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Light for Panasonic GS320

Hi Everybody... Somebody have a project for a camcorder light???? I have a Panasonic GS320 ... I need a light for my battery pack... 12V 7A... Or another power supply... Thanx a lot !!!!

Question by sirjax  

how do you stop the glass reflection using an ir camera that is shooting through glass a couple inches away.

My dash-cam in the car  has no problem, the video comes out fine.   it may be 6 inches away from the windshield.  i tried the same camera in my 1960's  apartment door peephole. The outside glass is about 2 inches square . i want to be able to make a wifi or net cam to be able to see who is at the door via the  monitor. i get a  big  reflection from the glass that is an inch  or two away.? i tried the another camera at a friends house, shooting through the small windows by the door, same reflection.  some kind of anti glare coating or film ? thank you

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What videocamera do you use to film your Knex models?

I'm looking for a camera (preferly not to expensive) to make some videos of my knex models. Like ball machines or rollercoasters. ***************edit************** I bought a canon fs200, its decent and cheap. However the video format isn't supported by windows movie maker!

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Fart punisher

I read about that remote control for the tv, triggered by methane gas, and i thought about building a tracked robot equiped with a videocamera and a gas powered softgun, for sneak attacks in softgun battles. So how about this: Combine the two, and get a softgun that promptly gives anyone who releases their gases in an innapropriate place (note; my car) a plastic bullet in their thigh! Just for good fun ofcourse ;P Could be a fun project when winter sets in, but problem is, i don't really have any experience in building mechanic/electronic thingys (at least none that works) so... any ideas? or anyone wanna give it a try? Cheers :)

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DCR-TRV27 Questions? Answered

Okay so first of all, I've had this DCR-TRV27 Videocamera from sony for quite a while. Some things about it though, I still can't figure out. First question: There is this little socket thing on the top of the camera, that I just can't figure out! It looks like I'm supposed to insert some card there, but I just can't get it. Also, the socket thing has a logo on it, I don't know if you can see it, but it's like this "i4". Question 2: How do I take the footage on the TDK Mini DV Digital Video Cassettes, and transfer it to a computer. Question 3: What do the fader and focus/infiniti buttons do? Question 4: How do I use the audio dub feature? Question 5: What does the Exposure button do? Question 5: The lens housing thing spins, but doesn't reach a "stopping point" as in you can keep spinning it, it also doesn't seem to have any effect. Why/what is this?

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