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Hey, how're you doing? I need some help. My Halloween costume I'm making needs a structure that is either self stabilizing, or can roll. I know how to make it roll, but it would be amazing if it could stabilize.  I'm going to be holding the structure with one hand, so I need one side heavier than the other, but I'm not sure what materials to use that are effective and cheap. Please help! Thanks! (PICTURES in order: Abigail Original picture, Abigail Issue #1 of comic series, Quick Sketch of the costume)

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giant metal structure

It's getting warmer where I live (that's global warming for ya) and I wanted to start testing my free energy instructable again. Does anybody know or have any good ideas for a non grounded big metal object or way to make one?

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Airfoil (structure glider)

Which airfoil is best for a good structure glider (for long distance)? and please tell me some app for design and analyse glider (or model aircraft/)...

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What are these strange structures ? Answered

A newspaper  article showed these images from Google Maps today. This one, in China, interested me. Does anybody know what these shapes are ? The tagline was this: " These rectangles, up to a mile long, can be seen from space near the Gansu province and Xinjiang, some less than 100 miles from Jiuquan, the headquarters of China's space programme " Thank you

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What is the structure of the solar panel?

Hi Guys, Would anyone able to help me understand what is the structure of the solar panel?? I am wondering what is that blue or even sometimes black sheet where a certain lines that look likes a aluminum or silver is? Is it the Silicon or not?? Guys help please. Thanks Best

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Welded structure for 2 camera

Hello, I am building a sensor base one modified stock camera for agriculture survey,this sensor will be under a drone. I an looking to build the structure that hold this two camera. I know how to weld using Stick and Mig so i was looking to use mild steel plate, and bend it to get more resistance. but i don't know how to calculate the minimum thickness ( weight is really important). On the photo attached the red circle and opposite screw hold and the blue one is a bigger screw hole. Each of the two camera weight 250 grams and they are 10 cm heigh. All the best Vincent

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How Do I Attach /Connect Bistro Blinds To An Existing "Colorbond" Carport?

Hi , I hope there is help here? I have wracked my brain s out !!!  I built an awning off the house - Well I didn't  ...a tradie did... but to my specs..and the awning is useless as it needs sides... so I want to put up bistro (Plastic ) blinds... I think the weight of them will be too heavy .. Or when I screw into a hollow beam I will have no way of stopping the beam from stretching as it's  has thin and light sides...  So I need help Do I go through to the other side of the beam to put into place a ????  Maybe I want a strong metal sleeve that will enable me to screw ? bolt? attach these blinds?? Any ideas? Thanks heaps if you read this ....and have any ideas...!

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Free wood?

I'm planning on building a tree house so I need good quality wood but for free or as cheap as possible. Any ideas?

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Hanging plants without damaging structure

I read and enjoyed zoe_roses' bit on hanging tomato plants and DebH57's on soda bottle planters. I'd like to try these out.My trouble is that I live in an apartment complex that's pretty strict about ANYTHING we do to our small outside balcony space. I've been threatened with fines when using nails to hang plants outside before, and I think they'd blow a gasket if I hung a soda bottle full of dirt.I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could make a hanger without making marks on any structure; essentially, something cheap and removable. Also, if anyone has any ideas how I could dress up the soda bottles (or use an alternate material) so that they look a little prettier, it would be deeply appreciated.Thanks!~Phillip

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how to make a swinging sticks kinetic structure?

I have to make a physics project and i need it to be ready by the end of the year.i loved this structure in the iron man 2 movie,and want to surprise my friends and my teacher at pleease!!!

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Convert a picture of a structure into plans for its surfaces?

I saw a program to do this, but when I tried to purchase it, it had been acquired by another company and taken off market. Essentially, a photo showing two sides of a structure allowed calculations to be made, and then represented as two "flats". I think Railroad Model Craftsman (magazine) laid out a manual approach to this. Electronically, you would be able to reshape the surfaces as well; e.g. bricks.

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Will a glued acrylic structure hold for a 3d printer ?

