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..guys, how could i add usb port to my old ibm thinkpad and anyone here can teach me how to convert a serial port to a usb port in a laptop. can i make that adapter at home? ..pls. help guys ..any instructables?, thanks

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USB to Ethernet Adapter Answered

I need to make a USB to Ethernet Adapter, Is it just a pin-to-pin conversion or do I need something else? I know that Ethernet has 8 pins and USB has 4, I just don't know how I would wire those up.?

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IDE to USB adapter Answered

All i need is a picture of how its put together. an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter one that i could use for my 250gb IDE hard drive as an external. i have seen them pre made. Easy Ide, google it.

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are all usb wall adapters the same? Answered

My brother gave me his old iphone .i already had a cell so i just use the iphone like an ipod touch  .the only cable he gave me with the iphone was the one to connect it to the computer  .my problem is that im going to be without my computer for a while and i need to know if i need to buy a new usb wall adapter or if the one i that came with my digital camera would work   .in other words  .do all usb wall adapters have the same output as far as polarity, voltage, and wattage and so forth .or  would i fry my iphone if i plugged it into a usb adapter thats not made specifically for it?

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Usb to audio out adapter?

Some stereos now have female usb sockets built into them to play music from a memory stick. Mine does not, which is why I am looking to make/buy a usb to 3.5mm audio out device that can read the files on my memory stick and output them as audio. I have done a concept picture using professional editing software 'Paint', but the sd card reader is not really that necessary. It could also be battery powered, the picture is just a basic idea of what I want. I have spare computers I could raid for parts if I need. Any help would be appreciated either building or buying such a device, but low costs for both are a big need.

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PS2 to USB!

I would do it myself, but I am poor. Get this $5 adapter from Dealextreme and do the xbox to usb thing! bang, PS2 with DirectX Feedback on your pc!

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USB charged USB charger?

Hey all,      I'm looking for a combination of 2 circuits that I know exists already. I want to charge a Li-ion battery via a USB port in a computer or a wall adapter. Then (to save space and be more streamlined) I want to be able to use the same USB connection In the device I'm making to charge my phone from the Li-ion battery. If anyone could point me in the direction on this circuit that would be greatly appreciated.     Thanks

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correct materials to make, or how to make, or if exists usb camera to rca vid out?

It seems i cannot find it anywhere but it is a usb camera to rca out processor chip, what you do is, you plug the power in via 5 volt ac adapter, bigger webcams require more current, 5 volt cause that is usb standard voltage, and for simplicity, then you plug the chip into the computer and continue on loading the camera driver files onto the memory chip in the board, once done, unplug from computer, plug in camera in the camera port and then rca video cable to the tv. now the only problem is figuring out how to make it, i have no idea how or what type of processor chips to use, let alone the tools to make them, if they are available somewhere i'd love to know where, if not if someone could make it for me. i someone could make it for me, my email is the most basic layout is the picture of this chip, there are no audio outs on this chip but there is an audio processor on it, i dont really much care wether or not it has audio

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does the sd or sandisk cards have fit completly to use with adaptor to plug into my pc.?

I no this sound so stupid but i have a adaptor for my sony camera and i just got microsdhc card with adapter and i trying transfer stuff from my phone to the computer or vise versa.i dont want mess up my card but will it work if i still can fit into the adapter from the camera to the still has little it only75%fits.will it work or mess it up. so what i trying to ask is if even though my sandisk is littler than the slot that i need to plug in can it still read it or no?again it sound stupid but never know til ask.dont want mess it way my pc kinda old.only has one those thick usb plug ins.that why i want know if i can use my camera adapter and just stick my little card in best as possible and if it thanks so much

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usb in car

PLEASE HELP. i am trying to find a way to install some usb ports in my car to be used as power supplies for various devices (mp3, nav systm,phone).  i hate clutter, so i'm trying to stay away from adapters for the cigarette lighter plug.  im pretty sure i need to reuce the volts and amps so i do not harm the devices.  please help. i dont even know where to begin.

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USB to ps/2 keyboard adapter

I gather that computers that only have ps/2 sockets (no usb connectors) cannot simply use a basic adapter for plugging in a usb keyboard. I have never tried. Would it be possible to create an adapter to allow a usb keyboard to be used with such a pre-usb computer ? I found one arduino project that converted ps/2 to usb and I imagine that to be more difficult.

