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Make a Tie

Does anyone know how to make a tie? I'm planning on going as Slenderman for halo-ween, and I've borrowed my entire suit but I know nobody with a plain black tie. I'm a very poor college student (it's ridiculous) so any help would be great!

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how to wear a tie

I want to the  percific steps.

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Glowing LED tie?

How to make glowing tie with LED diods?

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Grid Tie and Induction Motors

Yes, I know it's nearly 3am on the east coast... but and idea struck me. So the idea is to feed small amounts of mechanical power into the power grid. Not necessarily run the meter backwards, but supplement power consumption.I've researched grid tie inverters - which are very expensive. For those wondering, a grid tie inverter is feeds mains power back into the grid by syncing phase angle and phase (no dead shorts :) ) and applying slightly higher voltage. They are very efficient and really not within a college student experiment budget :pSo I was thinking... Rather than go from mechanical to DC to AC to grid - go from mechanical to AC to grid VIA an induction motor. As a proof of concept, use a DC motor + battery to turn an induction motor. Plugged into the grid, in theory, should apply current. Oh, but the phase you say? How do you prevent a dead short?"I've thought of this -- before applying mechanical power - have the grid bring the induction motor up to speed. Then try to turn faster (apply a torque) with the DC motor, for example. In theory, the amount of extra power put into the grid will be related to the slip angle of the motor - which will also control the speed of the input (so you can't go over speed by too much).Keep in mind that this whole battery business is just a proof of concept sort of thing - I'm not talking perpetual motion or any hohaa craziness. In the end, the final mechanical input will be around 200 watts. I expect this to be very low efficiency (likely 50%ish), 100W isn't an answer to the energy issues - but it's an experiment. It's also not going to come even close to driving the meter backwards, but it should run (as supplement) my laptop + two to three 13w CFL's :DI think the theory is feasible -- the inspiration comes from flywheel driven UPS systems. An induction motor is driven while mains power is on to keep a flywheel in motion. When the power goes out, the FW drives the motor and feeds to local grid.I'm thinking of using a "low" rpm induction motor.... If I recall, ceiling fans are 16 pole? So that's 60Hz2*2/16=450rpm... Add ceiling fan motor to the list of things to hunt for :) Looking at the one above my head, it looks like it even has a nice bolt pattern for some sort of pulley shenanigans :DCan someone either throw some ice water on me and slap me for being an idiot -- or let me know if I've found a boat to Valhalla.Oh, and my apologies for dancing around the "mechanical input" details.... There's a reason for this, I promise :) In any case, insight and information is appreciated :)

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how do i make tie dye manadla tapestries?

I would like to learn how to make manadla tie dye tapestries the kind that use thread to make patterns with?

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what are some good tie designers to look out for in thrift shops?

I recently found a fabio fazio handmade silk tie in a thrift shop where i live and was wondering if anyone knew any good designers i might see in thrift shops? I am thinking on selling ties part time and this is why I ask because i want to know the money making designers.

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what dye/ how much do I use to tie-dye 50 t-shirts ????

I need to tie dye 50 shirts at a cub scout camp out. does anyone have any awesome ideas as to what dye / the best way / best tie, is it wise to concentrate dyes , since we can't dip fabric for too long etc. Camping you know. 50 little boys.

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what happens if i use 50% cotton/50% polyester t-shirt to make tie dye? Answered

I have a bunch of 50% cotton/50% polyester t-shirts that i would like to make tie dye. is that a bad thing? does it have to be 100% cotton t-shirts? what happens if i tie dye them?

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Help, I just started to tie die, love it, heres the problem, after washer, colors ran into each other.

I tie died, waited, and rinsed in cold water till clear, then placed into washer alone with hot water and soap, washed and the shirt comes out with colors that have ran into each other the shirt was beautiful till i washed it, what am I doing wrong, please help?????

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what is 3 ways to tie your shoes?

I know 2 ways but wondering if there wuz 3. :D goto my site and sign up too! ( ) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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X-wing vs. Tie fighter help?

The space texture is yellow.

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How do you get fabric dye off your hands? Answered

If there's no way to get it off but to let it wear off, about how long will it take to wear off?

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Finishiing cord ends i am trying to make curtain tiebacks with 3/8 in. cord. How do I finish the ends neatly?

I have tried burning the ends but the gold cord really unravels and the black end looks bad, plus i need to put a loop on the end and can;t figure how to do this. someone suggested jewerly caps. any suggestions

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PIANO KEY TIE: How could i go about making a piano key tie that actually has keys that play?

So i'm trying to figure out how to make a "piano key tie" that has actual keys that i can play. I want to make this look like a tie so there wouldn't be a whole lot of keys and the keys would be different shapes/ lengths, etc. I want it to be thin and lightweight if possible. The end would be just fabric i'm assuming so it could still be worn around the neck. any ideas are helpful, thanks so much!

