Emailing Instructables staff?

Is it okay to send an email to the people at service@instructables?

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Summer Camp Staff?

This Summer I will be a handicraft counselor at my local BSA summer camp. I am excited for the experience, but absolutely clueless as  to what to pack. Would it be the same as packing to attend summer camp?  I am a backpacker, and that is how I know how to pack, I've never staffed at a camp before! Any advice would be appreciated.

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Judge the Instructables Staff!

**EDIT: JUDGING IS NOW CLOSED!** Hey guys! Have you always wanted to judge the Instructables staff upon what they make? Or find out what it's like to judge our contests? Well, do we have the opportunity for you! Halloween is our busiest time of year, and we do our best to go all-out. This year we ran an internal Halloween Contest, and now we are inviting the community to judge us, and our Halloween costumes, decorations etc! If you are interested in this opportunity, give me a shout in the comments, or in a PM, and I will get you a ballot. Yay! -aO

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How do you know if Instructables staff is is on? Answered

How do u know if Instrcutables staff is on or is there even a way to tell if they are on?

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Using the Instructables site to Sell and Promote should not be allowed!

After seeing the page, , I found it to be nothing more than a 'Ad' promoting a product for sale. This is not a Instructable, it doesn't give (nor offer) a 'How-To' to make it yet it DOES point you to another site where it can be bought. I feel that this goes Against the theme of our site and is a slap in the face to those who are trying to promote Ideas that they've come up with and SHARE with the rest of the Instructable community. We, the users, are on this site sharing ideas and thoughts...not money. We're asking for input, not money. We are asking other users to come up with more Great ideas......... .....not Money. I feel that this page should be removed as the author is simply pushing his/her wears here, that isn't what this site is for. How this was allowed to be, not only allowed on the site but, Featured is amazement in itself and if this is the type of thing that we have to look forward to here on Instructables then I will simply have to remove myself from this great community as I will Not be part of something that takes away from those who are working to keep the site up to par with what it was meant to be.  

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Making a "Special Walking Staff"

I made a staff out a broomstick although I think the materials are probably pvc and aluminum...again not sure. Anywhoo, the project I want to work (if possible), is making a sword this case a sword walking staff. The staff is about 52 inches long.  The inside of the staff is hollowed with a space of 0.75 inches in diameter and 50 inches in length. Right now the inside is filled with sand (for the weight). If possible to fashion the rod into a blade of sorts the sand with be dumped (SAM_0120).  I capped the bottom of the staff off with a tin cap screwed into the pole and double wrapped the staff with black electrical tape.  Now what I want to do is try to put a small 15 inch blade inside...again if possible. Considering the staff is already closed off I'll have to cut some of it (below the handle). I found a carbon steel rod that I'm considering using(Screenshot (27)). Could anyone help me out by explaining the best way of going about how to do something like this??? Thank You

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Day in the life of ...Instructable staff

In contests I often see projects from Instructables' staff. So they are actively participating in the maker scene. But I what else are you guys doing ? A job at a site like instructables must be something like "do what you like and you'll never work one single day in your life", isn't it ? What happens behind this html site in real life ? Wired coffee serving robots swarming around ? People in mad scientists lab coats ? Would like to know that :)

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Two Questions for Instructables Staff

1.  Any news on Volume 2 of Best of Instructables? 2.  I want a REAL patch - circular with around the edge and the robot in the center - for sewing on my laptop bag - my bag lacks this one!  Please make it or tell me and I'll do it and sell from my website. Thanks, Jim

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What size maintenance staff?

At an industial facicilty that cuts and welds polypropylene sheet to make huge tanks for steel mills and other industries, three buildings, 24000 sq. ft fabrication area, 4000 sq. ft for mixed sizes of offices, 5 propane forklifts, 1 mobile crane, 4 overhead cranes, 2 utility trucks, 2 heavy duty pickup trucks, several powertools, several extrusion machines, various rigging lifting and handling apparatus, a 25HP rotary screw compressor and a 10HP dual piston compressor, various shop machines and saws, seveveral pneumatic presses and fusion machines, and tons of other miscellaneous stuff. How many guys do I need to maintain it all?

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"Staff icon" for staff members instead of "pro icon"

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to change the "pro icon" to say "staff", or something like that, for the instructables staff members. That way people will be able to tell the staff members apart form other members. I know that a lot of the people that use the site frequently already know who the staff members are, but it would be helpful with all of the new interns. Also it would be helpful for people new to the site. AI

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Viewing my Instructables is now an admin, or staff function?!

What's going on?  It says: ERROR 500?

