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connecting via facebook

I wont be able to log on via facebook. tried everything and nothing works

Topic by mizka90  

Connection via mobile

Hi guys How to connect orange pi 1with android mobile via vnc app

Question by Mr Qatanani  

control via internet?

I'm new on this people i built a circuit & i control it with my PC if i wanna control it via internet should i buy static IP or I can upload my app on my website directly ?? if there another way that will be helpful 

Question by thijaz    |  last reply

Arduino control via android

The arduino board needs to be controlled from My android mobile..!! is there a solution for controlling the arduino from the android mobile through any means like USB,Bluetooth or Internet...!!??

Topic by rraja2    |  last reply

LED Light via USB?

Hi guys, I've been searching about, and this seems to be quite the vibrant community for DIY gadgets. I'd like to have as final product, a led light connected to a PC via USB - that has a software-controlled dim functionality (ie, 1 is on, 0 is off, values valid 1 < x < 0). I'm a seasoned programmer, but the hardware side of things has always been a mystery. Where to begin? Is this a complex project? Cheers. Alex

Topic by Saeven    |  last reply

Login only via Facebook?

Hello! I created an Instrucables-account with facebook. Now I want to log in without my facebook-account, but this doesn´t work. Is it possible in any way? What should I do? (Sorry, my english is not so good..) Thanks!

Topic by anießen    |  last reply

Control a robot via Internet ?

Hi guys so i want to build an arduino robot that's connected to the internet using phone then controlled from my computer so do you have any ideas and do you know any good tutorials ?

Question by omarb22    |  last reply

Logging in via Facebook @ Competitions

Hi, When trying to log in via Facebook, via the competition page I get an error but I do end up being logged in. go to competition and select any competition - Select how it works Click on New instructable Click on facebook Receive the following error: Sorry, we just can't find that one! -   We're sorry, the URL is either incorrect or no longer available. Maybe you are looking for one of the following Instructables below. I'm using Firefox

Topic by pete.oconnell  

how to share via email?

Have clicked on the share and email to send to to make this work please... btw i just found your site  this morning and so far am loving it!!  but do want to share this site and its projects with friends.. please lmk what to do. thanks

Question by ktml13    |  last reply

Arduino to arduino via bluetooth?

I want to link three arduino's via bluetooth.  One will listen for the other two.  If it receives signal it will set a pin high.  If it doesn't it will set the pin low. Two of the arduino's will be powered off most of the time.  If they power up I need it to link to the other one. So the two will need to power up, link to the one, and start sending signal. The one is just going to power up a light and maybe later also report to the web. The two are just signal generators to let the one know to turn the light on. If I can't link three, I will buy 4 and just make two pairs. Thanks for any answers.

Question by Rednecknerd    |  last reply

Block a Website via router? Answered

I blocked youtube on my router in keywords and the site itself,  any time I Google youtube and click on a site without an actual video on it, it gets blocked.  But when I go to it will open the page with text only (the formatting and photos just go to pot) and then I can still watch the videos, anyone know how to overcome this?

Question by    |  last reply

VHS to DVD via computer

We have a huge selection of old videocassete tapes from home movies, TV recordings, and feature films that we want to archive onto DVD. I have the software to edit and burn the DVDs, but no way to get it onto the computer. I have a Lenovo 3000 J series, with 1 GB RAM, an AMD Athalon X2 64 2.01 GHz dual core processor, a 250 GB hard drive, and a dual-layer DVD/CD burner. nVidia GeForce 6100 built-in video card. My VCR has only RCA-composite video, but S-Video is possible through an old high-quality VHS camera. Would I need to get a new video card, or just a converter for RCA-USB? Low-budget recommendations would be appreciated.

Topic by CameronSS    |  last reply

unlock car via cellphone

Can u unlock a car with a cellphone heres the situation i lock my keys in the car i call the person with the spare key and tell them to hold the key next to the cell phone and press unlock while i hold my phone next the some area of the car i have a 09 2dr wrangler (jk is the model letters) i have seen this in the int some cars it works some cars it doesnt so if any of u have done this let me know where to hold my cell phone up to the car at if its possible with this model i know they use frequencys tailored to each car so maybe a cellphone cant carry them over a phone to the car could u record the frequency and then play it back thru ur cellphone?????????