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PIANO KEY TIE: How could i go about making a piano key tie that actually has keys that play?

So i'm trying to figure out how to make a "piano key tie" that has actual keys that i can play. Of course There wouldn't be a whole lot of keys and I want to make this look like a tie so the keys would be different shapes/lengths, etc. I want it to be thin and lightweight if possible. The end would be just fabric i'm assuming so it could still be worn around the neck. any ideas are helpful, thanks so much!

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Bandanas, BeanBags and T-shirts. What else to Tie Dye>?

This Saturday I am going to go to the Market and sell Tie Dyed T-Shirts and other stuff. The Market is for People to sell art and crafts and fruit among many other things. I was pondering on what other things I could tie dye and bring there? Also I was wondering whether or not I should make a Instructable on how to make hemp bracelets?

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Does anyone know how to make "tie-dyed" looking paper using paint, word, publisher or some other free graphic program?

I want to create a tie-dyed mat and/or background for some pics I am framing without having to buy some "specialty" papers or using dyes, inks or shaving cream.

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Can you use food coloring to dye t-shirts?

Like, what if you set it in the dryer on heat or ironed it? Would the color still come out?

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Newsletter Patch? Answered

This is the first time ever on instructables that I was featured on the newsletter...! I felt really happy! But I was just wondering when and how I will get my newsletter patch? Any ideas? Thanks! I will add a screen shot of the newsletter with my ible in there! The name is Zip Tie Night Light Sorry if I am being too impatient... :( Its just that its the first time so....Im really excited!

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Star wars X-wing vs. Tie fighter help

Hi, I'm trying to run the game on windows vista 32 bit and It wont load and I need help!!!!!!!!!!

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water rockets

Would anybody like me to post a Instructable showing how to make a clark cable tie water rocket launcher look at this image for a example;

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Hey everybody Fish Bone is live! It’s updated to show its quick release feature. I hope you think it’s cool enough to tell your friends about. Of course I’d be thrilled to have you as a backer. Thanks a million. Brent Kickstarter Link

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My daughter would like an apron that has only one tie threaded through the apron--I know sounds strange, but she saw one and loves them. Thanks, reets

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Can I tie a hammock (with a rope) to deck posts instead of a tree???

I just built a deck and I dont want to damage it, and I dont have large enough trees....but I have a hammock! I wanna use it (please dont tell me to buy a stand....)...any tips????

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can i tie a chunk of metal to my leg for esd protection? Answered

wrist straps are kind of annoying because the wire gets in the way. first of all would wearing it on my leg still work, or does it have to be on my arm or wrist? also, could i use a chunk of metal like an extra heat sync (since ground is essentially the same thing, just a bigger piece of metal)

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Grid tie solar inverter power from a fixed voltage source?

Hello there! We have a 4Kw solar system installed at our home. We also happen to have 2 seperate circuits (ie 2 electricity meters). Annoyingly the solar panels are installed on the circuit that we don't use much electricity off so most of the generated electricity flows into the grid and (I know it's selfish) we don't benifit from it at all. There happens to be one lonely socket next to the solar inverter that is powered off the other electricity circuit and I'm fairly sure that the two circuits are on different phases. This is what I wanted to do and I was hoping someone might be able to validate this: I install a 240v AC to 24v DC converter (PAK650-24) and then an inverter to convert this back to 240v AC to supply that lonely socket where we need the power. Our solar inverter has a clever power detecter that switches a relay when production goes above 1Kw so I would connect this circuit to that relay. I also wanted to use a solar grid tie inverter from ebay because they seem most reasonably priced. They do however have a MPPT algorithm which is where I am not sure how it would react to a voltage source. Might anybody be able to tell me whether it would be fine to do this and most importantly about fixed voltage sources and solar grid tie inverters (which aren't really meant for fixed v sources). Many thanks, James 

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Want to c ontact the guy who has done the Tie altering thing ... but

There is no way on here I can find to make contact with other members. Either if the guy in question can contact me through the owners please or someone can direct me to how to contact other members ... either would really really be helpful for me (and this ace site too). Thanks, M

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How do you tie hockey ice skates the correct and tight way? Answered

It's winter time and tying your hockey skates is a hassle. One time my cousin didn't tie his hockey skates well and ended up with not a sprained ankle something else a little worse I forget the exact name. I don't want this to happen to me it looked very painful.

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3 phase AC wind generators, turbines, grid tie connected with NO battery

I have a number of 3 phase ac motors with fans on them from a large commercial greenhouse. If I put them out in the wind they spin the motor and put out 3 phase ac. I would like to know how to connect the 3 phase ac from them to grid tie with NO batteries. 

