"Step 1" bug.

Just a quickie. I saw this a few hours ago but thought nothing of it. Step 1 of an instructable appears on the intro page. Is this meant to happen? Is it a new update or a bug?

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My first steps into steampunk

I've just taken my first steps into steampunk with a small display and I thought I'd share some pics. I made all the clothes and there is an LED in the contraption behind the blue window. I was making a pair of Victorian style boots for Sybil, but ran out of time, so she has a pair if Barbie shoes for now (good thing Barbie has ridiculously small feet for her size) The male doll is 5 1/2 inches tall. I'll finish the boots at a later time, but I had to finish the display to a point today as the miniature group I belong to has a display at a local model show this weekend (anyone in Newcastle, Australia - come to the Our Town Model Show :-)

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Joule Thief Toroid not helping to step up, Why? Answered

Hey fellas..I am having problems with joule thieves especially with the toroid part.... First time I wound my Ferrite Core and the joule thief ran smoothly... But recently I had to unwind it to try other wires which didn't work.. So i again wound up the toroid just like the first time when it used to work but unfortunately this time it didn't work... I have checked everything and found that the only problem is that the toroid is not helping to step up the voltage.. When i applied 9V across it, the LED glowed but for 1.5V it didn't. So there is a problem with the toroid.. But what it is and why is it happening I don't know..I mean for the same core and same style of winding once it worked and now it doesn't, Why ?? Can anyone help me ??

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View All Steps

Hello Some of us like to view all the steps on 1 page. It would be very convenient if this was the default option to view all instuctables instead of having to click on the button for each one. Thanks

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How do I drive a 4 wire stepper motor?

Hi, Im thinking of making a small CNC machine to make PCBs. Just the other day, I opened up an old scanner and found this stepper motor with 4 wires. The wires are orange, yellow, light brown, and red. The info on the motors label is: STH-39D1126 1.8 DEG/STEP  4.1 Ohms No. 18752G How can I drive this? Can I use an arduino, serial or parallel port? Thanks,  Nadav

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Intro and Step #1 on same page = weird?

I guess this isn't a bug, as it works as planned, but I do find it personally annoying that the Intro and Step 1 are on the same page, but there are separate thumbnails at the top for the respective sections.   When you click on the step 1 thumbnail, it just jumps down. I like clicking through the thumbnails as a way to see the overview of the project, and I always have to skip that step #1 box. I would personally put the intro + materials on the first page, then the start of the procedure (Step 1) on the next etc.  I don't consider the materials to be a "step".  Maybe it's just my OCD acting up.  Anyone else?

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Do I need a voltage regulator in this circuit?

Hi, I am trying to build a portable usb charger the outputs 5V when input is 1.5 or 3 Volts. I found this step up converter: goo.gl/RAV9dC The spec for the converter state that the input voltage is 1V to 10V, and the out put Voltage is -1.5V to -10V and 3V to 10V. I frankly don't know how to interpret this information. It seems to me that by inputting 1.5V, the output will be 10V. So I am wondering if am right, and IF I am, then do I need to put in a 5V voltage regulator in the circuit? Thanks!

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step down voltage with a resistor?

Hey i used a 1 mega ohm resistor instead of transformer before bridge recifier and it works the led glow but the glow of led is very much less why???

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Do anyone out there have know-how to made solar cell from scratch?

Please advice how to made "3 x 6 solar cell, 1.8 ~ 2 watts, 0.5 volts". Question 1 : Home Made. Note          : I know they are out there make to stock awaiting for buyer. Question 2 : Where to looks for Step-by-Step Guideline. Thank you in advanced.

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All steps not working in Firefox

While using firefox, if I click on all steps and it just reloads the step 1 page. It works fine in IE, as well as IE can work. This has been a problem for at least a month, probably when you switched to jump links. Please fix this as it is annoying to click through all the short steps.

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Syntax error when trying to add a new step

Whenever I click "insert step" or "Add Step+" a small message appears saying: "There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: Syntax error"    I've tried refreshing the page, but it still has that problem, and what's up with not being able to use Enter when typing? I have Windows 7 home premium, service pack 1, internet explorer 10 and Google chrome have the problem. The problem page is at https://www.instructables.com/id/edit?instructableId=E92QJ9NHNICTSUK#instructableId=E92QJ9NHNICTSUK,stepId=SDGA9KVHNICTSUJ

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continuous to step rotation in legos?

