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on press visual basic?

This seems really simple but I just cannot find out how to make a program in visual basic that presses enter after any key is pressed. thank you in advance!

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Visual Basic Code...?

Hi all. I am making a CPU benchmark program in Visual basic Express 2010. I have everything I need except the actual STRESS TEST. :D Heres a BASIC look at what i'm thinking i'm going to need. Private Function StressTest() As Integer     'Complex math that will STRESS the CPU a lot     math.math.math............................     math math math.................     'Complex math that will STRESS the CPU a lot     return time-taken-to-run-test-in-mili-seconds End Function Please help me make this! I am SOOOOOO Close! All I need is to know how long the thing took, and the actual math that puts STRESS on the CPU!!! PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! IT WOULD MAKE A 12 YEAR OLD'S DREAMS COME TRUE!!! THANKS!     

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group policy in visual basic 6.0?

Hi, this is monojit from guwahati , assam I am currently using visual basic 6.0 to develop customize software. Now i want to use group policy in visual basic 6.0 as per my client's need. I have tried to execute this thing with my own knowledge but failed. Will u help me in this regard? Thanks in advance. Regards, Manajit Roy Guwahati,Assam E-mail:

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sewing basics

I probably know more about sewing as far as hands on, visual stuff, but lack vocabulary. As such, a verbal, or wordy description doesn't help me much. Is there a good site for novices to learn more? Or are there specific -ibles for those of us who don't know a ball point needle from an inseam?

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how can i make a database for visual basic?

I'm trying to make a program that will keep track of my emulators and roms and some information about them. i'm a beginner and i was wondering what i need to use so i can make the database or if there's something else i can do, Thanks in advance for the help

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How can I make a easily distributable .exe file in Visual Basic 2008?

I'm making a couple of programs in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, however once you publish it the files are darn hard to distribute. If you move it it won't install correctly and if you ever try uploading 3 files to a webpage asking people to download all of them they're likely to just ignore you. So I would like to be able to mix all those files into one single self-contained .exe file which can be copied or moved as much as the user wants. Can I do it? All help is appreciated.

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Hello and welcome to the Visual Basic Nerds instructables group.

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Can you control an Arduino with Visual Basic? Answered

If it is posible could some awesome person give me the code for Visual basic express to light a light on the arduino by clicking on a button in VB I am trying to control a vecial that has alot of motors and sensors so i thought to use an ardoino instead of a 20 wire teather. It wil stil hfave a teather but it will only be a USB wire. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Does anyone know of a way to convert a visual basic project (vbp) to an executable file? Maybe a 3rd party compiler? P.S. Don't tell me to go to File>Make

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A visual timer for kids

I would like help figuring out how to make this special type of clock . I need some for my daughter, but don't want to shell out the $30 plus dollars for each one. It is basically counting down time in a visual way for children who are too young to understand numbers counting down. I know there are computer based ones online, but it is not always convenient to have the computer on. Thanks for any help! Karl

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A visual timer for kids

I would like help figuring out how to make this special type of clock.   I need some for my daughter, but don't want to shell out the $30 plus dollars for each one.   It is basically counting down time in a visual way for children who are too young to understand numbers counting down. I know there are computer based ones online, but it is not always convenient to have the computer on. Thanks for any help! Karl

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how do i run a timer on a separate thread in visual basic so it doesn't lag?

Hello, I am currently writing a program that records the mouses position over a 256x192 px box, then spits it out every 67ms in the form of dsgamemaker xds code which can be pasted into the project code, to make a sprite move on the exact same path as the mouse moved during the recording. A problem i am having however is that the timer event i am using to move the cursor representative sprite ( which moves with the D-Pad up down left right), when i begin recording, the sprite moves very very slowly because the frame rate is so very slow. as a separate timer event from the recorder, it moves slow, but when all the code is as one entire timer, it moves at literally 3 pixels per second. however this does not affect the generated sprite cut-scene. Ive read that if i put this timer  on a separate thread, that it will run independently from the other timer which will stop the lagging. but the problem is that i cannot find a single example online which shows how to do this, and the ones that do show, don't work. does someone know how i can make the timer run on a different thread? or even a different core for that matter, so it doesnt lagg? Im puzzled as to how other applications can do this, increasing a value one at a time, at such a high rate, when the timer event, will never do that. is there some other way to run looping code like a timer event? Your help would be greatly appreciated. ill post the application soon to show you exactly whats happening also im running VB 2008 express

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PLEASE HELP! Visual Basic in excel programming help!? Answered

I need help to program in VB in excel i want to make a program that when i put a memory stick (like one in a camera) it automatically recognizes it sorts between photo and video puts the videos and pictures into separate folders onto a WDMybooklive (personal cloud 2 terabyte) and then deletes the files on the memory card all automatically and with visual basic in excel. Thank You!

