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Miniature VCR

I have been trying to find a mini DV VCR thingy. Basically, I need a pocket VCR that doesn't make my wallet bury itself alive. Can anyone help?

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Old VCR Case

I have an old VCR, and I took it apart and scavenged for useful parts. I sold a couple, and threw out the rest. I kept the empty case in case I though of something to do with it, but so far I've had no ideas. I still kept the plugs and other parts from the inside which you can see from the outside. If anybody has an idea for what to do with it that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Making a Mini VCR

Hello, I have been experimenting with cassette tape recorders for a while now, and I have been thinking of ways to use them in creative and productive ways. I have theorized that since tape recorders are capable of recording a low power fluctuating signal, (audio), why couldn't they record analog TV signals also?

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VCR Loading motor voltage?

Hi everyone, I recently dismantled an old VCR and found a DC motor, I apparently got no manufacture label just a label with two rows of numbers and these numbers are: 4-570V-02700 B60730 051* I initially thought that the 570V was the voltage of the motor but i'm not sure about it. i googled the first row of numbers and found that it's probably a Sanyo 4-527V-02700 Loading Motor Dc 5.2W, but I can't find anymore specifications for it.

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Dream Box of Goodies? I have a box full of circuit boards, motors, gears, lasers, power supplies, LED displays from several VCRs and DVD players, as well as internal parts from a DirecTV DVR with Tivo (not including the hard drive). All circuit boards contain chips, resisters, capacitors, etc intact on the boards. If you have interest in this or can point me to a place where I can get some value out of this lot, please let me know. Would most like to sell all together, but will consider selling piece-by-piece. Or maybe someone could direct me as to what parts to salvage. At this point, I have removed the boards and mechanics from the the enclosures in order to save space. I have recycled the steel/plastic enclosures. I am in the Dallas, TX metropolitan area. I would appreciate any offers or constructive advice.

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Cassette jammed in VCR--what next? Answered


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Making a pc from a toploadign vcr? Answered

How can i make a old top loading vcr flash 12:00 all the time when i mod it to a pc

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Sony VCR power supply ratings? Answered

I have got a Sony SLV-XA-130-MJ Video Cassette Recorder/Player. I have disassembled it and have got he SMPS out. It has got a sticker saying "1 - 468 - 039 - 42" "SR642 MALAYSIA" "580786" The output connector has 8 terminals. Does anyone know the output details. Can some one provide a link or something?

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How can I hook up a VCR video drum motor to a microcontroller or other power source, without the big VCR circuit board? Answered

It is not a DC motor, I think it is a brushless motor. It's the big round one that moves the the tape.

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For a security system, I want to be able to activate a VCR with a wireless switch and then have it run for 30 minutes.

Factory security systems with this option only run for 30-60 seconds at the most. How do I set up a VCR/DVR to do this?

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Can you have two signal going over a piece of aerial/coxial cable

 eg you have one cable/wire and you have the output of a vcr connected to the tv (which is in a different room, which is also where the tv aerial comes in) and on that same wire have the tv aerial connected to the vcr? Hope that is clear enough

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how can i program my digital cable box to change channels at a certain time?

Comcast is changing to all-digital and is requiring that its customers use a digital converter box in order to receive the new digital channels.  The set top boxes take a stream of digital channels in and by changing the channel on the set top box, a single channel is converted to analog and forwarded on to my VCR (and TV).  I have to keep both my VCR and TV tuned physically to channel 3 in order to record or watch the single channel coming out of the set top box.  If I want to program my VCR to start recording, say, at 11:30 PM on CBS, I have to remember to change the channel on the set top box to CBS before hand.  This also means that I can no longer tape, say, the program at 11:30 on CBS followed by a program on NBC at 12:30; there is no one to change the set top box's channel to NBC. A lot of people have this issue now that all of the channels in Comcast's signal are going to digital and the set top box is added to the equation.  Just wondered if anyone out there has found an easy way to address this problem, i.e. not being able to "program" the channel changing of the set top box itself.

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How to hook up Yamaha 5-Disc DVD Player to JVC VCR and Zenith TV?

My mom gave me a Yamaha Natural Sound 5-Disc DVD Player (DV-C6280). In my room I have a Zenith Space Command TV with no Video/Audio output plugs, and I have a JVC Hi-Fi Stereo SQPB (HR-A591U). I have one Video/Audio output cord, two coax (sp?) cords, and the power cords that are in the products. Is there any possible way to hook up the DVD player through the VCR to the TV? If so, how? If not, are there other cords I need to able to? Is at all possible?

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How 'bout a contest for what to do with old video tape cassettes and/or the tape within?