I have a thing that rotates in lego, it has one revolution per 5 minutes. I want it to be connected to something else so that the other thing has one rotation per hour. But it has to rotate in steps, so after every five minutes it has to rotate 1/12 revolution at one time. Can anybody think of a good mechanism? It won't work to make only one pin on the five minute ring so it only ticks the other gear one pin per rotation, that would go too slow because with one revolution per five minutes the transition would take too long. It has to be a short moment. thanks

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Global Warming Experiment #1

(I slightly changed the instructable into a forum topic and an instructable)The Instructable Half"Global Warming" Experiment #1:As you can tell by my quotes around "Global Warming", I personally don't believe that this theory is happening. Theres facts I can use to prove this. However, even I believe that no matter how you put it, there's going to be some bias. Also facts are boring :PSo, what I have planned, is to do a series of experiments on what global warming might cause if it were real.I'm doing this because I've heard people claim some extraordinary things, which based on data won't happen.I could post an instructable with a bunch of facts, and I might. But for now, I want to set up a couple collaborative experiments. One reason I want collaboration is I'm biased. The other, is so you can't complain about my methods.I haven't done the experiment yet, I really don't know if this will help, or hurt, my case.The experiment is to determine if "global warming" could melt glaciers, thus cooling the ocean. Notice here I'm assuming global warming is happening. It isn't. But when people make claims on the news and stuff, they are assuming that too.Please comment if you would like to change my methodology, OR you want to do the experiment.I'm going to describe how the Instructable (and hopefully the rest in the series) will work.1) I, or anyone, proposes a framework for an experiments and writes up an Instructable. (Will be referred to as "I" in the following steps)2) I monitor the suggestions, editing and fixing as needed. After about a week or so, I go onto step 3.3) I preform the experiment to the best of my ability, and write up an additional 2 steps.3a) The first outlines my changes. This could mean I didn't have a 4x8 loaf pan, and I had to use a 3x8. Or it was plastic. Whatever. These small details are important3b) The second outlines the data and conclusion. This may have images of the experiment, graphs, tables, sensor data, Whatever. I also make a note of my previous bias.4) Wait for more people to run through the experiment, adding them as collaborators.5) Write up a conclusion to everything, OR do some more investigating.Its not that bad, however the whole process might take a few weeks. (I don't know)Scientific MethodThere are seven steps to the Scientific Method, which we will follow:1. Define the question2. Gather information and resources3. Form hypothesis4. Perform experiment and collect data5. Analyze data6. Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypotheses7. Publish results(Thanks Wikipedia!)#1 was done in the introduction.#2 I've already done, however you only have to look into data you'll need during the procedure.#3 I've done it, but I'm not telling you (I don't want a bias, even though I've hinted towards my guess)#4 - We're going to expand this out. More later!#5 and #6 sort of come together in this format, will be done as we go along.#7 is done as we go!Okay, #4. Remember back to High School, remember Lab Reports? Well basically there will be a step for each segments (leaving some out). We sort of do this already in most instructables "What will happen", "What you need", "How you do it"; this time more formally. Due to Lab Reports being unstandardized, I'm breaking it down into:IntroductionMaterialsProcedureDataIts shorter than your average one, due to the fact in Data, you have hypothesis and stuff I don't want to reveal yet ;-)The following is the framework, you can also see my instructable:(This is a framework, remember. Its not supposed to be "done" and perfect)Materials*Large basin of some sorts.*Water*Ice*Lamp + Light bulbs (100W & 40W)*ThermometerProcedure1) Fill large basin/pan with water.2) Take and record standing temperature of water.3) Add ice off to one side of the pan.4) Take temp. of water every five minutes until it starts to level out, at least 4 readings.5) Replace water, and repeat steps 2&36) Shine lamp w/ 40W bulb off to the non-ice side of the pan, but allowing some light & warmth to reach the ice. (Roughly 20-35%)7) Repeat steps 4&58) Repeat step 6 with a 100W bulbTake pictures throughout!What now?Okay, I'll be updating this with your comments over the next week or so. If somethings wrong with it, POINT IT OUT!!! I'm going to add my thoughts in as well. (I still feel its missing some things, I can't put my fingers on them, though!)

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how to add more then 1 image in 1 step on instructables?

