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Im going to spain.

Im going to spain for a week on the 16th of july. i wont be on instructables for that week unless i have access to a computer. (i probably will)

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What should I do when I go to Spain?

I am going to Spain on holiday and I don't know what to do. BTW i am going to Costa Dorada.

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Can I participate in your contests?

Sorry for my English, I don't use it very often. I'm from Europe, from Spain and I love your web, but I don't know if I can participate in your constest. I have read the new rules: "Eligibility. THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO NATURAL PERSONS WHO, AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, ARE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE SITE, WHO ARE AT LEAST FOURTEEN (14) YEARS OLD (FIFTEEN [15] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF NORWAY AND EIGHTEEN [18] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF GERMANY), AND ARE LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES (INCLUDING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BUT EXCLUDING PUERTO RICO), CANADA (EXCLUDING THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA), UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, CHINA, THE NETHERLANDS, COLOMBIA, DENMARK, GERMANY, INDIA, NORWAY, OR SWITZERLAND." In my country, your are an adult if you are 18 years old. I'm older, so I haven't this problem. But my country, Spain, doesn't appear in your list. Can we participate? Or there is some problem with the post or the laws to send the prices? Thank for your time!

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Spain (I'm Back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So... I'm going to Spain and i won't be on for like 2 weeks.

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I'm going to Spain again...

So i'm going to Spain again and i will be gone for 17 days. (Thats like 2 and a half weeks or something) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spain Turning Into Desert as Water Wars Begin

Parts of Spain are feeling the pinch of too many people going after too little water. Some of the land is drying out after water-thirsty resorts and corn farms in the arid land guzzle it all up and leave nothing behind. About the only thriving part is the black market which is charging ever higher prices.Where I live in Oakland we're getting phone calls from the water utility to cut back on water use and are facing higher prices ourselves. People could even face penalties for excessive watering of gardens. Makes me feel OK for letting most of our plants shrivel up and die after all. Water Shortage in Spain

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Robot makers: would you like a free trip to Spain?

This is currently on the front page of Let's Make Robots: Can you answer "Yes" to this? I live in Europe I have posted a robot on I would like to go to Spain, and experience Campus Party Europe for free, including transport and everything! I can go from 14th to 18th of April 2010 - Then we might be able to help you, quite possibly, actually! Send a short PM to fritsl, with a link to your robot, and we will get back to you, that's all! Seems like an offer you couldn't refuse. Let us know if you apply, and how you get on. We'll expect a postcard, of course...

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Contest.... and countries

I don't understant because SPAIN can't participate in any contest... WHY?????? Before, I was able to take part T_T...

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Constest participation

Hello, I would know how Instructables chose the countries that can participate in the contest. Because I would participate but Spain isn't in the list, so I can't :(

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Apes are People, Too

Spain's parliament has voted to give the rights to life and freedom to apes. Keeping apes for use in circuses, television commercials or for filming will be forbidden. Zoos are still OK, but many will have to improve their conditions in the future to keep apes.Right on. Link

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What are the best iPhone data plans in Portugal and Spain?

I will be traveling in Portugal and Spain (attending the OFFF 2009 Conference) and would like to use my unlocked 2G iPhone to check email and check Instructables. I am currently an AT&T; subscriber, but their international data plans are too expensive -- $.0195/KB or so. Are there providers in Portugal and Spain that will allow me to buy a month's worth of unlimited data usage for a reasonable price?

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Ecobuilding - Ecoconstruccion

I recently found that ecobuilding houses with raw materials have been done in Spain and all over Europe, I assume, for hundreds of years. Tapial is a technique that uses wood frames to erect the walls. Stones are used in the corners of the structure. Recientemente descubri que la ecoconstrucción de casas con materia prima se ha hecho en España y el resto de Europa, yo asumo, por cientos de años. El tapial es una técnica que usa formas de madera para eregir las paredes. Las piedras se usan para las esquinas de la estructura.