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Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter Modem

In my area there is a free WiFi.. but the main router too far from my house - around 500 meter...i try to make antenna as i found in this web.. The PROBLEM.... when i put my antenna top of my house (around 15 meter and extend the usb cable) and Iusing Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter, my pc cannot detect the adapter. any idea ? or should i replace to another adapter.. my pc processor is Amd Athlon & using Abit Mainboard - 2.0 usb hub help me please...

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need a driver for gameport to usb adapter?

I have a Gravis Blackhawk Digital joystick that plugs in via gameport. I want to use it on my Compaq Presario c500 to play a game that I need two joysticks for. The other joystick that I am using is a usb Cyborg Graphite joystick. it works just fine. I used to have the Blackhawk  working when I ran windows vista on this computer but it hasn't worked since I upgraded to windows 8. I connect the controller using a gameport to usb adapter that I got cheap off of ebay a while back. I have been searching the internet for a couple days now and cant find anything that will make it run. I cant even get an xp machine to recognize it when it is plugged in with this adapter. can someone please provide me with a solution of some kind or a driver. thanks

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Ethernet to USB 3.0?

I was looking around this afternoon and found the wonderful 'PCI Express X16 to USB 3.0 adapter' which got me thinking, This could be an awesome way to add a better graphics card to a small computer e.g. a laptop or preferably a Raspberry Pi. Now i know that the Pi doesn't have any USB 3.0 ports but it does have Ethernet (which from past experience is quite a lot faster than USB 2.0) My question to you is this: Is it possible to get a USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter so that we can have USB 3.0 ports on a Raspberry Pi, and if so would the Pi be fast enough to run an external graphics card connected through a PCI Express to USB 3.0 adapter?

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I need a AC/USB adapter controlled by IR Switch

I need a AC/USB adapter controlled by IR switch

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what is the best usb wifi adapter? (on the cheap)? Answered

What is the best usb wifi adapter? [that will not kill my wallet.]I want to have a super long-range wifi adapter .that i can use for thx to any one that helps!

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a wall power socket USB adapter and extended USB cable for web camera

Is it possible to power a web camera to a computer with a USB wall power socket powered adapter like this? I hope this diagram of my guesswork makes some sense to electronics persons. I mean to split the USB cable like in the diagram.

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Faux usb adapter for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi.

I was wondering if its possible to use a female-to-female usb adapter to connect a usb memory stick to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi with it's own usb connector? Is it possible?

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Wireless usb adapter & router setting/configuration

Hey all, I hope everyone is good & happy..........................I need just basic instructions on , From my cable broadband modem to> , My Router>the WIFI antenna (about 400 ft. from my home)>my laptop (where I presently have to use the USB port to get any signal)>what do I do now to configure all the settings correctly? I sure could use some more advice guys please help...... Thank you all................................ Mel5656

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playstation to usb adapter not working with some controllers? Answered

I bought this usb adapter, it works with a ps1 analog controller fine but not with a fanatec speedster 2 steering wheel, the lights light up and i can switch between modes

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Can I reverse A USB to PS/2 Adapter?

I have a USB to PS/2 adapter that I want to take apart and rearrange into a PS/2 to USB adapter. Will this work? Or is the circuit only one way? I'm thinking of replacing the female USB part with a male one, and vice versa with the PS/2. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get the thing apart. When/if I get this thing working, I wanna use it with a keyboard for my Xbox 360 (360 only has USB ports, I don't have any USB keyboards).

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How to Change an USB WebCam to a Wi-Fi WebCam using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter?

I have an ASUS USB-N10 EZ N Network USB Adapter & a Frontech Opal WebCam. Is there any way to Change the WebCam's USB Connection Type to Wi-Fi using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter & External Power Source?

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connect bluetooth adapter to phone ? Answered

Hi guys  so i've watched this video it's about how to increase bluetooth range ( ) and i want to connect it to my android phone 'Note 4' via OTG USB so can i do that ?

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Do some usb power adapters supply 6.5 volts?