When i tried to add more then 1 images in our  instructables steps, its replace 1st image with 2nd image, if anybody know how can i use more then 1 image in our  instructables steps. Please share with me

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Two bugs with Instructables layout update -- Step 1 is inescapable

In a recent post, I mentioned that the presentation of Instructables had changed slightly.  Instead of the first ten steps in a "table of contents", now you see the Intro and Step 1 in full.  It turns out that there are two bugs associated with this change. First, Step 1 seems to  always show up, whether you've viewing the Intro, or viewing Step 17. UPDATE 17 Aug 2010:  This has been fixed. Second, when you click on the links for either the Intro or Step 1,  you see the same thing, those two steps together in full. UPDATE 17 Aug 2010:  Actually, if you click on the Step 1 icon in this case, the page jump-scrolls to the start of the Step 1 text.  This is a feature, not a bug. There's no problem with "View All Steps" (for paid users).  That behaves the same way it always has. UPDATE 17 Aug 2010:  "View All Steps" now uses jump-scrolling.  If you click on any of the step icons at the top of the I'ble, your browser will scroll to the start of that step on the same page, rather than loading a new page.    This is a feature, not a bug.

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Need help supplying more amps than my arduino can. Answered

I am working on my first project that applies arduino to the real world and needed to know how to  supply more current than the arduino can output to several components. There will be 4-6 of these components, each one needing 5V at 0.6 Amps. I need to know whether or not I should use a step up regulator or a transistor or other component to power the device. I will have an external power supply, most likely 1 or 2 lipo batteries to power the whole thing too.

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So, you're an Instructables junkie? Welcome to the Ibles 12 step!

So, you've recently discovered you're addiction to Instructables. Its alright, this 12 step program will help even the most entangled Instructables junkie to become more tangled than ever before! Step 1:       Admission of the problem and the fact that it is inadequate compared to where you want to be, quite a few people have admitted they have a problem already Step 2:      Give up trying to get worse, you cant and its not your fault. Look to the robot for help, The androgen will assist you on your quest of self destruction. Step 3:       Make the decision to turn a larger amount of time over to the robot as it is the way to more. Step 4:       Look back at your Instructables browsing history and see for yourself that you have not visited enough! There is always more fix waiting here! Step 5:       Admit everything about your habitual abuse to a site member or two(they can be found [https://www.instructables.com/community/Instructables-Chat-Room/ here]) (conventional 12-steps also say to admit your issue to the higher power and yourself, but both you and the robot know your habits) Step 6:      Now that you have exposed your inadequite browsing habits, you must be ready to let the robot overlord help you. Step 7:       Ask our androgenous overlord to aid you in becoming a more addicted internet unit. Step 8:       List the I'bles you havent visited, made/finished.submitted, entered into contests, voted for in contests, commented on, colab'd on, faved, or rated, forums you havent visited, made, or commented on, questiones you havent asked, or tried to answer, groups not visited, joined, made, or contributed to, and commit yourself to changing all that. Step 9:       Do everything you listed to fix in step 8, then go and do more that you havent thought of yet. Step 10:       Reevaluate your limited addiction again and compare it to your first realization of your problem. Step 11:       Think about your questionable morals and habits(pertaining solely to the robot and its web domain) and find every avenue imaginable to exploit them. Step 12:       Now, being a more addicted individual and worthy of praise, you must assist the n00b junkies get to a currently unatainable level of addiction.

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One of the steps in my instructable got corrupted!?!?

Hello, I just added a video to my instuctable, and after saving the entire written portion of that step was replaced with "{"context":{"location":{"href":"https://www.instructables.com/editInstructable/publish/ERS6RTQI8CW0WEN","origin":"https://www.instructables.com","protocol":"http:","username":"","password":"","host":"www.instructables.com","hostname":"www.instructables.com","port":"","pathname":"/editInstructable/publish/ERS6RTQI8CW0WEN","search":"","hash":""},"spinner":{"jQuery110205583727787350106":3302},"you-image":{},"jQuery110205583727787350106":1,"gtmHasClickListenerTag":true,"b":{"sizzle-1434829913856":{"parentNode":["5749 185",24]}},"h":{}},"selector":"#editor-Object-205"}" I have no idea how this happened, but I can't seem to find a way to undo it. Is there any way to "rollback" to the last version of the instructable? It is the longest step in my instructable and I really would not like to retype it all manually, but I can if I have to. Please help! Matt

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Step selector displays wrong info

When you view any published instructable with multiple steps the step selector beside the PDF download button displays wrong info and behaves abnormal. This image shows I am currently on an intro page, yet the button is displaying step 2, which skips over step 1. Also clicking this button does not redirect you to the step. You actually have to double click it to get it to transfer you to the next step which would be step 2 instead of step 1 because of the bug. http://i.imgur.com/Ib9Q4PA.png This image shows me forcibly to step one and hovering over the arrow. It does in fact display the correct next page, and transfers you when you single click like it should. http://i.imgur.com/MsVN4Jk.png This image shows that everything is working like it should after the intro page. http://i.imgur.com/56HGgGm.png Overall this bug is simply a graphic/logic error bug on the intro page of all instructables which forwards you to step 2 instead of step 1 of the instructable. The standard next/previous buttons at the bottom of the page are not effected.

