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bow string

Anyone know some good bow string to use on a bow?

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disappearing string

Instructbales keeps removing  from my #include line from my Arduino code

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music string

I was wonder how to make a electronic harp by connect the line to sound sensor. any one can help?

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String Contest Question

If the contest is called the "String Contest" why is the picture full of ropes? Hmmm... Or maybe it should be added that rope is eligible too, It might not be obvious to everyone...

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whip string, please?

You know, the thing on the end... whith knots in it. I need to know hoe to make one for my whip, please.

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bow strings - paracord ?

Just wandering what people think about using a few strands of paracord core as a bow string (wrapped at the nocking point flemish style)  anyone tried it, will it stretch to much?

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Starry String Lights?

Hi all, first time poster, hoping I am putting it in the right spot. Last night my wife brought home these awesome "Starry String lights" from Restoration Hardware ( They look fantastic in the house, but she tells me they are REALLY expensive per foot. I was wondering if anyone out there in the community has ever done a DIY version of these lights and if so, would you mind sharing your technique? I would love to string these in several locations but don't want to pay the outrageous price for them! Thanks in advance, Jake

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Lacrosse Stringing and dyeing

Hello everyone, I've been playing lacrosse for quite a while and I want to get into stringing my own sticks. I have strung two heads in the past, with my own pocket designs, and I want to get better at it. So please, anyone who can string well, or knows about stringing, please post an instructable on how to string a lacrosse stick. Also, if anyone knows how to dye a stick well, an instructable on that would also be appreciated.

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String Voodoo dolls

Hi! Do you know how to make these cute little voodoo dolls? Can you share it with me? Thanks a million

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Search string disappears when Search button clicked

.  When a search string is entered and the Search button is clicked, the search string disappears when the results are displayed. . .  Edit: Problem appears to be caused by quotes in the search string, eg:      "Subscribers: 35..2000"

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i need a stretchable strong string like material (textile) -any ideas?

String needs to be able to stretch over 50 feet and be able to hold enough tension to not sag. Know it will probably be a synthetic material, but not sure what would work best?

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String Contest Mistake/Typo

I don't know if anyone else spotted it, But under the Runner Up Prizes of the String Contest, It says "T-Shir" instead of "T-Shirt"

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String experts please help!

First time poster sorry if do something incorrectly! Anyone who knows a great deal about string I need some help! It needs to have certain qualities. 1.  <5mm diameter. 2. Does not stretch. 3. Can be compressed to a smaller diameter. 4. Returns to size when decompressed. 5. Maintains shape after repeated compression/decompression. I am currently using oval shoelace which works perfectly save for one flaw, after a short time it "breaks in" and loses its sponginess, no longer returning to it's normal size if compressed then decompressed. The compression comes from two parallel lines of shoelace being twisted together until wound tightly then untwisted fully and re-twisted in the opposite direction, this process will continue through the life of the device. The shoelace starts excellently but then quickly degrades over time. I need to accomplish the same effect with no degradation of the sponginess of the string, or greatly reduced. Any method or material suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

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Guitar String as Record Stylus? Answered

I'm wondering if you can use the high e (smallest one) guitar string as a record stylus, because I lost the stylus I have. I cant find one anywhere and they're too expensive online. I've tried it on an old record, but the sound is kind of distorted (the pitch keeps fluctuating). Will it harm any records?

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Floyd Rose string problem

I use an Ibanez RG350 EX (Floyd Rose). Recently I changed strings and although I tuned it so that the trem's parallel to the body, the strings are too tight and way above the bridge. Is this normal or is there someway I can fix it?

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50 LED Light String

Im trying to wire a string of 50 LED's that are 200mA each. They are all connected in one long string, end to end (in series, I think). I'm having trouble trying to figure out what kind of power source and resistors to use and how to wire the resistors in. In the past I've wired 1 or 2 LED's to a 12 volt power source using a couple of resistors in parallel, but this project is much bigger and I'm worried about current loss and the very high voltage needed to power a string of 50 2 or 4 volt LED's in series... is that like, 100000 volts, or what?? Any guidance would be appreciated.

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LED Lite String Question?

So I have these cool LED Xmas lite strings which have 20 LEDs and run off of 3xAA batteries. Within the battery pack, where the power switch is, is a single resistor, 5.1 ohms (green / brown / gold / gold). I want to splice on another length of 20 LEDs to the existing set but would like to run all 40 off of the original 3xAA battery configuration. Do I just divide the resistor rating in half since I doubled the load (work being done) ? The project needs to conserve space, which is why I'm not using both battery packs.

