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Thermal Paste

Hello, I was wondering, if you had tubs of high temperature thermal compound, would putting it on your stove-top (flat topped stoves, not the ones with the coils) before you cooked let your stove be more efficient? Other than the fact that I don't know where you would get high temperature thermal paste that could withstand your stop-top and the fact that it would probably ruin your pots, pans, and stove, is it possible? I wonder because I just saw my tubs of thermal paste sitting there and then went inside to cook something.

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building Thermal battery

Hi; Is it possible to make a thermal battery in home? thanks

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solar thermal collector

I am planing to build this instead of using oil-based plastic!/?ALLSTEPSAny tips?

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thermal cutoff fuse?

Hello im looking for a thermal cutoff but i have no idea what i need i only want 1 VO6Ftam 250V 3A~ 65°C D85 EJET (D85 might be 085 cant tell for sure) thanks for all the help Mike

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Arduino Thermal Camera?

Are there any cheapish arduino compatible thermal cameras on the market?

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A Thermal reacting LED? Answered

Ok so I don't know much about LED's, or let alone anything about how electronics work, then only thing I know is how to code on a computer, for a computer, I don't even know how to code a PIC card or whatever... But anyway, I want to make an LED react based on a thermal image, so its camera or Thermal LED or something detects heat in a room and adjusts the power of light on an LED and also turns it off and on, kindof like another tutorial that someone had with the light table, except they didn't have instructions to build it. If you want I can draw a picture of what it should look like, but basically I want to end up with a bunch of LED's to light up when i enter my room, and later on I want to make it so that they shut off when I clap 2 times and make them udjust different light areas, so when I walk in different areas of my room, different lights go on, and then later after that I'll make it so I can change the colours of the lights by saying a different colour. If someone can help menu would greatly appreciate it and when i build it I will post the instructions on this site :D Thankyou

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CPU Thermal Management?

Hi all. First of all, I am running a Pentium 4 530 at 3.0Ghz. The temperature at FULL load is about 60-70 degreese CELCIUS. The cooler us a .. Rocketfish Universal CPU Cooler.. (;=9462609) I dont know the code so i gave you a loink to it. I plan to upgrade to a Corsaire H50 to overclock. But first, I want to get my temps with this heatsink under control. I think it's the thermal compound... It's not applied very well.. I had to keep taking the cooler off and putting it back on to get it to clip into the board... :D Anyway, please let me know what you think I should do. THANKS!

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Thermal Grease for LEDs?

Is there any cheaper alternative to using thermal grease?

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Thermal Cooling and Heating

It is very possible and it is in use today by using Thermal Cooling and Heating from the earth. Performed by using a 6" well at least 100' deep, with thermal tubing inserted into the well carrying the liquid to be cooled/heated. Process is done by a circulating pump in the interior unit - through the coil - sending back through the well system and returning. It starts out from the main unit circ pump.......through the coils.......out to the "down tube" into the 6" well pipe, a sharp 180* turn back up the system returning to the circ pump. Such a system is used by many facilities to Air Condition or heat rooms of about 15' x 15' or so. I have even seen a system that utilized creek water as the "cooler" of the tubing on a circ pump system. That one really was cool, about 52 degrees. Have you heard of these systems or seen something like it or close?

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photovoltaic or solar thermal? Answered

I've been designing a high tech, off grid, self sufficient home over the past few months as a hobby. So far it consists of an artificial island floating on recycled plastic bottles and other buoyant devices (see: Spiral island) with an average sized house made of recycled shipping containers and plywood with a greenhouse. I basically want it to be a more high tech version of Spiral Island, but I have two questions. 1.) I'm trying to decide on whether or not I should use a Solar thermal generator or an array of Photovoltaic panels, but which has a better efficiency rate in terms of power and cost? 2.) Does anyone have any suggestions on plumbing? cause so far all I've thought of is a self composting toilet, but it would be really cool to have running water.

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Do-it-yourself thermal paper

Hello,I am thinking about buying a small mobile printer, but the smallest (500g/1lbs, €50) available is using thermal paper.While I could find the paper rather cheap in the US (from about 6 cent/sheet) here I could not find anything similar.I did stumble across (" ... homemade thermal paper has a darker printout than any thermal paper you could buy. ... Be sure to clean your thermal head ... .") and anyone tried it or allready an old thermal printer to try?Even if it will not be suitable for every day use, I am really interested in the subject :-)

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Thermal epoxy or Thermal grease and bolts?