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How to Draw Anything in One Step

Art can be hard. There will be something that you want to draw, but you keep finding yourself getting it wrong. Here's a tip on how to draw anything. In one step! How to draw anything (in 1 step)via Drawn!

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1 large ible or 5 smaller ones? Answered

Hi All, I have just finished up building 5 projects. Each one could be a full instructable but the five can work together. I want to include them in the audio comp. Each project has a lot of info on it though. Do I write a huge 50/60 step ible or 5 smaller 10 step ibles and explain in the first step that each is part of a larger overall project. Maybe give a brief overview of the 5 builds as the last step in each ible.  I'n not sure what will give me the best chances in the contest because only one ible can win a prize for me. Is a huge 60 step ible describing 5 smaller builds too much? Any thoughts are appreciated...

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The Kinetic Rifle V.1

Here it is: the bullpup, tube mag, bolt-action, pump-action, sling semi-repeater.  This is by far my most favorite gun I have ever built.   The reason I call it a "semi-repeater" is because while it has a magazine, loading it involves a two-step process of pulling back the rubber band and then pulling the pump.  Therefore you don't have to load each individual bullet into the barrel by hand, the pump does that for you, but the band still has to be pulled back manually.  The gun was originally intended to have the pump bull back the band as well, but to do so the pullback distance would have to be greater, requiring a larger barrel to house a longer pullback, requiring pieces I just don't have.  When I get the pieces I am going to make the pump pull the band back, and I will post that as the V.2. What I love about this gun is that it takes many concepts and combines them to work in sync with one another.  I also like the fact that there is almost no limit to how powerful you can make this gun, since the ratchet can hold an incredible amount of tension.  Overall it is an incredible gun, averaging ~60ft with the 1 band used in the video.  Though it isn't the most reasonable choice for a war (it only holds 4 shots in the mag and is huge), it is well on its way to becoming the most efficient knex repeater out there. -Kinetic iMovie wrecks.

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View all steps on one page

I've noticed that even when i'm not logged in i can still view all steps on one page, so whats the point of it being there ??? Cant it always be on one page? Instead of every time i go on an Instructable i have to click on 'view all steps on one page' Then to get back, i have to click back twice its just realy anoying... :/ Browser: Google Chrome Software: Vista

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How do you jailbreak an iPhone 3g, software version 2.2.1, with QuickPwn?

I've followed the steps that pretty much every online guide is saying, so please do not refer me to one of those. The QuickPwn screen says, "It appears to be successful," after my attempt at it, and my iPhone does a bit of configuring like normal, then when it gets to the time to reboot, it shuts off, then freezes at the start-up screen. It vibrates every once in a while, and eventually times itself out and tries again. This is about my 5th time trying it over 2 days. It worked once, the second time, but I had not restored it from a back up- it was just set up after you connect it to restore mode then restore it with the computer. That just means it was like brand new, out of the box with nothing on it.

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stepping up 8.1v to home usage

I have a permanent magnet motor which i found in my store (old gemini gate motor) i have built a small wind turbine that works well, so here is my question, i need to make this turbine generate enough power, to power my hot water electric geyser. i hope there is somebody that can help me i am really novice to this, i have read about inverters etc (even bought a book - electronics for dummies - great book i might add) to help me but i am not coming right ! i really hope someone can help me

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View all steps button reloads page

Hey guys, in in latest iOS, using the latest feedly news reader, I noticed last week that the view all button just reloads the current page rather than a new page containing all steps.  I.e. If I'm looking at steps 1-3 of 10, view all steps just reloads the 1-3 page.  I am not signed in while using feedly.  When using mobile safari, I am signed in, but it seems to be loading all steps by default.  (Which I love btw) many thanks, steven

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For view all steps, login can be bypassed

