Does anyone know how to make a diy version of USBtinyISP.

I need to make somehing like USBtinyISP. I would buy the kit but you cant get it where I am.Any suggestions?? Even the layout of the board would be helpful. Thanks

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AVR microcontroller programming help? Answered

I am about to start programming AVR microcontrollers with a USBtinyISP programmer from The problem is the computer I use is running vista, and the fact that it is 64 bit doesn't make it any better. I tried WinAVR but it didn't seem to be working properly. I happen to have a bootable linux CD, so mayby that could be used with my computer.Should I run linux or can I find some other software that will work with 64 bit vista? What software should I use to program it? Please explain in detail.

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how 2 program usbtiny firmware.i use dapa pogrammer and winavr 2009 how to write on cmd for programming usbtiny firmware

How to program usbtinyisp firmware.i use dapa port lpt1 pogrammer and winavr 2009 how to write on cmd for programming usbtinyisp firmware. please write the command (batch file) for programming the firmware. :) im beginer on avr

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ATtiny 13

I need help choosing a software for ATtiny13 microcontroller. I do not want to program in cmd and need something that is compatible with USBtinyISP.

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New with microcontroller, Need help

I'm wanting to program and do stuff with LED. Overall I like to make one of those 3x3x3 cube or bigger. I was wondering since I don't have any kind of microcontroller programmer what should I get to start off. I was told to get USBtinyISP. Didn't know if I would be able to do something like this with that or not. this is the site with it. I just need somewhere to start then I can add on to this to end up making a multiplex or charlieplex cube. Thanks

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Help Programming on an AVR

I am looking at getting an USBtinyISP to start programing ATtiny 13's. I plan on using avrdude. I already have some experience with the Basic stamp, arduino and c++ when writing computer programs. My main concern is how to state and use an input or output. In examples I have seen I do not understand the inputs and outputs.

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what components do i need to start programming avr microprocessors?

 i have read  the  instructable and made the programmer kit,but dont know where to get the componants in the uk and all the how-tos i have read have been very vague about what you actually do when youve made the kit.

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using AVRS with a mac?

Hi I am wondering if anyone here has experience with programming AVRs.I am trying to program an attiny2313 with a USBtinyISP programer kit from adafruit that I built. I am using it with a mac.I have followed the steps from these links:to build my ISP: followed these steps for installing the software: am using AVR MacPAK: AVRDUDE: also tried these tips: don't know much about Terminal, mac ports or AVRDUDE. I used Terminal to fill out the make file but I got lost after that.I do know that the ISP that I built works because the green light comes on.I can write the code in Basic, but I get stuck after that when it comes to using the Make file or compiling it. How would I compile my code and send it to the ISP? Has anyone here ever programmed AVRs with a mac?I'm getting a PC soon and maybe that will be easier, but for now I'm trying to get it to work on mac.If I could get some help that would be great thanks!

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Is it possible to etch PCB's with HCL? Answered

I bought one of ladyada's USBtinyisp avr programmers a few days ago, its working great! i program alot in visual basic but i never tried anything quite like the C similar programming of the avr chips. because of that i reprogram my chip ALOT, so i decided to make a target board. i already have the "blank" board and a UV lamp to prepare it. i have sodium hydroxide to develop it. all i need is something to etch off the copper. so i was wondering: can i etch off the copper with 32% hydrochloric acid/muratic acid/HCL?

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I cannot get the fuse settings correctly set in my ATMega32 when following your instructions on the 8x8x8 led cube?

I've triple checked my wiring and that isnt the problem. i've followed your instructions to the letter, using the exact same components including the oscillator crystal 14.7456mhz i'm using the exact same USBTinyISP from lady ada, on a win7 x64 system with the correct drivers. everytime i send the avrdude hfuse setting it comes back with "initialization failed, rc=-1"  and then the chip is unresponsive to any avrdude commands. i've bricked 2 ATMega chips following your instructions now and as i dont fully understand AVR programming i really dont know what to do next. how do i reset the chip so i can try setting the fuses again?

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How to set up Eclipse for Arduino Development Answered

Following numerous instructions for setting up Eclipse for Arduino development I come across the same problem; the project will not build, there are two reported errors, the first stating that "cannot find -lcore" and the second complaining that the .elf cannot be built, presumably because of the first error. The path is correct for the core.a binary but eclipse complains of being unable to find it. An example of the instructions that I have followed are here; I have successfully followed instructions to use the USBtinyISP so I do not think that it is an issue with general setup. I have also tried variations of path locations and executing as SU, all to no sucess. Any help would be appreciated, I am running Ubuntu with Eclipse Galileo, Thanks Drew

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UART programming for AVR Butterfly help

Hey everyone, I need help with programming the AVR Butterfly with an FM transmitter code that I found on the net. I have all the pieces soldered together (nothing exploded or smoked) and I am trying to upload a file, however, I cannot get it to connect to the BASIC Stamp adapter from serial-to-UART. What I have: Usb-To-Serial Basic Stamp Adapter AVR Butterfly (Butterfly is being programmed through the UART ports) I am using AVR Studio 4 to upload the code, but it will neither confirm that the serial cable is there nor after doing the holding-the-joystick process to tell the butterfly to go into programming mode for the program to see it. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there an easier program to upload the code? I also have Visual Studios '05 and the Basic Stamp program from the Parallax website. If its any good to say, I also have the USBTinyISP programmer that can connect to the ISP ports on the Butterfly. Any help would be appreciated!

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