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UK based WEEE recycler - do you want any bits and pieces?

Hey there instructables fans. I've been reviewing your site for a while now, loving all the cool projects. I saw one project that was using some disused IDE connectors from a PC and it got me thinking.... part of my day job is running a WEEE recycling company in the South West of the UK. We process an awful lot of computers and although we re-use as much as we can of the computer stuff we recycle there is still a lot that goes to be shredded for material recovery. I'm always looking for new ways in which bits and pieces could get themselves a second life. Would this community be interested in any old computers bits and pieces? I'm not asking for money just enough to cover postage, perhaps some brave soul in the UK would like to take on a 'bulk order' and then distribute around? It's just a thought and my apologies if I've stepped on any toes or forum rules, I have no interest in making money from this just simply to get make a few small bits and pieces useful once again :) Please message back if interested!

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I might be getting a new computer, recomendations?: UPDATE iMAC!!!!!!!

UPDATE!!!! WE GOT AN iMAC!!!!!Stats:Standard 20" 2.6 GHZ processor IT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!!! I JUST GOT IT TODAY!! (9/19)I got some dough from a job, and me mum said we can get a new computer (SWEET SPAGHETTI ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME!!).As I've been using a decade old machine for years (98SE AMD), I'm a weee behind. Got any recomendations on any of the following:OShardwareprograms etc...monitorsaccessoriesI'm in the market for a mid range, functional, student computer that I can soup up with memory and good graphics. I won't be doing very much gaming, but I'd like to know I at least have a machine capable of handling most stuff.Thanks!I've been a looking about, how good is an iMac? Turns out the software I need to run is Apple compatible, I'm really starting to like the look of the iMac... Until it comes to the price...

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Wall mounted colapsable massage table

High all, I have a room thats designated for massage and physical therapy. Its not a big room, 10 by 13 feet and it has one wall thats also a roof. So working space is a bit limmited. I have a old but strong massagetable thats made out of steel and has a black leather top. As a pressent i got it from my father inlaw so i dont want to put it a way, but it is however taking a lot of roomspace. So i was thinking on making a construction on my wall to mount it on so it can be folded away to make more room for other activities. Problem is... how do i make it strong enough to hold it in place, not only during idle time but most importent, during long massage sessions. The table weighs in at about 70 kilo's, the frame is solid and the legs are rounded aluminium pipes. O, and the design has to look a weee bit atractive... otherwise clients wil walk away thinking "OMG, LOOK AT THAT FREAKY TABLE!!!" Thnx in advance!

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