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If I win a competition, how do I know if it will ship to my country?

I live in Spain, and I entered a competition, If I win, will the prize be shiped to spain?

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In Spain, looking for clear teflon tube for a lightpipe.

I guess this question has two parts. I'm prototyping a solar energy device, part of which is a light pipe to transport the collected solar energy, about 300 - 2500 nM. I'm planning on making this from a flexible tube filled with a highly refractive liquid, stoppered at each end with clear plugs. It looks like the materials I should be using are: Tube: Teflon (PTFE, FEP, AF 1600, AF 2400) in that order of desireablitity, lowest to highest. The AF 2400 has a refractive index of 1.29, which is the lowest of any polymer. Apparently. Core: Mineral oil / liquid paraffin. Plugs: Acrylic or normal glass. Thoughts? Also, where would you suggest I try to find these? (I have the mineral oil already) Keeping in mind that I'm in Madrid, Spain. Getting this to work would make a huge difference to solar microgeneration, as transporting the energy is currently a bit of a nightmare. Thanks heaps, Daniel.

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Can I participate in holidays gift or another contest? i live in spain and i dont understand very well the conditions

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Not US residents able to win in Digital Days Photo Contest?

Thats it, are not US (and Canada) residents able to win the price? I'm from Spain

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Always in Enlish? Answered

Hello. My name is David, I´m from Spain and my english is basic and poor. Could I publish my instructable in spanish?. Thank you.

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Instructables bar

Hey Look  what I found! In my neigborhood (on Barcelona, Spain) are the instructables preferred bar... Nice! PS. I promise I have no stock option of this bar!

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Mould size?

Hi mates, do any mof you knows how to make a mould bigger than the original model? In other words, anybody knows how to copy a small figure in a bigger size? thanks in advance for your answers from Spain.

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battery backup

I have a really cool sunstech weather station but when the power goes off it loses time date and weather prediction. I live in Spain and we are prone to daily power cuts. I need a low power 5v back up system to power it. Any ideas welcome

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European Electronic Components Stores That Sell On-Line? Answered

Do you know some European electronic stores that sell electronic components such as servos, DC motors, LEDs, resistors, online??? If you do, please post the link to their site! Thank you!

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IKEA Furniture

It would be interesting to hear about peoples experiences of IKEA and the furniture they sell. I live in Spain and regularly visit and buy from the IKEA Murcia store. I was reading the reviews on a website I stumbled across the other day which made me think. The site is and they review all manner of IKEA stuff and the stores as well. What do people think?

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Is it possible to secure an unsecured network with your own router?

I'm going to Spain to study, and would like to trade stocks there.  The place I'll be staying in has wifi.  Is it possible in anyway to make sure my information is safe by using another router to receive the wireless connection?  It would think it would be very costly to buy a data plan, much less a fast one to trade stocks and is accurate to the second.  

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World's Largest Solar Farm Opens

Over in Spain a new solar farm that takes up 247 acres has gone online. 'Tis huge!Here are the numbers: - 247 acres - 20 megawatts peak power capacity - 20,000 homes can be powered off of it - 120,000 solar panels are used - 300 days of sun a year in that area - $28 million generated each year - 42,000 tons of CO2 reduced each year link

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The world cup-2010

Who's gonna win the world cup? Put your vote down in a comment if yur right at that team wins you get a sub! mm8 bye

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Which credit cards have the lowest fees for international purchases or currency conversions?

Many credit cards have started raising their fees for international purchases and currency conversions. What issuer has the lowest overall fees for traveling, particularly for US travelers in Portugal and Spain?International and Foreign Conversion Fees: Credit Card Company Comparisons claims that Capital One cards have the lowest fees, followed by American Express. Does anyone recent personal experience traveling and avoiding fees?

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Do you know what is the proper name for this lights ???

