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altoids taser

Altoids have always protected us from bad breath, why not muggers? if somebody could fit a disposable camera taser or something in an altoids tin, that would be AWESOME!

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Camera taser? Answered

I was just wondering how many camera flash capacitors are safe for a camera taser, im not planning on tasing any body but  how many is too many??

Question by Emsaid    |  last reply

flying taser

I'm working on a flying tazer and have everything primed and perfect, but i can't figure out how to shoot the thing!!!!!1 along the lines of springs, compressed air, or electricity ( coilguns )please...

Topic by instructa-fan    |  last reply

Smaller taser setup

Is it possible for a novice tinkerer like me to use just the capacitor from a disposable camera to make a taser, wiring the battery in seperately instead of using all the plastic?

Topic by grantdevine    |  last reply

Camera Taser help!!!

I'm making a taser out of a camera and was wondering when adding more capacitors do they all the to be exactly the same?? same voltage? im going to wire them in parallel..

Question by Emsaid    |  last reply

Battery Power in a Taser

Hey, I'm making a 'Glove' Taser using a disposable camera and I wanted to know a few things which most people who read this will laugh at. Firstly, I wanted to put a stronger battery into it and wanted to know what the best battery to use was, keeping in mind that I wanted it to be hidden so I can't use C or D batteries or anything like that. And secondly whether by soldering more wire strands to my contact points (the hurty bits) whether it would carry a greater charge? ie, if 5 strands of copper wire carries 'X' charge then maybe 15 strands would carry '3X' charge. Any help here would be a huge bonus and when I make my Instructable on my Glove Taser I'll give credit to anyone who tried to help me XD

Topic by grantdevine    |  last reply

Glove Taser Help

Can anyone please tell me if i need a special kind of drill to drill the holes in the box. I was asking because isn't ABS a type of plastic???

Topic by f5ive32    |  last reply

Is it possible to make a sparking taser?

So, there are a lot of people posting articles on how to make tasers, most of these only spark if they touch something conductive. I would like to ask, how can you make the current jump between the two wires without touching something conductive? thanks

Topic by bloodyblahblah    |  last reply

can a taser re start a heart? Answered

I was talking to a police officer at six flags and the issues about tasers came up and i wanted to ask everyone's opinion if a taser can restart some ones heart

Question by theatre_tech_guru    |  last reply

What is the difference of a taser to a stun gun?

I think people would easily say the difference is that a taser shoot projectiles and shock them. I dont think that is it. I heard the difference is that a stun gun is a "pain complaince weapon" and that a taser is a "immobilizing weapon". Stun gun hurts and tasers make you immobilized. How does a taser achieve that? It shoots 2 projectiles and the body acts like a condutor trying to pass that current. If you use a stun gun the 2 electrodes are too close so the current need to pass only a small amount of your body. That is what I think, can anyone confirm that? I think that is why it only hurts. What if I took a stun gun and made the electodes to be very far apart?  Like take two wire and make a person hold in each hand a wire, then I would turn the stun gun on.  Would that work like a taser? So the current passes the whole body and not only a tiny spot. I hope it makes sense to someone. Thank you

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Need help creating a taser glove

Im looking for any 1 to help me with the capacitor wiring in i have all the supplies i just need a few pictures or clear videos showing me what to soder 

Topic by Matter85    |  last reply

Constant arc with a taser...need help!!

Can anyone give me some help on how to make a constant arching spark across 2 electrodes like a commercial taser?

Topic by PyroMonger    |  last reply

4KV Taser! -Help Me Design!

Hello!I'm Alex and i like high voltage!Now to the matter at hand...You know those disposable camera circuits?I noticed that they have 2 coils, one for charging the capacitor and one for triggering the flash.i was wondering if someone could help me build/design a circuit that uses the trigger coil.Electronic Goldmine has a Mini 4KV trigger coil that claims to be of high voltage.Does anyone know how i can wire it to produce HV in pulses?Thanks!-Alex

Topic by Sandisk1duo    |  last reply

How can i build a taser?

I want to make a taser .Can u help me

Question by Doc Penguin    |  last reply

how do i make a taser from scratch and not from a disposable camera?

How do i make a taser from scratch and not from a disposable camera? cause i cannot find any disposable cameras

Question by wesley14    |  last reply

how can i make a taserwith a run start capacitor?

How can i make a taser using a relay and hard start capacitor

Question by thtsbolognahomie  

Lightning Sword idea....

Hi iv been wondering... what happens if you put a taser attached to a metal rod and is constantly charging? would it turn into a lightning blade/sword/rod that when you wack/slash someone, they get the pain from the hit and the shock? anyone know if its possible to make one of these?

Topic by asdasd  

How to convert ohms to volts?

I want to make a taser and the circuit i have needs an audio transfomer 1k to 200k but i cant find it coz im in india can anyone please tell me which power transformer am i supposed to use thanks in advance jumper1111(not my real name of course)

Question by jumper1111    |  last reply

How much voltage and amprage does a disposable camera pump out?

