I cannot open the thumbs in the Instructables. This appeared a month ago +-. Is their a way around this problem?

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no thumbs day

Friday August 24,2007. i am declaring this no thumbs day! A day in which I will not use my thumbs. Whos with me?!(crickets chirping)

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Ninja Thumb Tacks

If a ninja worked in cubeville this is exactly how the papers would be stuck against the corkboard. Isn't business a battlefield? If so, we should start getting armed and be ready to assassinate sheets of paper at 50 paces. Linkvia BBgadgets

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Mini USB thumb drive - Know what i want, just not how to do it

Hi, I had an idea of making a mini usb drive out of a regular flash drive...Originally i had the idea and thought i should google it first....found out that a few companys have already made it...BUT i say nevermind them! DIY 4 life people! Anyways..I figured that all i would have to do is take off the plug-in for the drive (unsoldering it of course) and then cut the board to my liking, and re-solder it back on. Would this work? Does anyone know if it will short out my computer, or have you tried it before but failed? I MUST KNOW!! Because I really dont want to buy it, and i think it would look cool inside my laptop. THANK YOU!

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Can I design and build my own thumb drive circuit

Does anybody know if/where I can find information on how to design and build my own thumb drive?  All I have been able to find are companies that let you design your own case.  I can do that myself but I want to learn how to assemble the circuitry.

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I broke my thumb

I just broke my left thumb last night i will now comment less cause it's a pain to type (unless all of a sudden it gets better). Now i have one disfunctional hand that can't do much i have to go to TSA national conference in a couple days for a week. I was working on an instructable, but now it's going really slope/stop

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Is it possible to connect multiple usb thumb drives to be one drive?

If I had like 10 thumb drives could I connect them all as one drive somehow? I know you can create a usb hub and connect many that way, but when you connect the hub to a pc it sees many drives and not one.

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How would you be able to make a thumb dagger like the one in the Picture?

I want to make a thumb dagger like the one in the picture, but dont know what tools or materials to use.

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DIY mini thumb drive?

Does anyone know how to take a regular USB thumb drive, and convert it into a mini one? I am on a laptop and would not like to have a long stick coming out of it so that if i hit it by accident it will break i was curious to see if i could unsolder the USB plug-in and take the board so that it would be cut off just enough to make a mini USB? Yes, I do know that i can just buy one....but whats instructables without DIY? :D Thanks all! :)

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How do you cut and sew thumb-holes into sleeves?

Ive never had a top with thumb-holes so ive not seen how they are done but have always liked long sleeves and think thumb-holes are a good idea and want to add them to my long-sleeved tops!

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restoring a knife

I recently acquired a knife in poor condition. It is a Frost Cutlery Flying Falcon lock back. The thumb catch knob is missing and I was wondering if any one had an idea to replace it. Also, I was wondering if anyone had any info on stainless rostfrei.

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Flash Drive To An MP3?

Is There A Way To Turn My Flash Drive Into An Mp3 Player? If so Could i Get A Little Help On How?

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USB to network storage

My TV has a USB port for plugging in a thumb drive to play videos and music. As do several other devices Im aware of. What I would like is a device that when plugged into my TV or such  will pretend to be nothing more than a thumbdrive but actually be a wireless adapter that connects to my network and the 1TB network storage so I can access all my files at once.

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USB thumbdrive "usb device not recognised"? Answered

My lexar 8gb thumbdrive sometimes works and some times it says usb device not recognised HELLLLP i am using windows 7 enterprise if that helps

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Show off your drive (and introduce yourself)

Hey guys. Like the charter says, I want you to show off your drive. If you don't have a pic, dont worry. Try to tell us some other way or just get one off the net. We're a fun place, not too serious. See ya in the forum!

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Coding a USB thumb drive with LEDs?

Basically. I have an old thumb drive that I want to connect a string of LEDs to, and while it's plugged into my computer, I can program it to blink/flash whenever I want, whether its just timed, or I click a button "on the program" and the LEDs turn on Where do I even begin? I mean, I know how to attach LEDs to the drive, just the rest of it... Not so sure.

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Can I password-protect a specific folder?

I want to password protect a single folder on a flash drive - and I want it to be passowrd protected on ALL computers I use the drive on. Any idears how to do that?

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Is there a way to convert a Kensington USB port lock into a flash drive?

I've had this thing forever, and I never use it. Any insight would be appreciated!

