Using used capacitors? Answered

I have a Bose amp to fix (car), which in this case means changing out the electrolytic capacitors, as bose used a bunch of not quite sealed ones way back when. So the question is: can I just use the ones I can salvage from all the various boards I've collected, or do they need to be the same brand/grade whatever? I know about polarity and rating (i can reed!?) and can solder/desolder pretty well. I know that there may be other prob's, though the capacitor issue was well known & documented on the web. Thanks to all who help out.

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how to cut properly using a hand saw?

Well i tried using a hand saw to cut a piece of plywood, but instead of getting it cut at 90 degrees to the edge it just cut in an angle, how do i control this ??

Question by kevin22 9 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Help! How do I use Sculpey Properly? Answered

I am new to the modeling clay art form. I have been tasked with creating something. I bought sculpey to use, but dont know how. Can anyone tell me how to use it properly?

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Want to build an inside bar with a box for dispay items then fill box with a clear resin about 1 to 2" deep. How do I use the resin and what kind do I use?

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Using GoogleSketchup

Hi I'am new to Sketchup Does anyone know where to get a tutorial or have any tips for Sketchup????

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Uses for waterbottles?

What are other things you use water bottles for that doesn't include, bottle rockets, or simply re-using the bottle?

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Most Useful

I was just curious what tools or techniques folks found most useful in their projects. For me it is the Dremel and epoxy.

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Only in US ?

If I win a "3323S Talent sewing machine" , what was happened my gift ? Is this SINGER also ? - I am not in US -

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Useful tools

Cheap, cordless drills are amazing tools. Take one apart and attach a speed controller, you got a motor for a robot. Also, they have good high torque motors that can be used for all sorts of things. A $50 RC transmitter and a receiver make good remote uses, such as remote detonation. More useful tools are pneumatic cannons. I've used them from pressure testing to damage testing. WHat are your useful, unconventional tools?

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Used alternator

I went to a salvage yard and got a used alternator . My kids dad is freaking out on me because, he says I got screwed. Apparently there should be a bolt that came with the used alternator that is used to hook up the positive wire on the alternator. Is this trie?

Question by AngieC78 9 months ago  |  last reply 9 months ago

Adapters to use?

Hi i was instructed to use 5v 150ma power supply, for a device i want to power but i dont have that particular adapter. Can i use an 5v 2A adapter for the device. Is it safe to use this adapter?????????

Question by DeenoH 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

When using?

When using #6 plastic for shrinky dinking, can you use markers other than sharpies (like highlighters)to color the plastic?

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what is this used for? Answered

The know on top turns the 2 blades on the inside

Question by edkrauss 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Use for rulers

I have five wooden 12 inch ruler. I used them in a project and don't need them any more. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I don't want to throw them away. That would be a waste of $2.00. L: 12" W:1" H:~1/4"

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what is this used for? Answered

My dvd drive is sticking, and i was wondering if it could be getting stuck on that thing? if i removed that would it help? thanks

Question by matstermind 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Using an optocoupler ? Answered

Hi i got a few opocouplers , MOC3023 I read the data sheet and it says that the input voltage for the control side is about 1.2v I want to use it with an arduino uno , any idea how to reduce the voltage from 5v to 1.2v? here is the link for the data sheet Thank you in advance Aki

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Used Camera

I just got a Minolta XG-M Its a little dirty but works fine, is there anything I should check for. Also what type of external shutter thing would it use? It came with: Body Kit lens 50mm 1.4/f Extra lens 35-70mm 3.5/f w/ Macro 1:4 1:7 UV[0] Skylight[1B] Any tips for cleaning I already cleaned the lenses with a micro-fiber cloth but the mirror and body is dirty. Also is there anyway I could get a manual

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Moving to the US? Answered

Hey there.  After I have *hopefully* gone to uni and came out the other side with a degree I am considering moving out to the USA, probably to or at least to somewhere near San Diego. Nothing is set in stone for now so any suggestions on other places would also be helpful. But my main problem is that I have started to grow some plants back in Britain and don't particularly like the thought of just leaving them, so what are the laws on bringing plants with me? I know they are just plants but it's all the time I've put into them and to be honest, they're the first few plants I haven't killed. Any tips or stories of emigrating to the US would be great. As I said, this is just a thought, but I need to know more about how to go about moving there and what happens before I can truly decide. Thanks for your help :) Tom

Question by thomas9666 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Moving to the US? Answered

Hey everyone. I'm rather young, but I'm trying to plan myself a future. I've though about being a programmer(I'm VERY good with both software and hardware, better than anyone else I know at my age) but I've decided wasting my entire life sitting in front of a monitor isn't for me. I want something more active, something that won't get be bored. I'm into parkour recently, and I've always loved martial arts and knives. I thought if it's possible for me to develop a military career. I live in Israel but I really hate this place(the law is very tight and sensitive about whatever can cause harm. Knives are illegal to carry, even tear gas and pepper spray draw police attention) so I want to move to the US. My English is very good, but I heard it's hard to get there. Other than that I though about developing a military career at the US army. I might change my mind, but I just wanna know how much of my plan is possible for now. Once I turn 18 I have to serve at the military for 3 years, then once I'm 21 I wanna move to the US. Once I get there I wanna sign up to the army immediately. I'm not even sure I need a house as the army provides all I need, so I can basically live there. I would like to serve at rather high-risk force(snipers, green berets, etc) for as long as I can and then still work for the army at a more passive job, such as engineering, or research and development. I know it might sound weird and stuff, but I really wanna be a soldier. Please tell me if my plan is possible, comment or correct it. Thanks, Mike.