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Who drew the original Instructables Robot? Answered

 It's such a great drawing, but it can't really be replicated in 3D, the different ersions always look unique.  Regardless, who drew the original Robot? I've always wondered....

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Happy Holidays from Instructables!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Instructables! Autodesk gives all employees off from December 24th - January 1st 2014.  So we'll be working with a skeleton staff until then.  We'll still be here, but it might take longer to hear back from us! Hope everyone has a good vacation (for those of you who get one :P )!

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Has the Instructables staff met the Mythbusters?

This is a question for all the staff of Instructables, or anyone who knows the answer. Since the Instructables HQ is at the former Alameda Air Force Base, and the Mythbusters often do tests there, Has the Instructables staff met the Mythbusters? Statistics show that such a meeting would be awesome. I think Buster and the Ibles robot would get along really well...

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Penolopy Bulnick Leaving Instructables Staff

That's right.  It is time for Penolopy Bulnick to move on.  Who is this Penolopy Bulnick fella? Well, even if you don't know who I am, I have been around for the past few years, lurking in the shadows.  I chit chat with all of you through comments, I help those of you who have trouble posting (even if you don't want the help), I release your awesome projects when they get caught in the filters, I post to our Tumblr, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest pages, I create the newsletter you get 3 times a week, I help assemble and edit the print books we have done through Skyhorse Publishing, and I create crazy sugary projects in my spare time :) What are you going to do now?  Do you think you could actually get another job as awesome as Instructables? No :)  Nothing can replace the awesomeness that is Instructables and its community, but I'm sure going to try.  I don't have any finalized plans yet, but you may yet still see me around! I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I want to help you on the site forever, I will not be able to from now on :( I love you all. Goodbye :)  (after Friday, I'm still around till Friday) (I copied Scoochmaroo's use of a bye bye gif)

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Look at these pictures I found of the Instructables Staff!

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I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to the Instructables staff and let them know how much I appreciate the work they put into this site. I don't have a lot of time to make Instructables because of college so it's very rare that I post, but Instructables was a big inspiration to me when I was younger and regardless of its appearance it's still a ton of fun to come back every now and then to spend a few minutes relaxing and looking at what everyone else has made. Thanks for all yall do. Hope your day is fantastic!

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Request: Non-Alpha Characters in Titles to Designate Awards

Dear Instructables Administration: While downloading Instructables as PDF files, I like to edit the name of the file with the following convention at the end of the title: How_to_Make_Mashed_Potatoes (*++).pdf The part that looks like this (*++) indicates that the instructable has been featured (*) and has been a finalist in 2 contests (++). This lets me peruse my downloaded instructables within a given category (I file them by project type) and find one that is really top-of-the-line at a glance. Would it be possible and/or acceptable to have this sort of suffix automatically added to the title of downloads by the instructable web site? This would save much time and effort for me and anyone else who was interested in this luxurious little feature. Perhaps it could be included as a preference check-box for those who did (or didn't) want this feature enabling them to choose it? Would the code to do this be difficult to implement? I hereby request this feature for pro members! Timothy Nugent

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Staff Pick Emails - Hotlink ALL items, not just the first one

I receive your emails and often find some of the items interesting.  Unfortunately, the only clickable item in the email is the predominate first item.  That's great, but I often find that I am more interested in one of the other items but when I attempt to click on them like I would in any email promoting "staff picks" or "featured items" - absolutely nothing happens.  Everything in the email should be readily clickable!  Please consider this simple and user-friendly change.

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Left? Answered

 Why did the author information and related Instructables bar switch over to the left? I liked it on the right.

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Walking Stick to Weapon Conversion

If you've followed my 'ible Whittle a Staff / Walking Stick, you can convert that walking stick into a awesome looking "medieval marshal arts bludgeon"! Head over to my blog to check out what I've done: Walking Stick Bludgeon If you're not using it for decoration, fending off a bear, or fighting ninjas, you've added some nice grip for when you are going for a hike!

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Instructables Guide Suggestions

I recently found out that you can't make a guide unless you are a member of the staff, and for good reason, if they allowed anybody to make guides, there would be an awful lot of lame guides out there. But some people have some very good ideas for guides, and don't have the power to make them. So this is the place for those guide ideas. If you have a good suggestion for a guide, post it here and it might just inspire an Instructables staffer to make one about it.

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I have an imitator. But clicking on their name takes me page...

So "Adrian+monk" commented on my orangeboard. My first imitator! Nice. Guess now I know I've made it. Imitation being the best form of flattery and all... But when I click on their throws me to my page...which is creepy. I know it's genuine, because it says "member since Feb 15, 2007". I'm so confused. Is the staff playing a trick? Or how is this effect produced? Has someone hacked the site? Or did someone join right after me and replicate my every move? Clarification would be exceedingly appreciated.