1.Mac 2.Chrome and Firefox 3.Any project 5.On any project the need to login to view all steps can be bypassed by: 1. Click View all steps at bottom of project (registration modal appears 2. Click "Already a member? Login »" (Taken to login modal) 3. Click outside of modal and it will route you to projecNamet/?ALLSTEPS (You will be able to view all steps without being logged in) If this is site is MVC I would guess that moving the redirect to take place IF after the session has been created and ELSE exit modal. But I'm no professional so this could be no help at all

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Viewing steps returns items out of order

Https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printed-Biologically-Inspired-Robotics Jump to Step 10. Scroll to bottom, hit next. Now you are on page 11. Scroll to bottom, hit next. Now it says it is step 12 but the images and text are from step 1. Firefox 17.0.1 64 Bit Xubuntu

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Can I use a 555 timer to cycle on 1 minute and off 1 minute? Answered

I am kinda familiar with the 555 timer for flashing lights and such, but I am in need of a circuit which will cycle on for 1 min and off for 1 min. Can this device (555 timer) be used for such low frequencies. It will ultimately control a 12v relay to run a bilge pump in an Instructables evaporative cooler which I am making (this mod is my idea which I will share with the original inventor if it works). I guess that if the low frequency is possible I will also need a power transistor to step up to the voltage/current needed to operate the relay. Any help greatly appreciated........ Thanks, Peter :-)

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auto view all steps on one page is gone? Answered

Untill like 10 minutes ago, every time i viewed an instructable, it went to everything on 1 page automatically, but just now, it didnt, so i went to change it back and it said that i'd have to be pro member for it... but i dont understand, i never was pro member, and i had it always, but now its gone?!

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Paper Airplane Challenge 1 (Closed)

This contest has been specifically drawn up for contenders of my previous contests, whom expressed interest in participating in further competitions. (However, it is by no means exclusive to them, anyone can enter!) Having already broken from tradition in name, I have decided to specify point values for the individual requirements too. The aim of this challenge is to design a paper airplane or family of paper airplanes that can fulfill three tasks. Requirements: 1. Aircraft Requirements: • Ability to: (A) fly at least 30 feet; (B) perform at least one full loop, wingover and/or half Cuban eight and fly a further 15 feet; and (C) carry at least four 100mg toothpicks (20 pts each; 60 pts total) • Up to three differently configured variants can be submitted to fill the A, B and C capabilities. Between variants there must be at least 40% commonality in construction (2 of 5 steps are identical). (5 pts) • Durability in each airframe to fly at least 20 flights (5 pts) • Use of less than 15 inches (0.381 meters) of tape in the construction of all aircraft  (5 pts) • Use of less than 6 pieces of 8.5 by 11 inch (A4) paper in the construction of all aircraft (5 pts) • Aircraft must be named (if there are multiple variations, identify each distinctly with names and/or designations) (5 pts) (This totals to 85 points possible for the aircraft.) 2. Instructable Requirements: • 1 page (not the intro page) strictly devoted to materials required in construction (4 pts) • 1 page explaining how to fly the aircraft (if there are multiple variants, illustrate how to fly each if necessary) (4 pts) • The instructables’ license(s) must be: "Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)". Entries not wholly original must honor licensing agreements associated with the original publisher(s). (4 pts) • This sentence and link must be displayed on your entry's intro page: "This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Challenge 1." (3 pts) (This totals to 15 points possible for the aircraft’s instructable; 100 points possible for the entry as a whole.) Prizes: For this contest I will award the publishers of the top 3 paper airplane instructables* one patch each. Each patch will feature its respective aircraft. The first place winner will also receive one 1 year Instructables.com Pro membership. The second place winner will also receive two 3-month Instructables.com Pro memberships. The third place winner will also receive one 3-month Instructables.com Pro membership. Prize Distribution: 1st Place: 1 Patch One Instructables 1 Year Pro Membership 2nd Place: 1 Patch 2 Instructables 3 Month Pro Memberships 3rd Place: 1 Patch 1 Instructables 3 Month Pro Membership Bonuses: An extra 3 month Pro membership will be awarded to the designer of the most original, successful design. This bonus prize is not subject to the distribution limit below, and therefore, the top 3 contenders remain eligible to win. *Multiple entries are allowed. To keep the distribution of patches wide however, each contender can only win one prize. How to Enter: To enter this contest, you must send me a private message entitled “Challenge Entry Airplane [Your Member Name Here]” with your instructables’ URL(s) included. I will then put the link and author's name onto a list on this topic below, under "Entries". Judging: I will judge entries based on aircraft performance and the quality and presentation of its instructable. Aircraft will be analysed and scored based on the requirements and whether or not they have been met. The contest begins Friday, June 8, 2012 and ends Friday, July 13, 2012 July 27, 2012. Entries must be published between these two dates. From July 13 27 to July 16 30, I will be judging all entries. I will announce the winners of the contest on Tuesday, July 17 , 2012 July 31, 2012 and issue them their prizes Wednesday, July 18, 2012 August 1, 2012. Entries: bramblebee100: The Daredevil papercrafter408: The Delta-Fighter Results: First Place (Tie): bramblebee100: The Daredevil papercrafter408: The Delta-Fighter

