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Strikethrough text? Answered

Hello, Is there a way to use strike through text on my Instructable. I found this but it does not seem to work. Thank you

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Answers text.

Would it be possible to change the text that appears in the question box?If it was changed to something like "Can't find what you want with a search? Then don't be shy, ask your question here", then maybe we would have less of things like this.Just a thought.

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Importing text? Answered

Can we import text from other sites such as wikipedia for our instructables?

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Text Pictures

This is a forum where you can poste any kind of picture you want, but only text pictures! The reason I created this forum is because I really think these text pictures are interesting. Anything is ok, nothing is bad, and throw everything you got at this forum. Thanks! :)

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I can not save mi texts in "step by step"  

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Quotes in Text

Why do some quotation symbols in the text of an Instructable sometimes display as the "&quot" HTML tag? I'm using Mac OS X and the font is Arial.

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Aging text.?

I am aging each page of a book for an art installment i am working.  Currently, i am putting masking tape on each page and then pealing it off so the text becomes fainter.  Is there another way to make the text fainter on a page besides peeling it off with tape?

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IBles Text Formatting

===I Think Evryone should have a go at it ! ===Practice On this topicIf you don'tno how visit : Ibles Formating

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Adding Text to an Image

I am going to be entering one of the competitions and would like to know how I add text to describe the image? I can see you can place a text box onto the image but will that be on the image once published? How do people get the text to read below the image? Thanks for the help.

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Lost text in instructable

I went back to an old instructable( ) to answer a question posted in a comment when I noticed that the text is missing from step 2.  I am pretty sure there was something written in step 2, but it seems to have disappeared.  I don't have a pdf copy of the instructable nor do I remember what was written there.  Is there any way to retrieve it, I tried using the history to revert to a previous version, but there was no previous version to revert to.  I have no idea when it had disappeared or why.

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Wireless texting device

Hi everyone, I'm curious if anyone has ever seen or heard of a wireless texting device that would be suitable for older folks to use. Basically, I'm thinking a laptop-sized screen with a keyboard (basic functionality) that could stay on at home to receive/send texts for those folks (especially older folks) who cannot or will not use a smartphone or regular laptop.  Some sort of audible signal that as text has been received would be good too.  Thanks in advance for any and all help. ~J

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all the text is tiney!!

I am  noy hitting the tiny text button but all the text on the site everywhere,comments,headings Home,Explore,Answers,Community,Submit All tiny every piece of text everywhere is tiny!!!! I am using internet explorer(not sure what version),and Windows was all normal until about an hour ago.

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Little Text Art

I need to know a few little text images like the bunny: (\_/) (o.o) (> <) or the sword: C===[}:::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ Nothing big like this:                     $$$$`_____________________________,,,_ _______´$$$$$$$`_________________________´$$$` ________`$$$$$$$`______,,________,,_______´$$$$´ _________`$$$$$$$`____´$$`_____´$$`____´$$$$$´ __________`$$$$$$$`_´$$$$$`_´$$$$$`__´$$$$$$$´ ___________`$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_´$$$$$$$´_ ____________`$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$`´$$$$$$´_ ___,,,,,,______`$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$´_ _´$$$$$`____`$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$´_ ´$$$$$$$$$`´$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$´_ ´$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$´_ ___`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$_$$$$$$´_ ______`$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$__$$_$$$$$$_$$´_ _______`$$$$$$$$$$$$,___,$$$$,_____,$$$$$´_ _________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ __________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ ____________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ _______________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ I only want the small pictures. Thank you.

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Adding text after a picture? Answered

Is it possible to add more text above and below a picture  in an instructable. If so how?

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Instructable text not appearing

I've just noticed - after someone commented - that bits of the text on my instructable aren't there any more. Steps 1 and 2 were pretty wordy but now nothing? Actually a number of other steps aren't appearing either... this is a big problem! It's still there clearly because if you hover over a step icon it appears - and it's visible from the edit panel.

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what are your favorite text messaging codes?Jena?

