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Guys learn english and proper grammar for example ok are you RETARDED the thing on the end less time makin sure its not out of the barrel Disgraceful ;( hey here's a tip for instructables make yours on microsoft word and spell check or something and copy and paste on to the place where you fifst make your instructable.

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Spell Check ?

Has any thought been given to adding a Spell Checker? 

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Spell checker

The spell checker does not seem to work. When I start this option (clicking the "ABC" icon) the spell checker window  is opened but no errors are detected nor are there any suggestions given. (is it due to Safari and OSX? )

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Grammar and spelling.

I hate when people don't spell properly. Or when they have poor grammar. I just hate it when they spell bad. Well I use to be one that spelled badly. What's your take on the bad spelling? Also, I hate it when they say "dude u spell worse than my sister". That just really tics me off.

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Spell checker

I would like to know, where does the Instructables spell checker come from? I use it whenever i post anything but when i use words that the rest of the world are yet to discover (like Squircle) you have no idea how many times i have to click ignore or correct, it is extremly annoying. i am making my own Instructable and i spell check after every paragraph (i have noticed the checker misses somethings) and i have to ignore or correct it every single time and it really annoying me. with Microsoft word there is an ad do dictionary button, which would be very useful here, but i didn't know whether it is even possible. if anyone knows where the spell checker came from please tell me. (there were 20 errors before the spell check)

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Spelling 101

Okay, I'm going to cut straight to the chase here, people NEED to use spell check on their Instructables I've seen a butt load of crappy ones that I can't even understand, let alone read (not mentioning any names *cough* Knex *cough*). Okay so here's some helpful hints.1.MICROSOFT WORDI mean holy crap is this elementary copy and paste it from Instructable into word then hit spell check, I know it doesn't really work for grammar but its better than nothing.2. Dictionary Tooltip If you have Firefox which you should, this is just a spell checker that works in Firefox.

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Spell checker

I was going to put this in bugs, but its really a feature request.  Feedback I guess? Does the WYSIWYG editor support custom dictionary additions?  It would be nice if it didn't attempt to correct the name of the website. It would also be nice if I could swap it to British English, but I'm used to being second guessed now! Thanks

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We Have Spell Check!!!

Hurrah!!! We now have a built in spell checker on comments so now there is no reason for poor spelling anymore!

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Why da peeple on Instructabels have sucdh bad spelleng and grammer!!?

Hi,I was just wondering why people on instructables have such bad spelling and grammar, as the title probably would have informed you of.I'm from England and besides from the obvious difference in languages between Standard English and ,erhm, the so called "American English", people just seem to have appalling spelling.By the way I was just spelling badly in the title to try and be ironic, but i guess my efforts were futile.(If you don't know what any of the words mean, LOOK THEM UP).Take a look at these pics i nicked off the InternetP.S. Colour looks so much better spelt with a "u"Spelt, yum yum.If you don't get the above joke look the word"spelt" up on the InternetP.P.S. Try and count, and point out the spelling and grammar mistakes I made on this topic.

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Typo on new member profile page

On the new style member profile page you have "Acheivements", should be "Achievements"

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Please check your presentation before publishing it

Whilst it is unlikely that anyone can achieve perfect spelling and grammar, you are showing off your ingenuity for all the world to see, so you surely want to show how good you are? Also make sure your images are clear enough to illustrate whatever the point is.  I've just read two articles this morning, the first about "Metal-dipping" seed pods has crystal-clear images, but the other from American Pistol Crossbow Association offered under-exposed pictures in black-and-brown, captioned like this  "... thwe safty catch is behind the rear sight."  Their spelling, not mine. Come on Folks, let's all aim for a standard of presentation to be proud to show the grandchildren. Geoff