I would love to see the instructable crowd take on this one!  There is hardly anything about it on the internet.

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Can my VHS player be fixed? Answered

(Watch this video to see the problem) I recently received 2 ancient VHS players, but one is beyond help. The other one however seems to only have a simple problem. But I don't want to tear it up without knowing if there is anything I should look out for first. Any help would be appreciated. Category:  Science & Technology Tags:  help  VHS  player  problems   

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how do i hook my vcr up to my computer and to my tv at the same time?

Im not going to say what im doing this for.

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Can anyone help me get a "pancake" brush less DC motor working ?

The motor worked when it was in the VCR.  Now I took it out and have no clue how to get it running.  The driver circuit has two main parts, an AN3826NK (which is a 28 pin IC) and a PUA 3228, along with various capacitors and what I believe is a hall effect sensor (part marked as "tf35213f3").  The brand of the VCR is Panasonic, but I don't have a model #.   Can it be run again?

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Help Please! What do i need to do? I want to connect my cable(w/out box) in to my dvd/vcr player (w/ in line recording)

TV model is RCA 27f554t DVD/VCR model is Maganvox ZV420MW8 My tv has no video output only audio. but i want the option of recording directly to dvd or vhs.

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Troubleshooting help for connecting stereo components? Answered

Edited:  I'm having trouble getting all my stereo/TV components hooked up in the correct sequence so that each component functions as needed. All my components are Sony the cable box is Motorola (DCT700). TV (Sony KV-27FS13) with 4 input lines (Video 1, 3 & 4 from the back. Video 2 through the front panel.) Everything was rewired today to include a new cable box (due to the digital conversion) and I can see TV channels okay.  VCR (Sony SLV-798HF): On Video 1, I can view channels (when VCR is on CH3), and the cable box controls the channel, but I cannot record any other channel but the one controlled by the cable box. I can also view VHS tapes. DVD Recorder (Sony RDR-HX780): On Video 3, I can view channels controlled by the cable box, but I cannot record any other channel but the one controlled by the cable box. I can also view DVD's. I have a Sony Multi Channel AV Receiver (Model # STR-DG510). I don't know if that helps with getting this to work or not. I've included a detailed diagram. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, canucksgirl Currently the coax goes to the cable box, to the DVD, then to the VCR and then to the TV. RCA-DVD: from the cable box goes to the DVD player (in). From the RCA out goes to TV RCA in. RCA-VCR: RCA out on VCR goes to RCA in on TV.

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Does anyone have any creative computer case modding ideas?

Im planning to build a computer in the near future, and plan to use an intel mini-itx mobo, laptop hard drive, slimline disc drive, and a small power supply unit. The mobo is about 7" inches square, and the rest of the parts are standard sizing. Im still trying to come up with an idea for a case, since it would be much cooler to build a custom computer case mod. For example, i built one of these motherboards and parts into a broken VCR, and made the tape slot the disk drive. So.... What your ideas? By the way, i have already seen the instructables on this, im looking for new ideas.

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does any one have the instructions to the cart in Nacho Libre,The blue go kart thing that he rides around?

 Does Any One Have The Instuctions to some thing like this ( I Want to make one

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Where should I plug in my computer to my old stereo system? Answered

I have a stereo system that is very old and doesn't have a place specified for computers. I have a number of things plugged into it, and the only remaining spots are: Tape-2 (Monitor), VDP, VCR-1, and VCR-2. Which would be best to plug the computer output into? (I've got it all set up with adapters so it fits the RCA plugs). Thanks.

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How do I put a 4 plex security cam system on motion detection system?

I have a system from supercircuits with a 4 cam color quad processor and a 1280 hr time lapse VCR recording and I would like to hook it up to a motion detector on each cam and replace the VCR with a Presidian PDR 3222 DVD recorder. Also having trouble with DVD Recorder not opening to insert a DVD. It would be a great great help if someone can help me with problem? I am not very tecnacial so any pic or video would be a great help if possible. Thank you for any help in advance.

Question by madrasi  

Audio Transducer

Hi, how/where can I harvest (audio?) transdcuders, preferably bone conducting ones?  Like this; Which devices will have them? Old tv's, vcr's, pc's, amps....anything..?

Topic by isaacacheampong  

I have almost a dozen old remote controls from TV, VCR and satelite receivers, What could i do with these? Answered

I was thinking to take out the IR LEDs, but  before that i want to know of a useful possibilty to consume these things

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Recommended tools for salvaging electronic components? Answered

I've been holding on to a couple of old wireless routers and a VCR and am now ready to do some damage and get out the servos and etc. Any recommended tools you would consider 'must-have' when salvaging electronic parts?