Question by crazycommanche=US=    |  last reply

Newsletter via gmail and then into wlmail

I'd like to keep receiving e newsletters but they have always been 'bad'. They never come out correctly in my wlmail client. It is basically a series of boxes with a cross at top. When I press a cross it opens up IE which I never use (FF only) and here is the page it takes me to with various instructions as to why something went wrong. Yours is the only newsletter this happens to. here is the link. wlmailhtml:{48885E4E-20F8-40C1-884E-4419D44A59F6}mid://00000337/!x-usc: for design square I got this in IE wlmailhtml:{48885E4E-20F8-40C1-884E-4419D44A59F6}mid://00000337/!x-usc:

Topic by brit50  

controlling LED's via USB?

I was thinking about making something similar to this. I wanted to also have the 12 LED's (4 of each color). However, I also wanted to be able to control them from my computer, and possibly make them react to music. I'm not the most experienced with LED's, voltages, etc. etc. etc. I'm taking a digital electronics class, but we have been prototyping circuits on breadboards and building them with schematics software, so building a simple circuit wouldn't be too much of a problem. But, thats about all we've done. I don't have much experience writing code for anything, however, my friend is pretty decent with VB and vaguely able to code in either C or C## (forgot), so I could probably get him to help me with the coding. Can someone either point me to a website that would be helpful, or explain to meA)How to make the circuit if I need to make oneB)How to connect it to my computer (I was thinking USB, but I'm not sure how I'd do it)C)how to write a program to change colors, and possibly make it react to music

Topic by iamthatguy113    |  last reply

trigger momentary switch/button via switch

What i try to accomplish is very simple. my Airconditioner has a Push button (momentary switch) to turn it off and on. but the Thermostat brings permanent power it it want the A/C to be on. i could make a simple delay setup for 1 sec. or so to trigger a relay but then i can't be sure its really on or of. how can i ensure its turned on via an timer relay safely if the control wire has power ? any recomentation on existing products or schematics ? i can check the "real status" via other parts on the airconditioner easy .. i just need a way to ensure ON and OFF based on the command line is High or Low ..  any ideas ? 

Topic by nullx8    |  last reply

not getting email updates on new instructables

Hi, any body know why i`m not getting any new instructables sentt o  my email adddress ? EVERYTHING is as it should be correct email address etc.... thanks, mark k

Topic by krawczuk    |  last reply

Block of ice heated via induction

science is awesome. block of ice heated via induction till it glows red hot then lights on fire. NEAT!  

Topic by crapflinger  

Is it possible to send an email via batch?

I have a batch file I have been working on and wondered is it possible to send an email via this program? if you know how or know a program please tell

Question by Orange Shadow    |  last reply

Convert a DVD via SW into Microscope!

Could one turn their DVD or CD via SW to a microscope viewing reflected light from the laser and placing the specimen on the disk (pls someone take the challenge). I would love to see such an Instructable

Question by moris_zen    |  last reply

send pictures via pvt msg

Hi i want to send pictures to somone of an amp problem i have need to be on a pack like this is there one these are the pick going to some one called slowpoke if you can help...

Topic by andybuda    |  last reply

Addressable RGB Strip via USB?

Hi All, Im currently looking into RGB Addressable LED strips for my computer and the only option I can find is the NZXT Hue+ which is riddled with issues. Does anyone have information on how I would possibly control these via USB from inside my computer, or if that makes life complicated, over WiFi but powered from a SATA power cable?

Topic by K20Evo    |  last reply

Ipod Control via Dock connector?? Answered

Does anyone know if you can control ipods functions (play/pause, fast fw, rewind, scroll, possibly vol up/down?) via the dock connector? Is there any way to do this other than taking apart ipod? Trying to make ipod controller Edit: Does anyone know a cheap way to send specific signals to an ipod? im thinking arduino is a good choice

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply

Control LED's via text with Arduino? Answered

I would like to create an arduino setup that can turn LED's from RED to Green (and vice versa) via TEXT from registered cellphones. How can I do this? What equipment would i need to buy? I also plan on wiring the LED's over long distances so how would I wire/program the power supply? I heard that I would need relays, but where would I get those and how would I install them?