I recently built a taser out of a disposable camera and I do not know how much voltage and amprage it pumps out so I won't kill anyone. I like to play it safe. I used all of the disposable camera and the capacitor is a 4 farad capacitor. In case you haven't guess yet I am a noob at the home electronics game. So... Thank you.

Question by pyrofire7976    |  last reply

i want to double the voltage to 600v in my taser .how can i do that?

I want to double the voltage to 600v in my taser .how can i do that?

Question by ouwelou    |  last reply

i want to make a taser with 20000v to do that?

I want to make a taser with 20000v to do that? the taser from the disposal camera has only 350v it doesn't hurt to much so how to do that .help plz

Question by ouwelou    |  last reply

I want to make a shocker, but i don't have access to a disposable camera. Any other ways to make a shocker that hurts? Answered

I want a taser/shocker like the disposable camera ones shown on instructables. I don't have access to any disposable cameras, or any butane lighters. I also stink at electronics. Any ideas?

Question by freeza36    |  last reply

Am I in danger? Answered

I am building a new tazer design, based off of my diy taser circuit, powered by a 9 volt. I shocked myself in the right temple ( don't ask ) and I am wondering if it could harm me. How much voltage an I getting? Btw ever since I shocked myself my right eyelid "flutters" rappidly every now and then, a few times a day.

Question by XOIIO    |  last reply

Student arrested for making disposable camera Taser

The capacitors inside disposable cameras pack a pretty big wallop and it's recommended that you act very carefully around them. If you don't you'll get zapped. And if you set it up so that someone else could get zapped you might even get arrested like this 14-year-old kid from Connecticut. linkvia boingboing

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

TRANSFORMER capacitor taser spark gap help?

Hey guys ive made quite a few things with capacitors and modded things with transformers but im pretty new to transformers and wanted to know if anybody could either post a simple tutorial on how to us transformers or inform me on how to make a spark gap. also is it possible to up the voltage in the transformer to make the capacitor rapid charge. i have a potao canon with a crappy ignition sytem and was going to make one but i need help with the transformers

Question by mikmkt93    |  last reply

Taser/Shock wand from Car Antenna

I have an old ball-tipped car antenna lying around and I want to turn it into a shock-wand. Any ideas on how to do so? It's still has the hex and threading at the base. Any help is welcome.

Topic by DSJesterXII    |  last reply

Are there any taser instructables which don't use cameras? Answered

I've been looking around ibles for a good taser instructable, but they all come up with ones which use cameras. Are there any which don't?

Question by ~Aeronous~    |  last reply

how can i make a railgun with a taser?

Theres lots of instructables about how to use capacitors for it, but i have a high powered stun gun, with more volts than any camera circuit capacitor bank. 1,800,000 V or 1800 KV. i know there has to be a way to do this. considering a camera capacitor only has about 330 V.

Question by mikmkt93    |  last reply

ive been tryin to make a throwable sticky taser type thing ive gotten close but i havnt got it yet i need advise?

ive had the idea from a movie but instead they used led lights im just trying to figure out how to get it to stick and shock severly  

Question by ebowers    |  last reply

Having trouble with a disposable camera Answered

I shorted out the capacitor and hooked up the wires and installed the battery but it didnt work... help?

Question by ductapedemon12    |  last reply

Sily child...Stun gun?

I don't know who to be more disappointed at... the Police, for reacting as such, or the kid for being dumb enough to bring it to a public school.

Topic by jongscx    |  last reply

Shocker from grill igniter/lighter?

If i were to take the igniter out of a butane grill lighter and hook it up with wires i would have to put a capacitor in order for it to HOLD a charge correct? Cause i beleive without any extras it will just make a shock when pressed?

Question by trf    |  last reply

Need gentle shocker to stop dog from stealing from counters.

My smallish dog steals my watch and other things from counters.  A very light shock would be sufficient; I would use a 9 volt battery by itself but I want the pulsing action of an r/c/transformer circuit.  All the shockers I've found here are too harsh. Any suggestions, especially how to vary the amount of shock?

Question by chrisk33    |  last reply

Question about DIY shocker

Does this work and not kill anything? I have 2 coils, other has 15 loops of wire and the other 10 000, if i use them to make a transformer and i attach a 9 volt battery to it it outputs about 6000 volts? Now, if i take the wires and shock myself with them will i get a shock without any serious damage? I dont have access to any serious capacitors for the time that i need so would this work?

Question by aksuduud    |  last reply

Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges

Hi, I would like to submit an instructable to the Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges. It is a spark/electric arc generator, which has many uses such as using it as a spark gap radio transmitter, igniting flammable gasses or liquids (camping stoves), or using the high voltage to charge capacitors. The circuit is based on that of a DIY stun gun, so the project could be used as a stun gun. In the rules it says the project can't be 'potentially dangerous'. So would this project be disqualified from the challenges for being too dangerous? I would of course warn people not to use it as a stun gun in the instructable.   Thanks in advance :) Detective Inspector Me

Topic by Detective Inspector Me    |  last reply

How to make a stun gun/taser from scratch?

