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fly tying

Fly tying fishing flies

Topic by archer0382    |  last reply

Tying your shoes.

I wanna know how to tie you shoes cool.I've seen people with theirs with like only the little ends sticking knots. how do i do this? i wanna do this to my nss shoes.

Topic by JesusFreak    |  last reply

self tying shoelace

Ok i know im gonna get alot of crap cause people hate it when i ask them this but the self tying shoelace i dont really feel like spending 20 bucks 4 that and ive been doin magic 4 awhile like 3 years and i just wanna know how to do it if you dont feel like syin it you can emial me at thanks

Topic by pyrokid648    |  last reply

Tying Loads to Top Of Cars without Racks

I think I had developed the best method for securing loads to car roofs that do not have a rack.  It can be used with or without bungee cords or ratchet straps. If someone has a method they suggest I'd like to hear it.  Thanks 

Topic by Wilmette    |  last reply

how to make air pistol for target & rats ty.

Hi. im 55, im still learning i have plenty of time ty.

Question by johnlagot    |  last reply

Tying 2 color cobra knots for paracord bracelets?

I have reviewed the pages on how to tie one color paracord bracelets using the cobra knot but cannot find how to make them using two colors. I am brand new at making these and have yet to complete a bracelet with two colors.

Question by 04fatboy    |  last reply

Knotless way of tying a fish hook - how to animate it?

Recently I went to "fishing expo".Down here it is on some lake, freshly stocked with fish and on top of all the anglers you get stands with all sorts of fishing stuff to check out.Weather was not to my liking so I stayed dry under the tends and had some smalltalk.It was not long until I wanted to check some braided fishing line offered at one of the stands.And with nothing bad on my mind I took one of the hooks to test the knot strenght.The guys had a nice rig for it.Little did I know about their teaching intentions, claiming that a lot of people have no clue how to properly deal with braided line.Let's just say their way was way too complicated and time consuming for my liking.On a rocky boat you want to be able to do things quick and easy.It was a line rated for 25kg and with their best know on offer it lasted till 22kg until the line failed at the knot.Asked if I could test my way as I would like to know how the line would perform and my wish was granted.The line failed at 27kg and snapped quite some distance form the knot.....Never mind the 25kg rating....The fellow fisherman around as well as the guys selling the line wanted to know how I did my knot without actually making a knot.What was easy out there tunred into a nightmare at home.I tried my biggest hooks and a camera on the tripod but it is not giving me a detailed enough view of how the "knot" is done.Now I could try to make a hook template from some aluminium round bar and use paracord or a thin rope....Then I found a nice app for the phone that uses animations to teach knots.Is there a simple way to create an animation showing a "rope" and a hook with the required details and motion?Would love to share this way of attaching a hook to braided line in a way that is easy to understand and follow....

Question by Downunder35m  

need help please........

Im trying to create a flash website....... and i found a sampple of how i want it to be but i dont know where to start please im new to this so if anyone can help ty ty ty ty i have the url of the sample just need a few starting tips? or whatever please ty

Topic by ani    |  last reply

Good way to make a large... ish paracord netbag/backpack?

Normally I just go for the trial and error way of learning, it has worked before and often led me to new and/or different ways of doing stuff. In this case however I thought I would go about it in a completely new way: asking for help. (especially since paracord is hard to come by in Sweden and is very expensive when you finally decide to buy online) What I am looking for is instructions on what you might call a wide basket weave or net weave that would allow me to make a paracord net bag (kind of like the one Chewbacca carries C3P0 around in when he got dismantled) without having to cut the cord more than absolutely necessary. I have already figured out a simple way of making shoulderstraps for it but it's the creation of the bag itself that escapes me. Logically one could probably use the same basic knots as when you make a rope hammock... the only problem is that i don't know how to do that either. If anyone could help me with this I would be very grateful and I believe that there are others out there who would like such an instructable as well. 

Question by Alt-Horizon    |  last reply

Does Anyone Have A Red dot / holographic sight for a k'nex gun! TY!?

 The Mounting Doesn't Matter, i can attach that! But If You Feel Like Helping Me A Ton Please Post A Link!!! TY!

Question by jonnyb3    |  last reply

Working on projects

Hello! No one will read this, But i am currently working on a Wii Arcade! Where you can play games such as TY the tasmanian tiger or Skylanders!

Topic by archerdraven    |  last reply

Tying a subwoofer into standard desktop speakers and electronically lowering the pitch (so that it produces deep sounds)

For fun I decided to take apart my desktop computer speakers and convert them to a portable iPod speaker. I have already found a way to convert it to DC power so that I can integrate it into a portable "boom box". I also have a subwoofer that I would also like to build into the boom box but the sound when connected is rather high in pitch. Is there any I can do electronically to lower the pitch so that the bass is more pronounced and deep? Thanks!

