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Trumpet cleaning question Answered

Alright, I own a cornet (which is basically a shorter version of a trumpet), and I wanted to know if it is safe to clean it with water or handsoap. I am not trying to make my instrument all nice and shiny, but I just want to clean all oil off of the valves and slides, so would it be safe to just use water and handsoap? Thanks in advanced

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i need help with trumpet mouthpieces? Answered

Iv been playing my trumpet for goin on 7 years. iv learned that instrument from the inside out. i have a 4 octave range( from double pedal C to double C), but for some reason i cant figure out is on every mouth piece of feel either traped or not supported. i currently play on a schilke 14a4a i use this in concerts and other events and i feel just so trappedin side the mouthpiece. i also play on a mellophone mouthpiece called a mello 6 and i dont feel trapped just not supported like i do with the schilke and all my other mouthpieces its the same way either trapped or not supported. is there a site or a manufactor that will let me customize a mouthpiece FULLY and if i dont like the way it is send it back for changes? or is it just me and my mouthpieces are perfectly fine?

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How to make a better Trumpet section?

 Hello, I am a Junior in High School and next year I will be Trumpet section leader for both Marching and Concert Band. Our Trumpet section is not very good, I am sorry but we just aren't. Except for one person, this year we are losing an awesome Senior who most of us underclassmen have leaned on at one point or another. As section leader I am taking on the attitude of "This year is going to be the best yet…Brass…lets kick some a*s". Unfortunately I don't think the section will. Does anyone out there have any tips on any music/warm-ups or technique's that I might consider looking into so that our Trumpet section is the best it can be, so our band can shine?

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Can I use silver polish on a silver trumpet? Answered

This is probably a stupid question, but I am just making sure I can becuase this trumpet is basicly my prized possession.

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How do I play a glissando on the trumpet? Answered

 I have been playing trumpet for almost 6 years I am in honers concert band and Jazz band at my high school. I have played gissando's before but I seem to have forgot the technique can someone help me?

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my embouchure on the trumpet is messing up after 6 months... no lip pain just need help?

It's been 6 months and my embouchure just... flopped. I can't find the right spot to put my mouth on anymore. help please.

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Can someone show me a link to the twelve major scales for trumpet? Answered

I lost my scales sheet and have a scales test coming up. I would like a scales sheet with the sharps and flats marked in.

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Okay check it out. Recently i've had an interest in learning to play the trumpet, and i wanna know: is it difficult? I'm a player of the bass guitar, mandolin, guitar, ukulele, and a bit of harmonica, so ya see i have no brass experience.

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does any one have cords to the pretender for gutiar and/or trumpet?

I have looked all over the web and I can only find the tabs for The Pretender by the Foo Fighters. Does any one have the cords or know where to find them? And does any one know where to get sheet music for the trumpet with out having to pay 180 dollars?

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(newsletter) T-Shirt Necklace, Cardboard Lumber, Arduino Trumpet...

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Making Music (not a euphamism)

Does anybody know of any good music that can be played on a trumpet, 2 guitars (acoustic) and tabla(indian drums)? the tabla can be added after, they're good like that Any style is fine, as long as it's not too hard It's for my exam as an ensemble (group) piece

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Where can I find a SSC-TRPXENO Soft-Sided Xeno Trumpet Case ?

I need a SSC-TRPXENO Soft-Sided Xeno Trumpet Case (shown in picture), here is the link to its site:;=551145. Where can I buy one? If you already own one, I would very much appreciate it if you told me what you paid for one and where you purchased it.

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Noise or Music?

The "Bose" sound system is based on chamber resonance like that of musical instruments. This is the difference between a whistle and a flute. The mouth piece of a trumpet is raw without its additional plumbing. The noise of a piezo-electric sounder is raw, but chambered to resonate...better. A trumpet is basically an acoustical waveguide device. Consider this and lets see if you can "WOW!" the crowds with your sounds. The trumpet mellows the sound of the mouth piece by reflecting the sound repetitively off the inside walls of the horn. The angle is low so the acoustic wave reflects many times along the length. What works for you?

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Brass/Sax Cheap Mic Setup

I have made a cheap setup that attaches to your instruments bell and provides a clearer sound then a mic mounted on a desk. Oh did I mention it cost me about $2.00- $2.50? Please let me know if anyone is interested in an Instructable on this?

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Anyone else want to deconstruct songs into layers they can mix and mash?