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Using Gamepad Joystick

Hi  I have a gamepad. And I want to drive a car with it. I uploaded photos. I want to use but they arent button what I will use it

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led display using 555 timer? Answered

Can anyone help me with a design , i would like to make a 5 letter display using leds that spells my daughters name "TRULY" lighting up each letters one at a time then having them all light up at once then repeat? i am new  and this will be one of my first rojects not out of a kit. any suggestions?

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what can i make using unwanted motherboard ?

any ideas ???

Question by ishan udyoga 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How can i make a 4 to 9v voltmeter using lm3914 and how to compute the resistors?


Question by JmM1 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

can i use packing peanuts to fill the space between a dog-eared four foot fence and a clay dirt bank?

Using packing peanuts in a unusual way - my concern is will they last and environment concerns such as air emmisions and ground water contamination

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can i use packing peanuts to fill the space between a dog-eared four foot fence and a clay dirt bank? ?

Using packing peanuts in a unusual way - my concern is will they last and environment concerns such as air emmissions and ground water contamination

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Questions about Homemade stickers

Hello fellow craftsmen! I have a few questions I'd like to get some clarification on if anyone has tried the Instructable by SirBrittanicvs for Homemade stickers. 1. Can this instructable be applied to pencil/pen drawings without distorting the image? Or must the stickers be printed out by the printer? I'm just worried that the pictures will get smudged do to the mixture of glue and vinegar. 2.) After appliying the adhesive to the paper how long can the stickers be stored before the adhesive is ineffective? There was another question I wanted to ask, but I cannot remember it at the moment. But I appreciate any further assistance with this Instructable before I begin and mess something up, haha. Happy New Year everyone!

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Electromagnet using permanent magnets

Hi All, I'm attempting to make a very small strong electromagnet using permanent rare earth magnets. I want to boost the magnetic field and increase the magnetic force. The magnets are 10mm in length by 5mm in radius. I have 0.4mm2 enamelled solenoid wire for the winding. My questions are, Is it possible to increase the force of a permenent  magnet? Will the induced flux into the magnet compile the force or will the EMF have to be greater to see an effect? Will paralleling two windings make the EMF stronger? As the magnets are small I have limited room to wrap windings so is there a more effective method? Any help would be great!

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How to construct a film projector using a geneva mechanism? Answered

I am doing a project of making a geneva mechanism and then employing this mechanism i have to constructing a working model of film projector. First part regarding the making of geneva mechanism is complete but i can not find anything regarding the design and construction of such a projector that uses this mechanism.

Question by usama164 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

In-circuit Serial Programming of 64 pin TQFP-type PIC18F6520 using Self powered JDM?

I have a self powered JDM programmer. It can be connected to my desktop as well as to laptop. Presently I am using my laptop for programming PIC16F72. JDM has following pin-type selector: 12, 18, 20, 28 and 40 pins. The socket is ZIF type. So I cannot use it to program TQFP (Quad type miniature PIC). I want to do ICSP of PIC18F6520 and PIC18F8520. IC-Prog does not have these devices on the device select menu. I have connected the JDM to my laptop through RS232 port. As IC-Prog does not have above devices, I selected PIC18F6620... a similar device. I tried to identify VPP, VDD, VSS, PGD, PGC on the ZIF in 40 pin mode as well as on my PIC18F6520. I connected these together. I also connected PGM to GND. The voltage I get on VPP is 2.54 V. After programming, verification fails everytime. PS: When I use the same technique to program PIC16F72 the programming is successful. Meaning I put JDM in 28 pin mode. Then I identify VPP, VDD, VSS, PGD and PGC on the ZIF socket. Then I connect these wires to appropriate pins on PIC16F72 on the bread board. The programming is successful. Thanking you in anticipation, M Vinod Kumar

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Stepper motor

I have a small size sanyo denki 103 series stepper motor. I wanted to use it using L298 driver. What will be the connections  

Question by UsmanR1 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Thermal Cooling and Heating

It is very possible and it is in use today by using Thermal Cooling and Heating from the earth. Performed by using a 6" well at least 100' deep, with thermal tubing inserted into the well carrying the liquid to be cooled/heated. Process is done by a circulating pump in the interior unit - through the coil - sending back through the well system and returning. It starts out from the main unit circ pump.......through the coils.......out to the "down tube" into the 6" well pipe, a sharp 180* turn back up the system returning to the circ pump. Such a system is used by many facilities to Air Condition or heat rooms of about 15' x 15' or so. I have even seen a system that utilized creek water as the "cooler" of the tubing on a circ pump system. That one really was cool, about 52 degrees. Have you heard of these systems or seen something like it or close?