Question by ckrupala1    |  last reply

what are the new nerf guns ?

What are the new nerf guns going to be? please relpy ty

Question by vulcnboy11    |  last reply

How much volt can a regular LED have? Answered

Does it depend according to the LED or is it a general amount ? ty.

Question by sallost    |  last reply

Instructables Store?

Http:// is the link to the Instructables store. I never knew that there was an actual store for this where you could buy Instructables prizes, tshirts, etc etcIs this a legit. site? Or is it a phony?ty-brennn10

Topic by Brennn10    |  last reply

How do you write a good instructable ? Answered

How do I write a good instructable ? Can someone give some examples of a good writen text ty

Question by sallost    |  last reply

does someone know a cool drawing-like pattern to decorate my room ? Answered

The wall is 1m high and 4-5m long it doesn't need to cover the whole wall ty :)

Question by sallost    |  last reply

does someone have a runescape account i can have?

I really need a account mine got hacked plz if anyone has a account they dont use let me have it ty :]

Question by xdarkxsparkyx    |  last reply

can we use a kite for increasing speed of wind mills. by tying kite while it is going up to the back of wind turbine.?

 i wish some one  passes the thread of kite once going round thru backside of wind turbine then if the kite flies higher the thread will move blades of wind turbine faster and we can get more electricity for very less effort . 

Question by jignesh shah    |  last reply

making a cheap wifi antenna fast....

Please help...I've gotten all confused with everything I've been reading.....Will anyone tell me what is the best & easiest & cheapest way to make a Wireless Wifi antenna? I also need to know if I will need to plug the antenna into my laptop or will my Dell Insiron 1521 laptop just pick up the signal or what ad if I need cables what are they called and where can I buy them. I purchased a gsky  usb high power wifi adapter 802.11G but it doesn't do much good at all?  I'm on a very limited budget most would consider me poor but I make it and I'm happy but gosh I just need to pick up my internet across the street in a concrete building to keep an eye on my ebay account (trying to earn money for x-mas)  I have a linksys wrt45g router....well I just need advice please from anyone who will help and I will surely give a badge. Ty...TY...TY

Topic by mel5656    |  last reply

Contests? Answered

If i submit multiple entries in a contest, will they have an effect on the judging of each other asides from the fact that only one can win. Will he user be kept in mind while judging the entries or will they all be judged separately and the highest scoring one be awarded? ty

Question by SA-DIY    |  last reply

touch waveform generator

Hi it possible to design a waveform genarator with touch technology...i mean its selectors, and other buttons be put in a  touch LCD screen..i  thnk u know what i mean...ty.. responses will be great help... (sory for my english.)

Topic by grimm_reper02    |  last reply

Arduino true and false statements

So I'm having the worst trouble tying to figure out how to use true and false statements. Can anyone explain how to define something as true and how to use it! An example sketch maybe? Thanks!

Topic by HavocRC    |  last reply

What kind of motor or device could I use to turn a bicycle real wheel?

Want to build a bike on a 18 or 36 volt battery(18 preffered) but having a difficulty finding a device I could attach to have it spin the wheel, ty so much for the help

Question by JorgeV154  

How do I tie "deck shoes" to turn them into slip ons with the laces as tassles?

Back in the "olden days" ('80's) we wore preppy deck shoes we called Top Siders ( I think this was a LL Bean brand name). We would lace the shoes,then instead of tying a bow...we would leave each end hanging out of the last eye and make a noose like tassel.This would be made with the laces tight and the shoe would be converted into a slip on shoe. I remember how they looked,but I can't remember how to make the neat tassel like noose/knot on each end of the shoe string (strings were leather). Thanks! RaZoR

Question by prazor  

great knex pistol

Im looking for a knex pistol thats -strong(wont fall apart0 -well built -true trigger -powerfull -true trigger or true trigger block pieces aren't a prob PLZ post a link OR a copy and paste address ty

Topic by land o cows    |  last reply

Can't change Licence

Hi, I was tying to change the type of license for my instructable. When I go into the "edit" screen it shows the one I want, the published one however still displays the old one. What do I do now?

Topic by krummrey    |  last reply

my drive is dead in my creative zen micro what type and brand of CF card should i use to mod the player?

The drive went in my micro zen just need to know what brand and company I should get the CF card from

Question by ZAKE20042005    |  last reply

50w LED on 54vdc?

Good day I have a couple of led chips of various wattage, and as I understand it is thirty something volt chips, And i have a BIG 54v 2,5A power supply, and no 30v regulator, when I trim the pot it gives me 44v Will this be too strong for my led chips? Ty~ ia Des

Topic by DesT1    |  last reply

Replica Ideas Anybody?

After my 4 guns all being replicas, I need ideas for more possible replicas to well, replicate. Looking for things that range in size between pistol and full length rifle. Gun will be credited for the idea so comment Please and Ty! PS, if you have a picture, that would be cool, if not, IDK!