I took a 12 volt usb car usb adapter apart and wired it to a switch and a panel mounted female usb plug.  The power supply is outputting 6.5 volts.  This has me worried because I thought USB power was always 5 volts.  Maybe once I plug something into it the voltage will automatically change to a the right voltage and current required by the device.    Also, this adapter says it is only compatible with Iphones.  Does that mean anything else usb powered would not work? this is the adapter;=220702089964&ssPageName;=STRK:MEaWNX:IT#ht_2128wt_1141 thanks

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How do i make a DB9 to USB cable adapter? Answered

I need a DB9 (male) to USB 2.0 (male) male cable adapter because i don't really want to buy one when i have every thing i need to make one.

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Motherboard IDE to USB Device Adapter, Parallel to USB Device, or Serial to USB Device, Adapter Needed for Old Computer.

Hello, I have a Compaq Presario 220C. I know it is very old, but it has great sound, runs windows 95 great, and most importantly it has high sentimental value. The only thing holding me up from making use of it, is that It does not have an ethernet or USB port. It has the following ports available on the motherboard: ISA 8-Bit (Which has low clearance room to fit a card in and not clearance to the right or left either) Parallel Port Game Port IDE Floppy IDE Serial Port I am desperate and very determined to somehow be able to connect a USB Drive or an ethernet port on this computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, HandyAndy

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360 Wireless Adapter and USB extension cable

Hi everyone on instructables, I having a xbox 360 problem and was wondering if anyone has some advice. ( I posted on the xbox forums but I'd also like some advice from members on instructables since many of you have knowledge in electronics. ) Anyways so here is my problem... I recently just bought a 360 Wireless Adapter so I can play on Xbox Live, but the signal strength is weak because the unit is in the basement and the router is on the second level of the house. Can I attach a USB extension cable (a male and female end) of 15ft to the console onto the adapter so I can relocate the wireless adapter to a different location in my basement where the signal strength is stronger. Can this cause the unit to overheat or cause any other damage because im making the console work harder adding the 15ft usb cable?

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USB to network storage

My TV has a USB port for plugging in a thumb drive to play videos and music. As do several other devices Im aware of. What I would like is a device that when plugged into my TV or such  will pretend to be nothing more than a thumbdrive but actually be a wireless adapter that connects to my network and the 1TB network storage so I can access all my files at once.

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How to made PS/2 to USB adapter

HI Everyone, can you give some advice of this ??.Coz I tried made not success,seem not simple or just direct cable to each other .. Thanks

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LED USB light cant run with 5V 1A usb charging adapter?

Hello Friends, I cant understand why USB LED not lit up.  when I insert in to PC usb port, it runs nicely. but when I insert in usb charging adapter and try to run. it cant. does it require few mili amps? cant it take few mili amps form 1Amp?  

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Can I use a wired keyboard with a ipad without the adapter block?

I have seen videos on youtube of people using a ipad with a wired keyboard but they all use a adapter block. Could I use a female to female connector instead of the adapter block and the orignal usb cable would it stiill work. If anyone has a Ipad and a female to female connector can you try it for me? Thanks.

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MicroSD to USB Bypass

I am looking for someone to build a bypass that can take MicroSD output and save it directly to a USB connected device. In other words, I want to bypass the MicroSD memory card completely and save directly to a Linux based system via USB. Something similar to this diagram: I know this is somewhat possible as the folks over at Applied Engineering have the output saving to a different source as shown here:;=1m40s Any help would be great :)

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Can anyone tell me what's the antenna on this usb wifi adapter?

I want to mod it to improve the reception. What's that metallic plate there? And what should i try modding?

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Can a USB wireless adapter be hooked to a router, using a USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter instead of a DSL or cable modem??

My sister lives 5 houses away and we share her internet connection, now I need to hook up my new desktop also, our cousin gave me an US Robotics 5462 wireless router, it works with DSL or cable modems, would like to make it work with my USB wireless adapter using a USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter, will it work?? please any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Making PSP UMD adapter to USB for tablet or phone.

Does any one know how to connect the ribbon cable on a PSP UMD drive to a USB devise? It would be cool to be able to watch my UMD movies on my tablet. Space is cramped living in an RV. Be great for power outages.  What I'm talking about is taking a replacement UMD drive and connecting it to a USB docking station. Then plug it into a tablet or smart phone. Use zoom to view movies at full screen. Games would become pixelated.

