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I need some ideas for materials to use to make a cool wallet, give me anything that can work for a wallet.

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how to get comments on your instructions? Answered

Im new here and no one wrote me anything at all HELP!

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how to get mail in your page and inbox? Answered

I got some but why is my inbox saying 0 give me some tips.

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Why are there so many instructables on making paper wallets? Answered

Is it a man thing? I am genuinely puzzled at the number of instructables out there devoted to paper wallets. Please explain someone!

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Led indicates wallet is empty - Wallet Idea !

I had an idea for a wallet instructable, In the section of the wallet where you put the notes there are two metal connectors that touch when there are no notes but the connection is broken when a note is inserted, when the circuit is completed (wallet empty) a red led on the outside lights up indicating you need to go to a cash point and get some more money. Do you think this is a good idea ? should i make it ? What extra features or improvements would you like to see ?

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How to fuse leather to plastics like Poly urethane or to silicon? Answered

I am making a plastic enclosure which encloses the electronics .So here I want to fuse leather to plastic or silicon.Can anybody answer me whether any unique technique is available behind this?

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Duct Tape Wallets

Talk about different methods of making them.

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Duct tape wallets

Here, you can discuss tips and such to make duct tape wallets.

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rt safe wallets?

Whats the scoop on radio telemetry safe walets.

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Many Card Wallet

I've been trying to find an ible, or a figure a way to make wallet that will store many cards. Similar to how this one is constructed.

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Knex Wallet-Gun

I'm really blown away by both the volume and the staggering complexity of knex guns on Instructables. I'm almost equally blown away by the proliferation of outstanding wallet craft. Has anybody brought these two remarkable, and inexhaustable, media together yet, in the form of a KNEX (GUN) WALLET?

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Semi Compostable Wallet

Hey guys I just wanted to share what I'm working on right now. I was going to see the community's feedback on it. Right now I'm making a semi compostable wallet. I'm making it from the new sun chips bags. Now I say semi cause I'm also using some clothe, tape and thread. So I was thinking and wondering, should I make a semi compostable or should I just go fully. meaning nothing but sun chip bags (Although probably still using some thread to hold it together) So please feedback. Positive if you can. I'm making it for fun and other reasons. One of my favorite reasons is if people ask why. I could tell them when I'm done with it, I can leave it outside and soon it will compost. I'm hoping to make it a green wallet, not the color but in the since of being earth friendly. Thanks guys, hope to here from you all.

Topic by Onkei  

Instructables on WGHP Fox 8 - Paper Wallets and Marshmallow Shooters

WGHP Fox 8 built Paper Wallets and Marshmallow Shooters with cub scouts for a consumer report segment. Check out the video: news and press about Instructables here.

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Duct-Tape Wallet Ideas?

A few things I thought could make better duct tape wallets. 1: Buss-Pass/ I.D. Pocket, Perhaps a pocket made out of clear packing tape that covers the whole card could be used for I.D. or a Buss-Pass. 2: Coin Purse, A Sideways-facing pocket can be made to fold-out sideways from the wallet, when the pocket is folded-in, It acts like an envelope and keeps the coins in. 3: Dividing Page, A properly sized page taped on the inside "spine" of the wallet could be added to allow for more compartments. 4: Transparent/ Clear Carcass, The Carcass of the wallet could be made with clear packing tape or transparent duct-tape 5: Sports-Grade Grip-Tape/ Hockey Tape Parts, Parts of the wallet could be made from Grip-Tape or Hockey Tape, These products can be found in black, colors or transparent. Please Respond to this inquiry.

Topic by Sliderkk  

DIY Wallet Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who entered the DIY Wallet Challenge! The variety and creativity of the wallets were impressive- you used everything from batteries to bike tires, and produced wallets in many different shapes and sizes. The entire Instructables community judged this contest- ratings and page views as recorded this morning at 10am Pacific Time determined the winners. We appreciate your help, and realized we should modify the awards to properly represent your votes.Thus, we're giving away another category of second prize- the next three highest rated wallets will also receive Instructables Robot t-shirts! First PrizeHighest ratings. Winner receives a beta Eye-Fi Eye-Film card and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.Knobby All Terrain Rubber Wallet with Optional Smack-lights (Drop Alert Sensor) by ineluctableSecond Prize- Page ViewsGreatest page veiws. Each winner receives an Instructables Robot t-shirt.Bitchin' Innertube Wallet by jmengel(eng) YAW (Yet Another Wallet) Made from recycled stuff!!! -- (esp) Cartera hecha con material reciclado by TonyRomeroSuper Thin Tyvek Card Sleeve Wallet! by marksbrenSecond Prize- RatingNext highest ratings. Each winner receives an Instructables Robot t-shirt.Accordion-Style Card Wallet by themostbobDIY: The Magic Flip Wallet! by LasVegasThe Three Card Monte- An Origami Wallet by oscheneWe also promised stickers and an Instructables patch to five lucky people who voted in the Wallet Challenge! Thanks to everyone for voting, and congratulations to our randomly-selected prize winners: rwinferriteBubbledragonBurpy DurpystumestonAll winners should check their Private Message inbox- I'll send your prize claim information this afternoon.