Topic by Trauts    |  last reply

do any one have a way to make a new slide for a spring loaded air soft pistol

The slide is broken so I have to make a new one and I can't think of any thing please help me ty nyo9

Question by nyo9    |  last reply

How to find the pressure capasity of a hollow metal cylinder

I am tying to figure out how much air pressure a hollow metal cylinder could hold before it starts becoming dangerous. It will be for an air cannon I want to build so the cylinder itself would need to have an inside diameter of 4ft and about 6ft long.

Topic by Sedgewick17    |  last reply

Metal Gear Solid: Big Boss Costume

Hey all i was wondering if anyone can help me in constructing the Big Boss costume im planning to take it to a convention :P also what type of hairstyle does he have? i cant tell xD ty all who help

Topic by Yosaime    |  last reply

ive been tryin to make a throwable sticky taser type thing ive gotten close but i havnt got it yet i need advise?

ive had the idea from a movie but instead they used led lights im just trying to figure out how to get it to stick and shock severly  

Question by ebowers    |  last reply

Need some help on fixing my car radio. It says on his back that "its set to operate on 12v negative ground only". ?

And this too: "power supply: 12v dc negative ground" what does that mean? Its a 1991 volvo 460 L . May it mean my car has a positive ground? Ty

Question by forceinduction    |  last reply

Peanut Butter Cups, Welding, R2D2 Lamps

  Peanut Butter Cups Welding R2D2 Lamp Alarm Clocks Tree Speakers Aluminum Can Craft Weight-Sensitive Backpack Floppy Disk Percussion Drain Barrels Paracord Can Koozie Make Your Twin WIFI Projects Create a 3D Layered Drawing Paracord Belt Balloon Tying Jig

Topic by randofo    |  last reply

how would you build a portable ice maker?

I want to know how to build a portable ice maker that could run on 120v and 12v or just 12v so i could use it in the RV or who knows. i have seen them for sale but no one ever has them can some one help with ideas on this or insight ty

Question by krazymike58    |  last reply

Which diagram would work best(want leds to work at their max potential, Help? Answered

Specs on all 3 leds  1 watt, red green blue Maximum forward voltage: 4 Vdc Maximum forward current: 350/ 700 mA (if you pick a diagram with a resistor please let me know what rating Ty)

Question by dougiedougworld    |  last reply

I want to run 20-12v leds, witch allready have resistors, what circuit am i best using and what power will i need?ty?

Basicly i want to run 20 5mm uv leds, they allready have the resistors prewired, and state a 12v power source is needed but i wanty to run all 20, what circuit would be best and what kind of power suply and voltage any help would be great chhers

Question by dora0751    |  last reply

Website does not open when is typed

I have a website which works fine. But when I type, then the site does not open, say 404 error not found. Can someone tell me why this happens. Till two days ago, both ways was working fine. Can someone help me rectify the problem. Thank you.

Question by leathermall    |  last reply

Valentine's day contest.. "xxrequire" typo?

The current contest for V-Day says to enter an intstructable "involving xxrequire".. is this a typo? a programming placeholder? or is there something called xxrequire that the instructables must use? there doesn't seem to be any entries using it.. I am just trying to figure out the requirements so I can throw down my first, and hopefully, first winning, instructable.. any help would be appreciated. thanks

Topic by DeliciousMystic    |  last reply

Need help with a prank (filling up 38,000 12in ballons)

As a prank at my school i and a group of friends are going to fill the ceiling of the school with 38000 12in latex balloons We already have a bulk balloon and helum supplier the only thing is that it is going to take a lot of time in order to inflate and tie all those balloons i saw this and thought this might help but stil

Topic by markomo531161    |  last reply

How do you tie hockey ice skates the correct and tight way? Answered

It's winter time and tying your hockey skates is a hassle. One time my cousin didn't tie his hockey skates well and ended up with not a sprained ankle something else a little worse I forget the exact name. I don't want this to happen to me it looked very painful.

Question by PizzaPlanet    |  last reply

Need advice to find 12V dc/ac schematics

Hi, Im looking for schematics for a Chicago electric - 2000 Watt / 4000 Watt Peak Power inverter part number 95596 from harbor frieght. i did search there site with no luck, and i could use it asap. Or if you some advice about how I should go about repairing it, that would be great. It simply will not power on. TY in advance for your help :)

Topic by intheshed123  

Instructions for making really big "God's Eyes" or "Ojo de Dios" using 4 or more dowel sticks?

A few years ago I found instructions for making a really big "Ojo de Dios" or "God's Eye", using 4 or more long dowel sticks... anyone know where that instructable is now???  I remember the man that was demonstrating ended up tying several "eyes" together; they were stunning. Now I cannot find the instructions and I am mucho frustrated!

Question by    |  last reply