Throwie concept

Would it be a good idea to solder one led leg to a battery, and the other to a magnet, the put a tab between the two? Has this been tried before? I want to make a few as "flares" for airsoft. Thank you for your help.

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How long will throwies remain lit on a single battery?

Question by botanicsage 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Buy complete Throwies

I recently found a (german) internet shop where you can buy complete throwies:Click me, I'm the link!One pack costs 14,50 Euro and contains 50 Throwies. Nice thing.

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solar powered throwies

In case you didn't know, a throwie is an LED with a small battery and magnet attached, that can be stuck to any metal surface. would it be practical to make a throwie with a long lasting lithium battery? or a small solar cell? just a thought

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LED Throwies Picture

So I was in Maplin Electronics yesterday, looking or a specific transistor I needed. I was just browsing the shelves, and found so called "Goodie Bags" of LEDs. Imagine the shock then, when I saw the picture on the front. It was the same picture as is on the original LED throwie instructable! Anyone have any ideas about this? Was permission given to use it? Does it violate the terms of use of instructables?

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tougher led throwies?

Hi, i want to make led throwies more tough. By that i mean that i want to be able to throw them on cement, without breaking at all. Iv been tryin to put them in a plastic container, but it hasnt worked. So if anyone has an idea to make them tougher, and maybe even waterproof, let me know!!!!!!!!                                                                    PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question by sci4me 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Remotely controlled throwies

I'd love to make some throwies that can be remotely controlled. At a minimum I want to turn them on and off, colour and brightness change would be fantastic.  What's are the options for doing this - what's the cheapest, lightest, smallest way to control them remotely? Some kind of RFID and switch? Is this going to drastically raise the price from about $1 a piece, or could it be done cheaply? How many could feasibly be controlled at once?

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LED Throwies Kit?!?!

I was surfing some electronic websites this morning and I came across a kit that looked surprisingly like an LED Throwie. Except that this was called an LED "Art Object" Kit.LED "Art Object" KitHere is the description of the kit:Kit consisting of a small 3V BR2032 Lithium battery, a 10mm clear lens blinking red LED and a small rare earth super magnet. No soldering necessary -Just connect up the LED to the leads of the battery. Use clear tape (not included) to attach the super magnet to the battery. You are now ready to throw your miniature bright red "piece of art" onto any steel structure where it will flash for days. Complete with magnet, LED, battery and diagram.

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LED Throwie Bop

I've been a Masters student for the past two years and recently decided on a topic that investigates alternate/awkward styles of presenting DIY tutorials (If you're curious what this means, let me know and I'll give you a bit more information). I guess working at Make Magazine and Instructables for 6 or 7 years made an impact. For my first foray into this I decided to make a tutorial based song, and LED Throwies seemed the easiest thing to do it on. I'd love to hear what you may think, and if anyone is interested, I'd be glad to show you what other methods I come up with as I think of them. You can listen to the song here, and if you're curious about how we came up with that, you can check out the making of in the previous podcast. Lyrics: Hey Ho, Let’s Throw x4 First you grab your batteries Then you grab your LEDs Magnet, Tape, Accessories The LED Bop The anode to the plus bit The cathode on the alternate Then tape it to your magnet The LED Bop Hey Ho, Let’s Throw Toss them in the air now Where they land, I don’t know They’re all charged up and ready to throw Repeat x3

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LED Floaties fundraiser

I've heard so much about LED floaties,throwies,and everything else. But, I was thinking this could be used at a community cookout or something like that as a fundraiser. People buy an LED item and release it. Money could go to charity or fund. Any thoughts?

