Warframe Projects

I recently started playing a game called Warframe and in this game, they have little "sentinels" that you can make to help shoot enemies. I decided I wanted to build my favorite which is basically a cube that is equipped with a mini-gun, the Dethcube. The only problem is, I can't seem to come up with any ideas on how to make it hover above my shoulder. Anybody got any ideas on how I could make it float?

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Warframe corpus Locker

Ok so i started playing this new game called Warframe and it is free to play so anyone with a PC is able to play to see the locker of the corpus faction,   Anyway I fell in love with their locker design and I was wondering Is it possible to replicate it in life size 8ft tall or so I'm guessing,   Because the designer who did this did an amazing job at realistic mechanically working locker. And you can see how much room this locker has and my plan is to turn it into a open dresser style with no longer boring wooden pull drawer but rather a cool one that opens up and this thing is so cool looking. 

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