Hello ... do you know what is the proper word for these lights : I would like to find the scheme for it and which microcontroller is used for these lights. I know, that I would be able to do this with arduino + shift registers ... but that would be too expensive for my idea = I was thinking about creating a "neuron net"  Today I saw it in ZARA (shop with "clothes") but when I asked them, where they got it from ... they said from Spain - from their "headquarter" :( Thanks ... Zholy

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Another observation of incipient speciation in the wild

A report in Science News this week reports on observations of German blackcaps, which are apparently splitting into two separate, non-reproducing populations, and which are developing distinct appearances along the to becoming separate species.  Since the 1960s, the two populations have developed different wintering migration habits: the original blackcaps migrated from Germany to Spain and back again, while the new population overwinters in England(!), relying on the vast number of backyard feeders (yes, this is all your fault, Kiteman!).  Yet another beautiful example of careful observation in the wild of natural selection and its consequences.

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How can I lay cobblestone type paving over a pre-existing concrete slab??

We have this ugly patio slab mid yard and thought to dress it and its ajoining pathways up with cobblestone style paving such as we saw in Spain. I'd use river rock or round stones from the home DIY stores but do I lay cement and set the stones in or some sort of outdoor thinset and grout? How should I prepare the slab surface (its plain old cement/concrete and too big to smash and remove)? Please advise.

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Q: worn-down mtb cleats/pedals - welding fix?

Hi, the bike i brought from the u.s. over here to europe is falling apart (like me). latest issue: the cleats as well as the mtb-clips of the pedals are simply worn-out. i looked around online for new parts. that sh it is expensive. a friend of mine down in the valley has a welder... i am wondering if i can weld some seam back on (either cleats or fixtures, or both), and the file/ grind it into shape..... anybody doing that? thanks, yodler, from the mountains in spain.

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Seeking an agent for book publishing

Hi there, Some folks in my life have suggested that I consolidate my project plans in the form of a book. I even had a publisher from Spain approach me, but unfortunately they've failed to follow up on their inquiry. It seems like a good idea, a new challenge. So I'd like to give it a try. Does anyone know of an agent? I'd be most grateful if a community member could put me in touch with one. I don't have much to offer, but I can give away a 1-year Pro membership and many thanks to anyone who can help me out. Thanks! Lance

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Extreme Art in Cabral´s forest park: Rock Music video "A"

Extreme Art to save one of the best forest parks (Cabral’s forest park), in the city of Vigo, in Galicia -Spain-: Rock music video "A" (BEN SENMEDO). We made it also with free software (Kdenlive - Manjaro, end format WebM, audio Ogg) and the song is in Gallego, a language that we speak in the NorthWest of Spain. Actually, the place chosen to make the videoclip, known as "Monte de Cabral" or "Cotogrande", has serious risks of being destroyed, because of the complicity of the mayor of the city, Abel Caballero, with the Britsh corporation Eurofund. The mayor and the corporation want to convert the forest park into a commercial macroproject that they try to call "Porto Cabral". With this video, we hope anyone can enjoy the forest park forever: Letter of "A" in English: In this black horse I'm going to walk between the rain, they fall disks and seas cry out victory. I listen to the ripple of the good souls still death, for me it will never be late, when the fight will be good. I rush forth at the bad management of the power, I leave the jewels, I choose only the pieces of chess. One night, any day, waiting. One night, any day, waiting. People are not silly sheeps, we mount horses, we take the bridles. The souls without fear ever win the larvas, I don't tremble with idiots, you will never see flights. Music: BEN SENMEDO Voice and guitar: Ben Bass: Kuko Jones Black horse: Melanita Rider girl: Olalla De la Iglesia Screen and edit: Alma de Libertade and Muchamufa Colaboration: Edu  

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What are these made of?