Question by stagebuilder  

Convert DS18B20 temperature to string?

I want to convert DS18B20 temperature (4-bytes code from datasheet) to string with accuracy 0.1°C (like sprintf %.1f). AVR. C language (avr-gcc). I need for small code, so sprintf, floating-point types and round from math.h is bad idea. My following current code is bad also: This is the date sheet of DS18B20 void reverse_string(char *s) {     char *p, c;     for (p = s + strlen(s) - 1; s <= p; ++s, --p) {         c = *p;         *p = *s;         *s = c;     } } void ts_to_string(uint16_t ts, char *s) {     int8_t n = (int8_t)(ts >> 4);     uint8_t neg = n & 0x80;     char *p = s;     float f;     if (neg)         n = -n-1;     do {         *p++ = n % 10 + '0';     } while ((n /= 10) > 0);     if (neg)         *p++ = '-';     *p = '\0';     reverse_string(s);     *p++ = '.';     f = (float)(ts & 0xf) / 16.0;     if (neg)         f = 1.0-f;     *p++ = (char)round(f * 10.0) + '0';     *p = '\0'; }

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Can't edit Instructable: &quot;SyntaxError: Unable to parse JSON string&quot;

I was almost finished with an Instructable yesterday, and when I saved it, got the following message: "There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: Unable to parse JSON string." Today I tried editing it again, and got them same error message. I was able to "publish" this Instructable, but still get the same error when I try to edit. And I don't remember using any JSON string to hold this together?;-) Suggestions? (Using Safari 5.0.5 on a Mac, not that that should matter). Thanks! Winged Fist

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I am looking for a source for a small 3/8 inch dia spool for string

I am looking for a source for a small 3/8 inch diameter spool for thread I am using it for a small string spool.  Thanx Pat

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fighting kites

How about making some fighting kite instructions. i've been really interested in dominating the sky with razor kits of doom.

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Plastic string made from bottles?

I have seen many instructables regarding making plastic string from bottles.  What I haven't seen is how anyone uses the string once they make it.  so my question is what have you used your plastic string for?

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How to make spots on string or spots on cable (or lights on string - I do not really know how to call this item) ?

Hi, Here is the kind of product found in stores : see images attached. Is there any instructable on the subject ? How is it called in english ? Thanks for any answer :-) Jean

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Im doing a project and trying to bulid a string instrument out of recycled materials any ideas on how to build it?

It has to be able to do all 8 octavs and has to have natural sharps or flats.

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problem updating your Instructable

I try to create an instructable adding title and body using copy/paste from the win 7 text editor but when a picture is uploaded (300x300 96.5kb) then this message appears and the screen holds on updating forever. [There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal]

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I am doing anengineering challenge and need to build an instrument what should i do?

I have to build an instrument out of recycled material and the things i have are limited to 6 things.It has to be able to play all 8 notes of an octav and have to play natrull notes. no flats or sharps.

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A good cheap bass guitar?

I play guitar, and (try to) play ukulele. I have wanted to play bass for a while now, and I now have a guitar center giftcard. I think I may get a squier j bass, but im not sure. What brand is good, but cheap? It cannot be over 200 dollars. New or used is ok. I just want to know what bass is good to learn on and is cheap. Below is a metallic red Squier j bass.

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Troubleshooting Christmas Mini-Light Strings

I searched Instructables to be certain I am not covering something someone else has already done, but found nothing.  Here is an excellent article on troubleshooting a bad string of Christmas mini-lights. (I do not know the author and am not connected to him in any way.)  I know of three occurrences of non-working light strings from this year's celebrations. In the first case, the woman who owns the Christmas tree simply bought a new string of lights and hung the new lights over the old string attached at the factory to her synthetic tree. I did not see her tree and cannot say what the cause of the malfunction was. In the second occurrence we put up a synthetic tree with two strings of factory installed lights, one for the bottom half of the tree and one for the top half of the tree. The string on the top half worked some of the time, but then would go out. Typically one suspects a bad bulb. That is also the general suggestion made in the very fine article I linked above. However, that proved not to be the problem. Rather, the problem was the very cheap electrical plug. I cut the plug from the string so I could open it and determine exactly where and how it failed in order to satisfy my own curiosity. Installing a new male plug solved the problem. In the third case, my daughter had a string near the top of her tree that was "out," but not completely at the top. I had limited tools and resources, but plugging the bad string into a different molded female plug brought it back to life. The moral of the story is that while a bad bulb is a frequent source of problems, the molded male and female plugs on these inexpensive light strings are often held together only by a lick and a promise, and fail easily. Giving the molded plugs a hard look is much easier and faster than removing and testing bulb after bulb. The first photo shows an extension cord with molded plugs from three strings plugged into the extension cord. The second photo shows the bad male plug on our tree, and I am using my multi-meter to test for continuity between the brass plug blade and the load end of one of the tiny fuses inside the plug. That part tests "good." The other fuse tested "good," too. In the third photo I inserted a straight pin into the wire and tested for a circuit from the brass blades to the wire. Both sides failed this test.  A multi-meter can easily test what I needed to find this problem. I would have needed to strip away some insulation from the wire or stick a straight pin through the wire to obtain a reading with my multi-meter. But, by this time I had bought a hum tester with a high and a low range for checking different voltage ranges on an AC circuit. It led me to know the plug was the problem. 