I am mounting 15 Cree LEDs to get an old overhead projector to work as a video projector. the only thing I am wondering is whether thermal epoxy is better to use than thermal grease with bolts and nuts attached to a heatsink. Do both have the same heat dissipation? What I am trying to do is still use the LEDs for use with other projects in case i need them for something else.

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pump for a diy solar thermal collector?

I am building a diy solar thermal collector using a house radiator painted a black matt paint and i was wondering what would be a good cheap pump to use to circulate the water?  thanks.

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temperature contral Via thermal cupplers

I am just starting out I have built several Bio stoves in the past few years .  The cost of fuel wood,wood chip, saw dust ,grass leaves , brush paper all house hole wastes but plastic bone and metal . are the fuel's it will cook . In the end you are left with Bio dust charcoal and it is a 100% natural soil additive that improves plant growth . No green house gasses . and just a little ash from the fire retaining feeder. Any way I need to control at lease 4 to 5 temperature . all are inter related . all temp. feed backs will control digital speed controls to maintain temp.

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Thermal insulation/cover for heating water bottle

I am building a water bottle that can heat water inside up to 80 degree Celsius for my engineering project. The design of the bottle is as follows:1. an aluminium or steel flask2. heating coil at the bottom of the flask(for heating)3. battery and circuit for the heating coil is located below the heating coil.I want to design a cover such that a person can hold the bottle when the water is hot. Also, i want to protect the circuit and battery at the bottom from the heating coil. How can I do this? (As of now, i was thinking to spray polyurethane foam around the bottle and use a plastic cover. Also, using a polystyrene board below the heating coil to separate it from circuit board/battery). Are there any other insulating materials that can be used? Considerations for cover and insulation: 1. Should be able to hold the bottle 2. Wash the bottle (hence, waterproof)

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Would a survival blanket help a criminal to evade detection from a thermal camera?

 I have a survival blanket that claims to reflect back 90% of my radiant body heat and I've always wondered: If a criminal were to hide under a bush wrapped in a survival blanket would he be able to evade a police helicopter searching with a thermal imaging camera? Thank you.

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I need to source a very small thermal switch that would fit beside a peltier and open at approx 50 C. Answered

This is to prevent someone from getting a burn. I was thinking of the small battery cut offs but I do not know if they reset once opened.  The smaller the better as it would be ideal if it was flush with the peltier. I would like to wire it to the power source as a simple mechanical thermostat.  Power supply ranges from 5V, 500ma to 13V, 1A. It needs to be simple as there is no logic board. Thanks, Paul

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Mk7 extruder help

Instead of buying the extruder I plan on making it instead using various parts I have already however I do not have the thermal core. I am capable of milling and if not I know someone with a CNC what I don't have that I need are the "EXACT" dimensions of the thermal core can anyone give them to me?

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How much energy can be generated by a large compost pile? Answered

I have heard stories of compost piles getting extremely hot and I was wondering how many watts could be generated.

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what exactly is thermal shutdown? Answered

In IC's there is a term used that the ic ic capable of thermal shutdown .... what is it in detail also when an IC goes under thermal shutdown does it damage it self??? or it damages and makes the circuit open circuit to prevent other components from getting damaged?

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Copper tape for thermal concentration

Has anyone ever used copper tape to concentrate heat on an object to obtain a uniform higher temperature?   I've been doing some studies in the recent past that suggest polished copper foil is a good reflector of infrared energy. It is not as good as silver, but I don't think it would go over well to use silver in any sort of oven or kiln.  I used to think good ole aluminum foil was good for heat, but it turns out it is only good for stopping heat.  I've thought of using the instructable on the waffle iron or make one by way of a bread toaster, but will most likely not be able to go through with it.  The copper foil is the same type found at stained glass craft shops. 

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Solar Thermal Design and efficiency?