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Is there software to adapt a PS3 controller to PC?

My Logitech controller shorted out, and I have this PS3 controller already, which has that USB cable... But I still want to be able to use it on PS3 later.

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Problem with USB Hack Project.?

I am basically trying to create an adapter USB to Mini USB.  I stripped the wires, and then continued to try to connect them using alligator clips. Then i connected one end (mini USB) to my PC. When I cut the wires on the mini usb cord i only saw 4 wires. So i proceed to connect them to the other corresponding wires on the other usb cord. My PC does recognize that there is something plugged in, it just comes up as unknown device, and i am not able to get into my external HD. Can anyone shed some light into this? (up to date drivers have been previously installed.)

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Is there a way to connect an adapter from usb to Ethernet and connect it to my router other than buying a print sever? Answered

I have a Hp all in one 3100 printer that runs off of usb and i want to connect it to my router via Ethernet. My current router is Asus RT-N12 and it has 4 LAN ports.

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How to make a WiFi USB adapter for a PC any ideas?

I have looked over the net for days on how to make a homemade WiFi adapter for a pc. Either companies are hording this technology or no one knows. I do know that the receiver uses a 2.4 GHz radio signal. Could it be as simple as making a radio receiver and connecting it to a PC with a usb cord ? Any ideas help anyone know what they are doing here cmon you guys be the first to answer this question on the entire internet :)

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What do I need to be able to charge my bluetooth headset from my laptop's USB port instead from the DC adapter?

The DC adapter that came with the bluetooth head set puts out about 5.4V but I haven't been able to find the current.  The adapter has no labels.  I know that the output from a USB port is about 5V and my headset has a Li-polymer cell.  I'm wondering if I could make a contraption that I could use to charge my bluetooth headset from my laptop's USB port? TIA... 7fold

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DVI / VGA to USB over Bluetooth?

I do graphic design and computer animation.   I am making my own wireless drawing tablet.  I have a bluetooth pressure sensitive drawing tablet.   A 16" (16x9) laptop display, bluetooth adapters, dvi / vga to usb adapters and various strong enough rechargeable batteries. The tablet is bluetooth enabled.  The display is using a dvi / vga to usb adapter.  Everything is working. What i need to figure out is how to stream my low res display from usb to bluetooth over to my computer's bluetooth. Any ideas?

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USB connector 2-in- 1

Hi, Is there anyway to charge battery through USB connector as well get output volts from the same port ? any 2-in-1 type adapter or hack available.  They should be able to work through external charger . Any time of solution would be help full. Thanks,

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Wi-Fi USB Adapter or PCI Wireless card

If i use a USB wifi adapter with a manual(hand made) antenna can it work like a PCI wireless card without and antenna.i want to connect to a wireless network (that provide wireless internet) that is in 350 meter distance to my home.i don't want to buy a PCI wireless card (because of it's cost).and want to use a manual antenna like this : Uni-Directional WIFI Range Extender that posted from tm36usa. thnaks very match.

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Can Internet be shared over a Usb ethernet adapter? Answered

Can Internet be shared over a Usb ethernet adapter? I got 'Enter E-100 U' Usb ethernet adaper which I bought wen my network card of my pc had some problems, but now it is repaired n nw I dnt need it. I hv another laptop, which dsnt hv internet connectn, but my PC does. Is ther any way by which Internt connectn from my pc cn be shared over usb-ethernet adaptr to my laptop. Specific Details: My PC has Internt connectn thru a ethernt port only.

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can i adapt recovered laptop camera to a usb?

I have a webcam recovered from broken laptop. i want to  use it with another computer through a usb port. i'm hoping all i need to do is properly attach wire harness to usb cord, download drivers to comp, and run. i'm sure it can't be that easy. the camera: Rose_2G/ CN0316-S30C-0V06-1/ VA-R02.02.02 the overall project if i can get past this step is to use it for a 'pinhole' door camera to be waterproofed and put behind the siding.

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Make a USB port wireless?

Hay all. I want to make a simple USB webcam to a wireless one. I heard about wireless USB adapters, but I can't find them on my local stores. So I want to make one. Is that possible?

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