Topic by ry25920 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Cheap LED, Batteries and magnets

Hi, I want to make a whole bunch of lowtec-throwies, just a simple version to decorate and take pictures here, not the ultra-bright highly magnetic kind.The problem right now is that 200-300 throwies with cheap LEDs would cost more then $100 if I get the parts at our local electronic store (and that without magnets)."besthongkong" has 1000 LEDs for $10+$10S/H (=2 cents each) but does anyone know another cheap source with a larger variety and colors of low cost LEDs, maybee even low current ones? Maybee even in Europe?Second thing: Batteries. Lithium cells are rather pricey at that quantity, and cheap button cells seem to do the job.I had a couple of 1,6v LEDs on two button cells with diods I had lying arround (voltage drop). It was not very bright but they still glowed a week later.I had a cheap 12 pack assorted buttoncell blister, and I found they seem to have even worse quality ;-) Idd probably have to use three or more and still throw some out.I remember an experiment using wire and coins, lemon juice or vinigar, which made a LED glow dimly. Any Idea how long before this DIY-Batery runs out?Third thing: Magnets!DX has 20 for less then $2. but I guess at that weight I could just magnatize some scrap metal and cut it into pieces. Thats about a third of the costs even with all the shipping :-)Anyone here that knows any other good site for LEDs, magnets and such that ship to europe?

Topic by schorhr 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Fix for my 2500 throwies...?

I ordered throwie kits from a supplier...turns out they were clueless and sent me 5mm clear (asked for diffuse 10mm), normal CR2032 battery, and 1/4" magnet (won't hold anything up, expected 1/2" diameter. No returns so I am stuck with this stuff. Ideas on how to make these work without having to spend another $1k? I'm on a time restriction so I need to solve in the next day or two. THANKS.

Question by ihatlen 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

led throwies (need a large amount of 10mm diffused leds from the uk)

Hey guys i just baught 100 batteries from ebay and 20 or so magnets to make some throwies, but now i need a large amount of 10mm diffused leds (varying colours) anyone know where i can get them cheap?

Topic by Cew27 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Suggestion: LED flyies

I've seen LED throwies, LED floaties but not LED flyies. Since I don't yet have my camera and I don't have an interest in throwies but I know a lot of people do... Anyone fancy making an LED flyies instructable? LEDs and button batteries, taped together and taped to the bottom of helium filled balloons. The balloons then tied together with cotton thread to make a mat of flying LEDs! Any takers?

Topic by Jayefuu 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make a LED Throwies just like in the Step up 3?

Question by warbeast_92 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

High-Tech LED Throwie

Topic by UgniusR 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago


I recently about 2 weeks ago* ordered 50 LEDs for my sister in laws wedding reception from, I was totally screwed over when i only received 28 of the LEDs i ordered, not only that but when i ordered them, there was an instock supply of 120 ! ! ! ! >_<Ok, aside from being screwed over, im in dire need of finding (10 pcs) Loose 10mm LED - White and also need (12 pcs) Loose 10mm LED - Red;_id=394if possible could someone help me in finding similar LEDs that use a 3V battery for an LED throwie??another site ive tried is but the Minimum order US$99 mixed OK. and i dont need $99 in LEDs If anyone can help, id appreciate it big time!! Thanks.

Topic by les_SD_3386 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Has anyone made an led throwie canon/gun/launcher?

Question by sensoryhouse 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What activities to do in a Hackfest?

We are going to do a Hackfest in my town, for the promotion of our hackerspace. So, basically, we'll put out posters and invite people and we're going to have some soldering workshop, we'll be making PCB's and we'd like to also do other activities, like, creating something. We thought of LED throwies but I was wondering if the amazing community of Instructables would recommend some other stuff to do as well :) Any ideas? What can we do that is cool and will inspire people to want to take part in our community? We're still trying to get our hackerspace up and running so we don't have big budget unfortunately. Thanks for any tips! ;) Dimitris

Question by powerfool 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Instructables Elsewhere / Science Contest resource.

I was browsing the Science in School website, when I suddenly recognised one of the stock images. Gosh. Anyhoo, if you're interested in science and education, have a look at the site. There are even articles that could easily become entries for the Science contest.

Topic by Kiteman 5 years ago

What's the best way to dress up LED Throwies?