Im thinking of a nice project to make, but i need to know how one thing is made... i guess you all know the cheap ligths that work with LEDs and have long fibers so that it looks like many small light points... i know, its not the best description, i guess ill look for a pic. by the way, do the pics have to be hosted anywhere or can they be hosted on this server?heres a link, lets see if you know what i mean..;=37130472_9919.jpg&v;=Owhat i want to know is if that is glass fiber or anything like that, and if it is, where can i get it for cheap?? and if anybody knows where to get them in spain, that would totally rock :)thx guys!

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DC supply for inverter

Hello. I need to figure out the component values for a "simple" high current power supply... and whether the component costs would even be feasible. I plan on buying a 3Kw output 12 DC inverter for use in Spain. I have several US devices that I don't want to run off a step-down transformer as running them at 50Hz instead of 60Hz will cause heating and eventual failure (I experimented with my Technics power amp, it got very hot and started to smell, then the output went way down... it's now on the "one of these days I'll open this up and take a look" pile). So, what I need to design is a 220 to 12 volt/300 amp unregulated supply. Ideas, anyone?

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Physical Space Installation Game

Looking for people who are interested in helping out on the electrical engineering side and/or set design of a installation game. Various people in the industry (theme parks and video games) should stop by during the exhibition and credit will be provided. On the electrical side it would be helping out with networking of Arduino boards to run each "gag" and be linked into a show control. On the set design side - help with the set design of the piece, lighting, and construction. The installation will take 3 players and have them "break into" a vault with various high tech security (lasers, pressure sensors, computers needing to be hacked, etc). Other examples of this type of work would be "The Tomb" and "Operation Spy" by 5wits, La Fuga by Negone (in Spain), interactive haunted houses, and theme park attractions. Message me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Q: drainage with plastic-bottles?

Hi, i made some sort of cellar that goes about 5 ft into the ground. its not supposed to be water-proof, but sometimes we get heavy rains here near the coast of nothern spain, so, whatever water makes it in there, i want to drain off. so i dug a slightly sloping ditch from the lowest point of the ´floor´ to a spot that has a natural drop about 20 ft away. i am looking for the cheapest way to get some drainage-effect. i was thinking of laying out sort of a ´pipe´ made from plastic-bottles from the trash and protecting them from crushing with natural stone lining the sides as well as the top. can that work? gracias, pit from los picos de europa

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Is there any easy snack food I can make that is of Spanish origin that I can give to a large group of people?

Yeah, so one of my relatives has this Spanish class and all the members have to take food in once a month. Sauce doesn't count unless it's with some other kind of snack. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as it's a finger-food-ish snack food that comes from a Spanish speaking country like Spain, Mexico or Peru. She also have a limited time schedule and she's been pretty sick lately so I offered to help but so far I've come up short (even though I admit I haven't looked very hard). Thanks in advance for your thoughts, I look forward to seeing some of the great ideas people here have up their sleeves.

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DIY Church, 99% Recycled

I just saw this video on the BBC News site: A man in Spain has spent almost 50 years building a church entirely from scrap, after he was expelled from a monastery after he contracted tuberculosis. Justo Gallego, 85, says the construction in Mejorada del Campo is an "act of faith" but others warn it's a huge folly - and say that the building, which has never had planning permission, could be pulled down. It is an incredible undertaking.  This chap has had a bit of help - mainly from art students, by the sound of things - but most of the work is his alone, and he has taken some clever short-cuts. Who would have thought of building columns by casting concrete in stacked oil drums?  Or of covering a roof by splitting open the drums you carried the materials up in? (Images are screen-grabs from BBC video)

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Help for a wheelchair + resources for the winter project ...

Hello everyone, I am a wheelchair user and lover of winter sports, especially skiing. During my time as a walker, I used to go to the ski slopes as soon as it snowed because it was between snow and snowy landscapes but now it is difficult for me because my wheelchair sinks into the snow and prevents me from moving. I am aware that there are resources for my case, be they the or also an option for hiking such as freewheel or other options like that. The point is that they are really expensive and difficult to get in Spain. For what I plan to do it myself but I'm not very handy. Could you give me some clue, instruction how to start step by step? Thank you for your time and help in advance.Sorry 4 my poor english !!!

