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Who is "They"?

All the time i hear people say stuff like "oh they're making this" and "they're building this. But i want to know "Who is They"?

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Ok so I'm on youtube and i look up Zakk Wylde and theres a vid of him play "voodoo child" with slash! and i want you to say who you like better. Me myself and I like Zakk but remember slash does guns and roses and Zakk does BLS and Ozzy! so watch the vid of them playing "voodoo child" by the Great Jimi hendrix! and if you tube is blocked on your computer ill try to find it on google video!

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who subs who

Why does know one join this group if everybody subscribes people.i sub lots of people.who do you subscribe.

Topic by nfk11    |  last reply

who voted for who

Obama won!!! who voted who for who

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Who's Who in the AiR Program

Check out the talented artists we have in the AiR Program - For a full size view, click here.

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Who won?

 Who won, I'm not sure. 

Topic by JohnJY    |  last reply

Umm, who is that????

While I was surfing around on instructables, I came across something strange... On the "Resources" topic group, there is no latest user that replied, instead, there is blank, what is going on here???

Topic by Plasmana    |  last reply

who cares?

Im not trying to be rude but who cares if you get first comment, especially if you only say first comment, and say nothing involving the instructable or form? im just trying to under stand the reasoning for saying first comment or second or third, and so on?

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whos better

Whose better?boba fett or jango fett.

Topic by nfk11    |  last reply

who's on? indicator

A lot of forums seem to have a bar that lists who's online. is there any chance instructables may be getting one? it would eliminate the long half hours when people sit in front of their computers waiting for a reply that not coming. any chance?

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Who said this? Answered

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go and do that, because what the world needs is people who are alive." This is one of the most profound quotes I've ever read.  I'd love to know who the author is. Any ideas?

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Who's ready?

 Anyway, anyone read the comics? Looking forward for this, here's a cool preview. :)      

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Who wins?

Well, me and knexsuspensionmaster had a little friendly contest to see who could make a better car! So, I need your opinion, so go check out his knex vehicle, and my Vexion! THE VEXION! Knexsuspensionmaster's vehicle! This is based upon performance, durability and looks. Seleziona: 8 votes Knexsuspensionmaster96: 2 votes

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whos the hater?

It seems every instructable i go onto now has like 1 person liking it and the rating is still zero from this i have learned that someone is probly hating all the instructables on another account other than thier main file and gives every instructable a negitave rating exepct thier own. now who do you think would do something like that?

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Who is this character ?

My Dad bought this bottle along with a small Wild Turkey Bottle it says its Tauicå which upon my research it seems to be a  Èšuică - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...Èšuică (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈtÍ¡sujkÉ™]; sometimes spelled tuica, tzuika, tsuika, tsuica, or tzuica) is a traditional Romanian spirit that contains 45%-60% alcohol by volume (usually 52%). It is usually made from fruits. Although all of this information is great but what or who is the character on the top of the bottle that you will see in the photo: this is all I could find on this dude and this maybe wrong: Vlad The Impaler which like the 1st Vampire you can do a search on  Google and see that indeed he looks like the dude on top of the bottle. The burning question is HOW MUCH IS THIS WORTH if anything please if someone knows contact me ASAP Thanks Mike

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who likes bakugan

Who likes bakugan

Topic by charleszxc    |  last reply

who likes cheese

I like cheese do u

Topic by (YOUR N    |  last reply

Who's With Me on this one

I think its kind of silly that people ask if they should make and instructable on X topic, just because no one is interested now, that doesn't mean people wont join in the future and see it. Plus Its still nice to learn something new. All in favor say "CHYA MAN, FER SURE" All against me say "STFU N00B, U HAZ NO SKILZ" All With no opinion say "........"

Topic by TheCheese9921    |  last reply

Who can do this?

Try flicking your cheek while making an "oi" motion with you mouth. If you hit your cheek at just the right time you get a cool raindrop sound. Try aming for a tiny bit away from the corner of your lip for the best sound.

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

The Guess Who - These Eyes

These eyes, cry every night for you These arms, long to hold you again The hurtin's on me yeah But I will never be free No my baby no no You gave a promise to me yeah You broke it - you broke it These eyes watched you bring My world to an end This heart could not accept and pretend The hurtin's on me yeah But I will never be free no no no You took a vow with me yeah You spoke it - you broke it These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes cry every night for you These arms long to hold you again These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you..