I'm interested in decorating my house with LED Throwies, but I can't think of a way to hide the battery/magnet assembly.  Does anyone have any (preferably cheap) ideas on how to add any sort of elegance to the body of Throwies without sacrificing the magnetic quality?

Question by SJBarag 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Do the LED throwies work with regular batteries?

Question by aali37 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Throwies reimagined - Really I did tried :) :| :/

Seeing other forms of making interactive throwies, eg using microchips impresses me.However i think it is important that we try parts of the B.E.A.M philosophy keeping things simple, and avoiding the use of microprocessor.The component of a interactive throwie is that it has1. Power storage2. Trigger3. Circuit4. LED5. (optional) Power collection of radiant energy.I like to see more suggestion on ways we can address each issues.But to kick start the issue, can you see if my idea is feasible.essentially for my prototype not-yet throwie, I used a circuit from create a throwie that on sensing motion, doesn't flicker but turns on for a while.By ensuring that i use few and simple componants, i hope to keep cost per throwing down.Unfortunately my problem is that using a resistor to keep the capacitor from draining too fast from the base, actually decreases the voltage drop to an unacceptable level at the led.On my end it is unsolvable for the moment. Maybe you can work out how to make a cheap throwie, that can still do these functions or more.Any ideas how to solve this?Other Ideas for throwies1.Open and attach a switch to a barometer, to have a air presser passive trigger.2. A leave shaped pad with two conductors that do not touch, to act as rain sensors. (Resistance increase when leaf dries)3. Is sensitive to infrared radiation from side, so that the throwie is trigger-able by other activated throwies. (As well infrared devices)4. Has a short loop of coil to recharged capacitors, by outside induction.5. If activated rarely, uses a tiny single solar cell to charge capacitor.6. Has a hook to be easily collected for recycling. (Using a simple loop of wire on a pole [Like a dog catcher pole] )7. A single thermistors in series with led.8. A tricolour LED, and a Two light resistor. One LDR acts to sense if it is day an night, if night a low power light is activated. Only when an object strays near, and reflect light into another LDR, does the throwie get triggered at all.9. A throwie triggered by vibration.10. A throwie that responds to radio waves.

Topic by akimbo m 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

LED THROWIES - can AG 13 batteries be used?

Thowie instructions say 3 volt CR2032 batteries - I was told AG 13 would work.  We are using throwies made with soft white LED 's to put in white paper lanterns for a wedding.  We want to "light" the lanterns the day before, so need them to burn well for at least 36 hours.  Any suggestions or help is appreciated!

Question by juspla 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Do Led Throwies really last up to 1-2 weeks?

I've been reading a post in Evil Mad Scientists about the scientifics and workings of Led Throwies and it got me thinking: If a CR2032 has a value of 250mAh (tops), and an LED consumes about 20mA, then doing the calculations (250/20) we have that the battery would run out of juice at about 12hours, then how are led throwies lasting weeks?!! Maybe I'm an idiot and this isn't the right calculation for this kind of thing. Can someone show me the light?

Question by Skyriam 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Will LED throwies still work when fired from some sort of air musket? Answered

  I'm looking for a way to impress my friends and family with something that looks like plasma being shot from a gun which it really isn't plasma and there is no gun. You can imagine it of being somewhat futuristic looking effects I'm trying to make here. If my LED's don't or can't survive then how could I make 'em survive?

Question by nutsandbolts_64 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Toggles, LEDs, and Ultimate Frisbee