I have finished building and testing my diy solar thermal collector. i decided to paint the outside framework black, will this make a difference? also i was wondering how to work out the efficiency and power it can produce? the temperature difference was 17 deg going in and 29 going out at a flow rate of .36 litres a minute and the solar radiation was 800 watts per m^2. the temp difference might seem low and there a 2 reasons for this. 1)im in ireland and 2)i never bled the radiator so i have a feeling the water only flew across the bottom rather than circulate. Thanks

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question about thermal fuses

I have a blown thermal fuse in one of my fog machines,it is 10 amp 250 volt 133 degrees c.can i by pass it safely?(there is high temp limit switch on heating element)or can anyone tell me where i can get one or its equivalent?i found some online but they in thailand.hoping someone who knows more than me can tell me where to get this locally.the blown fuse has some numbers on it :se fuse sf129 e tf 133 degrees c please help

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Thermal Flashlight scaling help

Hello all, I'm dont have much basic knowledge about electronics and I got a problem. I've built this exact Instructable: I want to drive a 1m RGB LED strip with it so I've changed the NPN transistors to stronger ones that handle 0.5 A, it's the only components that are different. These are the exact NPN transistors:;=0&q;=BC337-25 Problem: the circuit works fine with ONE RGB LED but it does not work with even the smallest bit of RGB-strip (3 emitters). Goal is to drive a 1m strip and that consumes 14.4W @ 12V. Im using 12V 1A adapter for the Arduino and another 12V 2.5A for the LED-strip. What am I not understanding?

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Anyone have a resource to buy one (not 10,000) Sefuse SF214E thermal cutoff? Answered

My Mr. Coffee didn't work when I turned it on this morning (so you can guess how desperate I am!). I opened the bottom and found that one of the two thermal-cutoff fuses had blown. I need to find a Sefuse SF214E (from NEC). Neither DigiKey nor Jameco have heard of it, and the various "buy it" links Google throws at me are for OEM lots of 10,000.I'd like to just replace it, so if someone has a supplier they know carries it, I would be most grateful.If anyone has done (or tried) this themselves, and has advice either for or against it, that would be welcome.

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Can I use an electric arc to superheat air an expansion chamber to create thrust?

I have an idea about harnessing the electric arc from my makeshift Jacob's ladder to super-heat air at a very rapid pace within an expansion chamber of a ramjet rocket without using any combustable gasses. Can I get any suggestions for more effective forms of thermal expansion?

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anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

Anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

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Arudino Instant Camera?

After seeing the Electronic Instant Camera made by Niklas Roy, I want to try and make a better camera that's faster than his. But before I get into any good discussion about how to make something like this, does anyone know if an Arudino can be combined with the tech from a digital camera AND a thermal printer?

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Lighting with RGB LEDs

Hi all. I am wanting to get into using led lighting for long exposure photos (for the purpose of thermal imaging) and I am looking at RGB LEDs for providing the colour. My question being, should I try finding LEDs that have similar light output in mcd or stick with RGB LEDs? The reason I am asking is when I am looking at specs, the green seems to be 2 to 4 times as bright. Is this an issue?  Also, the RGB LEDs seem to have a much wider viewing/ lighting angle.  I am not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you all very much for the time.  Professorred

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A Deceptive Thermal Question for PCB Layout? Answered

Alas ... I was never strong in thermodynamics. This is for you  Printed  Circuit  Wizards Here is my problem in a White LED  layout,  See first picture Trying to pass excess LED heat to back side copper through VIAs I know the larger the VIA Dia the lower the thermal impedance. Intuitively as the hole grows it will eventually make heat transfer much worse  What or how do I find the OPTIMUM VIA Diameter for Heat TRANSFER ??

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a thermal conductor that does not conduct electricity? Answered

I am looking to heat water to a boil in a pipe, using nichrome wire. the nichrome wire will be wrapped around the pipe. my problem is i don't want to short circuit the nichrome wire, so i need to insulate it, but i need it to still transfer as much heat as possible to the pipe.   any suggestion would be great, including other ways to, using electricity, bring water to a boil within a pipe. *UPDATE: does anyone know of an affordable insulating paint or coating?                     i found some (called Glyptal) but it cost $50, which is too much for me                    rust-oleum is an enamel paint. will it insulate?

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What is the material with the largest thermal expansion?

I've looked many places online, but none seem to give me the Solid with the largest thermal expansion. It shouldn't be too expensive or hard to come by and it would be great if it could be purchased pre-cut into a square or at least could be cut by hand. This is very important for my upcoming project that I would love to share with you! Thank you so very much! PS: in the length of 6cm and a temperature difference of 41 degrees Celsius (or Kelvin) this material needs to expand by at least 2mm

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Thermal conductivity of two welded plates?