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Story of a spelling mistake

Body { background: rgb(245,245,245); } *.container { width: 500.0px; text-align: center; margin: auto; } *.copyright { margin-top: 50.0px; font-size: 12.0px; text-transform: uppercase; } *.copyright a { text-decoration: none; padding: 5.0px; background: rgb(192,57,43); color: rgb(255,255,255); } *.copyright a:hover { background: transparent; color: rgb(192,57,43); } *.button { height: 50.0px; line-height: 50.0px; padding-right: 30.0px; padding-left: 30.0px; background-color: rgb(41,127,184); color: rgb(255,255,255); text-decoration: none; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1.0px; margin-bottom: 15.0px; } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } *.button span { left: 0; width: 50.0px; } * { } * { } * { } * { } *.button:hover span, * span { background-color: rgb(0,102,26); } *.button:active { margin-top: 2.0px; margin-bottom: 13.0px; } * { } * { } * { } * { background: rgb(255,127,0); } *.button.purple { background: rgb(142,68,173); } *.button.turquoise { background: rgb(26,188,156); } * { background: rgb(231,76,60); } ul.a { list-style-type: circle; } ul.b { list-style-type: square; } ol.c { list-style-type: upper-roman; } ol.d { list-style-type: lower-alpha; } Hello all, today I have a tale of why you should proofread your Instructables... Or just laugh at the annoyed faces of grammar pendants as you watch Steven fry shame them.  Now recently I made an instructable, it was named and "Breathe new life into an old computer" and being the grammar illiterate person I am, combined with the fact the article was written out of pure boredom, I misspelled the article title in two different places. Instead of "Breathe new life into an old computer" I wrote "Breath of new life into a old computer". The reason is, after writing the article, I felt the original title of "A breath of new life into a old computer" didn't really sound good. So I axed the A and called it a day (Rhyme not intended). It was late and without another thought I hit publish and eagerly awaited its appearance on the new ibles page. Nothing happened for 20 minutes, so I went to bed without a second thought. Maybe the database server just crashed or something :P The next day, after a long day of school, I eagerly sit down at my computer and watch youtube... After enjoying at least a few hours of Pwediepie screaming at disfigured goats and Linus (attempting) to colour a $500 motherboard I decide to check my Instructables page. A few clicks to my current Instructables page and WOAH. I see the featured banner draped proudly across the front of my project. My eyes dart down, desperately looking for a view counter and then they find it, "10 thousand views!" I cry. My mouse cursor automatically clicks, my world in slow motion, I scroll down... 3 comments greet me. I just sit there, mouth wide open. A crazy thought slams right into my face, my mouse cursor waddles over to the corner of the screen and suddenly the homepage sits there, my project stands in its little box, like an expensive toy, on display for all to see. My mind is racing, In disbelief. I look around, a hidden camera maybe, I shout upstairs to my brother "good prank". But all I hear is a surprised moan, "what?!" he shouts.  It took me a few hours for anything, whether it be ME being featured, or the chicken I had for dinner, to sink in. But eventually it did and I took a some rotting fleshes advice, Keep Calm and Carrion. The last thing on my mind at this point was spell checking, no one in the comments had pointed anything out, and well... I couldn't see anything wrong. It's like that thing when you're looking for something in that horrific mess you call a fridge, after spending what seems like hours looking at every little detail you still can't find the butter. Then your girl friend, Wife or Mum comes along and after giving you a lecture on tidiness they find that one thing you're looking for instantly... Anyway, I decide in the spirit of things I will go and enjoy some facebook, I take a trip to the Instructables facebook page and see my article, AWESOME! I open up the comments section and... Correcting my grammar Correcting more of my grammar I'm not an English professor Correcting my grammar Correcting my grammar Someone who doesn't understand that: 1. I am not American, 2. Americans are smart and awesome people Correcting my grammar Someone who uses such bad grammar that I can't even figure out what they are saying   Now at the sight of this I quickly ran back to my article and changed the picture and title, on facebook... It doesn't update. I have learned my lesson, proofread and double check your article, before you post!  What can you take away from this? What I have learnt:  Theres no 'Be Nice' policy on the internet Proofread your work! Admins are humans and might not pick up on a spelling mistake Write every ible like its the best one you have ever made, because you never know, your ible might be featured down the road and you will just wish that you double checked that title and fixed that little spelling mistake. Also dont ever use facebook because :( it dosnt update live :P lol The Facebook Post My Instructables

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Spell check is missing!