Hi,  I'm designing a delta style 3d printer from scratch while trying to use only laser cut acrylic sheets and aluminium extrusions. The entire design is based on the T Bolt construction idea. But there are a few parts that simply need to be glued together. I'm trying to avoid using such joints in load bearing areas but there are a few areas where this is becoming difficult such as the carriage. I'd like to know if i can safely glue the laser cut parts together with out the entire thing falling apart and if yes what kind of glue should I look for? Blckthng

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Structure advice needed for future teaching sessions of an AS child

Here is my dilema:  I haven't a lot to spend, nor do the parents of the child I am mentoring (Asperger's Syndrome).  Kits and puzzles are great, but can range in price from a few dollars to over $100 a PIECE.   I have been trying to go through Instructables and pick out "low cost", made from scratch, projects that would be suited for an 8 year old (soldering is out, but squshy circuits look good, etc), and would keep her engaged.   My biggest problem is not knowing "what" to look under.  I haven't a critiera idea on how to get to what I want quickly (I don't always have a LOT of time on line). I would like to make plans for at least 4-6 months ahead of time, so I can start on "putting together" what is needed for those projects. ANY suggestions will be helpful and I would be very grateful for any help in this matter.   Those experienced in teaching may have the best ideas, but all others are welcome too.  Out next session looms and the kit I got is a bit too advanced for the present situation;  so I am "projectless" other then a few small things like showing her how I made my Bristle Bot, and etc. So far, shes constructed 2 soda can bots,  a skeliton of a T.Rex excavated from a block of  P.O.P. (I think), a hex bot, a few T.Rex models, the Hadogenes Troglodyte puzzle her and I built,, a model of the solar system, etc and etc. She is going to be a real challange for me to find new and engaging things to create..... Thanks ahead of time for all that can assist...

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How to create objects using the molecular structure as the blueprint?

I am curious if it is possible to isolate then combine specific molecules into a desired object. Something easy to explain with is the molecular structure of Iron. We know what the structure is and what it is that comprises it. Would it be possible to isolate the different parts, deconstructing, the molecule and then rebuilding the molecule, re materializing, an iron molecule.

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How to design Waffle Slab in Robot Structural Analysis?

I have a project where I have to design a seven-story building. The design needs to be done twice: once as a waffle slab and a second design as a two-way slab with beams. This should be done using Robot Structural analysis. The design procedure was not covered in class and I only know the basics in RSA. I would appreciate it if someone can help me find how to design a waffle slab and two-way slab with beams using RSA. I searched but I couldn't find any tutorial video. Also, if someone can give me some links that explain the design procedure. Thank you for your help!

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Is there a software to test how much load a structure can hold?

Is there any software where I can identify the material and the structure and then test how much load the structure can hold before it fails? My structure is a spaghetti bridge and I was wondering if such  software exists where I can input the data (material, dimension, shape, etc) and then identify a load unit and start applying it to the structure. Therefore, I would be able to enhance my bridge before execution. Thank you for your help!

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Is there a software to test how much load a structure can hold?

Is there any software where I can identify the material and the structure and then test how much load the structure can hold before it fails? My structure is a spaghetti bridge and I was wondering if such  software exists where I can input the data (material, dimension, shape, etc) and then identify a load unit and start applying it to the structure. Therefore, I would be able to enhance my bridge before execution. Thank you for your help!

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Can decomposed granite be mixed with cement for use as structural concrete?

We have a mountainous property with no sand and very little rock other than granite. Can I use decomposed granite (as fine as sand and small pebbles) as aggregate, instead of river gravel and or sand?

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safely mount an electrical outlet receptacle inside a cardboard structure?

Is there any way (besides using a gang box) to mount an electrical outlet receptacle inside a sturdy cardboard box so that it could be considered safe to use?  In other words, no bare wires exposed, etc. Thank you

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Do you think this structure will be able to support a 100kg+ (220lbs+) heavy bag? Answered

I want to hang a 180cm (6ft) 100kg+ heavy bag from this structure in my backyard for Muay Thai (kickboxing).  It's made of hollow steel beams which are set in concrete and welding together at the center.  I know that it can support the weight (My brother and I used a ladder to hang off the center beam, together we're 130kg+) but I'm unsure of whether movement from the bag will be an issue. Thoughts?

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How to program LEDs?