So here is my challenge. I play an ultimate frisbee pickup game every week (Tuesday at the Harvard commons in Cambridge, MA, at 7PM stop by and play!). We have a great LED frisbee that extends the games into the night, but once it gets really dark telling teams apart becomes challenging. I hit upon the idea of making LED 'throwies' for one's body. Take a little 3v watch battery, tape the leads of the LED on with some electrical tape, and then use a safety pin clip it onto to clothing, and blamo!, you have an LED pin that makes playing ultimate frisbee in the dark surprisingly easy, fun, and colorful. There are some problems with this. First, it takes a little time to wire up the LEDs. It is a fun group activity to start with, but this is a pickup game so people wander in all of the time to play, and each time this happens someone has to run off to make some more LED pins. It would be awesome if I just had a bag of them ready to go. Second, I have to pull the pins apart after each game. Third, my red and yellow LEDs (blue and green are fine) really need a resistor as they tend to go dull. Finally, I would really like to make these guys a little more robust by fixing the leads on more solidly. So, with that said, here are some things I could use some ideas on. 1) Cheap toggles. I needs them. I would be willing to toss a few more dollars at these pins if I didn't have to tear them apart each time. Toggle switches would mean I wouldn't have to tear out the battery each time. I am having a really hard time finding cheap small toggles on the inter-tubes. Does anyone know of some good places to look? There is also the added challenge of finding a way to attach the toggle in a mildly robust manner. 2) I am looking to rig these pins up into something a little more sturdy. I was pondering soldering the LEDs to the 3v coin batteries I am using and then super gluing the solder. Is this workable, or should I just break down and buy some battery holders? If battery holders are the answer, again, does anyone know of a cheap place to look? Finally, does anyone have any other interesting suggestions? I am willing to drop a little money into the project, but I really don't want to be spending 5 dollars per pin. In my ideal world my final product would look like an LED, a battery, and switch mounted on a safety pin in such a manner that if someone sticks it to their shirt and rolls into the ground it doesn't break. Getting all of those things to come together in an even vaguely cost effective manner is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Any ideas would be great!

Topic by JonnyProton 10 years ago

Protesters in China Use LED Throwies

Pro-Tibet protesters in China used LED Throwies to illuminate a large "Free Tibet" banner in China's Olympic Park, right in front of Beijing's National Stadium.On Monday, five pro-Tibet activists unfurled a banner spelling out 'Free Tibet' in English and Chinese in blue LED 'throwie' lights in Beijing's Olympic Park tonight. The five were detained by security personnel after displaying the banner for about 20 seconds at 11:48 pm August 19th. Their whereabouts are unknown. As far as we know, James Powderly, the author of the LED Throwies Instructable is still in Chinese detainment after being picked up by Chinese authorities a few days ago for planning a LASER stenciling event.Throwies are the most viewed Instructable in history, with over half a million project views to date.Article on LED Throwies in Beijing

Topic by joshf 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Sutaible title yet again? Answered

I want a sutaible title for my instructable which is a LED THROWIE which flickers like a candle 

Question by robot1398 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how much time will it last ,a throwie of 10mm with a battery of 3v?

How many hours or days will the led be "ON"? using a 10mm led with a 3v battery

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Friend of Instructables and Friend of Humanity Held in China

Long-time friend of Instructables James Powderly of GRL, FFFFFAT LAB and Throwies fame is currently reported to be held by the Chinese Government for over 24 hours without further word for planning a pro-Tibet LASER Tag event in Beijing. "James is proud to have been kicked out of the Synthetic Times new media art exhibition in Beijing because he wouldn't censor his little art project. James wonders why organizations like the MoMA, Parsons, Eyebeam, Ars Electronica and many other arts and cultural institutions around the world who claim to support free speech and expression would participate in a show like this. But they did! It was after being kicked to the curb by the show's curator that James connected with Students for a Free Tibet and decided he would go to China anyway and do what he though was right in support of Tibet, Taiwan, free speech and the people of China. James lives, if indeed he is alive, in the County of Kings, Brooklyn, and teaches at the Communication Design and Technology program at Parsons the New School for Design. I am James Powderly and I approve of this message."We wish the best to him and his family.This via Boing Boing.