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Basic LED swticher

Hello instructable forum. I had a qick question about a project I'm thinking of doing. So I wanted to make a poker table. I know how I'm going to do that, but I wanted to make a built-in dealer chip. So I was planning to put 8 LEDs (One for each station/person) And at one station there would be an Push button. I want one LED to be lit up at a time, and when the button is pushed, I want the power to transfer to the LED to the right of where it previously was. Again: I only want ONE LED to by lit at a time. I'll include a basic pitcure for a visual. I think I'll need a demultiplexer and a counter, but not too sure how to use them. thanks, Jusstice  

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How to Identify homemade USB device connected to computer by passing some identification tag?

I'm planning on developing several different USB devices that will be operated by a Visual Basic 6 program I am writing.  I want to be able to identify the USB device plugged into the computer the same way a program knows when you have just plugged in a USB drive or webcam.  Is there some simple cheap way that I can wire in a circuit that will pass an identification tag so my program can identify which USB device has been connected?  There are certain criteria.  The parts must be cheaper than a usb flash stick...otherwise I'd just disassemble a flash stick and load a program to it to automatically run telling the usb ID.  I'd rather not do this simply because I'd rather not have to take apart several usb flash drives which can get expensive.  This eliminates Arduo and other costly circuit boards.  The parts when assembled need to be smaller than  a usb flash drive.  I just want to pass some ID serial number to the usb port that I can than pick up with my program so it knows that device has just been plugged in.  Any suggestions?

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how does object tracking in visual basic 2008 work? Answered

 Hello instructables i wanted to make a program in visual basic that tracks a object i want it to track the object based on the color please i need help i 

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COSMOS and Visual C# issues...?

Alrighty, so i'm workin with COSMOS. So I have VS2010 and it says that the new version works with that. And its express BTW. So of course it gives me an error. Well, I tried it with 2008 on another pc and got no errors. The problem is, I cannot install 2008 b/c it thinks it's already installed. And its not! It used to be but I un-installed it! :P WTF??? Any ideas? Wehn I try 2 install it, it lets me uninstall or reinstall/repair. Well, if I uninstall it, it still wont lemme install it and if i re-install/repair, it doesnt even do anything. Any ideas?

Question by sci4me  

Visual Studio Plug-in for Sony Clie

It's been many years, but when the Sony Clie was available I managed to get a Visual Studio plug-in for Clie development. Anyone have the plug-in? Link? Torrent? Anything? I'm trying to repurpose one.

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How To use the AxInet function when creating a web browser using visual basic 2008?

I am currently working on creating a web browser using visual basic 2008, and I was in need of some coding for the functions of like View Source, cut, copy, paste, delete, zoom in, zoom out, and how to make open in new window... open in an new window of my browser... not IE..... I need the coding for those buttons... I would really appreciate it if someone could give me the coding that willw ork as long as I change... you know like the button names and all that! Please and Thank-You!!!


how can i let a picaxe 20m communicate with visual basic? Answered

Hello every one, i've just recieved some picaxe chips (the 20m version). I'm trying to communicate with the picaxe in visual basic but i can't get it working. I've searched quite alot on the internet and already saw this instructable . but it doesnt work for me. could any one help? (i use the axe027 download cable configured on port 2) edit: I've now asked the question on the picaxe forum

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How to create a basic save/open file dialog in Visual C#?

I am creating a simple Sticky Notes application that will open/read/save text files (in a *.sticky) extention. I was able to code the entire application, except for the save, save as, and open commands. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

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Batch Coding

I need an interactive advanced batch and visual basic scripts course.

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How can I create a program that allows me to run it and automatically upload a sketch to arduino without the software?

I have an Arduino uno board, and a robot that can follow, and have obstacle avoidance. My robot is designed for a person at school who has crutches for life, and the robot follows her with her books. I want to create a program with visual studio that automatically uploads each sketch to the board, depend on which button to click on. I already have visual micro for Visual Studio 10, and when I debug it or build it, it just uploads it to the robot. I need it to be a .bat file or a .exe file. If anyone could help me with this, I will be extremely grateful. Any ideas? Below I have a screenshot of what the program plans on doing.

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How do I control DC & Stepper motors using my PC?