I have this little structure with 3 blinking LED. The blinking is triggered by the little spring in the middle - if you shake the structure, the top of the spring touches it's base, than blinking stops after a few seconds. I'd like to make a similar size and function structure but I want to program the blinking rate for all 3 LEDs. If is possible, than let me know what do I need to do this at home - I am a beginner in electronics, but have some programming knowledge. Thanks

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Biomechanics of the Knee Joints

I'm currently doing Biomechanics of the Knee Joints project. Any suggestions of what 's the best type of the knee joint structure?

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Biomechanics of the Knee Joints

I'm currently doing Biomechanics of the Knee Joints project. Any suggestions of what 's the best type of the knee joint structure?

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How would using rice hulls differ from using dirt/earth in typical earth bag structures?

I plan to build a small structure using the earth bag method. I have read that it is possible to use rice hulls in place of the dirt normally used to fill the wall bags. I am looking for any information or suggestions in making this substitution.

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Just interested to know where abouts you guys go Urbexing. Could list the locations of some drains, tunnels, or abandoned structures.

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3 Way outdoor joint

Hi I am looking at designing a garden structure which uses large timber sections and etched glass. I have a concept that I quite like but I am unsure about the best way to joint the uprights and joists. I want to try and keep the joints quite traditional and honest and reduce the reliance on glue. I have attached a diagram of the end of one structure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Biomechanics of the Knee Joints

I'm currently doing Biomechanics of the Knee Joints project. Any suggestions of what 's the best type of the knee joint structure?

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Calling all VBScripters!

I am trying to create a vbs script that will use vocabulary databases to randomly choose words according to sentence structure, then using a large database (that tells what words are relevant to the random word chosen) it creates a basic sentence. With more complicated sentence structures there are more complicated. I need some other vbscripters to help. Here is how it works The program chose a statement sentence. The basic structure is noun verb Then the program choses a word Cats verb Finally using the matching database it creates a realisitic sentence Cats meowed. A more complex sentence would be article noun verb preposition pronoun noun article cat verb preposition pronoun noun article cat called preposition her kittens article cat called to her kittens The cat called to her kittens 

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How can I build a structure that looks like the thruster cone on a robotic space probe?

I'm hoping to make something that looks like the thruster cones on a robotic space probe.  Something that looks similar to this cone. I'd rather it not be metal but something that can let some light through, like a lampshade.  Can anyone suggest something that looks similar to this?  It would be awesome if there's a solution that doesn't require much assembly. Thanks! Here's another example: Thruster

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Wood Cutting Question

HI, I need to fit wood in a pattern shown. I'm not sure exactly how to fit the boards, I'm looking for structural integrity and angles that aren't ridiculously  hard to cut.

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(solved) Need a Volunteer : Science : How do they guess the chemical composition of things ?

Hello :-) Here is one of my many unanswered questions ... I googled a lot about this one, but so far, I failed to find anything usefull, probably because I don't have the correct vocabulary. That's why I'm asking to you ... I'm still wondering how scientists manage to guess the chemical composition and molecular structure of things ... For example, how do they know that saccharose is C12 H22 O11, and that it's molecular structure is like the picture below ... About crystals, I've read that they use Crystallography to determine the arrangement of the structure ... But how do they do with organic elements ??? Thanks in advance for your help :-) PS : I can't post this thread into the "Volunteer" group forum. It says that I don't have the autorisation. Do I have to join the group too ?

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What sizes of solar cells shell I select?

Hello I have been given a task to suggest solar cell sizes, that are needed to be laminated with a newly invented structured glass, in order to test its useful effects on the solar cells. The questions in my mind are: What type of solar cells shell I select? What sizes shell I suggest? Any other notable things that I might consider while suggesting the cells...

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Hello! I'm looking for something to recycle into a shoe rack I'm making, any ideas?

I love the idea of using material that would otherwise be thrown away, and it's cheaper :). I need a fairly rigid area of about 25x28cm for the "shelves". The material will be in view, so it would be awesome if it looked interesting. The actual structure of the rack will probably be MDF, so I know for sure it will not fall apart. Plan B is using VHS tapes for the "structure" (vertical parts) and wood for the shelves, but that would probably be harder to pull off :)

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Defence Mechanism

This is a simple structure that goes across your door and if some one walks threw the wire(fishing line)it lainches at that person. There are 2 guns that shoot on on each tower.!@#$%$%& check out my other knex intructibles &%$%$#@!