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New Altoids wallet instructable.

There hasn't been much activity in the altoids abusers group lately so i thought id create a new type of altoids wallet, question is , is it worth it? is anyone interested? if you are and have any ideas or things you want to see included just post a comment below! look forward to your suggestions :D

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Wallet Challenge Results are up!

Results are up!Check to see how your favorites did, and if you won check your private messages.

Topic by canida  

Want to Collab on a wallet, anyone??

Hi everyone. I don't have any time to finish my wallet, so I was wondering if anyone that has any old film (the kind that you find on reels) would like to make one. My idea was to make a kind of fabric out of the film, mesh it together, and then tape the ends so that they don't fringe and fall apart. I'd like to see it done, so it would be cool if someone took my ideas. You don't have to make it a collab if you want, I just want to see it done. Thanks, -Josh

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My Coffee Bag Wallets being sold out

I keep selling these wallets and can't find enough used coffee bags to keep up. I might post a sign a the local grocer asking for used bags. Dunkin Donuts is the most popular.

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DIY Wallet Challenge Results are Up!

Results are up!Check to see how your favorites did, and if you won check your private messages.

Topic by canida  

Bacon bowls and cool eco wallets

I was browsing around some of our referring sites this morning and I found a couple of interesting posts on Bacon Cups >> I had an occasion calling for bacon themed food and my mind immediately turned towards the famed bacon mat. I needed something a little more single-serving though, so I decided to attempt bacon cups. In the bacon mat instructions there is mention of draping the mat over an overturned metal bowl and cooking it so that it would turn out in as a bowl shape. I decided to try using the backs of various muffin and mini cake pans, I ran out of bacon before I got to try as many as I would have liked so I'll have to try more at a later date. Any excuse for more bacon. DB Clay Wallet >> The people at DB Clay gave me a Version 3 wallet to give away! I hope you don't mind if I had a little look at it, it's excellently manufactured. DB Clay makes limited edition wallets out of a material they call Tope: "Tope is strong. Tope is durable. Tope is heat and cold resistant. Tope is smooth textured. Tope is water resistant. Tope is robust. Tope is eco friendly." The material feels great, and I bet if they sold it by the yard Etsy makers all over the world would buy it like crazy. I thought these were really cool wallets and then I found out you can get one for 50% on their website for the next 6 hours. So if you want/need a cool wallet, here's your chance.

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ds duct tape game wallet

2 things the first thing is that in catagories they should have a duct tape catagory and second i have looked all over the internet and there is no such thing as a ds game wallet i have searched here and for those who dont read the entire thing THIS IS A GAME WALLET, NOT FOR THE ACTUAL DS because i have found the duct tape case but i already have a case but i need one for my ds because i almost lost 2 games and 2 reasons why i dont construct my own one is because im to lasy and 2 is because i have a small amount of duct tape left i found in the basement and my parents wont let me get another pack.... or maby my brother can get me some oh well thats another story and sory this is so long but yeah so give me your ideas :P and post them on hereand another thing there should be a duct tape contest

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Homemade money clip?

I want to know if theres a way to make a money clip like the actual CLIP

Question by anarbiter9    |  last reply

How to make a wallet out of dollar bills video!!!

I just added a video of how to make a dollar bill wallet!So if you were having probelems making it then just watch the video!Please check it out and here is the link:dollar bill wallet video

Topic by TeacherOfTheWays    |  last reply

Wallet Made from Old iPod Instructable

I saw a wallet made from an iPod somewhere on the internet. It was a video one with the click wheel still intact and the person's ID showing through the video part. Any help with finding how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Topic by abstractmotor    |  last reply

Paper wallet- What does it mean to you?

We're moving the furniture round you'll see. Back to normal it soon shall be. Meantime you can quit your boredom. Our paper wallet, oh so awesome. No bulky clips or zips to break. A simple wallet no loss at stake. The minutes few, they soon shall pass. For your efforts you'll have a blast. All you need is some printer paper. Grab some scissors and we'll see you later. When the furniture is back in place. Make a topic, it's your own space. Display that wallet and soon you'll see. Why this place means so much to me. Thanks I'!

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I need a quick and easy DIY wallet.

I need a DIY wallet that is jeans pocket sized, only holds cards and cash (ID, bus fare, $5 bill etc.) and is NOT made from paper, card board or duct tape. I need it to be quick and cheap. It would also be nice if it didn't get stuck inside the pocket and become uncomfortable. Are there any redirects or Instructables that can help me?

Question by Jamez Britton    |  last reply

Check out my crazy rabbit fur wallet

I made this a while a go, I plan to make an instructables for the next one I make.

Topic by claymation    |  last reply

can I make an RFID blocking wallet using aluminum foil instead of cans?

If aluminum cans can block RFID signals, how many layers of laminated aluminum foil (or, alternatively aluminum tape) would be needed to effectively shield a wallet?