What are your favorite abbreviations? For text messaging? Do you know of an article link? Jena

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Can't save text or divide text into seperate steps when writing an Instructable

Spent most of my 'free' time Saturday trying to write an instructable. I'm in step by step mode. I can add steps. I can title and add pictures to each individual step, but any text I add appears in all steps and doesn't save when I save the instructable. Sounds like maybe a problem with my Internet settings?

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GSM Text messanger?

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Lost Intro text

The Intro text for my instructable TRON inspired glow in the dark drinks has vanished. Did I accidentally delete the entire step or is this some sort of bug?

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Able to color text?

For example your using a computer in the batch game and it prints out something normally the text is black, but is there a way for the computers msg to be yellow

Question by royalroachemail    |  last reply

intercepting text messages?

How do you do this without physical control of the target phone

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Instructable text not saving

I have written text for my instructable a couple of times. Each time the autosave says it saved it just a minute ago or whatever. But I found out that you have to manually hit the "Save" button before the "Publish" button, or all my changes were lost. This happened to me a couple of times. What about adding an alert, if an author has added text, asking if they want to save first because text has been changed? The autosave is NOT adding the new text to the instructable, which breaks my heart after all the work I put into it.

Topic by susanrm  

Intro text not on PDF?

I just purchased a Pro account and noticed that generating a PDF leaves off the text in the 'Intro' section.  That does not happen on the 'View all steps on one page' option.  Is this a bug?  Is there a work around?  It certainly leaves out a lot of very valuable information in the Instructable. Thanks

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Scrollbar text boxes

I have just started making a few Arduino Instructables and am wondering how I can put the scrollbar text boxes like at Step 15: Program of this Intructable I do not have Pro membership. Also is there any way to post formatted Arduino code within the Instructables. Hopefully someone might be able to help me with these questions, thanks Pedro.

Topic by pedro147  

Double Text "Technology"

I guess the picture shows the bug quiet good, cleared cache and user data, should not be client side. Anyway my favourite category doubled \o/

Topic by Jan_Henrik  

Formatted Text Br0ked

The formatting {{{  }}} feature in the 'ibles seems to be broken and horked.  I'm aware this is known, but man, the instructibles look like crap with the formatting missing.  Any ETA on pouring a bucket of fixage on it? Thanks!

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URLs are now text!!!

A couple of changes to the site. URLs are now human-readable. So you can go to and not it a lot easier, eh?Also, Not Liable is now Offbeat blog post

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Kasey and Vanessa from yourpsychogirlfriend are featured on BoingBoingTV! Watch as Xeni checks out some of the awesome stuff they've been working on: high-concept tutus (my favorite gets filled with hissing cockroaches), giant evil doll puppets, and best of all, the Text-O-Possum.I still owe Kasey a mouse mouse to go with her compubeaver. Clearly it's time to get to work before the mouse is permanently upstaged by next-gen Possum-tech.I definitely plan to keep an eye on these two.

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'Missing Comment Text'

This seems like it should be a very simple bug, but it's also very frustrating, as I currently can't post a comment anywhere. I type something into a comment box, hit the Post button, and it pops up with 'Missing Comment Text'. I first tried as a reply to a comment on my own Instructable, and I double checked with a comment on my own, a comment on someone else's, and reply to a comment on someone else's, and nothing worked. I cannot post comments or replies anywhere. I think I ran into this problem a few months ago but it didn't bother me as much back then.  I am running Safari v.7 on OSX v.10.9 Just checked with google chrome; and it worked. In light of that, I'm guessing it's just something in Safari's Preferences that I don't know about. Anyway, let me know, because I'm sure this has happened to someone else before. 

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Bold text bold text not displaying in chrome and mozilla?

For some reason all "bolded" sub-headings in my articles are not displaying in bold highlight. The html code looks okay?I have tried two different browsers with same result. Changing the source code to bold text doesn't work either.Does anyone else have this problem?