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Hispanic or Latino?

I cringe everytime someone uses the word Latino when generically speaking of Spanish-speaking people. I prefer to be called Spanish or Hispanic. Some people may disagree with me but I think that calling me a Hispanic describes my true ethnical and cultural origin. Although many people will bring the fact that the colonization of America by the Spanish conquerors was bloody and opressive, we still owe to Spain the origin of our countries. From Mexico to Patagonia and the Large Antilles, the Spanish conquistadores left their footprint in the form of language, architecture, religion, cooking, stories, art, crafts and culture. In contrast, a Latino is anyone who descends from people that speak a Romance language like: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian. By that definition, when we speak of Latin America we include countries like Brasil, Haiti, French Guyana and, Surinam. The same definition could apply to Italian-Americans, French-Americans, French-Canadians, and Cajun people.

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Teens take pics from edge of space with a balloon

With a latex balloon, a camera, and some home-built electronics, four teens in Spain managed to get pictures from 20 miles up! The balloon was inflated with helium, the camera and electronics were attached and away it went up to 100,000 feet before it popped and returned to earth. The camera was still snapping away when the students picked it up 10km from the launch site.Team leader Gerard Marull, 18, said: "We were overwhelmed at our results, especially the photographs, to send our handmade craft to the edge of space is incredible."Completing their landmark experiment on February, the Meteotek team had to account for a wide variety of variables and rely on a lot of luck."The balloon we chose was inflated with helium to just over two metres and weighed just 1500 grams," said Gerard. "It was able to carry the sensor equipment and digital Nikon camera which weighed 1.5kg. Link

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Hydrogen-powered plane carries human crew for first time.

The first manned, hydrogen-powered plane has been successfully tested in the skies above Spain, its makers say.The small, propeller-driven craft, developed by aviation giant Boeing, made three short flights at an airfield south of Madrid, the company said.It was powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which produce only heat and water as exhaust products.The tests could pave the way for a new generation of greener aircraft, the company said.Boeing's chief technology officer John Tracy said the flights were "a historical technological success" and "full of promises for a greener future".Small futureThree test flights of the two-seater aircraft took place in February and March at an airfield at Ocana, south of Madrid. The plane was modified to include a hybrid battery and fuel cell system used to power an electric motor coupled to a conventional propeller. Hydrogen-powered planes have been flown before, but never with a human pilot onboard.BBC Story

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Connecting Two Water Storage Tanks

There was a similar post to this one a couple of years back, the difference being that both my tanks are filled from separate branches of the same supply using a ball valve in each tank to stop them filling. I then have an outlet from both tanks connected together that then goes off to a pump. One tank is 5000 litres and the other is 3000 litres, currently the larger of the two is redundant and its outlet valve is off, but come the summer i will need to introduce the second tank. I am located in southern Spain and in the summer they turn off the water supply to save water hence the tanks. My question is as the tanks are of a different size, if i were to fit the smaller tanks outlet with a non return valve so that the larger tank can not fill the smaller one via the outlet pipe, would this work i.e. would the joint outlet pipe still feed the pump correctly or would it have more or less pressure. I appreciate that i could balance the two tanks, but i would much rather be able to use all the volume i can. Many thanks.

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Make that FIFTY Things To Do Before You Die

The man who co-wrote the best-selling adventure travel guide 100 Things To Do Before You Die has died at the age of 47.Unfortunately, Dave Freeman had only visited half the places mentioned in his book whose recommendations included a voodoo pilgrimage to Haiti and running with bulls in Pamplona, Spain.Ironically, he died in a simple domestic accident, falling over at his home in Venice, California, and hitting his head. According to co-author Neil Teplica, his friend's mantra was: 'You should live every day like it would be your last. There's not many people who do.'Mr Teplica said: 'He didn't have enough days but he lived the life he wrote about.'The guide, which was subtitled Travel Events You Just Can't Miss, started life as a regular website feature called The Coolest Place on Earth. As readers started sending in reports of wild and wonderful festivals around the globe, the two men vowed to try them all out. Everybody has a list of places to visit, or things to do, but what is your making bucket list?What should everybody make before they die?Daily Mail articleBuy the book onlineOne Hundred Scientific Things To Do Before You Die.