Question by Mr.Fancypants    |  last reply

More Wallet Making Fun During Instructables "Furniture Moves"

Over a recent "Furniture Move" that occurred at Instructables, I was left in a dilemna. No printer ink to print myself a "wallet making" project, I felt the desire to make an Upgraded Wallet Project in Full Color and Style. Anyone wishing to make their own may download a PDF copy HERE. (Maybe they'll host the file at Instructables). The wallet is in denim, with the Instructables logo, and the inside money area is a red fabric. (see sample image). Tell me what you think and ENJOY! canucksgirl UPDATE:  Thanks to some encouraging words, and a reference to Kiteman's Law.... I have published the Instructable to Hacking the Paper Wallet.

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Can you make a wallet transmitter or something similar to work with a spy earpiece?

I was looking at this product and thought I could make my own transmitter for it instead of buying there inductive wallet transmitter Since I already have a walkie-talkie that I can program in unique frequencies I just need to build the wallet transmitter. Anyone know about this?

Question by SageRhys  

How to make good quality, easy duct tape wallets? Answered

I have red, blue, green, black, orange, and white colored tape, plus two patterns: red flames and blue, green and white zigzags.

Question by ClaireRocks    |  last reply

How can you make a wallet out of a Pocky Box? Answered

My aunt has a couple Pocky bags, and she wants a wallet to go with them. I thought it would be a green idea to make one for her birthday out of a Pocky box, but I have no idea how to go about it. And search engines have NOT been helpful, so I was wondering if anyone could help me. Thanks!!!!

Question by WitzyGurl    |  last reply

Win Instructables stickers and a patch by voting in the Wallet Challenge!

Don't have a wallet to share in the DIY Wallet Challenge? That's OK, you can help us judge! Head over to the Wallet Challenge Group, check out the Instructables, and click the "+" sign in the upper right to vote for your favorite. From all the people that vote, we'll randomly choose 5 users to win Instructables stickers and a patch! You can vote for multiple Instructables, but for the sticker and patch drawing, multiple votes won't give you a higher chance of winning.

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Win Instructables stickers and a patch by voting in the Wallet Challenge!

Don't have a wallet to share in the DIY Wallet Challenge? That's OK, you can help us judge! Head over to the Wallet Challenge Group, check out the Instructables, and click the "+" sign in the upper right to vote for your favorites. From all the people that vote, we'll randomly choose 5 users to win Instructables stickers and a patch! See how the Instructables currently stack up:Most pageviewsHighest ratingYou can vote for multiple Instructables, but for the sticker and patch drawing, multiple votes won't give you a higher chance of winning.

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Clone Trooper Pops, Keyboard Wallet, Dorm Decor

Clone Trooper Pops Keyboard Wallet Dorm Decor EL Wire Guide Camping Crescent Rolls Natural Playdough Dye Evaporative Drink Cooler DIY Air Ionizer EL Wire Spiderweb Slow Baked Bread Money for Old Rope Micro TV-B-Gone CD Pendant Charm USB Laser Duck Desktop String Art

Topic by randofo  

What happens to my phone in an RFID blocking wallet?

Greetings! I'm curious about everyone's experience with using RIFD blocking fabric for blocking phone transmissions.  If I put my phone in a pocket like this, will my phone struggle even harder to find a signal and run my battery down quickly? What other concerns come into play with using this to block signals to digital devices?  I plan to experiment with different fabrics from if anyone has some recommendations or warnings.   Thanks! image supplied by

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How do you change the color of leather? Answered

I have a brown wallet my girlfriend got me that she thought was black (she's colorblind), bc i like black so much. I like the wallet a lot, only problem is it's brown. I tried polishing it with black leather polish, but that hardly changed it.

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How come so many people use Altoid containers? Answered

I've seen atleast 50 'ibles on altoid wallets alone!How come?

Question by Creator of Weapons    |  last reply

Broken Instructable PDF download

I am a member and recently downloaded "Forget-Me-Not-Phone-Wallet" but my Acrobat cannot open the file. Could you check it please? Thanks so much. Attaching the file I downloaded.

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Ever came across this?


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Repurposed Cigarette Case

Kick your bad habit by re-purposing your cigarette case.  Create a sleek customized wallet that fits your money and credit cards. This was posted on Just Something I Made another cool DIY website.

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I want to fuse two layers of plastic by the sides, like making a pocket U Answered

Hi, I would like to make a wallet of plastic. I have the shape I want and now I am keeping the shape with tape. My next step is to do a durable wallet made of plastic, but I have no idea of how to fuse the plastic by the sides to create a pocket shape U. Any advice in materials and technique? Thanks! Dani

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I have seen RFID wallets, sleeves, and cards.  I like the IDEA of RFID blocking cards that you sandwich your credit cards between. So, my question is thus... If I had two cards made of 21 gauge aluminum and placed them on in the last pocket on both sides of my wallet, would this block the RFID scanners?  If not, then what would it take? What just programming some RFID chips and put them in my wallet to eff with the scanners?  I know there are things like this in the market, but very over priced.  I have contacts in the RFID scanning and deployment world, so it would not be hard for my to get my hands on this stuff. What do you all think!?

Topic by benjaminleebates    |  last reply