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Where can I find fabric dye in New York City? Or what kind of store would carry it?

I have some white cotton fabric I'd like to tie dye. What kind of store carries tie dye?

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What inverter should I use to tie in 3 60 watt panels into an outlet? Answered

I am trying to find a fairly cheap inverter to tie my panels into my home. I am planning to add a few more panels in the future. I am not going to add a battery bank. Thank you.

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solid state relays

I have four, 5A, 280V solid state relays. They are activated by 3-8V. I need to tie them together so that I end up with a total of 20A. Do I tie them in series, or parallel? Also, do I tie the inputs in series or parallel so that there is one input? Thanks.

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Im going to get a booth at the local Farmers Market. Any Suggestions on what to sell?

Im already going to be selling Tie Dye Shirts and other Tie dye stuff. Hemp Bracelets and a few other things. What are some other cool things that are easy to make and I could sell for a few bucks? Thanks.

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How do I tie "deck shoes" to turn them into slip ons with the laces as tassles?

Back in the "olden days" ('80's) we wore preppy deck shoes we called Top Siders ( I think this was a LL Bean brand name). We would lace the shoes,then instead of tying a bow...we would leave each end hanging out of the last eye and make a noose like tassel.This would be made with the laces tight and the shoe would be converted into a slip on shoe. I remember how they looked,but I can't remember how to make the neat tassel like noose/knot on each end of the shoe string (strings were leather). Thanks! RaZoR

Question by prazor  

Stop motion tiedown problem. HELP! Answered

I have a cow that I made out of Plasticine for a stop animation project.  The cow itself is finished, and I just realized that I have no tie-downs, and I don't know how I would even begin to put them in/on.  This is my first armature, so I am using that as my excuse for this oversight.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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How to tie into an existing water alarm with an arduino and make it send texts and/or make prerecorded phone calls?

I have a water alarm that I purchased from Lowe’s, part number 117272.  It is battery operated and the sensor end is detachable with a 6 foot length of wire.  It works very well, but it is not loud enough to be heard 2 stories above, and of course it can’t be heard when no one is home.  I live in Colorado and have a full finished basement.  An extended water leak in the basement could lead to a giant, unwanted swimming pool.  What I want to create is an arduino microcontroller that ties into the alarm sensor and gives me some communication alternatives if the alarm is activated.  I have 2 “always on” WiFi access points that are connected to the internet via Centurylink DSL.  I have never worked with an arduino, but it looks like I can purchase a shield that provides WiFi capability.  Can it be programmed to send out texts or make prerecorded phone calls?  Would a different controller be better to use than the arduino?  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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my new instructable please come check it out!

How to tie handcuffs ---Cameronkcheck it out please!

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Valleyschwag Hoedown

Some of the Instructables team will be at the Valleyschwag Hoedown tonight in San Francisco. If you're there, be sure to introduce yourself. I'll be easy to recognize -- look for the guy in a green tie.

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arduino uno programming?

I want a code in which as there is a change in resistance for sone millisecinds, arduino turns on led for a specific period of tie

Question by yhdesai  

Surfer Bracelet Knot ?

Hello everyone, I am trying to find out how to tie the surfer braclet knot ? Many thanks in advance..

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How can I make a 4 second roger beep using a wave file and tie it into the Ramsey VOX board? (Voice operated switch).

I want to make a 4 second roger beep using a wave file and tie it into the Ramsey VOX board?(VOX = Voice operated switch)The VOX switch board is located here:;=VS1

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different to wear a scarf?

I have various scarves but not sure how they should be worn? Looking for different ways to wear a scarf.

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How to limit A/C current draw from gird and draw power from secondary grid tied solar inverter ?

Micro grid tie inverters are an excellent power source and can be linked together to generate energy, however they do not function when grid is down, this is for the safety of line workers. In a real world scenario I want to ensure that all power is drawn from the energy produced by the micro solar inverters as the primary source while it can produce power and not from the grid which will act as a secondary power source, this will require some sort of current limiting solution from the grid without reducing the voltage to keep the inverter working.   For the safety of line workers I would like to have an automatic transfer switch which will have both the primary power source from grid and a tertiary inverter backed battery backup so that when the grid is off, the power is drawn from the Inverter and there is no power fed back into the line keeping lineworkers safe and since pure sine wave produced by the inverter can activate the grid-tie inverters and it should theoretically increase the VA of the UPS to the size of the installed Grid-tie micro inverter capacity, the automatic transfer switch should take care of switching between grid when power is on and to the backup inverter when power is off.  TIA for any advice in this regard !

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Tying your shoes.

I wanna know how to tie you shoes cool.I've seen people with theirs with like only the little ends sticking knots. how do i do this? i wanna do this to my nss shoes.

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