I need to control 4 DC motors (no speed control, only direction) and 1 stepper motor (again no speed control, only direction) for an engineering project of mine using a PC. I am not sure if I should use the serial or the parallel port. Also, I'm comfortable using VB. So it would be helpful if someone could help me with the interfacing circuits and the code or atleast point me to some resources! Please help!

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where to download visual studio 2010 help library ? (i am using Visual C#)

Don't tell "there is in the CD" or "on the help tab" i want to download the "HelpContentSetup.msha" without Help Library Manager because while downloading i couldn't pause it

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How to make Visual Basic shown the detected colour from arduino (colour sensor)? Answered

I want to display the detected colour on Visual Basic software... the object color is sensed using the color sensor that diy by arduino... so how i interface the visual basic with arduino ?? can someone help me with the coding?? the example is as below picture...

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guitar tabbing program help? Answered

I am currently working on a program for guitar tabs. i can use excel to some degree. i am somewhat experianced in dos and visual basic.i need a way to get it to right a chord on a vertical line. then go back to the top of the next line. i need to be able to do that 32 times. so it would look something like this: |--3 that being the first 3 lines -3--|| |--2 then the program goes to -2--|| |--2 the top and types another chord -2--|| |--0 -0--|| |--1 -1--|| |--0 -0--||

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I need help writing a short Application for the Windows Phone in Microsoft Visual Basic/Studio.

Can anyone help me write an application in Microsoft Visual Basic/Studio for the Windows Phone so i can control an LED via Arduino through WIFI. Here is an example of what i am trying to do but in visual basic for the windows phone.;=ECWn22zKRBA#!

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Can any tiny spy cam emulate the basic human visual range/angle?

I ask because i made a large almost featureless spherical mascot head which i dont want to ruin by cutting a gaping view hole through the front, iv tried the stretched mesh fabric approach but it doesnt look right at all. The current version has a wide slit so my horizontal vision is great but iv got almost no vertical vision, im taller than average and need to see where people around me are around me so i need an improved ability to look downwards. So iv been thinking about one of those tiny spycams linked to a screen mounted inside (perhaps vr goggles), is there a camera with the kind of wide viewing angle you naturally get out of your eyeballs, so i can angle my head down and actually see the ground reasonably close to my feet?

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Is it Possible to interface Arduino LED matrix using a Visual Basic?...If so can sombody please guide me?...

I saw this video in youtube, he's using arduino kit that connects in visual basic. i think its really awesome...i really need this kind of design for my project...can somebody help me? would be of great help...many thanks...

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What is the Right Visual Characteristic for a Personal Medical Device?

Hello, I am an Msc student at Cranfield University, doing my thesis on 'Design Evaluation in Open Communities'. Can u please help me, by reading the message below, and giving a reply? Thank you very much, your contibution would be much appreciated. Design Brief: A Project is being carried out to create a device that will be used by women in their home to take a sample of their own blood as a health marker. Below is a summary of the results of the research: Traget User group: Women between the ages of (50 - 69) Disease: Breast cancer Scenario of Use: Single-use device for use at home, as a basic indicator of the disease Requirements: the device should be able to: - Take a blood sample - Process sample - Analyse and give a result - Display instructions - Simple and easy to use - Device should have minimum operator dependent steps - Device should be small/hand-held The research identified the following words to describe characteristics that the device should communicate: - Authority: professional - Sophisticated: technical, scientific - Hygienic: clean, clinical, healthy, safe - Precision: accurate, specific - Home: private, personal, sanctuary - Familiar: identifiable, comfort zone, points recognition - Disposability: single-use, not precious For each of the charateistics (authority, precision, hygeine, etc.) listed above, can you please state which device conveys it the most and which one conveys that characteristic the least? Thank you

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I am creating a game for my class at school using vb,and i am creating a game that is basically the Blackberry"Bubble Popper". There are a bunch or little balls on the form( all random colors and painted in vb) i have the game board set up and everything, i just can not figure out how to use the timer to make the game work. What i want to do is have all the balls running on one timer so that when a group of two or more balls the same color are clicked they disappear, giving the player a point for each ball popped and then the balls above must fall into the empty places. INBOX ME FOR MORE DETAILED INFO AND IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS

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how do I connect limit switches to a sliding door system controlled by Visual Basic software?

The limit switch system must detect if the door is open and if it is, the whole system must be disabled.

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Does anyone know some cool things that i can do with vbscript i mean i tried to find some stuff on the net ansd i did but i want to learn more lol.

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how do you load a Java script Variable from a webpage into a VB program?