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um...somethings wrong here

I just notice that even though this group has a bunch of instructables, we have essentially no members, few ratings, and only one forum topic, which is this one. We need to find a way to get more viewers, members, ratings, etc.

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Where can I find a site that shows step by step instructions on how to make a usb flash drive from scratch? Answered

Where can I find a site that shows step by step instructions on how to make a usb flash drive from scratch?

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35mm USB Drive

Well I just joined today and was wondering if anyone has done this yet? A 35mm USB Drive mod, it came out looking pretty decent so I figured I'd do an instructable on it if no one has done or seen a usb like this one.

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Casino Chip USB Flash Drive

I was thinking of making a simple chip flash drive by taking apart my Cruzer and using some hot glue to mold two casino chips together, with the chip in the middle. My friend did this with a (one) lego block, but this is a little different. I wanted to take this idea to you guys, just so I could make sure it's a good one. Think I should try it out?

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Unable to change image when clicking on a thumb... Answered

When viewing an article,which has multiple pictures with the row of thumbs below the primary image, I am unable to get the primary image to change when I click on a thumbnail, it only works in IE, but not Firefox ..  Why ?? Can't even post this question using Firefox - booo

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where to get thumb sized neodimiyam magnets? Answered

I want to make a speaker and i want thumb sized cilyndrical neodimiyam magnets.i live in bangladesh and radioshack or online shopping is not available.but my workshop is full of junks and can i salvage any magnet from there.i tried to buy these in shops but could not find it.please help.thanks for viewing and answering

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What to do with three old Cylon thumbs?

I have three old low capacity ( one 256 and two 512mb) usb thumbdrives. What's the coolest thing I can do with them? 'Nuff said.

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Google sketchup ?

I need help, i cant figure out how to install google sketchup free on my usb flash drive, I have a sandisk 4 gig, the one with the retractable usb plug, please help me.

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Anyone know where to buy some really cheap USB flash drives or MicroSD cards?

Frenzy's instructable on USB dead drops got me inspired, but I don't want to set up just one!  I'd like to set up several around my little town here, and I don't want to break the bank doing it.  Does anyone know where to buy maybe six to twelve thumb drives or micro SD cards for super cheap?  I don't need anything particularly fancy, I'm sure 512mb or 1gb would be plenty of space.  I found some stuff on ebay but I'd still be paying around $35 for 10, and I'd like to get that down around $2 each or less.  What do you think?  Pipe dream or do you have some ideas? 

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pictures wont come up in Opera. just thumbs

You know the thumbs at the bottom of instructabls? when i click on them they wont come up. theres just the first one. opera is my favorite browser and i dont want to have to switch just because everyone use mozilla or IE (wich sucks worse than a vacuum).

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Feedback: thumbs up on the placement of new subscription items

Just wanted to say: me likee. It's like it was when subs were first introduced. Very nice.  Now if only I could get my comments just under that (or even customize it...le gasp! :D ), life would be complete... :D

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Is there a way i can have a text dodcument automatically open when i insert my flash drive in the computer.

I jsut need it to remind me to remove my flash drive XD i forget alot

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can i download eagle onto a thumb drive and make it bootable? Answered

I want to download eagle( the free one) onto a memory stick and make it bootable so when i put in the thumb drive it will boot up!!!

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How can I tell when a thumb drive has had too many read/write cycles? Answered

I asked another question about building a laptop hard drive out of usb thumb drives, and one person made a good point: the read/write cylce ratings of thumb drives aren't as high as those for a regular, magnetic disk hard drive, so they would need to be replaced as they got worn out from all of the read/write cycles. So, how do I tell when a thumb drive is getting old before it keels over and I lose a chunk of my hard drive? Thanks!

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Does mobile have an option to unlock after taking thumb impression of owner instead of password?

Does mobile have an option to unlock after taking thumb impression of owner instead of password? I mean to say that, mobile should not be unlocked without the thumb impression of the owner. does this option available in any mobile? If not how to do this?

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Anyone got any cures for blisters? Answered

I was mountain biking and i had my thumbs under the gear shift so now i have blisters on the top of my thumbs -.-

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Can I use a thumb style joystick without a microcontroller?

I've been thinking about using a thumb-style joystick in an upcoming project (like this one) and making it go digital instead of analog (like this) but the only things I can find on such joysticks are with microcontrollers. I planned on using it to send a key stroke by using the guts of an old keyboard to make a diy emulator controller (like this) and I was wondering if this were at all possible or if it needed a microcontroller.