Question by ilee1    |  last reply

Ibles Completely inaccessible via IE

Today i can't get to ibles at all, in any way with IE. i get a 403 forbidden error suggesting that i have to log in, which i can't do because i can't get to the page, and it wouldn't matter anyway as i can't stay logged in via IE anyway (really wished that was fixed) obviously firefox works...sort of, i couldn't reply to stuff earlier (haven't tried again yet), i would press reply and nothing would happen. also, i've tried posting this bug once and it timed out before it posted

Topic by crapflinger    |  last reply

turn on electronics via cell phone...

 I'm looking for a way to do simple "on" command for an electronic device. The idea being if I'm on my way home from work and want to use my cell phone to let's say send a text message or email that will go to my computer (probably via a different site) and tell my computer, that I assume will be connected (via usb) to some sort of a relay, to turn on my electric device (say a space heater). I know you can use those timers but I come home at different times each day and would like to a) do it safely, when I'm only 10 mins away as opposed to being locked into the time on a timer) and b) use less energy than I would if say the heater turned on and I was running an hour late. Any thoughts?

Topic by mrshow555    |  last reply

connect android with arduino via wifi ?

Hello can anyone help  i need t create small project  the project is an application on android mobile that can turn on or of led in arduino uno  i have bought arduino uno an arduino uno ethernet shield  so i need to know how to create wifi connection between them  in code please 

Question by almo0oshakes    |  last reply

Monitor Temperature And Humidity Via Internet

I would like to build a project which can monitor the temperature and humidity in each one of my rooms in our house and at my daughters apartment.  I would like to use a web page to monitor from anywhere.  I know there are sensors which can do both.  Each room has a computer and is connected to the Internet.  So how do I begin?

Topic by SpaetzleKing    |  last reply

Interfacing the nxt and rfid via the ardiuno?

I am  having a problem here,I am to connect an rfid card reader to the arduino microcontroller and then the microcontroller to the nxt robot.From the researches that i have made i have learnt that the nxt communicates with the ardiuno microcontroller through I2C while the microcontroller itself reads data fom the rfid antenna using an UART bus.I am wondering if you could help on the code to make the arduino send a message to the nxt.

Question by roagile-2007    |  last reply

turning a pc on via mobile phone

Would it possible to wire the speaker of a mobile phone to the on/off of a standard pc so you could turn it on with a simple phone call? Not exactly a burning question but the idea has been floating around in my head for a while now, but i'm no closer to investigating.. Being completely devoid of network attached storage, that would be the next best way to access my files or store stuff when not at home without leaving the pc on all the time.. when finished it can be turned off via VNC or logmein. I've tried all ways to get wake on lan working of course, but can't stop the fans from running even when in standby/hibernation, and lately i can't even get it to stay in that mode without booting straight back into xp.. cheers in advance! ade

Topic by uchujin  

Are Spammers following me via ?

I am an Instructables Pro member and I have never posted an instructable. So, I'm always curious when another Instructables members decides to "follow" me. Why are they following me when I never submit anything? I recently received e-mail from Instructables that I am being followed by The California Business Directory. I love Instructables but the possibility that my membership information is being exploited for business purposes or used to send me unsolicited advertising is very disturbing. Please advise.

Topic by deadairman    |  last reply

temperature contral Via thermal cupplers

I am just starting out I have built several Bio stoves in the past few years .  The cost of fuel wood,wood chip, saw dust ,grass leaves , brush paper all house hole wastes but plastic bone and metal . are the fuel's it will cook . In the end you are left with Bio dust charcoal and it is a 100% natural soil additive that improves plant growth . No green house gasses . and just a little ash from the fire retaining feeder. Any way I need to control at lease 4 to 5 temperature . all are inter related . all temp. feed backs will control digital speed controls to maintain temp.