I would like to have the Visual Basic progam to load the user logged into Habbo via the variable habboName and make the title in the title bar (HabboName - HabbOS.)           Code: document.habboLoggedIn = true; var habboName = "Habboname"; var habboId = 25724911; var facebookUser = false; var habboReqPath = ""; var habboStaticFilePath = ""; var habboImagerUrl = "/habbo-imaging/"; var habboPartner = ""; var habboDefaultClientPopupUrl = ""; = "060fd7869028127ca5d9aa2f02167c8f4e70651d"; if (typeof HabboClient != "undefined") { HabboClient.windowName = "060fd7869028127ca5d9aa2f02167c8f4e70651d"; }  

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VB question

Hi all. I am new to Visual Basic and am wondering how one would make a VB eBook reader. PLEASE READ! i know it can be done, i just haven't found a tutorial for making one. I have virtually no experience working with VB and little experiance programming. If you know of a link to a tutorial of this nature, PLEASE tell me. Thank you.

Question by dungeon runner  

do you no any good websites with a a good touchless tutorail?

hello instructables iv been looking for a way to track objects in visual asic or visual c for a wile now an the best thing i have found is touchless bt now that i can track the markers i dont no how to do anything with them please i need  help

Question by lj123456789  

Using Ultrasonic Sensors?

I basically want to make a customisable reversing sensor in that I want to be able to use the sensors from a basic car system and be able to add and change the audio and visuals outputs and the distance at which they are triggered.

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vbs scripts

Does any one know vbs scripting if so comment cause I want to learn it. (please tell me codes)

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How to make barcode using VB.NET

I need to make a barcode in my Visual Basic .NET projects? Is there any available solutions? Can you help me with code?

Topic by ellismadison275    |  last reply

Got any cool ideas for our Arduino run LED dance floor visualizer?

We have built a mobile ice cream/sound system/dance floor called the Booty Bump. We made a little video of it. What we would like to have help with is cool things we can do with our dance floor. We currently have an arduino uno and an SD card module. We have dreams of having: visual EQ video from an iphone plusing lights from sound peaks cool pre-made trippy things We can do some basic things already... can you think of and help us implement more ideas? Looking forward to hearing from you~ Tor

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what is vbCr in vb 2010 ? And, must we add vbCr to send a string to serialport ? Answered

I want to send and receive at command to my phone using vb

Question by Rendydevara    |  last reply

Does anyone have any vbs mapi and tapi commands? Answered

The title pretty much says it. I wondered how to send e-mails or make phone calls through vbs. Also... are there any mapi commands for receiving e-mails?

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i need help with this code trying to make a basic calculator with two inputs and one output with VB2008 (Express)?

My code is Public Class Form1     Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click         Dim number1, number2, sum         number1 = TextBox1.Text         number2 = TextBox2.Text         sum = number1 + number2"the sum of" & number1.ToString() & " and " &number2.ToString;() & " equals " & sum.ToString() &)     End Sub     Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click         Dim number1, number2, sum         number1 = TextBox1.Text         number2 = TextBox2.Text         sum = number1 - number2"the sum of" & number1.ToString() & " and " &number2.ToString;() & " equals " & sum.ToString() &)     End Sub End Class Could any one tell me what is wrong with the brackets at the end of "Messagebox" the lines? im just guessing its an easy fix

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ben heck a/v selector, alternate chips

Hey guys, I am about to set out and create Ben Heck's A/V selector. He uses a bus switch, CBT3244A, Digi-Key part # 568-3619-5-ND (out of stock I believe).  While I could order a comparable bus switch, I have several lying around from hacking apart a kid's toy.  74hc374. I've looked at the datasheets and, I've never been very adept at understanding them, preferring the lazymans terms.  I understand that the original chip has 2 switches (to use for two separate a/v connections, or turning both on for a connection with more pins) while the chip I have has only one switch, allowing up to 8 channels to go through. What I'm confused about is the state of the "on" switch for the one I have, or maybe the clock.  From what I understand, they each need to be pulled LOW (connected to ground) in order for their respective inputs to flow through, can the clock, in my case, be ignored? For the arduino tags, I do plan to make this project remote controlled.  But I'm a serious beginner in this area.  Basically I plan to replicate this project for arduino.  Would there be a point to that?  Or would it be simpler to just order the chip by itself already programmed.  I think that programmed tinyir2 PIC chip and arduino chips come out around the same price wise.  I have the other components lying around already.

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make interface for sending text (using vb6) to a running led matrix arduino uno?

I was succed to make my running led matrix using arduino uno, now i get trouble to make interfaceng for it (sending text etc). thanks alot for your replay..

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