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How do I resurface a formica countertop with tile without replacing the formica entirely?

Please help me to improve my kitchen with tile over the formica sub structure

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Mars' Winch Rides!

Mars hooked up a winch so he could hoist stuff to the ceiling easily, creating instant ceiling storage space. Of course, we had to test it first. For structural strength.

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what is a integrated chip ? How it works ?

What is an integrated chip ? how it works ? and how is its structure ? can we program it if yes how & in which computer language(c,c++,java)

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How can i make a forge.? Answered

How can i make a small forge. Different materials, ideas, or structures. Oh and no gas forges. Well... mabye.

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Help regarding mobiles

'can anyone tell me the link where i can study the working of mobile(NOKIA) phones in depth?i mean the circuit diagram, symbian programming,about their memory structure etc.....

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can Sodium polyacrylate absorb nitic acid or hydrogen peroxide?

I would like to know if mixing Sodium polyacrylate with nitic acid or hydrogen peroxide will form a gel-like structure of solid material for disposal.?

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Freestanding LEGO Brick Tower Build Challenge

Not sure where this would fit - so square pegs it is!I'm interested in starting up a competition to build the tallest freestanding LEGO brick structure and I think Instructables could be a great place to play it out. As you've all probably seen, recently students in Vienna built the tallest LEGO tower at an amazing 29.48m. Photo at SF GateThe catch with that tower however, as pointed out by many in the blogosphere, is that it is 'supported' by wires, which keep it from falling in the wind. While they may just be a safety feature and not part of the structure, I agree with many who have said this is not really a freestranding structure - for that it would be LEGO brick and nothing else.So now, the challenge: Post an instructable showing how you built your tallest LEGO brick freestanding structure. This way, in the spirit of the DIY community, the next person can build off your design and improve it to create a bigger tower. Instructables should clearly show your method of construction, however there is no need for a brick by brick play. If you use a special technique to build the major components of your tower - such as a feature that allowed you to reach your desired height - highlight that for sure. For a baseline, I've found it very difficult to find any postings online of the tallest LEGO freestanding structure out there. Most publicity has been on these mega towers supported by tension cables. I was however to find one student's project here which topped out at a very modest 11 feet. 11ft TowerI hope to post my own attempt to beat this tower shortly - however if you've got the bricks - start building!! Then please link your instructable here.If you have any verified information on previous FREESTANDING builds out there, please post them too!Thanks!Daniel

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I want to make a mobile to hang 1000 origami cranes. What structure should I start with?

I has bamboo poles. Fishing line string. Paper cranes and beads. How can I make the bamboo poles work as a mobile art piece?

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How do I attach 2 pieces of metal together without a welder and still be structurally sound?

I want to play around with building a recumbent bike and a rear steer trike type bike but I dont have access to a welder, would gorilla glue or a jbweld like epoxy be strong enough to use?

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Why did you join Instructables?

Just wondering what aspect of this particular DIY community everyone finds appealing. For me it is the non-curatorial structure, allowing the community to invent and publish the content and participate on our own terms.

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question about TIG fusion welding without filler? Answered

Hello, Does fusion welding of mild steel  with either acetylene or TIG result in the same metal structure; is all melting the same ? Here is a rambling explanation of why I am asking. I wanted to start acetylene welding again but have found that the gas prices here in the UK are even worse than I Imagined. So, I thought to buy a TIG welder : I will be mostly welding 1.5mm mild steel sheet. I used to enjoy fusion welding with acetylene and hardly ever used filler; does fusion with a TIG welder result in the same molecular/chemical structure as acetylene ? The reason I ask is that, I looked at hundreds of online opinions about TIG fusion welding of mild steel and generally they all said not to do it as it will cause the surrounding metal to be brittle; but they were proper welders doing proper structural things; I am only doing scultpures and all of of my stuff from 20 years ago is still holding . . .  so if TIG melting is the same then I will go for it, Thanks

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