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How long does it take for Instructables staff to decide if an Instructable will be featured? Answered

How long does it take for Instructables staff to decide if an Instructable will be featured?

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What do these symbols mean on the music staff? Answered

I am wondering what the five flat signs mean, I think it means b-flat minor, but i don't know what to do. Gratias agimus tibi, josh1324

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What does Sponsor's Instructables staff mean?

I was looking at the rules for the tech contest and saw this, what does it mean ? Does it mean that the finalist will be picked by the sponsor? """""Two Judges from Sponsor's Instructables staff will choose 18 finalists from the pool of all eligible entries based on their preliminary assessment of whether the entries meet the Criteria"""

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Are Flag Reports on Comments getting to Instructables Staff?

I just flagged a comment for spam on my instructable but I didn't get any indication that it worked. (i.e. no message). So then I went to see if a comment I flagged for spam a month ago was removed, but its still there. In both cases, the comment is just a link to another website, and has nothing to do with the topic (i.e. spam). I know I've flagged a few others, but I can't remember where they are. Are flag reports getting to staff? or is this a bug and its stopped working? The spam comment I just flagged on my instructable can be found here. The spam comment I flagged a month ago can be found here. Screenshots of the comments are shown below.

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Why can't I view my published instructables? Answered

It says they're restricted, and that I must be staff or admin to view them. Which doesn't make sense.

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How to make Soul Gem and Staff Props from Skyrim?

I was planning on being a Skyrim Mage for Halloween this year and I wanted to make some soul gems and a staff, but I have no Idea on how to do so. Any ideas?

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Got contest ideas? Want to help HQ staff?

You may have noticed that we run a lot of contests here on Instructables. Big ones, little ones, sponsored ones, weird ones, helpful ones, and the occasional flop. We like contests, because they reward what many of you would already be doing: making creative things and sharing them with the world. We run contests for two main reasons: to reward authors with the kinds of prizes that help them to make more cool projects, and to give sponsors an opportunity to foment authentic customer experiences. The best contests combine the two with an awesome theme and even awesomer prizes. Since we started running contests, we’ve given away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Prizes ship out much faster than they used to (it helps that interns aren’t running the shipping room), and we’re pushing our limits to see how many engaging and awesome contests we can run at once. This year alone, we’ve run about 20 contests with prizes totaling ~$25,000. We’ve got more in the works, too. This is where we need your help! If you’ve got contest theme ideas, I’d love to hear them. If you have prize ideas, leave ‘em in the comments. And, if you or your business want to sponsor a contest of your very own, send me a PM.

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where can i buy arduino related staff in geneva?

I an on quick visit to geneva Switzerland where can i but arduino related product as i am on short visit here ? regards  

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Lithium Rain's open letter to the staff. Read. Think. Read all comments. Then post.Open Letter to the StaffI'm only posting this topic, because hers got stuck in the filters.:D

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ERROR 500: com.instructables.exception.NotPermittedException: Should be STAFF or ADMIN to use this function

in the topic  line I copied the bug report or message I get when trying to access my instructables??????? ERROR 500: com.instructables.exception.NotPermittedException: Should be STAFF or ADMIN to use this function . Why is this happening? any help? any suggestions? 

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New Weekend or one day Instructables. (aimed at instructables staff.)

Consider this, you're a student with very little spare time and you get a day off, what can you do? Search for an instructable all day? NO! If there was a folder of instructables in every genre, full of one or two day projects it would be great for people like me who want to do something productive or helpful in a short amount of time. For example you go into the Technology genre, but you don't have time to make a super complicated ipod dock, so you hit the one day folder and POW! Quick, easy and super fast one day instructables. I'm sure many agree with this idea and the concept behind it is fairly simple and undemanding. Please take into account. All the best. l3owzaaaah.

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How to Create

Here's an idea - an Instructable about how came to be Made by the Instructables Staff in their spare time. The first step would be the original idea. Then how some of the staff came to be a part of Instructables, how scripting started, how Instructables has changed and so on..... Oh Oh! And how the Instructables Robot came to be!!!!