I am in the process of building a wood stove (details on FE Blog) mainly from scrap metal, but I have got it into my head that a stainless steel hotplate would be nice. I wanted one 10mm thick, round with a diameter of 390mm. As it turns out 6mm seems to be a bit of a threshold for stainless, and anything over has to be laser cut or similar and is loads more expensive. Like £80 is the cheapest I can find it.  Anyway, one solution would be to buy two 5mm thick plates and weld round the circumference - that seems like it would work out quite a lot cheaper. The question is how would the thermal conductivity be affected by the tiny gaps which would inevitably remain in the centre (the two plates will never be completely flat)? Is there some kind of thermal paste that could mitigate this, which is very heat resistant? If so how would it deal with being superheated by the welding, and would it contaminate the weld? And lastly - this got me to thinking about copper bottomed pans - how do they bond the copper to the stainless steel (google is failing me- or I am failing google with poor search terms)?? So 3 sort of related questions: 1.Welded plate- big conductivity problem or naught to worry bout? 2.Super high temp. thermal past  - would it help? 3.How are pans copper bottomed anyway?? Thanks, Bongo

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Print data to thermal printer using arduino

How can i print or display data on the thermal paper using thermal printer and arduino? what command should i use bec. the serial.print and serial.write doesn't work, nothing happens.. here is my sample code in arduino. void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   delay(1000);   Serial.print("Hello"); } void loop() { }

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looking for ideas on fabric composite thermal barriers ie artic sheltering?

Looking for moderately light weight, flexible,  and not too expensive Want to build a modular out building that I can take apart and transport, but be nice and toasty in the winter when using it. Thinking of a yurt type structure, but want to optimize the wall and roof covering

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flat plate evacuated solar panel

Hello, I am trying to figure how to make an evacuated flat plate solar thermal panel ( sort of this one: ). Main problem so far is how to keep air out (vacuum) . What sort of o-ring should I use ? Would it be possible to use Arduino to control internal vacuum and act a vacuum pump to keep it balanced in time ?

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USB heated Gloves mod Qs

I recently received a pair of USB powered heated gloves. Unfortunately they have a big bulky switch that hangs too closely to your hands and dangles around when you type. I'm looking to mod the gloves to have a less clunky switch, something more streamlined. The gloves have three setting, High (II), Off (O), and Low (I). There's a pic of what the inside looks like. I'm trying to figure out how the circuit works. I would assume it was just one setting is full power and the other has the resistor in it, but the resistor appears to be soldered to two leads on the switch. Does the wiring of it mean it skips the resistor when it's in the high position? Also what type of resistor is that (the big grey type) can it be substituted for a smaller one of equal value? It's not that important, I'm just curious, because I think I'm actually going to make the mod only have the High setting and probably without the switch since I could just unplug them instead of adding in a switch.I think the heating elements might be wired in series because the top pad doesn't get as hot at the bottom (or maybe they're just different temperature pads?).And I'd like to add a battery pack option. What would be the ideal (smallest) batttery setup I could use? (5 volts right?) Would a 9v battery overwork the thermal pads or just make them hotter?I was also thinking of changing the connecttion to a connector like this (LINK) a might be a little smaller, thoughts? Also what wires on the USB are pos and neg?

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berg little printer

Hi is anybody hacking these? i would like to get mine working offline,maybe connected to a camera . live slit scan or something like that..

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Laser diode cooling, would sanding help?

If I sanded the sides of my laser diode (essentially the same package as a stubby 5mm led), would it increase the surface area enough so that the cooling effects are noticeable if used in conjunction with thermal epoxy and a small active cooling system? Datasheet: Ok, due to many unforeseen minor issues/problems that have arisen, I have decided to consider a flat diode package. Although the power and pulse width are somewhat smaller, It wont really hinder the end product (which will have loads of documentation on the build here).New diode datasheet:;jsessionid=A8BC7E9CCE6FB1AA392B37F3F982A978?act=downloadFile&favOid;=0200000200001347000300b6

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Printer from protec 6300 fire panel, pinout needed :)

The printer has various labels on which say various things, the labels are listed below: B/NO 088531 40-886-66 MTS63 PRINTER PL 640/02 PRINTER DRIVER (MTS63) WELB010 ISSUE A TR107 089271 PROTEC I am after the pinout for the 10 pin IDC connector Any help welcome :)

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Thermal Electric generation using peltier modules and a household plumbed radiator?