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Can't add text to slideshow / text gone after edit

So, I went to edit the accompanying text for a slideshow of mine, and, after submitting my changes, *all* of the text was gone. I figured that I'd just messed up somewhere in the process, so I went back and added all of the original text back again. Submit. No text with the entry. Ok, so maybe the problem was with my Linux/Firefox setup.  I switched over to Mac/Firefox. Entered in the text again. Submit. No text with the entry. Mac/Safari? Entered in the text again. Submit. No text with the entry. So... is there any way that I can add text to my slideshow again?  I would really like to do so. For reference, this is the slideshow in question: Thanks!

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In a step, Images are followed by text

There does not seem to be an option to put the text first followed by the images? I would like to have several lines of text in the introduction followed by the images. It would also be nice to put text before each image such as: text, image, text, image, etc. Is there a way to do this?

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Text entered into Instructable DISAPPEARS

This is a problem I've been having for a while now.  When writing up an Instructable, I typically write all the text, then go back at a later date and add pictures.  Several times now, I've added pictures to a step, clicked to the next step, then THE ENTIRE BLOCK OF TEXT IN THE NEXT STEP DISAPPEARS.  I do not use all-caps lightly.  The text is irretrievable - I have to rewrite it from scratch.  Not only is that a huge waste of time for me (since I don't have any time to spare), it also results in an inferior duplicate of what I'd originally written.  Details are skipped, ideas forgotten, etc.  Chances are I originally wrote that text days or weeks ago, when the information was fresh.  Now it's stale. Please, please look into this.  I've taken to copying everything into Word as "safe keeping" until the Instructable is published. Computer details:  Mac OS X 10.5.9, running Firefox 3.6.12 (though it happened with previous versions of Firefox, too).

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Text onto soda can

I'm trying to apply some text onto the material from a soda can, but I don't have the neatest handwriting and it's not even meant to be a normal font. What are some good ways to apply some guidance for me when I go to actually scribe onto the material? The end result I'm aiming for is a box similar to this one; but with the Sith Creed written in one of the Star Wars fonts, and most of the visible work being done by a dremel. I've thought about making a stencil, but I'm not sure I can reasonably cut some of those shapes at the necessary size. Toner transfer may be an option, but I am not too familiar with that process.

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Will "preformatted" text be fixed for existing 'ibles?

Just noticed today that the instances of preformatting I've included in past instructables don't display correctly. The three-bracket "tag" that works like the "pre" tag in HTML... Currently, it changes to a fixed width "courier"-like font, but no returns in the formatting are recognized, so the text just disappears off the right column (and doesn't wrap, either.) Same for old formatting in the 'ible comments, too. No returns in the PDF, either...

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Text Disappeared When I went to Preview

While I working on my Instructable I went to preview the document and all of the text was lost from it. When i went back to the editing space it wasn't there either. I frequently saved throughout making my instructable. Is there any way to recover this text? Is there a reason this happened?

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Problem with Carriage return - spaces in the text box

Using Windows 7, Pro-membership. All of a sudden a few weeks ago I can't get a space between paragraphs in the text box. If I press the source button it works, then as soon as I save it removes all the spaces between paragraphs. Pressing enter between existing text does not generate a carriage return and space either. What's going on? How do I get around this? Is it related to Pro membership features? Thanks for your help.

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How can i insert photos in the text ? Answered

Hi! I am writing an Instructable and I want to Insert photos in text, Is It even possible? ( I am not a pro member) here is a good example in this Instructables . If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate your help! :)

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Request For Feature: More text formatting options

. As you've probably figured out by now, I'm a big fan of Instructables. Great concept, great implementation, and a fantastic community of users. . I do believe, though, that the lack of text formatting options is holding back a lot of contributors and gives a rather drab look to a lot of iBles. . I understand that there are security and abuse issues with all features, but formatting options such as paragraph indent, tabular/columnar data, &c would be appreciated by the authors and would make the site look so much better.