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I need help with my projetc with a petrol generator, inverter-charger and gel batteries

Hello,  I own a non-profit organization in the island of Tenerife, Spain. We have established in an old house that was from my grandpa. We are there since Novenber 2010. We tried to sing up with a local enterprise that provides electricity but they told us that we had to make some changes in the house, we did it but they still without providing us electricity so we bought a petrol generator that provides us the only source of electricity that we have, but petrol is a bit expensive and the generator is noisy.  Mi intention is to set up solar energy sometime in the future, but is a bit expensive for us by the moment. Last mounth I bougth an inverter-charger and a gel battery for charge it temporaly with the petrol generator, saving energy, however I believe that they are bad connected toguetter because the battery doesn't charge. I don't have a lot of knolenge about this matter so I need help.  I attach some photos of the battery and the inverter (is a charger-inverter in fact). I can take more photos if they are needed or provide more information. I'm really don't know what I'm doing and I fear to try by myself and broke something.  I think that the problen is in the connection to the battery or the inverter switch, so I provide those photos for start.  Thank you very much, I need help. 

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US and Canada Contests

I'm fed up I cant enter some contests like the 30-second video contest just because I'm not resident of the US nor Canada. I live in Spain, and when I see a contest I like, it says its only for US and Canada residents. I understand that its easier for Instructables to send the price withing America, but the sending taxes are not so high for them to be a reason of not sending the price. While I was reading the contest rules for the 30-second video I had ideas for 4 different entries. But I'm not going to bother doing them if I'm going to be thrown out of the contest the first day because of my nationality. I think contests should be something international, where everyone could win. That is the spirit of this new era, the internet era. With sites as this one, youtube, facebook, one can really feel as part of the international comunity, where every one, no matter age or race, can be someone. But of course, this "feeling"· of being part of something bigger end by the moment one reads "This contest is limited to legal residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older at the time of entry." (I understand the age problem for legal reasons). So, I ask to the team of Instructables to be considerant and to think of all the people living outside the US and Canada that could have a good idea or ideas for any kind of contest. Thanks for all Juanviperea.

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Hi all. I live in Spain, where lack of earthing and other circuit protection for musicians is a real issue (as I am sure it is elsewhere too), especially when playing live when little attention has been paid to such necessities, and where the lack of earthing causes mayhem with the sound, leaving the guitars and mikes dangerously exposed to any electrical faults which might arise. On a recent visit to South America this came to a head for me after a disastrous live gig where I was almost electrocuted, and where the live sound was terrible due to lack of earthing, and I decided to seek help in designing a system for musicians to prevent injury or death.  So after some time spent researching on various online forums, I designed a prototype which I was using during my stay in South America, but I never managed to get beyond that point for lack of materials, and I have the same problem here in Spain. The other problem is that I had to use the materials available to me, which were more suitable to the US systems than the European ones, but that is a minor issue as the circuit breakers are probably the same anyway. However the quality and finish of the materials is questionable.  So what I could do is describe and photograph what I have put together, in the hope that someone will be able to help me find a way to house it all in a compact professional looking container. Please be aware however that it is in a very crude form at present, although it does what it was intended to do - if water enters any of the wiring one circuit breaker cuts the current, and if there is a short, another circuit breaker kicks in. It is basically the same system currently used in buildings for circuit protection, but adapted for portable applications.  Then I have a makeshift earth which connects to the earth lug of the plug adaptor, and this is connected to a metal pipe or tap, or whatever can be found of that nature which runs to ground to provide an earth for the system. This was not always possible, but certainly when it did work it reduced the 50 cycle hum which played havoc with the sound of the audio system and reduced the tingling in the guitar strings enough to be able to play.  Originally, I intended  incorporating this isolating system into a typical guitarist's floor pedal board, but that did not work out because this system is more than a little unwieldy, although I am still up for that idea. I have never tried to do an instructable, but I think that this is vitally important to musicians, and could certainly save lives, and so far I have seen nothing of this nature on the site and feel that it is crucial that someone provides this information. So......anyone interested? I am basically seeking those of you who are more technically skilled than myself, and with more ideas of how to actually fabricate the sytem. It is really pretty basic - what is important is that it should be light, portable and easy to set up quickly. The wires are a problem, because they need to be sufficiently thick to carry the necessary current rating for the equipment connected to the circuit - basically all the band equipment, or at least a guitar rig.  Thanks for your time.

