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Question: I'm trying to write a new Instructable right now and am trying to put three embedded video on one of the steps. The first video shows up fine, but I can't seem to get the next two to work. Is there a limit of one embedded video per step that I don't know about, or is this some sort of bug in Instructables?

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I was just wondering do video codes show up in sinstrucables? like myspace and codes from youtube?

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Well, i believe there are already some good videos on YouTube. So do you think that we should use already made videos off YouTube, or should we make our own. Please help me make a disicion for the next instructable.

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How do you get them to go in you instructable?

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Remove Video

I want to remove my video from porn website ?

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Funny Video


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Instrucables Video

So i copyed my youtube videos embed code and pasted it into the embed video code box and pressed publish and it said uploading but then it just stayed on edit and didint work someone please help me with this issue. 

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Embedded Video

I created an instructable about 6 hours ago and can see it just fine but the embedded youtube video still doesn't appear.  Is something wrong?

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embedding video

I am trying to get some video embedded in my instructable, yet nothing shows up. I have followed the same process of uploading and using the embed code per several of my other instructables, yet now it seems like it's just stopped working. my process: Upload video to youtube, wait for youtube to do its thing, copy embed code and paste into 'embed video' in the rich editor. While editing it shows the placeholder for the video, and the source code shows the right html for the video. When I preview the placeholder is gone and the text flash animation is displayed where video should be. Youtube setting is 'unlisted', which enables embedding. My other videos have the same settings and have worked in previous instructables. Windows 7 FF 3.6.10 help!

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Video Splitters

Does anyone know of any good, freeware, video splitters? I have some home videos that I converted to digital format (MPEG), but they are a good 2-3 hours long, per film. It takes forever to put them on my mp3 player. Most of the splitters I have seen only convert the first few minutes, then you have to buy the program. Any help would be appreciated!

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Video Submission

Can I submit video that only entertains but not giving DIY steps? I saw that on other videos.I ask this because I just wanna submit this video from YouTube:

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Video Embedding

When I paste the embed code from youtube and click save & preview, the video won't embed.

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video not showing

I made a new instructable and on the last step I put a video but when I publish it there is no video!

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Video embedding

Hi Is it possible to add, Photobucket to the webpages you accept embedding from?  I am having issues with a lot of the webpages you accept, but photobucket has been working great for me. I can make it work in the preview mode of building a video instructable, but when I try to publish it, it will not except the video embedding code. DFD

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Video, please!

There are lots of Instructables about making paper planes.  This is a Good Thing. Like any other group of Instructables, they vary in quality from the appalling to the brilliant, but they almost all share the same Bad Thing. For projects where the behaviour of the finished item is all-important, they do not have a video to demonstrate the different throwing styles required and the expected flight characteristics. Please, paper engineers, can we have video of the flights?

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Uploading Videos

Hey guys...i dont know if anyone else has a similar problem with upoading videos...i find it so time consuming...i heard of a new software called !SMACK! it is meant to be really says it uploads to youtube and myspace 100x faster...does anyone use this it any good?? thanks

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Video hosting

There is a new website for video sharing. It has a DIY / How-to catagory and has contests for videos uploaded.It is at It is just starting and it looks like it might be easy to win the contests, since the traffic is kind of low right now.just a suggestion,abram

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Video not embedding

Just haven't been able to embed my youtube video into my instructable. I tried the using the embed tool i tried to copy/paste the youtube URL just can't figure it out. videos;=channel;=1;=channel;=channel

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Video playback

I've recently noticed that embedded Vimeo-hosted videos don't play in Firefox 47. While they don't even show In SRWare Iron or SlimBrowser,  in Firefox the video window is visible and sets up ready to play, but when moused over it displays a meaningless error ("Curses!", "Aw fiddlesticks!", etc.) claiming "This video can't be played with your current setup". "Leg for a wooden table (incredible strength)" is a recent 'ible example. If I go through the process of searching the page source code for the video ( in the above example), copy and paste the URL, and go to the link directly, the video plays perfectly, so it's not some browser or other setting that's blocking Vimeo. (Even tried with all browser add-ons disabled - no joy.) I'm not competent enough to troubleshoot the issue, but it's frustrating to have to dissect the page to play embedded videos in a separate tab. Any work around would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Video issue

I have a tape run Sony video camera. Meaning it still uses cassette tapes. Is there any A/V to Usb cables out on the market. I know I can use a tuner card but they are too expensive. I need to convert an A/V input to a digital format. Anyone??? HELLO!!!!

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Video Interview

Hey I would like to do a video interview with user asked questions.  If you have any questions to ask me please respond with your question. 

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video on instructables

Hi, I just found instructables and it seems like a dream for the how to's that I create for video production into videos. I was just wondering if there was a catagory for video work. I have seen one for photographs but nothing else. Am I missing it? Markapsolon

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video not playing?

hey so im working on my ible but when i go to embed the video the window asks me for a link, after i put the link from youtube it does nothing but display the link on the page? what should i do?

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Streaming video

So I bought a hidden camera off eBay, and it's a total joke. The receiver is decent, but the camera itself, not so much. It is connected to a 9 volt battery, and the only way to have the battery last longer than 3 hours is to attach multiple batteries in a parallel circuit. I was wondering if there was a way I could, using the camera, record the video directly like using a video camera. The camera is small which is good, but I need a better way to record video. Thanks in advance.

Topic by Blogger545  

reversing a video?