Topic by OldManRobbie    |  last reply

Powering car LEDs via USB

Hi guys, I've always wanted to make my car (my parents car :'c ) a little bit more fun, It's a 10/11 year old ford fiesta without Bluetooth/USB. Here's what I would like to do, just wondering if anybody can see any problems with this. I know very little about power or how electronics work. I want to be able to skip songs and answer calls without having to pick up my phone, for that I am going to buy this:;=1&smid;=AP087GSGD7Y0R Now this will use my cigarette lighter for power which is fine until I get to my next part. I also wanted to put LED strips under each of the seats, and for that I would buy this:;=1477573217&sr;=8-3&keywords;=car+accessories As you can see, that also requires the use of the cigarette lighter. What I want to do to get around the problem is buy this "1M USB DC 5V To DC 9V 12V" cable and also plug that into one of the USB slots:;=1477573430&sr;=8-2&keywords;=usb+5v+to+12v. Do you reckon this is possible? Are there any obvious problems with what I'm trying to do that I may have missed/not be aware of? Thanks!! Tim Clark

Topic by TimC181    |  last reply

How to make xy plotter controlled via computer serial port

Is it possible to make a XY plotter which would be controlled by a computer serial port instead of a dedicated processor as everybody someway or the other just do that no matter what version it is

Topic by Unumunu    |  last reply

Please can any1 help me to find out the RPM of a 120mm Fan via USB Idea ? without connecting the fan to the motherboard

Hi folks, i have a few PWM 120mm PC Fan's, but one is so cheap & nasty that it only had the power specs on it and i have quite a few fans like this but wanted to find out the RPM of it but without actually hooking it up to my motherboard of my PC as im severely mobility impaired and my pc is in such an area that it would take an able-bodied person a few days of removing the barricade-mountain of 'stuff', lol, from all around it to get to the PC, so... ive got a bunch of usb cables just sitting around so is there a way i can use 3 USB cables to connect to 3 individual ports to supply the 12v needed by this 120mm fan (and somehow reducing the 15v in total from 3-added USB sockets' power added together to give 12v and my USB Hub is powered) and also a way of connecting the PWM wire of the fan to one of the USB ports so that a software like SpeedFan could detect it being connected so that i could find out the RPM of it (and write up an instructable about it too !!) the only info on the fan is: DC Brushless 12V 0.30A this would be a great project i wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into and i simply cant afford such fancy devices like a digital stroboscope that measures fan RPM so kinda living on a shoe-string here and i would really love to make some kind of USB-type simple device that could detect any fan's RPM that plugged into it via 4-pin Molex or the 3-pin connector: would i need extra circuitry for the software SpeedFan to use to enable it to detect a fan at the USB Port ? would it be possible to make a simple schematic for me if circuitry would be needed (i can read-schematics (just-about, lol, only started learning electronics!) & make my own PCB's) & how would i drop 15volts to 12volts so that the voltage doesn't fry my fan ?!? any & all advice is greatly appreciated and i thank you all in advance !!

Question by offtherails2010    |  last reply

A Deceptive Thermal Question for PCB Layout? Answered

Alas ... I was never strong in thermodynamics. This is for you  Printed  Circuit  Wizards Here is my problem in a White LED  layout,  See first picture Trying to pass excess LED heat to back side copper through VIAs I know the larger the VIA Dia the lower the thermal impedance. Intuitively as the hole grows it will eventually make heat transfer much worse  What or how do I find the OPTIMUM VIA Diameter for Heat TRANSFER ??

Question by iceng    |  last reply

Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ?

Please help me with that: Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ? I'll accept any price

Topic by pwicherski    |  last reply

LED control via a reed switch and SCR

N00b question: I've got an RGB LED that has a forward voltage of 3.7v and a 3.7v battery pack. I want to trigger the LED to light via a magnet and reed switch. If I wire the reed switch to the gate of the SCR and have the SCR power the LED, will I be able to turn the LED on and off via the magnet by bringing the magnet near the reed switch?

Topic by d0ugparker    |  last reply

Capacitive touchscreen - easy to hack via Arduino?