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Http:// the above link is VICTORY BEGINS AT HOME! RECIPES TO MATCH YOUR SUGAR RATION this next is the correct link, tested twice. the following is OCR generated text, but there is a PDF read on-line only there too. The link to the catalogue was posted to the Internet Archive text forums today. NOTE, The PDF can NOT be downloaded to keep, just read on line. BOOK OF FORMULAS PREPARED BY THE EDITORIAL STAFF OF POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY RECIPES, METHODS AND SECRET PROCESSES GROSSET & DUNLAP • Publishers • NEW YORK COPYR1GHT, 1932 AU rights reserved PUBL1SHED JANUARY, I y J 2 SECOND ED1T1ON FEBRUARY, 1934 TH1RD ED1T1ON AUGUST, 1934 »On*TH ED1T1ON JULY, 1935 PUNTED IN THE UN1TED STATES OF AMER1CA

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site only displays raw code? help from instructables staff

Half the site just displays raw code for me and i cant post on bug forum cause i can make an account

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Help... Anyone know how to translate this song into music symbols on a staff?

Can anyone translate this song into music symbols on a staff. or point me to where or how to do this. the song is : ANOINTING FALL ON ME I looked for it but this is all I found without music symbols. if you can put it into music symbols on a staff I will really appreciate it. thanks I provided an screen shot of the music because the text on the song I wrote here moved after posting it so it's off) ANOINTING FALL ON ME ...C.....Am7.....Dm7....G7 ANOINTING FALL ON ME ..Em.....Am7....Dm7.....G7 ANOINTING FALL ON ME .....C7 LET THE POWER OF THE ........F............Fm6 HOLY GHOST FALL ON ME ...C........G7..........C ANOINTING FALL ON ME -- ..............C....... Am7 TOUCH MY HANDS LORD ....Dm7............G7 MY MOUTH AND MY HEART ...........Em.....Am7...Dm7.....G7 FILL MY LIFE LORD EVERY PART ...........C LET THE POWER OF THE ...............F..........Fm6 HOLY GHOST FALL ON ME ...C.........G7........C ANOINTING FALL ON ME

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Have the power users seen the new "Site Updates" forum?

Rachel's posting just a few minutes ago popped up in the "recent topics" list, and revealed  the hitherto unknown (at least to me) Site Updates forum.  This is where Staff (okay, Rachel :-) will be posting announcements of up-coming or/and soon-to-be updates, features, bug fixes, and whatnot. Pretty cool, and thanks to Staff for creating this!

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Posting and updating a public list of known bugs?

I know I have asked for this before, more than once.  But now there's a potential home. Would the Staff (Hi, Rachel!) consider creating and maintaining a forum topic with the known bugs?  It could be posted to the Help:SiteUpdates forum, and bumped with a comment whenever it changes. Having a document like that would make it somewhat easier for those of us who respond to user's bug reports to say to them, "This is known about and staff is working on it."

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Holiday Greetings

Season's greetings to all.  I'm sure everyone is busy making something for this holiday season, whatever you celebrate or not, there are some good contests to enter... And would you believe I've been hanging around this place for 7 years already? Well, during years past there once was a greeting card exchange but with today's advancements in technology, here is my video e-card. Please feel free to comment and add your own shout out to ibles staff or other members.

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Any ideas what you may build with this components?

One of my friends wanna sell it, wondering what you can do with this staff? Check pics

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IDEA: Report user

When we had an Orangeboard, I used to leave messages on a spammer's Orangbeboard, and then report them so the staff could see. Now I can't do that. On YouTube, under the about page, I can report the user, but now, I can't do that. Example, on the right part of the screen: Something like this: *clicks* Choose between the following options: Spamming/Unwanted advertising Inappropriate profile picture/comments/etc... ... *clicks* Thank you! The Instructables staff will review this ASAP!

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how does one make a group?

Can only staff members create groups? if not, i cant seem to figure out how to start one. any suggestions?

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No Help System

Does a REAL online help system exist on this website?  I mean as on any real application program you may be familiar with.  Does it exist and if not why not?  This site is mature enough that it should have a resource which anybody can go to to answer the question " How should work?" or "Does exist?" Up until now the only semblance to "HELP" I have seen is a forum where we all talk amongst ourselves and maybe somebody may throw in a nugget of real fact or wisdom.  But nothing where I can go to get any authoritative information. Why should I have to wait (days/weeks) for a reply from the general hoipaloi instead of getting a (relatively) immediate answer to a simple question? In fact I have been a member for 14 months now and just today is the first mention of the word "staff" have I found.  Staff??  No one in the forum is identified as "staff"! It seems as though no one is running the place. WTF?  Why no real HELP!

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How do I create a guide? Answered

There are many ideas that seem to run in a theme (Collegiate meals for example) that would make a great guide. How can I, or maybe the Instructables staff, create a Guide?

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Burning Questions Numbah 5

Hehe, nabbed this from my newsletter e-mail, check it out!!!Burning Questions #5The contest isn't open yet, and I'm not staff, but check it out anyways

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