How can i reverse a video, and with which (preferably free) program?

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Video Player

I dont know exactly what to call this. but i want some kinda device that i could make that plays movies off a hard drive, i no that they kinda mmake these already but there really expensive and i figure i could build something cheaper. ive got about 20 extra computers varing from MACs to PCs and ranging in all diffrent years, so i though of like building like a "DVR" without a tuner card or something. and the basic reason for this is so that i can bring large amounts of movies and vids to friends houses without hauling around tons of CDs or my PS3. i also like the way the XBox Mini looks

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Uploading video?

I was trying to uplaod a video for instructables and it asked me for embedded video code. What is that, and how do i get it?

Question by smool  

Funny videos

Post any videos you find or make such as:

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Emeding videos

I embed the video and it's not in the preview and disapears after I embed it help

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funny videos

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Videos for the TBAR

Here is a video for the TBAR. I will be adding move videos as I get time to make them. I can only make short video at a time, so I'll be making a few of them.Sorry the video is of bad quality. I also added two photos of the trigger.Here is the like to the gun. HereKiller~SafeCracker

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alarm video

Wath the video if you seen the : knex alarm.

Topic by knex gun and grenade maker  

metacafe video

I'm trying to embed a video hosted on metacafe, but instructables does not seem to want to let me do this. Are metacafe videos just not supported by this site, or is it just me being hopeless?

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I'll let the video speak for it's self.

Topic by The Red Book of Westmarch  

Is this a real video?

I found this( video on Youtube. Is it real? If it is I will probably make an instructable out of it.

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Video, Awesome

Check Out my sweet Video.;=user&fmt;=6

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Funny Video

A friend of mine made this funny video about a tea party with a lunatic. Watch it! Tea Party Hijinks

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private video?

How do you watch a private video as in this link?:

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Video Instructables

I'm working on an instructable on how to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to make a video instructable, rather than lengthy text?

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Video Not Publishing

I am attempting to publish my video, and still it is not publishing. The YouTube code is embedded properly. Apparently, this is a known problem. Is there any sort of temp fix for this?

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video really?

I would like to make a small scren that transmits video to anthor screen they have to be mobile and i would like them to be unhackble 

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Video Programs

I've been looking for a good program for making videos, and was wondering what other people have used. I tried the trial version of Vegas,but can't buy it because of the price. Anything over $100 is too much, ~$50 is better. Ulead has been suggested to me. It has to handle mpeg-2 video from a Sony Handycam, too.

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Uploading videos

I tried uploading an .avi file for my instructable and it didn't seem to work. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Chips [video]

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Publishing Videos

Evrytime i do this it either gets stuck on the uploading page or when i upload a thumbnail itshows in the bottom left corner error on page?

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video pinout

Hello, I am trying to connect the LCD from a Toshiba 4020 to a raspberry pi but i cannot find the pinouts of the video connector, and I cant find anything online about this laptop, does anybody know how to convert this connector to HDMI or would i need a converter? 

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Is this video real!?!? Answered

 it seems impossible but i guess it work, has anyone tried this? i want to! Thanks! here is the link

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Youtube Video

Hello, i am new to youtube and would like to get some feedback about what you think of my channel. I did a clip today and it would be nice to have some feedback :) Thank you so much :)' // Rational Eagle

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Youtube Video

Hello, i am new to youtube and would like to get some feedback about what you think of my channel. I did a clip today and it would be nice to have some feedback :) Thank you so much :)' // Rational Eagle

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Call for videos!

Aka How to receive feedback, get featured, and be awarded internet fame + more!I know it's been a minute since I've put a post like this in the forums, so allow me to (re?)introduce myself.Hai!I'm audreyObscura. I love making stuff, playing with cameras, petting dogs, and eating pizza. I've worked here at Instructables since 2012 doing a little bit of everything, and I solemnly swear that the best thing about working here is getting to learn something new every day from amazing community members like YOU!These days, a good chunk of my time is spent queuing our posts on social media platforms and boosting Instructables authors that use Twitter and Facebook to share their projects. (And finding the perfect gif to reply to Twitter threads, I'm very good at it - try me.)I'd love to start featuring more videos and gifs on our channels, but need a little help from the community. We are looking for media to help give YOUR INSTRUCTABLES a boost on our social media feed! What we'd like to receive:Great, high quality, short-form videos (under 1 minute) GIFs! Under 3MB preferred (bonus points for perfect loops)Examples: What we don't want to receive: YouTube URLsProjects hosted outside of What you'll get out of it:Momentary internet fame and all the warm and fuzzies that come along with community recognition!An Instructables Author Thank You pack in the mail which includes our super sweet Robot Stickers, an idea notebook, pencils, and a super fun enamel pin!Feedback! We want to work with you and coach you through making great feature-worthy content. If you share something that isn't quite up to our snuff to post to our channels, have no fear, we'll still send you a little gift AND let you know HOW you can improve your content!If you go above and beyond, maybe we'll send you something extra too, so impress us! Send your vids to this email address!Have you already posted an Instructable with a great demo video or explainer gif? Drop us a link in the comment section below and we'll review your project to see if it's a good fit for our social media feed!Lastly, I wanted to leave this post with some inspiration and some skill building tips to get started. Hope these help: How to make a gif How to turn movie clip into a gifPlease comment below with any questions you may have, and I can't wait to see what you share.Thanks!-Audrey

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