I have successfully hacked a 4-wire resistive touchscreen overlay, via Arduino, but the touch data is very noisy (mechanical not electronic noise). I'm considering a capacitive screen as a solution: are such screens hackable, using just an Arduino and basic circuit-building skills? Brendan

Question by brendanmccloskey    |  last reply

How to connect arduino to processing via bluetooth?

Hey I made a robot using arduino and I want to control it through pc. but im having trouble with communication between arduino and laptop via processing through bluetooth . My module is on com32. So can anyone give me an example code to refer to or some tips on processing.

Question by iloveandroid    |  last reply

robot control via internet and shield gsm

Hello from tunisia could you please help me a little bit about my final project fo study i wanna control a robot using a gsm/gprs shield arduino and a arduino mega 2560 card. i wanna make a webpage that control the robot via internet using the sim card inside the robt. do you have anyidea how to do it . is it possible that the robot send pictures capture of the camera ov 7670 cmos  to the web page . thank you

Topic by joujou_tunisien  

Charging batteries via a 5v USB connection

I am working on a project that requires 4 AA batteries. I would like to discuss if it is possible to create a charger that would charge the batteries (rechargeable AA's of course) via a 5V USB cable. The unit itself would not need to use the 5V USB power to operate, just to recharge the batteries when not in use. Does anybody know if this is possible? Please let me know if this a vague question, as I am in no means a professional in this area. Thanks in advance to any insightful comments!

Topic by honduhridr    |  last reply

robot control via internet and shield gsm

Hello from tunisia could you please help me a little bit about my final project fo study i wanna control a robot using a gsm/gprs shield arduino and a arduino mega 2560 card. i wanna make a webpage that control the robot via internet using the sim card inside the robt. do you have anyidea how to do it . is it possible that the robot send pictures capture of the camera ov 7670 cmos  to the web page . thank you

Topic by joujou_tunisien    |  last reply

free Barcode reading software via webcam? Answered

I'm searching for a free program that can use a webcam to scan UPC barcodes and convert them into text or serial output. No 2-D barcode programs please, just something that could read a soup-can or something! happy hunting!

Question by Kilt Y    |  last reply

Muscles / Muscle Definition via make-up???

HOW & WHAT DO I USE TO MAKE MY ARMS LOOK LIKE I HAVE MUSCLES / MUSCLE DEFINITION??? Preferably something that will not come off to easily from sweating while dancing. I do NOT know anything about body paint, nor painting techniques. ~Thanks in Advance

Question by MsHJones    |  last reply

power LED strips via car battery?

I've got a little project where I'm installing RGB LED strip lights in and around my car. They are 5 volts strips and looks like it'll require up to 10 to 12 amps for the total installation. Can I use the car battery to power this? If so, how do I go about doing this?

Question by anuvanoob    |  last reply

Instructables penetrates the general conciousness via ebay

OK, I was bored. Remembering Trebuchet's artwork, I wondered if anybody was selling the products of their ibling. I also wondered if anybody was having another go at selling plans from this site (somebody tried to claim the plans for this project as their own).Guess what?There's one seller marketing via Instructables (they've posted the instructions for their product as a project here), but several others are selling things and mentioning Instructables in an offhand way ("I bought .... to do a project I found at ... but I never got round to it").I wonder, dear reader, did you find this site via ebay?Have you sold your own projects after publishing them?Or have you even bought an ible?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Help and idiot to control LEDs via USB

I have what's a common question, however the usual answers I see relate to Arduino or some other all-in-one package which I really want to avoid. It's been 4-5 years since I did anything like this and I've pretty much reverted to an amateur again! My aim is to build the simplest circuit to control anywhere from 8 to 64 LEDs via USB within Windows and Linux using C or assembly. I'm not adverse to doing some PIC work but I no longer own any of the kit so would need to pick up the programmer again... if I could avoid doing this it would be great but I don't know if it's feasible. Should I be looking at FTDI chips or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there a basic instructable that I've overlooked that might point me in the right direction?

Topic by Auraomega    |  last reply