Ive already made the disposable camera taser but it was not very enjoyable can anyone please give me links on how to make a stun gun from scratch

Question by jumper1111    |  last reply

Is it possible to build a hood mounted taser powerfull enough to stop cars' electrics during cop chases?

Could a hood mounted 'big' taser be mounted on police cars to knock out the computers or electrical system of speeding cars that are being persued? So many folks are killed during chases gone bad...there must be a better way to stop these things from getting out of hand.

Question by sonboy85    |  last reply

Found old dog collar, can i make it into a sort of taser? Answered

I found an old dog shock collar on my street with a broken collar(not reciever), can i make a remote to make it shock, or turn it into a taser? Basically i want something that i can have fun with, to shock my friends, or my other idea (since i have a mildly aggressive pit bull, would be to make a remote, so when he is outdoors and goes after strangers i can send the small shock it outputs to help train him to not act that way. Please help me figure this out, as i am a geek but know little about electronics when it comes to building them. Thanks. oh also the collar is a " Petsafe PIF-275" collar if this helps at all in figuring out how to do this.

Question by jefletch    |  last reply

do disposable camera's run out of battery? Answered

 I've recently made a taser out of a disposable camera and was wondering does the camera run out of charge over time? or does the charge get less or something?

Question by pete54321    |  last reply

does anyone know how?

Does ANYONE know how to make a taser/stun gun WITHOUT the use of a disposable camera??????? even if you have to buy resistors and stuff for it

Question by dasta    |  last reply

Help with a design for a totally bruttle key ring for a heavy metal fan.?

I just got a new car but the keys didn't come with a key ring. Now, since I am a metal fan I was looking for a keyring that was totally bruttle and cool. Currerntly I can't think of any cool ideas so can anyone help me out? One idea I had was to conceal a taser, that I will be custom making, and possibly a usb flash drive inside. Only issue is that it needs to be light enough as to not damage the key barrel and stearing column. Thanks in advance.

Question by one_fake_user    |  last reply

How can I make crazy-high voltages without a bulky setup?

I know that stunguns and tasers can produce hundreds of thousands of volts. I was wondering what kind of circuits I would use to achieve similar or, preferably, higher voltages (like, in the millions) using components like ignition coils, magnet wire, 555 timers and components bought at Radioshack. I want to produce as much voltage as I can with a tabletop setup without having to build or use big capacitors, a tesla coil, or electrostatic generator. The purpose would be to generate lots of faint corona discharge. 

Question by magnum-colossus    |  last reply

Diode for world's smallest shocker

Does it matter what type of diode is used to make a small electric shocker because on the tutorial I found they use one from a camera but I'm just buying/using parts I already have 

Question by Divergence    |  last reply

how do i turn my prank shock gum into a mini taser?

I want to mod my prank gum so it zaps on contact, instead on having to pull the gum.

Question by Dakpots    |  last reply

can a piezo electric igniter kill someone? Answered

Im gonna make a taser thing out of a electric lighter will it kill? amd what volts will it discharge

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

what are the part numbers of the components used to make the worlds smallest shocker?

Hello, in plasmanas instructable, how to make the worlds smallest electronic shocker, he does not mention anywhere the part numbers of the components, and only asumes that all camera components are the same, which i have now discoverd are not. anyways, recently i have built this tiny shocker 5 times, 2 times i used no solder as i was puzzled as to why it wouldnt work, all 5 times it didnt work. now, recently i discoverd that the 5 pin transformer used has 200-300 ohms of resistance between pin 4 and 5, and i have discoverd, that every single transformer i have pulled from a camera, does not, wheras infact it has 0.4 ohms. now unless his results are innacurate, this tells me that his transformers are totally different to all of the ones i have. and i have quite alot, even ones from polaroid cameras, supposedly the only ones that actually work. now, what i want to know, so i can get them on ebay, what are the part numbers or serial numbers of the transistor and the  5 pin transformer it seems impossible to harvest the correct ones from anything other than a single type of polaroid camera sold apparently only in america as luck would have it. otherwise, if no-one knows what the part numbers are, are there any other types that would work?

Question by oldmanbeefjerky    |  last reply

phototransistor for high voltage

Before the begining sorry for bad english I want to make laser tag with electric shock when hits This is circuit of taser what I want to do is remove the switch and replace with wire so that the taser can charge automatically then I want to put a phototransistor(that react to red laser) to the poles(where you get shocked when touch them together) but because the both poles are attached to bodies the taser can't be charged so I tried to block one side of pole with phototransistor but when I touch the two poles phototransistor burned(?) and I got shocked in this case what can i do?

Topic by hyeok205    |  last reply

mini shocker out of camera help?? Answered

I dont get capcitors can someone show me how to rewire them like a diagram or something becuse im trying to make one of those so called tasers but i dont hve the camera but i had a capactitor out of an old camera but dont know how to wire it

Question by sharlston    |  last reply