With all the technologies available today does anyone know of an all encompassing program that can break down songs into layers? Like the layers used to make the master recording. So you can create your own mash ups? Say I want the guitar riff from AC/DC and a trumpet "layer" from Dizzy Gillespie. Thanks-  Yellowshades

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Music Mashup: Anyone else want to deconstruct songs into layers they can mix and mash?

With all the technologies avaialbe today does anyone know of an all encompassing program that can break (deconstruct) songs into layers? As in break back down into the layers used to make the master recordings. So yu can create your own mash ups? Say i want the guitar riff from AC/DC and trumpet "layer" from Dizzy Gillespie. Not trying to steal and sell it, just mix and share for personal. Thank you, Yellowshades

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Music Mashup: Anyone else looking to deconstruct songs layers they can mix and mash?

Hello All. I am new to Instructables and would like to hear some feedback on my topic. With all the technologies available today does anyone know of an all encompassing program that can break down (deconstruct) songs into layers? As in break back down into the layers used to make the master recordings. So you can create your own mash ups? Say I want the guitar riff from AC/DC and a trumpet "layer" from Dizzy Gillespie and some singing from Madonna. Slow them or speed them up till it works for me. Not trying to steal others people stuff and publish it/ sell it, just mix and share for personal.  Please reply with your work if its in a studio, engineer, singer, label or software developer etc. Much Appreciated,  CoolKat AKA Yellowshades (Entertainment Marketing)

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Electric Gramophone?

I've just had an idea for making an mp3 player disguised as an old gramophone, to be used as a set piece/source of music for busking. Problem is, I can't figure out how to pull off some of the details of making it... Heres the idea as it stands: Have an old gramophone that appears to be playing music from a record, but is actually playing music from an Mp3 player. I figure you could interrupt the signal from the needle to the amplifier without to much trouble, as you'd still need the needle there to make it move along the record as it 'plays'. It also shouldn't be too hard to hide a speaker in the trumpet or even embed it into the side of the gramophone. In an ideal world, it would also be great to have some general controls on the back, to select play lists and the like, and that's probably achievable my attaching it to a standard mp3 player. The tricky bit is that I want to get it to play when the needle is placed on the record, and stop when the record finishes, ultimately with a digital replica of the scratch sound that you get at the end of an old record. Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this part? because I'm absolutely stumped... is it possible that the answer lies somewhere in using the movement of the needle-arm to complete a circuit while in certain positions? Any thoughts, help, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated :) .

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how do i go about hooking up an old sound system?

Ok so heres the problem my family has a old sound system used for advertising ads within our small town now these speakers are old about 70w each i believe but theyre trumpet style and what i want to do is hook up my computer (laptop) to both speakers to play music and advertisments i know i cant just hook them up to my computer so i was wonering how do i do it?  the sound system has been in use since around 1960 and only recently has the record player used gone kaput so i want to "modernize" it  by hooking it up to my laptop  the speakers look like this theres 2 of them one is 70W and the other i believe is a 40W each have two leads  i can solder and i will most likely have no problem finding parts so if theres anything i can make to power these two speakers to the them running so all help is appreciated

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Low-cost hearing aid for someone old

I know an old person--well, okay, my mom--who refuses to wear an in-ear hearing aid, even though she clearly needs it. For whatever reasons, she thinks its too expensive/too invasive/doesn't want to be bothered, even though Medicaid would probably pay for it etc. Not wanting to be reduced to shouting like I'm on an aircraft deck, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to some sort of inexpensive amplifying device I could rig from some some more or less readily available parts. I'm envisioning something like the old style opera glasses on a long handle, though of course this device would be held to the ear (maybe like the old fashioned ear trumpet come to think of it). This way it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for her. I'm suggesting this arrangement rather than headphones of some sort, which again would isolate her (visually) from the rest of the folks at the old age home. If she could just hold something to her ear when she wanted to hear/converse and then drop it when she doesn't want to be clued in...well, that might be the way to proceed. As usual, low-cost design wins, as I don't have that much to spend. Thanks!