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Prawn or Shrimp made from string

Very recentley i saw a prawn or shrimp made from knotted rope in three colours with a keychain attached, been having a look round the net and cant find anything similar...does anyone here have a pattern or idea where i can get the instructions for it? i keep getting recipes!

Topic by tartanthing  

Can you see the strings? ("Yes")

You may have seen on the news that a Dutch chap claims to have flown under his own power from a standing start. Watch the video... I don't buy it - I think that... those wings beat too quickly to generate enough lift (compare to the beat-rate of much smaller swans, eagles and condors) the wing membranes don't show enough sign of being under load - they're too loose and flappy. the wings look the same on the down- and up-strokes the upstroke should push him down, because the membrane doesn't close up like a bat's wing, or let air through like a bird's wing. In fact, I reckon he's on strings. What do you think? UPDATE Thanks to those comments from The Usual Suspects - so it's a fake after all. I ought to point out, as well, that the BBC had been reporting this on their website as well, but the story has mysteriously disappeared in the last few minutes (I didn't provide the BBC link, since most non-UK readers are able to see video on their site).

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How do you make this plastic bottle to plastic string device?

I found this on YouTube, but I could not find an Instructable about how to make it.  Has anyone else found out how to make this device.  I wish I knew Russian but there does not appear to be instructions on how to make it.

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The Cork Game

Has anyone ever played a game involving corks, string, a plunger head, and dice? Just curious if I'm the only one. I don't think it has a name, but who knows.

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Ipod Click Wheel Pinout / Commands

Does anybody happen to have the pinouts along with the command strings of an ipod click wheel? Im looking to install one in my car so I can connect my ipod touch to it and use the commands from the click wheel to control the touch.  The wheel i have is from a 2nd gen nano, but im guessing any of the new wheels are similar.

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Knex Grappling Hook

I had an Idea. Basically, you have a lame set of grappling hook arms that dont Do anything, well change it so that when the hook hits the object, it closes the arms....block trigger perhaps. I know I Am Canadian, Shadowman ect would be able to design and build this in like 30 minutes, but i was thinking someone could give it a working on it too! Thanks in advance Hedzup456

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Easy Decoration Tips - String Tree Wall Mural

This is a cheap and easy way to decorate your walls with out the hassle of painting or installing wall paper.  It is a string wall mural found on re-nest.  There are so many different ways you can configure string on your wall using this technique!

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Vote For my Video: How to draw a circle without at a compass or string


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Does anyone want me to make an instructable on how to make string out of (stinging) nettle plants (or similar)? Answered

 This depends on what sort of plants I can find around my house and how much revision and coursework I have to wade through.

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Are there any Squier Teles with string through bodies?

 Are there any Squier Teles with string-through bodies? Is it possible to convert a Tele to a string-through body if they aren't already?

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Why are those cotton fireballs burning me?

I cut a strand from a 100% cotton T-shirt and tie it into a ball using cotton string and soak it in lighter fluid like it said in the video, but it still burns me when I hold it from the bottom where its not supposed to burn you.

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String Theory,..this is not detailed, but what do you think?

Here is a short video (not embeddable, sorry) on the Higgs-Boson and string theory by Dr. Michio Kaku.  Comments?