Topic by FunkNattidelic    |  last reply

Who likes Leathermans?

Who likes leathermans, I just think that they are too flimsy. I have a schrade tool, it seems way more solid then my leatherman.

Topic by Thelonelysandwitch    |  last reply

Dr. Who question

Ok, I have had a LOT of difficulties getting to see each episode, but I did finally have the opportunity over the weekend to see the one season end "The End of Time"  episodes. I followed most of it, but towards the end, before he regenerated, he went about "doing things",  speaking to one person, giving a name to Jack,  etc.   Some of them I understood (like the gift to Donna), but many of the others I am baffled by (like the name given to Jack,  and the words spoken to Rose Tyler)....have no reference point for me, can anyone help me out...I probably will never get to see the episodes involving the references and if I do, I will probably have forgotten this conversation by then. A man walks into an electronics store and asks to see their Fax machines.  The salesperson shows him a telephone/copier/fax combo, but he replies:  "I want the Fax Ma'am,   Just the fax.....  

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Who has a Mindstorm?!

Who has a Mindstorm (NXT)

Topic by dombeef    |  last reply

who owns instructables?

Who owns it, is it the instructables robot?

Question by downhilldman    |  last reply

Who won the contest?

So when shall we know who was the best?

Topic by DELETED_rbhays    |  last reply

Guys who knit

I'm a guy, and I knit. Is anyone else a guy who knits?

Topic by General Eggs    |  last reply

who conceptualized

Who dunnit?

Question by gorgo333    |  last reply

who started with the knexguns???? Answered

Does anyone know who started this??

Question by matsermetsuiker    |  last reply

Who sponsors Instructables?

I was just wondering who sponsors Instructables?

Question by Quest for Questions    |  last reply

Who's cool in Anime?

I want to make some Anime art. Who's cool?

Question by scoochmaroo    |  last reply

Who are you voting for?

So, who are you voting for? I know, I'm a little late....

Topic by DrWeird117    |  last reply

who is the father of science?

Question by ferozarun    |  last reply

Who started this group?

Hey, who started up nerfreeks. Can't find it anywhere.

Topic by Top Dog    |  last reply

who has a skype?


Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

who is the forum master?

Well you probaly dont know what i mean but ill tell you ok so what i mean by the 'forum master' is who is the person who always answers the questions and is always on the little side bar thing where it says there name. who is it???

Topic by Easy Button    |  last reply

Who is the best knexer?

I wanna know who you think it is, your opinion entirely.

Question by yerjoking    |  last reply

Who did this to knex????

All knex rating that were 5, are now 4!!!!!! Why , who, when??? It is so annoying!!!!

Topic by Bartboy    |  last reply

who invented a microscope ?

About microscope

Question by elenwaren    |  last reply

Who on here is funny?!!?!!?

i need something to laugh at NOW

Question by STFU.!    |  last reply

Who wants knex

Who wants 27 pounds of knex(more than enough for a tr36 and a ksayer all at once) plus tons of rubberbands make an offer.

Topic by silentassasin21    |  last reply

Who is the Best Bassist?

I'm swingin' twards Les Claypool. I mean the guys amazing and he taught himself. Who do you think?

Topic by Clayton H.    |  last reply

Who uses GetSimple?

Who uses GetSimple ( the CMS tool? Just wanted to know how is the satisfaction level of people using GetSimple.

Question by artworker    |  last reply

Who is the real "Kiteman"?

I found this at Who is the real "Kiteman"? Both authors has the same alias. (Actually I already know the answer! hehehe.)

Topic by sath02    |  last reply

Who is home schooled?

Well? I am home schooled.

Topic by Plasmana    |  last reply

Who here smokes?

Come on fess up, we know you do.

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

Who has a stalker?

So who has one or more? I have one semi-stalker, with several cling-ons, one or two "random comment/PMing" people who send me odd messages at times, and 4-5 "admirers" to round out the group. What have you got?

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

who's watching the seahawks???

Pretty good game so far, we are eating the crap out of the 49ers

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

Whos ready with me?

Anybody want to collaborate ideas about survival, self sufficiency.... tip for tip!!

Topic by FlatLinerMEDIC    |  last reply

who owns an armatron ? Answered

that is how it is spelled on the thing but who has one any more if more than 3 people have one i will submit a cool thing with it to prove you have one upload a picture of it

Question by knexinventer    |  last reply