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Old analogue TV with set top box problems

Hello everyone. This is the first time I have asked a question on Instructables, so please bare with me. Ok, so I have an old tv (one with only a RF coaxial input port) and a set top box. At the moment, I have the cable from the antenna plugged into the back of the set top box, then I have the component cables from the set top box plugged into the back of an old VCR player which has an RF coaxial output which goes to the TV itself. Now, this is all fine and dandy, the picture quaulity is good and it all worked forst go, the problem I am having is the sound. The sound is really very quiet which doesn't matter too much as the TV is pretty close to where I sit, but there is a static fuzzy sound that sort of drowns out the sound I am hearing. So I am thinking that the VCR player is causing this interference and quiet sound, would I be right? Is there some sort of adapter I can get that converts a component input into a coaxial RF output so I can bypass the VCR player? Any other tips/Ideas? Thankyou very much.

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My tv does not have av inputs so i cannot play video games. Can i make an av/cable converter like a vcr? Answered

I need help with this problem, thanks in advance for whatever advice!

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Is it possible to recharge old, long-dead, camcorder batteries? Answered

I am wondering of there is a method for revitalizing old camcorder batteries which refuse to charge. I know that certain camcorder battery chargers used to come with a "refresh" button. However, the chargers that came with my batteries lack this feature. I believe that most of the batteries are Ni-Cd's. However, one of them is lead-acid. The lead-acid battery is from a VERY old camera, one in which you placed the camera on your shoulder, and slung a VHS VCR from the other. When you were done recording, you would then take the VCR and plug it into the a matching TV tuner. This would charge the battery. Any ideas that would help me get some charge into these batteries would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have usb cables, and AV cables. Can I just splice them somehow to connect VCR to Computer?

I want to convert VHS tapes to DVD's.  There is freeware to use if I can get my signal to computer.  AV / USB cables are expensive.  Is there a way I can splice the usb and AV cables I have to do this?

Question by Mhbaben    |  last reply

how can I hook-up an old black and white monitor to a video jack?

I have an old IBM black and white monitor, is there a way I can hook up a video jack to it so that it can display video signals from places like a vcr? if so, how?!!?

Question by gorgo333    |  last reply

Attaching inputs on TVs that have none?

I have a small portable BW TV; it doesn't have any inputs for a VCR or DVD player etc, So as soon as analog broadcasting stops it's a paperweight unless you enjoy watching TV "snow". So this brings up the question is it possible to attach inputs (RCA, Coaxial, etc) to TVs that don't have any inputs?

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Interesting tech, looking for practical applications...?

I recently received the gift of a functioning VHS VCR, an older computer scanner, an old blackberry, an MP3 player with a broken screen (power still works), some motherboards, speakers, and a bunch of other tech. I plan on making insane art, but I wanted to know what practical notions for usage anyone here might have for such devices?

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AV output socket in TV set.

Hi all i am finding difficult using the AV output socket in my TV because it have only one output socket. I have to plug it out and connect to what I may intend to use (VCD,VCR,HIFI). Can someone suggest a way or a circuit to make (4 AV output will be nice). Thanks.

Topic by sunwah  

Video "out" recording? Answered

On certain cameras, DVD players, VCR players it has the red, yellow and white "out", if I were to have a spy camera with the yellow and white "out" how would I record that in the space of a largish pocket? Kipkay's Instructable features the exact same style of camera (go here is of my one, not my picture though (sorry). Red is for power.

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Make Magazine / Boing Boing on Martha Stewart !

While I was paying bills in the back my wife called me out front to see a portion of the Martha Stewart Show that she said I would be interested in. Make's Editor in Chief, Mark Frauenfelder demonstrated such things as the VCR cat feeder, cigar box guitar, and Vibro-bots on the show. Make's site currently has this on their front page @

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portable tv

I really would like to try and make a portable tv I am wondering if it was possible I have a decent lcd screen out of a car gps but the only markings on it are vdd , avdd ,vgh ,vgl, pol,vcom, gnd and there are some contacts that say q1 ,q2 ,q3 r0, and c1 I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to connect it to a chip and if it would be possible to make a receiver out of an old VCR

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help with squiggly picture on viewfinder crt

I have a panasonic omnimove camcorder viewfinder that I took apart and plugged in and got it running. It is running on about 5.5 V DC, seems to work, but its very squiggly, like the horizontal or vertical hold is off. when I plug in video from my VCR I can see the image, but it is really squiggly. does anybody know how to adjust this? could i have aything to do with the voltage? Thanks!