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College Search

Hey guys!I'm a high school freshman (or a sophomore now, rather. score!) and Mom wants me to start taking a look at different colleges Now, I don't know too much about colleges, but I do know that I should probably go to one where I can get the kind of major that I want. Thing is, I really don't know what I want to major in, or what I want to do after I finish my schooling. So I figured I'd start with my interests. Here's my top 3:Computers- I've always liked computers, but I really became hooked when I learned about CharredPC's i'ble on how to make XP look like Vista, when tech_king walked me through the steps of how to open a PC, and when LinuxH4X0r and a few others taught me about Linux. And, I know quite a bit about computers and continue to learn more and more about them every time I use them.Engineering- I like building stuffs, but I'm not too great at it. I don't really have the time, money, resources, or transportation that I need to work with the things that interest me most. More specifically, I like automotives, but once again, I don't have the skills or experience, just the interest.Music- My passion. I play clarinet and tenor saxophone pretty well, and can also play the trumpet and harmonica. I'm hoping to get really good at the saxophone, and play that in marching, concert, and jazz bands at my high school, and hopefully play it in a college marching band. Eventually, I'd also like to learn to play piano/keyboard, violin, percussion/drums, and bass guitar.Oh! Location should be important, too. Any good colleges across the states are good; particularly I'm probably going to have to stick with the southeast; as far north as Virginia and as far west as Texas, but once again, feel free to tell me of any good schools you know.

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Hypothesis (VERY HYPOTHETICAL) about choice of jobs/interests

Recently, I was reviewing things that I like and do not like and noticed something that seemed constant throughout them, and may even dictate whether I like something or not. Before I jump in, I would like to say that there should be no conclusions drawn from what I am writing, and we can only really hypothesize. To give an idea of what I like and don't like, here is a short list of things I do and do not like on a scale from 1-10. (I just don't enjoy "doing" these things, but don't necessarily think that they are "bad")1- Not enjoyable 10-Very exciting1- Playing an instrument2- Playing a sport3- Editing an essay with my mom (AKA a two-sided argument, but one of the sides can't say anything)4- Drawing (used to be a 9)5- Eating6- Youtube7- Writing an essay8- Talking9- Reading10- Making, creating projectsThe thing that I noticed that is pretty constant within my interests is information. I mainly enjoy things when they can easily communicate useful information, and dislike things that seem to not give me any straightforward knowledge. I play the Piano and the Trumpet, the Trumpet because I have to, and the Piano because I get things from it (~$50 every 4-5 months so far and some things to take apart.) I do understand the benefits of playing an instrument, but to be honest, I HATE it. (That'd not to say that I hate the instrument itself, as I know it is benefitting me and that many people enjoy playing them.) I think that the reason why I hate it is that there is no information being communicated to me, except that I have to play this note in this way. Playing a sport is a similar situation. I am not learning much "useful information," and do not like the fact that I know that "I could be doing this right now instead of playing this sport"! Though, I do not hate sports in general. There is one sport that I really love, almost as much as I love making. (to give an idea of this, I dream of microwave transformers). That sport is called ly fishing, and when fly fishing there is a ton to learn about the environment, and I have learned some very useful things from it.Editing an essay with my mom. This one seems to contradict my theory but really doesn't. Allow me to explain with an example. Often times, including the day I am writing this, there is a maximum amount of time that I am supposed to spend on an assignment unless I really want to spend more time on it. But because my work isn't complete, meaning that if it were an essay that I had four weeks to work on, I would change a few things around, she makes me work on it until it is that way, even though many of the edits, in my opinion, are unnecessary. This still contradicts my theory though, because there is being information communicated, so allow me to further explain: It is a one-sided argument, as I cannot express what I think is right with having my mini-workshop being taken away for a certain amount of time and my expressing of my opinion still wouldn't change the paper, as she would just reject it. Even when I do get her to "listen" she is not being open-minded. (Just to "remind" you, I am simply explaining why this does not contradict my theory, I am not trying to throw shade at my mom, and apologize to her if that is the unintentional impact of my actions.) And I cannot communicate information.I used to love drawing before I discovered my love for making. In my opinion, it is an average method of communication, but I rated it a 4 because it is very "inefficient" in communicating the information, and can often communicate the wrong message. Once again, I would like to remind everyone that these are just my preferences, I do not enjoy "performing" these, but do not necessarily not respect that people do like these things. Eating. Eating is a necessary part of life, and is enjoyable b instinct, but doesn't really relate to my hypothesis, so I will skip this one.Youtube- Youtube is hard to categorize, but it can be great in the sense that people can communicate their own information to anyone (sort of like Instructables, but Instructables is less corrupt), but I rated it a 6 because it is very corrupt and there are scams everywhere on this platform (THERE IS NO FREE ENERGY!)Writing an essay. I really enjoy writing, as I am doing right now. It is a great way to document and share information without having to repeat what I am saying over and over again because I am not saying it properly. Not much else to say here. The only disadvantage of writing is that it is limited and that it can be misinterpreted. (meaning that I can sound like I am screaming at someone when I am not)Talking-I LOVE to talk, as it is such a fast and good way to communicate information. (in case you didn't know that). The only disadvantage of talking is that it can be hard to understand. The only reason why talking is not higher on the list is because it is quite simply not a hobby.The only reason why writing is not higher on the list is that it takes too long and doesn't;t actually get any physical part of a structure completed.Reading- thought reading is technically a part of writing, it is a piece of writing that is read over and over again to convey a message(s) that the reader cannot simply be told, and has to understand the importance of. Reading a book is in my opinion, "opening up someone else's mind" (I came up with that). This makes it very efficient in communicating information and at emphasizing certain messages better than most of everything else. the only disadvantage of reading is that it doesn't get any work done if you know what I meanFinally, the thing that I enjoy most is making my projects. This not only forces me to learn things (Thank you Instructables community!) but also gives me the knowledge that I can pass on to others, and also allows me to apply that knowledge, and use it to make something. In conclusion, or rather, this is the explanation of my hypothesis. Please comment down below and say whether you identify with this data, meaning that your interests are at a certain efficiency of communication of information, or not, and if I am completely wrongFinal note: Everything said in here is not to say that some things are inherently bad, just that I do not enjoy the "doing" of it on my part, but appreciate that other people can enjoy it.