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Handmade Nation Film

Buying local for many means buying handmade objects that are designed and fabricated with ingenuity, grit and love. Handmade Nation documents a movement of artists, crafters and designers that imbue traditional handiwork techniques with a punky do-it-yourself ethos informed by modern aesthetics, politics, feminism and art. The film explores the burgeoning art community of indie crafters that is fueled by creativity, determination and networking. First-time director Faythe Levine traveled the U.S. to capture the tight-knit community, conducting interviews in the studios and homes of noted and independent artists. Levine also details how Web sites, blogs and online stores have spurred a once underground movement and how crafts have expanded to connect with the greater public through boutiques, galleries and fairs.Following the screening there will be a discussion with Lisa Congdon, owner of retailer Rare Device; Derek Fagerstrom, Craft and DIY Co-editor at design*sponge and co-owner of The Curiosity Shoppe; Natalie Zee Drieu, Senior Editor of Craft magazine; and Stephanie Syjuco, fine artist and professor.Selling their work will be the following artists and vendors: Dutch Door Press, Diana Fayt, Cara Lyndon, Miss Natalie, Mittenmaker, Nous Savons, Sharon Spain, Woolly Hoodwinks, Zum, The Curiosity Shoppe, Little Otsu, Needles & Pens and Rare Device.March 11, 2009, 7:30 pmMezzanine, San Francisco, CAPhotographed by Micaela O'Herlihy. (65 min)Tickets are $8 for SFFS members and $12 for non-membersHandmade Nation San Francisco Film Society

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Interactivos? @ Eyebeam: June 26 - August 9

Interactivos? @ Eyebeam: June 26 - August 9Better Than the Real Thing: Call for CollaboratorsMay 30: Call for Collaborators Deadline | June 3: Notification of acceptanceWe're pleased to announce that we (Eyebeam fellows, residents and staff) have selected nine projects--from the 60-plus submitted applications--to be realized during a two-week workshop in late June.But we need help, and that's where you come in. We are now recruiting collaborators--artists, engineers, musicians, programmers, designers, and hackers--to help bring these projects to life. While this position is unpaid, it is an opportunity to work with international artists including current Eyebeamers Zachary Lieberman, Taeyoon Choi, Jeff Crouse, Friedrich Kirschner, and others. Collaborators will participate in skill-based workshops, and attend public lectures and associated events, and be an integral part of the production of exciting new interactive projects. The completed projects will be included in Eyebeam's Summer 2008 exhibition. All collaborators will be credited in the exhibition for their roles in the realization of the projects.To be considered, send us a letter outlining your skill set and what you think you could contribute to the workshops, with a CV (word documents or pdfs only please, no image attachments) to interactivosinfo AT eyebeam DOT org by May 26. Selected collaborators will be notified May 29.Interactivos? was initiated two years ago by the Medialab-Prado program and the Madrid City Council. This is the first time it has taken place outside Spain.The full list of projects, and further detail on the kind of collaborative help we are looking for, can be found here:Interactivos? @ Eyebeam: June 26 - August 9

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