Today, I noticed a button on the comment box was gone. It was the spell check box. Is this a bug, or is it now a pro feature?

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Spell Checker on search

 I propose a new feature similar to Google, where is you make a spelling mistake in your search is comes up with "Did you mean: etc", because its rather annoying when you think your spelling of a word is correct but when you search it no 'ibles come up.

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Website Spelling mistake


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Does anyone else find it strange that the Instructables spell checker shows "Instructables" as a spelling mistake?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me why this happens, what I originally thought is that Instructables did not make the applet, and it is just using it. And I do know that you can add it to the dictionary by the way...

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I wont to know if I can get a new mac to read out the offers of words in my spell checker

In osx3 when I put spell checker on in mail for example when I put the curser over the words offered and they would reed it out to me and by going up and down the list I could choose the most appropriate word to insert it sort of works in osx4 but difficult to work in osx 5 or is there a dedicated program I can get and what would be the best computer to run it on thank you

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Simple typo - Instrucable!

In the new look editor, I cannot believe no-one else has noticed that the "Delete Instructable" button actually says "Delete instrucable"! The top right button. It's plain as day.

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Speling Errror found, and maybe some suggestions to make instructables better?

Just today I received an email from instructables for getting a best answer, "Thanks for sharing your answer, youre so smart!" Am I the first one to spot the speling eroor? lol, maybe I am being a bit of a grammar/spelling Nazi but I think it is worth pointing out, and should be fixed for professionalism. Also, if I could make a few other suggestions, why not make the "reply" feature open up the entire comment thread? vs just the first message on a reply chain? Often I get people on my instructables constantly replying back with more questions, and when I click reply, I only see the original post in some separate page. I would prefer if this was set up a bit more like you tube, where the main video opens up with the comment you want to reply to at the very top with a reply box already open for you directly below. And lastly, when it does open up in that separate reply window, the editor looks different, with controls open at the top for bold, italics, links, etc. Personally I like this old style editor the best because it works the best. The one used with that stupid floating bar does not work well, and is annoying to use, but not only that, highlighting text to turn into a link does not work and I have to paste the entire URL into the comment making the comment longer that it needs to be. Not only that, but if you highlight text, then try to right-click on it for spellcheck or copy/paste or something else, the text will just deselect itself. I learned that if you click and drag to select the text, and press the right mouse button while holding down the left mouse button, you can "right-click" the selection this way but that does not work on laptops which do not use a truly separate left/right button. (my laptop has only tactile dome button underneath the mouse pad to detect clicks, but it uses the capacitive layer to detect where the finger is to know whether the left or right mouse is pressed. This means I cannot press the left and right mouse at the same time.

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site error

Has anybody noticed that after a search, in the little drop down menu, instructable is spelt insrtuctable. just like to point that out.

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Why does Instructables mess up half of my apostrophies? Answered

It's getting really annoying and I would love to get it fixed!

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Hello.  I can see by a topic posted here a while ago that instructables does have spellcheck, apparently there was a bug that removed the spellcheck option.  Has that bug been fixed, because I can't find spellcheck anywhere.  I appologize if I'm missing something obvious, maybe I just need a little help in locating it.  Thanks

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Mis-spelled User Name

The bug is human - me! I just notice that I misspelled my user name. I would like to correct it so I don't have to learn it the wrong way. Can it be changed? Thank You.

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Instructables spell checker not working for me?

Editing an Instructable, when I click on ABC button "spell check in progress ... flashes in window for a few seconds, then it goes away, and then nothing.   Happens on 2 different computers, win xp with both IE8 and Chrome.   Is there some secret need to know ??