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"Steps" in instructables don't fit my needs

I am writting and instructable which will be rather long (5 hours of works to make the "thing", about 20 photos to document everythings). I like very much the "steps" because PART of the instructables fit really well in them, basically it's good for telling "do that, then do that, then that". BUT, often between steps you have things that are not steps, in my case there is : -Introduction (how I've found the idea, skills and knoledge involved, ...) -Discusison about why I do what I do in the steps (when I tryed 4 differents solutions, I want to include the discussion so people learn, but in the "step" I'd just want to put what must be done, not the things which did not work. So, what I'd like to write my instructables is : -Chapters will allow to put texte about the project, but not about how to do it (introduction, discussions, sourcing the parts / material, references, links to other instructables, ...), chapter would have their own comments and pictures. -Chapters would zero or one "Working Sessions", which correspond to a set of step one should do in a row (same tools involved, same place, no need for things to dry, ...). They would include a name, an optionnal "time definition" to tell how long / when the included steps are made ("days one", "days two", "after glue has dryed", "once the plant has grown more than an inch", ...), and a "preparment" part (including the needed tools / material for the steps, things to check for security, ...), and, of course, one to any number of steps. -Steps would only tell "how to DO the thing", no discussion. They would include comments (for help on how to do this particular step), and pictures. It would be very fine grained. As an example, you would have 'step 1 : cute the tube, step 2, sand the edges of the tube", and you could have one photo for each of those steps. Actual steps are more like "step 1 : introduction (nothing to do), step 2 : "cute the tube in pieces, sand them, and glue them together" (thought other people may make 3 different step for those three actions). -A special view (aviable only to registered users ?) would present only the "working sessions" with their steps, so you can have "full view" (with blabla) when you read about the instructable, but only the needed tools / part / time and steps when you are actually doing your new BMW Z3 Mario Kart Mod'. Also, I'd like to be able to refer "working session" or "chapters". If i write an instructable about making a mushroom shaped led lamp, maybe I'll want to write all the part about doing the mushroom and puting the leds in them, and then say "no make the power supply and put the resistors as describbed in XXXXX". Of course, the "XXXX" (chapter of working set) is not part of my instructables, but would be included when I select the "working sessions view". Mmm... I am a Domain Analyst, I work with computers and all... I Hope what I just took the time to write makes sense and don't bother everybody :-$

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can you help with the "booting from cd" step?

I got to the part were I had to "hotswap" the Xbox, and when I type in "xbrowser" it said "lunex cd not found, please insert cd and try again" there is only 1 IDE slot on my computer's motherboard that has never been used and that's what I'm conneting to my xbox. is there some type of card or something that I can put in my computer to fix the IDE slot, if that's the problem?

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Stop motion camera crane

Ok. I need to create a camera crane. It dosn't have to be very big since I'm using it for stop motion. Just a simple pan and tilt crane with a counterweight to off-set the camera. Now, I can make a regular one very simply using a video crane method that you can find on this site. However, this crane must do 2 things. 1. It must be able to move at incredibly small increments. Only fractions of an inch at a time. 2. The crane must be able to hold it's position in a very sturdy manner. It cannot move even in the slightest because stop-motion requires that the camera does not move at all while individual pictures are being taken. For the life of me, I can't figure it out. Traditionally, a "step motor" is used to create the individual movements for things like this. But they are incredibly expensive. I've had more luck with gears and servos, however I want to figure out the logistics before I just go buy gears individually on a website that may or may not work. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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What is the meaning of tag ? Answered

What is the meaning of 1) step by step 2) photos 3) Feature

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Is there a way to replace or remove the step number at the beginning of each step?