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downloading file for strum stick,audio amp, cigarbix guitar as well as others picturs good text in greek

I have tried to download several e-books and other files when it downloads the pictures are fine but the text is unreadable. what i'm i doing wrong? mike

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PSP help

Does anybody know how to transfer text files to a PSP? (Without downloading anything!!!!!)

Topic by devin10x    |  last reply

Is instructables making changes to the site?

Yesterday, when I was looking at an instructable, the bar on the right side that shows the views and related instructables was on the left. When I came back the next day, it was back on the right. I thought nothing of it, until today when I went to the homepage.The title and authors of the featured and popular instructables were shown, but not the sample text. Is this just my computer or is this happening to everyone?

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What is this ---- ★★? Answered

I see these boxes all over the place.  ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ What are they?

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how can i change the cover photo to my instructable

How can i change the cover photo to my instructable? Is this even possible?  I would appreciate your help. :)

Question by Team Dogoman RC    |  last reply

sir , how can i make a device which can read books for kids ?

Actually i saw a device named dolphino , it can read books whith the help of a  senser  and speaks words loudly and it has some kind of in built memory in which poems n rhymes are saved... this is rechargable also... i need u to guide me to make it

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separate words with different links are joined together when previewed

I am creating an instructable and have the following "but there are similar  things " where the words similar and things are two different links. In the preview the two words are joined together "similarthings" and nothing I can seem to do ...short of removing a link... will prevent this. Any suggestions? Add to this...I can't attach images to this message.  The new uploader doesn't open anything, the old uploader uploads, but no image.

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Why do we have to go through the admin. to change our usernames?

I do understand to a point, for keeping things from getting out of hand with inappropriate text, and I agree with that part, but, I don't agree that we need to wait for the change and the eye over our shoulder in this accelerated www. There are programs out there to filter out and work with the feeds and to keep things lined up right. And, why is it that way; that we need to be monitored here in Instructibles concerning our user-names. We are supposed to have intelligent enough caps on that make us decent people; being that we already have the capacity to be productive members in society, inventive and resourceful, helpful, and competitive for all purposes in research and creating stuff that is new, or old stuff revisited. Is this site that bad? When someone gets inappropriate with things, they have to have outside correction, and then they get watched for avoidance of any future haps because of past haps. This scenario seems to be the case here too, as with countless other sites; but all members get affected through blanket rules brought on by the ones who would show their colors in the lack of their morals. I would ask all who would otherwise give no caring thoughts and understanding on how you would present yourselves on the internet or in the life around you; please rethink how you would put yourself out there for others to see and read about, talk to or have accounts with. The way you look and appear to people who don't want their site trashed with that type of garbage of inappropriateness, is going to make Admins make blanket rules to counter-battle it, thus affecting all users, and creating the atmosphere of distrust in the site among the users ~vs~ the admins. I also wish you well in your future for making good choices that affect you and many who you don't even know in this world that would otherwise experience unfortunate reasoning and control factors as a result of the ugliness that has to be cleaned up... We are all a part of the community in this world, we need to respect ourselves more by carrying a good set of morals and using them ( I don't mean get bigger egos, or fine tune so we can lash back when confronted by our own garbage output). You would be amazed at how different your lives would be, along with the people around you. You'll gain much more respect than you have now; trust me, I know it from my own changes to become a better person.  Start with a smile to some one, It would make people feel happy and smile back; present yourselves with discretion and respectfulness, you should see changes quickly...much respect and trust is to be gained... (c-:

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How to translate text to audio

Hi, am very new in mobile application, i would like your help, on how to convert the text to sound. Regard  George

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on facebook, the bio text shows up instead of topic text for an instructable link

When I past a link to an instructable in a facebook postI want the text snippet to come from that instructable. Instead it grabs text from my bioI care because using facebook doubles the number of subscribers I have.for instance: here's what shows up in the facebook postJackhammer Headphones Anderson is the author of the "Heirloom Technology" column in Make Magazine. He is co-founder of, manufacturers of "3D Printer" output devices. His detailed draw...

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Random Text. (Just try out stuff)

Tiny words on a post. Low

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