv other than toss it? Hack it for ??? make it into a ??? you get the idea.Can you post this where it will be seen by multiple beings to suggest ideas of what i can do. Thanks alot for your help. Feel free to post this on other sites as well. Steve

Topic by bukuballs  

Near Wall Wide Angle Projector

Sony will be releasing a 4k projector called the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, later this year or sometime in the future. It's a very nice looking setup of having the projector built into a cabinet that sits right along the wall it's projecting on, freeing up walking space. The only problem is it will be $30,000-40,000. I'm curious to see if it's possible to build something that accomplishes the same setup with current projectors, being able to project a decent quality image at a large scale from only a foot away from the wall. 

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If you have a SONY product you're screwed. Especially SONY USB products for PC's. Drop the bomb on SONY and let them go OOB with a bang!!! Love your Playstation? Just hack the $#!+ out of it! SONY forfeited their DMCA rights. Stop brown-nosing SONY or you'll get computer-AIDS! They haven't learned their lesson. Search for SONY USB ROOTKIT and get as pi$$ed as me! SONY is the reason I haven't touched Windows since their first illegal megahack in 2005. They either owe me a fortune or I own their sorry @$$3$!!! (By default they acknowledge my Pandora's Box/Predictive Music Synth tech, since they did not choose to instead compensate me for actual damages by "SPECIFIC HARM MUSIC" ... which they did not acknowledge as Malware). I am not liable for this rant. I have first amendment rights and this is true.

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How do I replace Sony Ericsson M600i touch screen digitaliser?

Sony ericsson m600 m600i p990 p990i w960 w960i

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Charge my sony ericsson with my iphone charger?

Hello How do you do if you want to charge you sony ericsson cellphone with an iphone 3gs charger? If you plug your sony ericsson with an iphone charger it will act as if it´s plugged in to the computer and not charge. It´s because the iphone charger puts out voltage on the data pins, how do I bypass this? If I only hook up the VCC (5V)and Ground (not the data pins)the charger does not begin to charge my sony ericsson. What should I do? connect the data - and data+ to each other? Info: Sony ericsson w580i 5V charger Li-Polymer 3.6V, 930mAh

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what to do with a old working sony dvd player ?

Hey, as my other topic i found a old working sony dvd player lying around so i thought to get some cool ideas to do with it. any suggestions ?

Topic by arylic    |  last reply

Generic MP3 player connected to Sony car stereo

How can I connect a generic MP3 player (not an iPod) to a 10-year-old Sony CDX-C4840R car stereo? The stereo has a Line In, but this only works when the CD changer unit is connected to the special bus. I don't want to spend money on the special unit (Son-Aux) that Sony sells and/or buy the antiquated changer.

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Sony LCD Projection TV with pink bloches on the screen?

I have a Sony KDK-50WE655 LCD TV . I just replaced the lamp in it , and had noticed pink bloches on the screen before and after I replaced it. There is a lens behind the lamp . Would cleaning that lens help ? Other ideas please.  Thanks

Question by skeeterIV    |  last reply

How to find datasheet for Sony camera LCD display?

Hello all. I have two broken Sony W5 cameras here and would like to use their displays in my microcontrolled projects. It seems, however, that it is impossible to find out anything in the internet about the controller inside it or the pinout of the device. Is there any way of finding such info? Please, point me to it. Thank you.

Question by eshneto    |  last reply

Sony RMT-D197A remote control Sanyo Dp42647 Answered

Hello, I have been trying to control a Sanyo-Dp42647 with a Sony RMT-D197A remote. I have tried many codes. I aim the remote, hold down the tv 1/0, press the number ex.11, and the tv will not turn off. Anyone see anything I am missing?

Question by jbaker22    |  last reply

Nokia Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F

Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F I required circuit drawing

Topic by shindvs    |  last reply