My idea was being energy conscious of some how incorporating thermal heat from the heating system of my house to power LED Lights in the rooms where there is radiators. I need to find a way to incorporate a make shift kit using peltier modules heat from the radiators and a natural way to cool in a bid to reduce the electric during the winter months. Advice is welcomed and opinions also taken onboard as regards to its productivity and if it will be able to do its designed task. Thanks.

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"New " old material for experimentation.

This video is about Nitinol memory metal engines that are basically Stirling heat engines and work on a very low temperature difference. I first say this material while watching a video on the founder of 'The Venus Project'. He had small spring that he would stretch out of shape and the heat it - it would come back to its original form and shape. I thought it was neat but didn't see the potential of the material. This video is from a 1970 CNN broadcast  - when CNN was news instead of a propaganda machine. The material is available on the web somewhere as others have purchased it since I showed them the video. At this point in time I am more of an information messenger and unable to partake in experimentation. So have at it guys and gals. God Bless

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How to construct a small battery powered immersible thermal element.

Hello,I am doing a project and part of the project is construct a small battery powered immersible thermal element. The thermal element has to be small and portable, capable of heating 6-8 ounces of water to 95-100 degrees F and hold at that temperature. I plan to use a nine volt battery or a couple of AA batteries. The thermal element has to be small enough to fit in a small 8 ounce bottle. Any suggestions as to how I would go about constructing such a device would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help

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I need to replace the power thermal switches on my 10 inch tradesman table saw with Normal switches can u help?

I have a 10 inch tradesman table saw I need to replace the power and thermal switch I want to put regular toggles in but I have not been able to just wire in 2 new switches directly can you help?

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Im planning to build a small thermal power plant with a 4ton,10.5bar boiler. what is the maximum power i can produce?

Suggest the type of steam turbine and generator to achieve maximum output.

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fiberglass for resin forms VS fiberglass for thermal insulation?

I see woven or braided fiberglass (in tube, rope, sheet, band) for use as 1)  a seal where the seal is going to be exposed to high temperature (eg: stove door gasket); 2)  for use as a thermal guard (eg: tubing around electrical wire); 3)  and then used for it's' strength in resin impregnated sheet (egs: roof sheeting; mould making; boat building). My question is whether there's any difference between the fiberglass fabrics available for thermal and resinous uses? Are they interchangable? Fiberglass is fiberglass no?

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Hidden dangers of receips and dockets printed on thermal paper

Ever wondered how these thermal papers for your fax machine or supermarket docket work? Nothing that is printed by fast machines for you these days uses ink when it comes to cheaply producing a parking docket for example. If you played around with these papers you already know they turn black when you apply heat. A soldering iron at low heat makes a nice pencil on them... But what if you pet or kid loves to play with these papers? Often they like do just jast with the receipt for your fast food if found inside the bag ;) Most people would not consider a piece of paper as a health risk, but for thermal paper this can often be a different story. A lot of these papers still use bisphenol in one form or the other to develop the ink from crystal clear to black. Feel free to read up on it on Wikipedia - I recommend it! They also have more info on the thermal paper itself, including alternatives to bisphenol. Although recent studies are in favour of the thermal paper, when handled correctly some also show an increased risk for those dealing with a lot of paper - like the people working at cash registers in a really busy shop. Bisphenol can get into the body through the skin and by ingestion - for example when your kid tries to chew on it. As noone really knows where the paper you got came from it is a guessing game to figure out if it is free of harmful chemicals... So the best option is to avoid exposure when possible. If you know your kids or pets might to try eating some paper then make sure you don't leave any thermal paper around where they could reach it. But there is good news too as more and more countries try to set standards for thermal paper in regards to harmful chemical levels and protective coatings. Cheap paper for almost any priter out there can always be ordered from asia to avoid higher costs of local and safe paper though...

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I am looking for a material that is thermally conductive, but electrically insulating. Answered

I need a thin sheet of this material to electrically Isolate my transistor from the heat sink without hampering the heat transfer...I tried Mica there something better?

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