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Seed Bead Spinners - Bead Stringing Tool

This is a very easy to use bead stringing tool! No special skills, batteries or electricity required.Based on a very simple scientific principle, the beads are "forced" onto your needle by the 100's - in a matter of seconds!Simply place seed beads into the bowl, insert the wire needle and spin!The BeadSpinner bead stringing tool easily strings ALL sizes of seed beads.The Bead Spinner stringing tool comes complete - with illustrated instructions and needles. VISIT US AT:

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Seed Bead Spinners - Bead Stringing Tool

Seed Bead Spinners - Bead Stringing Tool This is a very easy to use bead stringing tool! No special skills, batteries or electricity required. Based on a very simple scientific principle, the beads are "forced" onto your needle by the 100's - in a matter of seconds! Simply place seed beads into the bowl, insert the wire needle and spin! The BeadSpinner bead stringing tool easily strings ALL sizes of seed beads. The Bead Spinner stringing tool comes complete - with illustrated instructions and needles. Please visit us at: beads beading bead spinner beadspinner spin-n-bead DIY crafts knitting crochet fiber jewelry

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Seed Bead Spinners - Bead Stringing Tool

Seed Bead Spinners - Bead Stringing Tool This is a very easy to use bead stringing tool! No special skills, batteries or electricity required.Based on a very simple scientific principle, the beads are "forced" onto your needle by the 100's - in a matter of seconds!Simply place seed beads into the bowl, insert the wire needle and spin!The BeadSpinner bead stringing tool easily strings ALL sizes of seed beads.The Bead Spinner stringing tool comes complete - with illustrated instructions and needles. Please visit us at: beads beading bead spinner beadspinner spin-n-bead DIY crafts knitting crochet fiber jewelry

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What is the definition of "matter" according to the string theory? Answered

Hello!  I have recently studied about the string theory. Now what I have understood about it so far is that very small particles like the one's that make up neutrons and protons are actually made up of "strings" that vibrate in 10 dimensions at particular frequencies which determine the nature of the particles that they form. I also came to know that "strings" themselves are weird distortions of space-time.   Now I don't know if all that information is correct or not. So my question is that according to it, it would mean that matter itself is a distortion of space-time, is this true?

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Need advise with making USB LED string

Hey all, First post and I have an itching to make something for once, I want to make an "Infinite Mirror", I have seen a few instructables on how to proceed, My main concern is that most of them are battery operated, And I want to operate mine from USB, Now I will put 12 lights in a string, Then output to USB , But will I need any resistors, chips ect? or will just wiring up 12 LED's straight onto a USB end work? I don't want them to do anything fancy, Just be on when plugged in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal

I uploaded a picture to an unpublished instructable and assigned some text to it.  My instructable locked up and spat out this error: There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal Now I can't edit the instructable to fix anything.   I have tried deleting the picture from my library, but it will not let me do it unless I remove the picture from the instrructable, which I cannot do.  I decided to create a new instructable with the same information, and when I uploaded the picture to the new instructable, the same error came up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Trying to convert a mains powered string of LED's

Hi, I purchased a set of Xmas lights believing them to be 'low voltage'.  My plan was to run them from the caravan 12 volt DC.  However, it appears that they run from the 230 volt AC mains.  This is something I am not familiar with. I have attached my own wiring diagram of the circuit and would like to know if anyone can tell me how to switch the four strings of LED's individually.  I have an inverter that I can use as the current draw will be minimal. I imaging that the LED's are wired as opposing pairs so that both halves of the mains sine wave are used.  Presumably, this prevents the set being run from 12 volts. Any help will be welcomed. Alan ...

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How to make string lights battery powered

I have a specific project that I am going to work on (and hopefully successfully!)  For this project, I need to take a traditional string of lights, using SPT wire and E12 bases.  I will include a picture so you know what I am talking about. I have looked for exactly what I need already in a battery operated format but I have not yet been able to find it.  In total I will need to power 110 G50 led bulbs.  The bulbs are .37 watts and .008 amps each.  I am fine with splitting these into different strings of whatever length would be needed to make this work.  I will show you a finished picture of what I am trying to do as well. You can see that the project is a light bulb wreath.  In it's current state, it is designed to be plugged in and uses traditional bulbs.  These will be replaced by led bulbs. I am assuming that I should be able to snip the plug and wire this to a battery pack in order to power the bulbs.  My question is how many batteries would be needed and of what size.   Any help or guidance would be appreciated.  Thank you!

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Value my 12 string guitar please?

I recently got a second hand Takamine En 10-12, I struggle to play it so would like to sell it, It has a a damaged neck where it was stood on by previous owner but it doesn't effect the playing I think its more crushed and cracked than snapper, and it is electro-acoustic but the pre amp does not work. I am looking for a rough valuation and where the best place to sell it is Thanks

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