Topic by mushroombob  

how to obtain cheap electronic things for your projects

Since i dont have picsthis wouldnt qualify as an instructible.. grage sales.. this is like the geeks version of chuckie cheeses.. i needed about 80 leds for a project and i happen to find a few vcr's for 10 dollars total which saved me alot of money.. ive gotten great computers for salvaging and selling parts for a big profit.. just a tip for everyone who doesnt want to waste a bunch of cash...

Topic by pyroboy5  

What can I make with this?

So, I have a few random components and I'm bored. What project could I make with this stuff? - 2 7ft sections of 18 gauge magnet wire - Unwound ferrite core transformer - 2 Rocker switches - VCR Lcd screen (PT6955) - 3 photoflash capacitors - 50v 2200 uf electrolytic cap. - 2 1.5A 120v Pushbutton switches, 1 red, 1 black - 4 lead pushbutton switch - 6v button cell pack - 1 white led, 6mm - 2 small speakers - 6 small pushbutton switches - 2 fuses, 125v1.6vA, and 25v315A - Tiny microphone - 3 lead IR sensor - 2 2lead IR sensors - Ring electromagnet, bunch of coils - small motor - large motor - large vibrating motor - 4 9v battery clips - 1 "C" battery holder - Encoder from VCR, only the bearing, no electronics - Halogen table lamp transformer, 110v to 12v - AC Motor Rotor - Heavy duty transformer - RF Modulator If it needs anything else I can buy it, just that it uses parts from this list. Thanks.

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S-Video to RF creates 5" B&W Monitor?

Does anyone know how I could use the RF MODEM which I removed from an old VCR to convert S-Video out (PC) to RF in on an old black and white 5" portable TV?I'd like to use a 5" tube as a small monitor which will hook-up to my PC without lacing it through VCRs cables adapters etc. And if I find my A4 Fresnel lens I want that worked-in too.The pins on the MODEM are labeled (left to right) as follows:(1-7) BB+ AUD SDA MB+ SCL VID VT+(8-13) (none) (none) AS SCL SDA B+ (14-16) TU (none) (none) (17-20) A/O S/O AFT V/ORF in at the top, RF out at the bottom(I also have a large colour TV with UHF SCART & composite inputs, but I think there's a fault with the HT supply to the tube. I have a large CRT colour monitor, but I'm not too sure I want to take that apart.)L

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I saved movies on my Direct-TV DVR (like a TiVo) and want to transfer them to my computer to burn a DVD - can I do that? Answered

I have saved movies that take up a lot of space on the DVR and I want to save them but there is a limit to the space. I know how to copy it onto a VCR but would prefer it on a DVD. Since I don't have a DVR separate from the one with Direct-TV, I want to transfer it to my computer to burn DVD. Is there a way to do it? If so, how?

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Android Gingerbread, RFID Skeleton Key, CNC Machine

Android Gingerbread RFID Skeleton Key CNC Machine USB Jog Wheel From VCR Parts Sexy Satin Nightgown Acrylic LED Lighting Sculpture Simple Paper Flowers Coffee Maker Bathtub Temperature Regulator Wooly Willy Table Show You Care with Custom Perfume Cute Pom Pom Socks Professional Rubber Stamps at Home Chocolate Space Invaders Annoying Beeper Mini Milling Machine - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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I need some help identifying transistors?

I have what they all say on them, and I tried googling some of them but cant find data sheets.. I took them off a board from a dvd/vcr  Heres what they say:  c2120    y   og   a1015    gr  og  n1f4m  k306m   a1f4m  k399m a1f4m  k39ym   k2715   h c3195  y  1130 c3195  y 1134   c2785  k06m  h 1815  gh gr c536n  f  od1  c2785  f0bm  How do I figure out what I can use them for? 

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MisterHouse home automation

"MisterHouse is an open source home automation program. It's fun, it's free, and it's entirely geeky. Written in Perl, it fires events based on time, web, socket, voice, and serial data. It currently runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP and on most Unix based platforms, including Linux and Mac OSX. It can talk, it can check your messages, control the lights, program your VCR, and what is best - it understands spoken commands. It can even track your car by interfacing to a TNC. And there are 600 users and 209 authors contributing to this project. Cool, eh?"

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What can I connect to a cylindrical CD case to make it spin?

I need to make something that will feed my cats for one meal. I want to use one of those cylindrical CD cases that hold 50 or so CDs with a hole in the side to dispense kibble. I'll just be connecting the motor to a normal light timer. The only thing I don't know is how strong of a motor I would need to turn it with about 1/2 cup of cat food while it's on its side. I don't think a dinky clock motor would do it, any ideas where to scavenge something stronger? No, I don't really want to make the VCR feeder, too complex for what I need.

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