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Spell check and next step button

 Two points i've seen: The spell check does not recognize "instructables" as a real word, despite it being used in almost every instructable. It also appears to be having some issues with contractions such as "i've" instead of  "I have". Secondly, the "next step" button is often hidden behind the box with the facebook, embed, flag, etc. in it when there is only a small amount of text on the step. While writing this, another problem appeared in the spell check, as shown in the attached image.

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spell check in the toolbar of the message body in the forum

I think a spell check button in the toolbar above this box I am typing in would be nice.

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and please nomore comments about my spellings.

And please nomore comments about my spelling

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mis spelled screen name, correction please? Answered

Hi mis spelled screen name, want to correct. thx

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T.N.K.I.T (I think) entry

Well here is a little car I made in about a minute. Just so I could get through the first round (hopefully) because there are basically not enough entries. Yeah. Don't insult it, but it isn't anything worth building. Just to get through.

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Can you use a Speak and Spell cartridge on a Speak and Math? Answered

 I bought a Speak and Spell on Ebay for circuit bending, but alas, I fried it. It came with an expansion cartridgl. I want to pursue this circuit bending project, so (going off another schematic), I bought a Speak and Math off of Ebay. What would happen if I put the Speak and Spell cartridge in the Speak and Math?

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i'm sorry...

I am sorry about my spelling. my spelling is not this bad in real life. it's just when i type i some times type a wrong key, and then forget to spell check. I AM SORRY!!!!!!!!!! :(

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What is a very long word that can be spelled the same backwards???

I am very coureous.....please help!!

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Join Us (You know you want to)

Feel free to join a society with the aim of collectively correcting Instructables users' spelling mistakes.But, please, correct spellings constructively.Be nice about it.:DGrammar Police

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What is instructables page/ picture limit? Answered

I had trouble uploading a lot of photos and was wondering if there is a picture limit? Is there a page limit for instructables? Why doesn't spell check work when I hit spell check?  Thanks in advance.

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sorry for the bad spelling ummm all right what could i make with a 1 inch by 1 inch soler panel?

No L E Ds light i have plenty something fantastice

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What the difference between SNES roms with different filename spellings? ([!] [h1] [t1])

I've seen these ("codes?)" all over the place, and I have no clue what they mean... Usually a ZIP file will come with 3 roms, each spelled different. Any help would be great... Thanks. -Shadow Ops

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Can anyone tell me how to extract platinum from catalyc converters? (pardon my spelling)

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Do you have proofreaders?

Have trouble reading instructions because of  terrible spelling and poor grammar. 

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ne1 here

HELP@!! I don't want to lose all the work, and i am using your spell checker

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This is posted in Help: AuthorsWhat exactly is this category for? Help with spelling and grammar? Writing styles?Or is it for people looking for other authors to collaborate with?

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Soldering question? Answered

Is soldering pronounced [ SAW - TERING ] ? I was told this, but it didn't make sense to me that it isn't pronounced how it is spelled.

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How does a Linear Motor work?

Spell it out for me, i'm having a hard time understanding it.

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how can you make a slingshot out of outdoor objecs?

Sorry about the spelling

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Can i use the capitor (i cant spell good) in a disposible camera for my projects instead of buying new ones

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any one with an idea of a simple to construct well water pump(30ft) and with head pressure for a savonious turbine?

I live in a remote area where electricity is not there and sometimes we do experience long dry spells. during the dry spells, wind is present although not too strong. i want to use this wind power with savonious turbine to irrigate a nearby one acre plot. water is 30ft and below.

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how can i hack arcanists on funorb?

I want to learn how to be able to use more than the limited amount of spells

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When i tried to reset my password on my old account, Get to da parakeet, It Somehow Got Quientiened!(i have no clue how to spell it)

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Why does the Instructables spellchecker dictionary not have the word "Instructable" added? Answered

Is it not worth the effort of modifying, or is there some inscrutable reasoning going on here?

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hydren ?

Hey guys i know i spelled hydregien wrong but i need blue prints for a hydregin fuel cell that i can make to power my workshop 

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