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Can I make a laptop ( or any computer, really) hard drive out of several linked thumb drives? Answered

I saw this in Make a while ago, I believe it was in the steampunk issue. It was a bunch of thumb drives linked by a usb hub into one, and then packed into a traditional hard drive case to make one big usb thumb drive that looked like a traditional hard drive. I was wondering if this was possible to do seriously, as the internal hard drive of a computer or laptop, because it is rugged and resistent to shock, etc. ( perfect for a laptop). I would get several large- capacity ( 16-32 GB and larger) thumb drives and link them together. My main problem is how to connect this to a traditional hard drive cable. Answers are appreciated. Thanks!

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looking for robotic arm constructed out of legos with three finger gripper and thumb used in under water contest

I'm looking for the robotic arm constructed out of legos with three finger gripper and thumb used in under water high school contest.? It was controlled with an IC off a Breadboad.

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I thumbtack gun?

I need a guide on how to make a thumb tack gun out of office supplies?

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Linux Virtual Machine on Flash Drive? Answered

For a while, I've been trying to figure out a way to run Linux without taking up a lot of hard drive space or deleting my Windows installation. Is it possible to install a virtual machine on a flash drive or USB drive and run it on one computer? Please help! Thank you!

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My U3 thumb drive won't work at school, how can i fix this? Answered

I'm sure anyone familliar with U3 knows it brings up a menu, my regular flash drive works, because i can skip installing the software, but my U3 won't, and i can't acces it because of this. I have tried almost all of the admin hacks, is there another way to do it?

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If I wanted to wire a USB cable onto a thumb drive, replacing the original plug, how hard would that be? Answered

I'm going to be case modding whatever stick I get my hands on, and the place it is going is predicted to be limited. I'm going to strip the case off, and I was hoping to wire a cable in the place of the built in plug to cut down on the space needed inside the new case. If this is going to work, I plan to post it, so I'm hoping for a green light here.

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Calculating notes of twanged strips Answered

Consider a twanged metal ruler, or the "keys" of a thumb piano (kalimba)... I'm in the middle of designing A Thing, and I am sure that there ought to be a way of calculating the note produced when you twang the end of a strip of metal. Assuming I know the Young's modulus, length, width & thickness of a strip of metal (rectangular cross-section), is there a formula into which I can plug these numbers and predict the note produced? Or are there other properties I need to know?

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I just put this up on the Mythbuster's site......

I just posted the following over there, so hopefully a method can be devised to test this safely: (1999) A US Navy safety publication describes injuries incurred while doing don'ts. One page described the fate of a sailor playing with a multimeter in an unauthorized manner. He was curious about the resistance level of the human body. He had a Simpson 260 multimeter, a small unit powered by a 9-volt battery. That may not seem powerful enough to be dangerous… but it can be deadly in the wrong hands. The sailor took a probe in each hand to measure his bodily resistance from thumb to thumb. But the probes had sharp tips, and in his excitement he pressed his thumbs hard enough against the probes to break the skin. Once the salty conducting fluid known as blood was available, the current from the multimeter traveled right across the sailor's heart, disrupting the electrical regulation of his heartbeat. He died before he could record his Ohms.

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USB Flash Drive keyring attachment

Everybody loves their flash drive, and most people keep them on their keys (or if you're really cool, on a lanyard around your neck with some kind of card identifying you as a professional geek). A few months ago I bought a little 4gb Lexar Firefly, and I love it. It's tiny and holds lots of information. As you can see in the picture, the hole where you attach a keyring is in the lid, not on the body of the drive. This cuts down on the drive's size, but means that the drive might fall out of the lid, or get forgotten and left behind. Naturally, this happened after not 3 months of ownership. After a while I lamented ever finding my trusty drive, and tossed the little clear plastic cap. However, lo and behold, I did find my little USB drive a long time later--Bbt now I have no way to attach it to my keys! Does anybody have some ideas for a key-attachment mod for my little firefly? I'd like to avoid adding any kind of bulky casing, but I will if it means not having to drop $25 on a new one.

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Supply sources

I want to build my own small "boom box". I want to be able to use it play CD's, usb thumb drives, mini plug aux in etc. Can anyone suggest a source for the components for such a project?

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pyro system

Im making a pyro system like Everett's 2.2 system i got it built for the most part im having trouble hooking the sparker up to the thumb loop so if u have any ideas please post them

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