Topic by randofo 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

To All People In The Greater/Metro Vancouver Area

Let's do something... epic.....Sometime in the next 3 months (to be announced), I want to see everyone that looks at this topic to show up at a location in the Vancouver area (to be announced-yes, another thing), with as many throwies and floaties as you want to bring (preferably over 20, as we will release them onto the city sometime at night (t.b.a. - wow, this isn't very organized). If you're looking for parts, Active Tech (1st and Boundary in Vancouver) has the cheapest LEDs, in $15 100 packs. Batteries you can get from dollar stores. The point of this is to have a a little fun, and to annoy the horsemen.Let me know your ideas on a time and location.LN

Topic by lucidn 11 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Ideas from the center of the universe #1: LED throwie machine gun

NOTE: This is so old, that I don't care anymore. If you do, be my guest to change the rules.Ideas from the center of the universe: Any challenging idea that comes into my weird, weird cranium. (I am not purposely saying that I am at the center of the universe; the title is based off of another crazy idea that I once had.)Okay, I just thought of the perfect challenge: a gun that will launch/fling LED throwies at high intervals, at least 5 per second to make it easy. The throwies can be of any size, as can the launcher. Distance limit is 50 feet horizontal.I might think of a prize later on, but I currently do not have any sponsors.Any discussion whatsoever will happen in the comments on this topic. Links to instructables are required if you have found a solution.Well, get started!YP

Topic by YummyPancakes 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Throwie/Blinky using LED for Solarpower or using Radiowaves

Hello,I was wondering if its possible to make a "battery-less" throwie or blinky.I know there have been some solar throwies arround, but when looking through a message-board I found two circuits that use radiowaves or photovoltaik properties of a LED.The only difference is that the "bettery-less" throwie would have to collect power untill its dark, and then feed from it.Since I am not really into all the electronics yet, I do now know how well capacitors will keep their load, and if a aditional day/night switch detector will consume much power.The LED-drives-itself circuit: LED drives itself from've read in the forums that preparing the LED with sandpaper so its diffus will make it less angle dependant to charge?)The Radiowave-Blinker circuit: Radiowave blinkerfrom the german electroniwerkstatt-Forum (Click and look at end of toppic)A simple day-charge / night-operate circuit (such as a garden solar night light)[http://solar night LED CLICK]Has anyone build something like that?

Topic by schorhr 12 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

*Clears throat* Hm Hm. Dear Public Safety officer:

Dear Public Safety officer, there is a large difference between a bomb, and an LED throwie. Please stop bugging me about the red light on the electrical box, and go do something useful, like stopping a robbery. Thank you, Zem. Basically, I made an LED throwie, gave it to my friends little brother, and where does he stick it? An electrical box... Good boy. Then, not ten minutes later, a public safety officer comes over and says "Whats this? -.-" I say "Its just a light, its not doing any damage." "Okay. Just putting them up for fun are you? -.-" "Yes" "Okay. -.-" And he walks away.

Topic by Zem 9 years ago

iDropper LEDComm Electronics

Has anyone used the iDropper and/or the LEDComm as mentioned in some posts on throwies recently. How does the rfid option work with these things.

Topic by sswcharlie 10 years ago

Does anyone know how to make a good quality throwing star??

How to make one that the materials are easy to get, and that if you throw it into a tree that it won't just break??

Question by Emoshi41 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Featured? Answered

 Do the instructables inspired from other instrucatables like the led throwie talkie by puckkining uses avr microcontroller so if i make a 'ible of the same talkie with pic12f683 and will it get featured if all the pics are good with gread documentation

Question by robot1398 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Top 5 new Instructables