If i'm doing a compilation of sorts, and want the step number to not be displayed, how do i do it?For example, "Step 1: things you will need" doesn't sound right, so if i wanted to make it just"Things you will need" how do i do it?

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Viewing all steps available without pro membership

Reproduce: 1. Visit any instructable 2. Click "view all steps on one page" 3. The page will show you all steps on one page even if you're not logged or you're logged but don't have pro account. Links to screenshots (look at the addressbar, link of hovered step on the bottom and size of page's scrollbar): http://screenshooter.net/7596724/silewvo http://screenshooter.net/7596724/xrvxljk http://screenshooter.net/7596724/critphd Tested on: Firefox 14.0 (with adblock turned off), Chrome 21.0.1171.0 dev-m (with adblock turned on) Clicking on "save as pdf" button opens window with information: "All Steps Viewing View all steps of an Instructable on the same page when you're a Pro Member." so everything looks fine with "before-PDF authorization"

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How does a user create a contest? I want to have 2 contests using drupal and 1 using kicad?

How does a user create a contest? I want to have 2 contests using drupal and 1 using kicad? How would I sponsor thowse? 200$ or 300$ valued prizes. drupal step by step to a ecommerse shop. drupal step by step to a multi user contribution community. kicad electronic design streamlined and documented step by step. A flow for how a user could insert paypal ammount for prize and post contest and win date would be awsome.

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Firefox Scrapbook and Instructables "view all steps" issue

I take the internet with me when I travel. I use Firefox portable, on my thumbdrive to make sure it comes to me the way I'm used to. I also use ScrapbooK(http://amb.vis.ne.jp/mozilla/scrapbook/) add-on to keep local copies of the fun stuff I run across(for offline perusal when i DON'T have i-net access or just for archiving)Here's my dilema. For each instructable STEP, I get to choose only one image to archive full size. I'd like to be able to archive ALL the images in a given step.Scrapbook DOES do javascript capturing... but the extra images aren't captured. So if i manually save the images, and put them in the right place, the scrapbook page will switch correctly, but that just takes SO LONG! Please help if you can.(PS, NEVER capture at a depth of more than 1. it'll quickly turn into a game of six degrees of kevin beacon and you'll end up downloading half the internet!)

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Suggest: Nov. 9th - Sagan's Birthday - 1st Step, Create The Universe

I suggest that all articles be modified on November 9th to insert the instruction "Create the universe" as step 1 to pay tribute to Carl Sagan. The quote can be found in this song/video:   

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TINY YELLOW HOUSE- webshow- episode #1 (tiny cabins- junk construction)

Here's a link to episode #1- as a test run of sorts. Subsequent mini-features will cover some more in depth, step-by-step construction of several different redneck-thrift building projects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEvYT3CMtQI -Deek http://www.relaxshacks.com Author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..."

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Free PRO Membership Membership for members that make my I'bles (IGNORE THIS)

You should probably ignore this forum topic if you've come here through the forums. I normally give out free PRO memberships to members that make a project that I've show how to make in one of my Instructables, and share pictures... I can't really find a place where it fits in the Instructables, and normally post it as a top comment, but I don't like that - It can make replying to commentators a bit confusing sometimes... I've decided to post the "rules" here, and link this forum topic in the Instructable. This would also be interesting how many people are actually interested in one... ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ So... Do you want a FREE PRO Membership? Here's what you have to do to be able to receive a free premium membership to Instructables: 1. Follow me on Instructables (recommended!) 2. Post a comment (Don't forget to click "I Made It!") with pictures of your finished project, along with explanations, or anything else that you'd like. Don't forget to let me know that you'd actually like to receive one. 3. Nothing! I will PM you the free code! ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ What type of code will I send you in the PM? If you are the first one - For big projects, particularly ones that I'm really proud of, I'll send you a full 1 year membership. For smaller ones, I'll send you a 3-month membership. If you aren't the first one - Big projects: 3-month membership. Small projects: I haven't decided, and it depends, though it will probably be only a patch. If you want to know if I'm giving away a membership in an specific I'ble, click "CTRL/Cmnd F" and type in "membership", since I normally write about them in the intro, last step, or in a top comment. Keep in mind that they've already given them away in some I'bles... :) I currently am able to give several years worth of pros. There also isn't a limit to the amount of PRO's that you can get :)

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Last step of new instructable replaced by coding gibberish on publishing