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how do i take the songs i just recorded in "audacity" to my itunes?

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What is instructables page/ picture limit? Answered

I had trouble uploading a lot of photos and was wondering if there is a picture limit? Is there a page limit for instructables? Why doesn't spell check work when I hit spell check?  Thanks in advance.

Question by sunshiine 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Where to find instructables you have marked as "Favorites?"

I have recently joined, but have several old favorites. I thought marking them would make them easier to find, but cannot find a list of the items I have "favorited"

Question by BambooNut 10 years ago  |  last reply 5 months ago

I am a pro member but I still can't see all instructions on one page. Can someone tell me why?

I have clicked on to see all steps on one page but it keeps telling me to become a pro member to view all steps on one page.

Question by ningas 9 years ago

How to calculate the percentage using cmd? to calculate the percentage of two numbers using cmd?

Topic by Subhasis Biswas 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Touch pad using tester logic? Answered

Hi everyone,                  I was planning to make a doorbell of which's switch is a touch pad.I tried understanding the logic behind the touch screens used in i phones and such otherd but they seem a bit complicated.Another solution I got was a circuit which has two free wires and when a person touches the two wires(creating contact),the load gets power.This is based on transistor switching.But I don't want to adopt this design since........ I don't know for some reason.Then I remembered those classy electrical testers(seen in the picture).They have a neon bulb in them which glows when they get a voltage of certain range from one end and our body is used as ground when the other end is touched.So if I use this mechanism I just have to use the setting to power the load when a metal plate connected to one end is touched by a 'user'and a voltage is given through the other end.I know these things usually have a neon bulb as they handle AC voltage.Finally here's what I actually need to know- Is it possible to build such a circuit where a 12 VDC is supplied to one end and the load is given power when the other end meets ground(here the person touching the pad).Maybe this might be a total jabberwocky but anyway contribute your valuable suggestions.If anyone has seen such circuits elsewhere, a schematic could be really helpful.Thank you in advance. 

Question by Adarsh_tronix 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

code for servo based robot using atmega8 with turnigty tgy-S3101S servo motor.?

I'm making servo based robot using atmega8 but your code given for servo motor TS -53, but i have turnigty tgy-S3101S servo motor and don't specification of this motor like FRONT_CENTER, REAR CENTER AND SLEW SCALE values for coding. pls reply as soon as possible......

Question by vis_genius 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How can I by-pass power supply from old overhead projector?

I am wondering how I can use the power supply of the overhead projector and also use the High voltage supply it comes with. It does seem to be dependent on other circuitry and a quick Google search doesn't reveal much about this. The power supply needs feedback from a thermistor and a motherboard that is attached to the supply with a dual row pin of total 20 pins. The motherboard needs to be there in order for anything to work. I am wondering if there is a pin I can short similar in fashion to a computer power supply.  Any suggestions?

Question by Hendrik0360 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

temperature controller

I have a code that can increase the duty cycle of the pmw output to control the brightness of my bulb and i have lm35 conneted next to the bulb to sense the temperature and now my problem is i have to add two more additional switches for my gain and make the other two the setpoint of my temp,and i de an attachment of my code

Topic by PapaneE 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Print data to thermal printer using arduino

How can i print or display data on the thermal paper using thermal printer and arduino? what command should i use bec. the serial.print and serial.write doesn't work, nothing happens.. here is my sample code in arduino. void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   delay(1000);   Serial.print("Hello"); } void loop() { }

Topic by poohspongebob 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

patter for connecting large no. of push buttons and count how many of them are pressed using keil software in 8051 Answered

I have to connect large number of push bottons to 8051 using keil. additionaly, i need to count the number of buttons are on. can a keil program along with hardware pattern is availabel??

Question by padmjama7 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Triggering a device remotely through bluetooth? Answered

Ok, so i was hoping to set off an electric match using two phones and bluetooth. i hooked an NPN transister up so that when low voltage is applied, it triggers the high voltage output which goes to the electric match. sorry if im paraphrasing here, i hope someone out there understands what im meaning to say. anyways, what i want to do is have an app that works through bluetooth to provide the low voltage i need through the usb which hooks into the npn transister. in other words, a phones usb triggers low voltage place on transister which then gives the higher voltage output. and it does so by using bluetooth to keep it remote. so again, bluetooth triggers usb, usb triggers low voltage place, then that place lets the high voltage go through. let me know if i need to clear up anything and im very sorry about the grammar but ive been racking my brain over this and its 4 am where im at, and i got no sleep. therefor-- too tired to correct spelling errors. any help is appreciated, thank you!

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How to use a transformer?

How to use a transformer?

Question by BickromM 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

What this tool is used for?

Does anyone know what this tool is used for?

Question by emiliofhg 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Who uses GetSimple?

Who uses GetSimple ( the CMS tool? Just wanted to know how is the satisfaction level of people using GetSimple.

Question by artworker 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to use a mixer?

Question by Russel5311 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

what are parachords used for?


Question by arkirymbai 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Use altenator for electrecity?

Question by torquewrench 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago