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HELP! vga to mini-vga

I'm trying to get composite out from my PowerMac G3 (B&W;). All it has is vga. Can I take a vga monitor cable (cut the end off) and take my "mini-vga to composite adapter" (from an old iBook which I no longer have) and cut the mini-vga end off and just connect the appropriate wires? I'm not really sure of a few of them.Here are the links to the Wikipedia entries (with pinouts):Mini-VGAVGAThanks for any help!Danny

Topic by just_jeepin  

Composite to VGA

I am looking into using a computer monitor as a tv screen. Is it possible to conect a composite (Yellow, Red, White) to VGA (like a computer monitor) using and adapter like this one. Has anyone done this before? What do I need to do this? , Dan

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USB to VGA? Answered

Is there an easy way to send video from the usb port to the VGA input of my TV. We are using Ubuntu 10?

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composite to VGA?

I want to make a projector similar to this: with a LCD panelbut it only has a VGA input. is there a way to connect things such as my playstation/xbox to the LCD panel?

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Can anyone help me to make a DVI-D to VGA converter? I know that DVI-D is digital only and VGA is analog but there must be a possibility to convert digital to analog. I have a dell 30" LCD which have DVI-D port and I want to connect this LCD to VGA source. Help me plz...

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DVD to VGA output

Hey guys,Heres the hardware I have. Just wondering if I could use the existing cables and hardware and turn this into a VGA output? It's from a Haier 7" DVD player. I know DVD players have a crappy output and visual clarity, but....wanted to do something with it... :(

Question by Asmodean_7  

Phone projector to vga

So I have a 16 pin projector that attaches to my phone and I also have a HDMI to vga cord I want to use my projector with other items other than my phone and not have to have it attached even if I have to solder or any means thanks

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HDMI to VGA cable? Answered

Hi, I recently bought a HDMI to VGA cord for my Raspberry Pi (V. 1).  After I received it, I tried it, but it did not work.  I did some research and from what I can find, running the cord straight from the Pi to a VGA screen will not work.  Is this correct?  Is there any way to use this cord?  Or is this just a useless cord?  Thanks in advance.  :)

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DIY VGA to Composite Cable

Is it possible to make a VGA to composite conversion cable?I know you can get them off eBay for next to nothing, but I have plenty of spares of both, so I could make one for nothing.If it is possible, what do I solder to which pins?Thanks

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Vga cable gone wrong

I've tried like 5-6 times to make myself a vga male-to-male cable for this 32" tv I have that I can't do anything but watch noise infested cable with.So I'll skip all the bull****. I'm down to two cables I cut one from an old CRT and one from a non-working LCD monitor. Of course the lcd cable has to be considerably thinner, but the cables inside are relatively the same color.I've used this , and this website for a little bit of reference, along with wikipedia's VGA Connector page. The only bit of useful information I really have is on the wiki page where it says the male connector is just a mirror image, but it still confuses me.So far I have pins 1, 2, and 3 connected together at the cut end of the two cables, as they're the 3 thicker cables inside there. The rest of the cables seemed to be the same color as on the other cable, except that one had a black wire, and one with a red one (these turned out to be the same pin so I wired them together). The rest of the wires I matched together according to color and some of them I've heat shrinked, but I figured I better not waste any on wires I'm unsure about.Sure enough, it does not work, my LCD continues to display no signal, and I'm now wishing I didn't cut apart the first hand made cable I had (I grabbed off a cart at school). But the image quality was crudd, and it turns out it was wired in the cable to 5 coaxial wires, probably causing the quality issue as it wasn't exactly standard.Can someone tell me what the hell I did wrong???? Should it be wired differently instead of just a straight through cable?

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notebook lcd connector to VGA?

Is it possible to make my lcd connect so that is the connector this part is what you put it it so what im wondering is there a way to make it to vga so that the athor end of part is vga?

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DVI to VGA Conversion on a Budget

I didn't make this into an Instructable because my wife is visiting Minnesota and took the digital camera with her. If anyone wants to build this and photograph their process, just include me as a collaborator and I'll be happy... :) I just acquired a new (used) video card for my Mac. Unfortunately, it has a ADC (Apple Display Connector) and a DVI (Digital Video Interface). While the card is capable of driving two displays, I only had a DVI-VGA adapter and ADC-VGA adapters run $50-100US! I decided that I'd just have to figure out how to wire my own adapter and run it to an unused PCI plate. The following schematic is a DVI-VGA adapter. I've included the pins that would be used for the equivalent points on an ADC connector. I just finished wiring an ADC connector to a VGA connector on another plate. It works perfectly! I hope this saves someone else a few bucks... Vegas

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Handheld Monitor (HDMI / VGA)

I work as a field technician for an IT company and 90% of the time, the servers on customer sites do not have monitors plugged into them. This normally results in me having to scour the site for a spare monitor, or having to bring a laptop along just to remote desktop onto the computer that is sat in front of me! I would love to make a small pocket sized monitor that accepts VGA and HDMI connections. It doesnt need to have any intelligence or OS or anything like that, which is where I am becoming confused... I am really new to the whole arduino / rPi scene and I have no idea if either of these would even be the right option for this kind of thing! I do know that the rPi has a 7" TFT and a VGA module available (along with the on board HDMI connector) so I'm thinking this is the way to go regardless. Any ideas?

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Controlling HDMI or vga monitor

I'm working on a project that I need a monitor to display information for a predetermined amount of time then turn off (Im will not be using the Raspberry Pi for this). In a days time I may want the monitor ON/OFF twice or several times. I've got experience with using relays, and was thinking of breaking the 110v to achieve it, however not sure if I would be shorting the life of the monitor by doing this. Would it be more practical to break the incoming HDMI cable with some particular pinouts( like the video or signal or 5v? with a relay or two) and keep the monitor turned on 24/7? Thanks! FYI. This monitor will NOT be connected to a PC, it will only be displaying my outside cameras when activated.

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how to make or wire a VGA cable to Rca ports or plugs?

That will work on Windows system

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what is the best graphic card for my PC?

My PC specs are : motherboard : BIOSTAR PURO HI-FI A85W processor      : AMD A8 APU 5600K Quad core 3.60 Ghz RAM                 : 8 GB OS                   : windows 7 ultimate 64-bit VGA                 : ATI RADEON HD 5570 HDD                : 1 TB If i wan't to change my graphic card for best gaming result what is the best VGA card should i buy? 

Question by eydie kevin    |  last reply

how to repair dv9000 laptop vga?

My dv 9000 lap vga is .blaring how me i repair it. or replays it .rip me soon.. 

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sony ux180p lcd, vga pinout?

Does the lcd for the sony ux180p have a pinout that can be soldered to any vga connection? thanks.

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DVI / VGA to USB over Bluetooth?

I do graphic design and computer animation.   I am making my own wireless drawing tablet.  I have a bluetooth pressure sensitive drawing tablet.   A 16" (16x9) laptop display, bluetooth adapters, dvi / vga to usb adapters and various strong enough rechargeable batteries. The tablet is bluetooth enabled.  The display is using a dvi / vga to usb adapter.  Everything is working. What i need to figure out is how to stream my low res display from usb to bluetooth over to my computer's bluetooth. Any ideas?

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Difference between a 14 and 15 pin VGA monitor connection. Answered

My monitor is a 14 pin VGA connection.  I'm working on splitting it and going into another room to my TV. Do the 15 pin VGA connections work on a 14 pin? Thank you.

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will a vga to rca cable work to play games on a monitor? Answered

I want to play games like ps1, ps2, ps3, wii, and ps2 slim but all I have is a portable dvd player with av in fuction but I want to play it on a monitor so will a vga to rca cable work for games on my monitor? By the way my monitor is a hp, I don't know what model but I don't think that matters much.

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How accurate do VGA timing signals have to be?

I'm looking to try to drive a VGA monitor using a PIC 16F690, on a 12MHz clock (3,000,000 operations per second) The most accurate the signal from the PIC can be is 1/3 uS, but the timings given are to 1/100 uS for the 640 X 480 @ 60Hz standard. Overall, each frame does come out to a whole number of cycles, so does the exact duration of each line matter? I've seen a PIC output very basic graphics on a 4MHz clock, so I would expect it to be fairly simple to just light up the display on 12MHz. Alternatively, is the display smart enough to fit whatever is fed into it onto the screen? Thanks for the help.

Question by The Skinnerz  

will I be able to hook a wii to a monitor with a vga to component cable adapter? Answered

The reason why im asking is i bought a cord for this purpose from and I know it will  work on ps3 but will it work on wii? if not I will have to buy a new cable and a converter did I say that right? hope I did

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

is there a way to turn your flat computer monitor into a tv without a cable box? Answered

I have a dell flat screen monitor and i wanted to turn it into a TV to hang on the wall, but the olny problem is that i don't know how. and i also don't want to spend a lot of money. is there anyone who can help me?

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wireless camera

I have a (PC- LCD  flat computer monitor, it is a Dell 17"  that only has a VGA connector,  and I have a First Alert Wireless Security Camera(s) two. Model: A-560. My question is, What accessories do I need to connect the wireless receiver to the monitor so I can monitor what is going on through the cameras. Thanking you for simple instructions on how to do this. And what to buy. you can E-Mail me at: Again, Thanks

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How to configure spoilt vga cable of crt monitor from another good crt vga? Answered


Question by mauricewarebee    |  last reply

any racing games for integrated 256 vga?

Give me some good list of car games ..plzzzzz..

Question by ishan udyoga    |  last reply

how i do a convertor to rca cable video to vga?

I want to play my games using my pc monitor, so any idea?

Question by benjo32    |  last reply

how can i make a converter from vga to a small lcd screen

I have a sharp lq035q7dh02 lcd screen from a pocket pc pinnout can be found here an i want to make a converter from vga so i can use my pc with it i could also use a dvi

Topic by kajin41    |  last reply


PLEASE send me parts link's to the the parts i need to make vga monitor into tv using a digital tv box a lot of us had to buy to make our anolog tv's work --when the antenna switch to digital -and stopped anolog broadcast -dtv box is any brand name - digital  antenna in and anolog out -it has 3 rca jack and rg-59 coax tv input and out put---i have a medical issue and thinking is slowed down -so i request the links to tha part i need to make it work --i see a lot on ebay and amazon--but its greek to me so far --im sure there is a way --thanks for your support --i have the digital tuners and monitors i need to know the web links to the parts i need to adapt   it together --audio i should be able to figue out but just in case --can someone steer me in right direction

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What VGA cable should I get for a 100' run to the projector?

I bought a $20 one from Monoprice and now there is ghosting on the screen. Are the more expensive name brand ones actually made better, and will they prevent this? I know it is the cable because I tried a 2' one and everything was fine, but I need the long run for the permanent placement. Amplifier?

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My HP laptop connected to my HDTV via VGA fine- but now it says NO SUPPORT. What do I do for this?!?

Laptop to TV was fine through the VGA hook-up, until recently. When I try to hook-up now, my TV says NO SUPPORT. What is causing this, and how do I remedy the situation?

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What is the frequency of signals at VGA port of CPU? Answered

I want to connect my computer  monitor and CPU by wireless.I have to amplify the signals at VGA port of CPU and transmit in air so that the receiver  circuit connected to monitor  VGA port could receive the transmitted signals.In order to amplify signals at VGA port of CPU i need to design amplifier using transistors.For designing amplifier i need to know the frequency of signals at VGA port of CPU

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Help me to make my pc gaming?

i have intel g31 ddr2 motherboard 1gb ram installed and no graphic card. i'm gonna install 1gb graphic card and another 4gb ram ooh i have dual core processor  i'm not gonna change the processor is it work ? can i play these games..  shift 2                                                dirt 2                                                gta v thanks for helping me...

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how to make a adapterter from vga to s-video

How to make a adapterter from vga to s-video

Topic by tazmanaz    |  last reply

will this HDMI to VGA converter work out of the box with the raspberry pi? Answered


Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

How do you make a VGA-hooked LCD display 1:1?

I have a nice big LCD monitor I want to use for my projector, but since it is currently hooked up via VGA cabling, I'm not sure if I can make it only use a part of the LCD for display. I have tried PowerStrip, but I can't seem to get it to take my custom resolutions properly. I want it to display 1024x768 on a 1280x1024 screen, but my monitor always says out of range!

Question by willrandship    |  last reply

Can I modify a stand up arcade to accept different input?

I'm looking into building a custom arcade system.  I have decided that to save time and frustration that I will be retrofitting an actual arcade and was wondering if there was any way to output RCA (Red, Yellow, White) cables to the monitor or even vga.  I was thinking that this could be done by adapting the video output on a game board but was wondering if anybody's done this before.

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i have a small camera from a samsung phone which one of my friends gave to me and i want to use it for something

the small camera i have pictured is from a samsung mobile phine which was broken in halve, i want to use the camera for something but i don't know what to do. can someone tell me how to use it please

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how to connect the TV line to LCD Monitor with VGA connector,

 how to connect the TV line to LCD Monitor with VGA connector,

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Can I turn a laptop LCD into a VGA monitor? Answered

My old Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop's monitor stopped working. I figured out that it's not the LCD itself, it's the connector on the motherboard of the laptop. So I took the LCD off and kept the bottom half to hook into a VGA monitor and use like a regular computer. BUT: I got to thinking- could I somehow convert the LCD to have a VGA hookup and then just plug it into the VGA port on the laptop somehow or would it be so expensive and complex that it isn't worth it?

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How do you make color lcd into a vga lcd or an a/v lcd? Answered

Details I thought this was supposed to be optional.

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Is it possible to connect a VGA cable to the LCD wires in a laptop? Answered

I have a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6965 with a cracked screen.  I have a desktop computer that is getting on in years and I would like re-purpose this laptop into a desktop. I currently use two monitors with this desktop and would like to continue this setup.  Is it possible to identify what wires do what on the LCD of the laptops monitor, then wire that into a VGA or DVI cable and make it work with one of these monitors? Thanks for any and all insight! *Update I counted the number of pins in the current monitor's harness that plugs into the laptop, there are 25 pins.  Hope this helps!

Question by DaBuh    |  last reply

Use an LED monitor as a lamp - faking a VGA signal?

I have an LED monitor with a smashed screen that I'd like to repurpose as a light panel. The backlight still works (driven from the onboard controller) but cuts out after 20 seconds or so. I assume this is because the board fails to sense a connected source (it has VGA and HDMI inputs) cable and switches to standby. Is there a simple way of "fooling" the monitor that there's a source conencetd so that it remains lit?

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Interfacing cell phone LCD's with VGA/DVI connectors

Anyone have any experience with this or know if such a connector/adaptor exists? I have a 320x240 display I pulled from a Blackberry 8700g and would like to run video on it off an old G4 tower. Thanks for any suggestions!

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VGA Video goggles/glasses on the cheap. i know its possible.

Ok,        i have been looking over the internet for a while now trying to get some sweet video goggles or a video headset like ipod video goggles but for my computer screen. the best i can come up with are in the range of $299.99 to $1K+. i was looking at the lady gaga video glasses tutorial and thought that i could hack the input on those tiny screens and slap a vga cable on it, glue it up with a set of gem magnifier glasses and be watching a video in no time. this is not easy, i don't know how to splice up the wires and connect them up, i don't know how bad this would be for your eyes and most importantly i don't know how to make my computer see this new VGA cable as a monitor. Anybody with the brains feel like mocking this up? i think it would be amazing if we could get this in. Id even be willing to guess a fast track to getting it working right would be with something like the usb desktop extender seen in the link below.;=44444444440261298289 Thanks!

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