I just posted a new instructable, and the moment I hit Publish, the text of the last step became: {"context":{"location":{"href":"https://www.instructables.com/editInstructable/publish/EP9GD9VI8J9YE52","origin":"https://www.instructables.com","protocol":"http:","username":"","password":"","host":"www.instructables.com","hostname":"www.instructables.com","port":"","pathname":"/editInstructable/publish/EP9GD9VI8J9YE52","search":"","hash":""},"spinner":{"jQuery110208686437982777664":1236},"you-image":{},"jQuery110208686437982777664":1,"gtmHasClickListenerTag":true,"b":{"sizzle-1430739270545":{"parentNode":["25480 299",48]}},"h":{}},"selector":"#editor-Object-65"} OS: Windows 8, Browser: Up to date FireFox

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How do I make a batch file have a chance to do the next step?

I want to create a batch that when opened, has a 1/6 chance to open a file, if not it has a 1/5 chance to open something else, same process until final 100% option. How would I do this in batch, and if I can't do it in batch, where could I do this? Thanks for the help in advance.

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"All steps" option doesn`t work in Opera browser.

Hello! I`m experiencing the following problem: When logged in my account and viewing an instructable, I could cycle through the steps only or download the instructable as PDF. When clicking on the "All steps" icon, my browser refreshes and displays step 1 each time. I must click on the "Next step" button to view the instructable. It seems that this bug appears only to my Opera browser, since FireFox and Google Chrome are displaying the whole instructable, when clicking on the "All steps" icon.   Currently I`m using Opera 10.63 on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid Lynx) 64bit (core version 2.6.32-25).

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A click on "view all steps" should link to page 2 of the article

Hi everyone! I think a click on "view all steps" should link to an anchor on page 2 of the guide. Often you´ve read the first page (which can be very long) and when you click "view all steps" you have to scroll through the entire page 1 again. Its a small and easy fix. Just add #page2 and change the link to

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Free 1-Year Instructables Pro Membership Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Two of my craft tutorials ( How To Make a Textile Noodle Necklace and Easy T-shirt Makeover ) were featured at the homepage! For that I was lucky to earn TWO 1-year Pro Memberships. Can you believe it? Now that I don`t need another 1-year Pro Membership I have made a giveaway in my blog The Things We Do Blog. So if anyone of you guys is interested to join - you are welcome.  Just visit this blog post. Keep in mind that with a Pro membership you can create custom PDF’s of your favorite products, view all steps on one page and hand out digital patches to your favorite makers.  I`m using a Rafflecopter form to except giveaway entries and choose the winner.  Hope you can win! :-) Giveaway page is here Update: I wanted to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. Your comments will help me find the best direction of blog  development and write about stuff you`re interested in. For those who became a fan of our Facebook fan page - I`ll make sure to keep you informed about your new blogposts and show some fun and useful staff. And the winner of this giveaway is: Buddy Garrett ! Congrats! Buddy`s name was chosen by random.org.  Stay tuned, cause I`m planning more giveaways soon.

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Besides stepping up or stepping down a voltage, how does a transformer change the output put into it? Answered

For instance. Say I have a square wave of 9 volts created by a 555 timer at the frequency 1 kilohertz, and that is the input into a transformer designed to step up the voltage to 120 volts. Will the frequency be changed in anyway? Are there any changes besides voltage?

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What is my next step to finding electricity over usage?

I need some help! I just moved into a home in Marysville, Oh. Last month we were not living here, had the heat pump set at 65, fridge, and deep freezer and hot water heater were plugged in. Nothing else going, because we were at our other house, packing up. Electric bill came, we used 3200 kwh, I called and had heat pump looked at, everything is running correctly, ugh 150 dollars to find out it was perfect. Electric company came out, meter checked out, and was dead on, actually lagging by 1%. Everyone says heatpumps are more efficient, I lived in Fl for 30 yrs with electric central heat and air, never spent over 900kwh a month on electric bill. This is a small house, 1200sf.. no basement, what should I check next? I bought a kwh meter and tested fridge, its normal ussage, hot water tank is set at 120.. where do i go from here? Also the heat man told me to use emergency when its below 30, I did this for 24 hrs, and used 175kwh, so i switched em heat off! 

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How do i make a 1 amp boost converter that converts between 3-5v to 5v?

Hey, so  have been buying pre built boost converters but i wanted to build my own, my question is, how can i make a step up boost coverer circuit that takes between 3 and 5 volts and converts it to 5 volts at 1 amp. In you answer could you explain what each part does? Thank you!!!

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