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My Month at Instructables as an Artist in Residence

It's easy to see Instructables as a single entity who's persona is summed up in one yellow robot. During the month of November I had the good fortune to spend a month as an Artist in Residence at Instructables HQ and had the opportunity to look behind the yellow curtain and learn more about the people who craft the website and the work that they do. During my stay I met artists and technicians, crafters and programmers, and I was allowed to peek into their world and see the inner cogs whirling away. Oh yeah, I was also let loose with a million dollars worth of 3D printers and laser cutters with no more direction than to have fun and make stuff! Day to day life at the office was not what I expected. Before arriving I had envisioned a, well, a madhouse. I figured that there would be 10 ft cardboard robots beeping away in one corner, office supply archery in the other, and paper airplanes gliding over the top of it all. When inside though I didn't find a room of chaos, but a room of people quietly working. I soon found out that between community management, site development, contests and other site duties there is a massive amount of work that goes into making the Instructables DIY hub function. It wasn't all business though, there was certainly time for liquid nitrogen ice cream, communal lunch hours, and pizza Thursday! I am very much a robot / tech person, so one of the highlights of my visit was getting to talk shop with randofo and amandaghassaei, Instructables technology editors. They had the coolest gadgets, and both fit the role of tinkers perfectly. Randofo had a huge bin of motors, gearboxes and other electrical delights that he patiently let me riffle through, and Amanda's work area was mass of dismantled keyboards, wire and test equipment. They practiced a type of electronics where novelty is the main function, and it was amazingly fun to see their projects come together. And yes, of course, the 3D printers were a blast. I really was allowed to dive in and try anything I wanted with the Objet machines so I took every spare moment working with them. I spent a fair amount of time running test prints of the different materials and testing their physical and mechanical strength, (aka breaking them). Once I had a feel for the UV cure pseudo plastic, I had just enough time to print everything I wanted plus some. I should also mention that this same building had two of the fastest laser cutters I've seen, and all the plastic and cardboard I could possibly need for my scale of projects. I can't possibly relate how liberating it felt to be able to think of an idea, draw up the CAD, and have a working prototype in less than an hour. The Instructables office is found on a busy street of San Fransisco, above a deli and a bar that plays full Talking Heads albums. This was my first time in California and I loved every minute of it. There was this creative energy all about and it seemed that there was some kind of art plastered anywhere it could fit. I felt like I was on an expedition, seeing for the first time things that I had only read about; I saw subway performers, photographers, and a silver painted robot guy. I ate at a Kwik Way and bought guitar string from the store that the Mythbusters bought their trumpets from. Not only that, but there are celebrities in California and I'm almost positive that Elton John rode the same bus as me every day. I could be wrong, but he had these huge glasses and the hair cut and everything. (I've never seen a celebrity before.) I visited California for a month but it felt like it flew by in minutes. After giving a small presentation over a Thai lunch and a short goodbye, I left San Fransisco and Instructables with a greater awareness and appreciation of the creative community and the talents of its members. Visiting the office and meeting the Instructables crew was an unforgettable experience and I hope to visit again someday. I would highly recommend the AIR program to any one in the position to participate, I had the time of my life.

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