Another week has ended and we tallied up the numbers to see what were the most popular new Instructables. This top 5 list covers the Instructables that were published within the last week that had the most pageviews.Leading the list is our intern, drinkmorecoffee, who finished his time here with his 6-cent throwie Instructable. The rest of the Instructables show that laptops, LEDs, and tasty treats get a lot of attention as they should.So check out this top 5 list and come back next week for our next round-up! 6 Cent LED ThrowieMake an LED Throwie for 6 (six) cents - it's the cheapest Throwie ever!LED Throwies are popular contraptions made of a battery, an LED, and a magnet all taped together. This... posted by drinkmorecoffee on May 8, 2009 Laptop Bubble StandEveryone is always making laptop stands that, albeit functional, are rather hideous to look at. This becomes less than ideal when you consider that typically, when the laptop ... posted by randofo on May 12, 2009 {THE LED LIGHTBULB}With energy at shortage, we strive to conserve. Although we attempt to buy the greenest electronics and turn them off as much as we can, we still find ourselves with those en... posted by aandre on May 10, 2009 Pie in a JarTiny pies.Made in jars.Frozen to create individual freshly baked pies when you want them.What could be more adorable? posted by scoochmaroo on May 11, 2009 Building a real woodworker's workbenchThere are a number of instructables on building "workbenches" of various degrees of cost and sophistication, but most of them are really just tables. They'd work fi... posted by jdege on May 11, 2009

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FEATURED? Answered

Do the instructables inspired from other instrucatables like the led throwie talkie by puckkining uses avr microcontroller so if i make a 'ible of the same talkie with pic12f683 and will it get featured if all the pics are good with gread documentation

Question by e=mc^2 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how would you drill hole big enough for a led throwie to get in the side a glass bottle ?

Thats if it possible and preferably without breaking it ?

Question by moo of the cow 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Is it safe to solder a PICAXE microcontroller directly? Answered

I wanted to use a PICAXE 08M2 in LED Throwie application so i wanted to know is it safe to solder it directly or i have to use a 8 Pin DIP socket              ?

Question by Bot1398 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

URLs are now text!!!

A couple of changes to the site. URLs are now human-readable. So you can go to and not it a lot easier, eh?Also, Not Liable is now Offbeat blog post

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(newsletter) Wireless Power, Bike-Powered USB Charger, 6 Cent Throwie...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Get the LED Out! Contest - New contest! Enter any Instructable that involves LEDs and win some amazing lights from Monkeylectric! Mother's Day Contest - Closes for entries on Sunday! Make something special for Mom and win a sewing machine from Singer! Vote for the entries in the Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest to help decide who will win a MacBook Pro! Vote now!Help the Robot travel in our Cutout Contest. Post your photos and get a patch!Become a fan of Instructables on Facebook and get updates from the Robot. Laptop Bubble Stand Charge any USB Device with Your Bike Build a Woodworker's Workbench Pie in a Jar Make it glow, and win Monkeylectric lights! Closes for entries this Sunday! Wireless Power Web Based Water Metering 3D Anamorphic Street Art The LED Lightbulb Felt eeePC / netbook Pouch for $8 3D-Printed Combination Lock Make a Diamond Engagement Ring Make a Solar iPod/iPhone Charger Get outside! Vote for your favorites! No-Sew Duct Tape Zipper Pouch Portable 12V 17 Watt Wind Generator 6 Cent LED Throwie Urban Prospecting Detector Sign-up for this newsletter:

Topic by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Harbor Freight 9 LED polarity.

Https://!!/I want to use that flashlight, and mod it to a different colour led but I need to know if the pbc board has polarity.

Question by Noodle god 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

3 How-To Projects In 60 Seconds - Eric Wilhelm of Instructables on the Forbes Video Network

Watch me demonstrate Jackhammer Headphones, LED Throwies and Floaties, and Marshmallow Guns in 60 seconds on the Forbes Video Network:3 How-To Projects In 60 SecondsMore news and press about Instructables here.

Topic by ewilhelm 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Some good instructables? Answered

I am getting really bored in these loooooonnnnnnnggggggggg summer vacations and found no good instructables to make :(  . So please can anyone suggest some good instructables? Some good, easy and cheap instructables  related to technology, but not as simple as led throwies. Those related to mechanics would also be appreciated.

Question by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

The Judging Criterion Originality n instructables contests?

I saw that there is judging criterion of originality in the instructables contests so , IfI take inspiration from other projects and execute it in a different way does it fulfil the criterion.Like if I Make a LED throwie talkie in a different way like if I use a different microcontroller  and different coding

Question by robot1398 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago