Windows Movie Maker

Anyone know how to put a watermark on the bottom corner of a video using windows movie maker

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windows movie maker trouble? Answered

I made some movies but it wont let me post them on instructables any suggestions

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Windows Movie Maker Problem

For some reason every time i use windows movie maker now it either turns my gifs into "day trips" or to 2 second randomness if anyone has experienced this or knows what to do about this I'd like to know what to do ??? Plus+ my camtasia is recording really slow?

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Windows Movie Maker: PLESE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get "tv" results with Windows Movie Maker? Especially graphics!!!!!!!

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Which movie maker version is it possible to...? Answered

In which version of windows movie maker can you put a video in the title overlay? I know it is possible because I did it with one of the old versions on my other computer, but when I threw it out I didn't remember to check. Any form of help would be greatly appreciated!

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Windows Movie Maker Sound Problem Answered

 Well I've made a lot of videos with windows movie maker. But recently I tried to import a .mp3 music file and the programme simply will not play it! This is very frustrating as this has not happened in the past. Video and .wav sound works fine, but I don't want to have to convert all of my music! Any suggestions?

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Any way to make any quicktime formatted videos play in Windows Media player or Windows Movie maker?

My iPhone records video in .MOV format, which is only quicktime supported.  This means I can't edit it using Windows Movie maker or play it in Windows media player, however it says there is a codec available for it.  However, google hasn't gotten me any good results.   Is there really any way to play these types of videos in WMP for free?

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Game Maker

Game Maker Programming console disscusion forum

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Is there a better software to use than Windows Movie Maker? Answered

I dont like movie maker.

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How can I put demolition scenes onto windows movie maker?

I am trying to make a video on windows movie maker,the last sequence is to be of a sky scraper being demolished. can anyone tell me how to replicate this or, even better, copy a video of this on to movie maker?

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How can i import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker? Answered

I want to know how to import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker because i want to use decent music in Youtube videos.

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How can I upload a video directly from Windows Movie Maker? Answered

Whenever I try to upload a video I made it comes up as a blank page that you need to click on. Is there any way to upload it so it looks like the videos from youtube do without posting it on youtube, google video, etc.?

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Movie Editing Software

So we all know the Windows Movie Maker suxs! so Im looking for a movie editing software for xp that can handle stuff like green screening The program needs to be free

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reversing a video? Answered

How can i reverse a video, and with which (preferably free) program?

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My sister needs something better than windows movie maker, anybody have suggestions?

My sis is having lots of issues with WMM, does anybody know of any free alternatives (that are legit)? (BTW, shes running vista with not much RAM)

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Any scale- model makers?

Hi, I am the art director on a very low-budget but so-far amazing movie. I want to make an inexpensive but professional looking model of an observatory. So far, I am thinking of using sculpey. Can anyone please help with some leads? I know I could put this together, but instructables, websites, or comments about materials or construction would help immensely. This website is full of resourceful people. Thanks!

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Instructables Movie

Hey there I would like to make an ibles movie it would only have to be a couple minutes but I want it to be awesome and represent the ibles community. If there would be any way I would also like to give it to the site founder so he can take it with him to maker faires and such. I will need a ton of help so please list what you can do and please do it I know I can see if I can produce it and send it in so we can be more known by the common people. Thanks! AB

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Does anyone know how to put a lightsaber effect in windows movie maker??

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Editing HD video in Movie Maker 6

I've been wanting to make better videos and found that my Galaxy S3 makes fairly good quality videos (for my budget). But my final edited movies are crap thanks to having to edit them in Windows Movie Maker. In order to edit an MP4 in Movie Maker, I have to convert down to WMV. Does anyone know how preserve the high definition of an MP4 when editing the video in Windows Movie Maker 6? I need any help I can get! Thanks! Here is my latest video:

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Converting quicktime movies to Windows Movie Make. NEED URGENT HELP!!

O'Kok, Recently I had a group project where we had to make a movie. I used a kodak easy share.Point is, the movies open with quicktime!!!!I'm looking for a SAFE converter or some other method to import them into Movie Maker.I know that uninstalling quicktime is a way, but does it affect itunes or anything else?I need to finish it urgently!!!!!

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movie ideas anyone?? Answered

Hi I'm a filmmaker (i work for Stop Motion Pictures) and am really looking for movie ideas because right now I have nothing! I have movie making block. Any idea I choose to use you will be credited. It will probably not be made in a while I'm working on getting my camera and tools. Please share any ideas! Even stupid ones!

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Where can I download a bunch of effects and transitions for the Vista Movie Maker?

Thanks!-Shadow Ops

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How can i download a Flip video onto Windows Movie Maker? If i can't, what program should i use? Answered

I can't download any of my videos from my Flip or Flip software to Windows Movie Maker. Is there a way i can get it to download? I also found that the Flip does not support FireWire which, if its true, really sucks because, as i understand it, it is the universal program for all/most editing softwares. Which means i can only use a software meant for Flip cameras. If i can't use Windows Movie Maker, what can i use other than the flip software (which also stinks by the way)?

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Movie-Editing Software?

I've been getting into short film recently and I'm looking for some movie-editing software. I want something that:works on Windowsis free/open sourceis easy to usehas a good amount of useful featuresI like iMovie, but I'm not spending the money on a Mac.Help?

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What is the best way to convert MPEG-4 video files to AVI video files? Answered

My phone only shoots in MPEG-4, so to edit in Windows Movie Maker I need to convert the files to something different. Please only give suggestions that you know would work and are virus-free. A link to where I could download it would be nice.

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Maker Faire 2009: The Window Lady

Janay Rose, aka The Window Lady, was biking around Maker Faire with her load of beautiful hats, waist cinchers, and other bits of clothing made from reused ties. How awesome is that?

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How do i bring music from itunes onto windows mvie maker?

It says that i have the wrong codac or something and woun't let me get music onto a video.

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How do i make a claymation? I want to use windows movie maker to make it.

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Makers At The Movies: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Last night i went to the movies and saw Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol, and it was impressive in the amount of cool tech that we are going to see down the line. Apple was displayed the most with the iPhone and iPad. Here are some that impressed me the most: SPOILER ALERT Contact Lenses with Facial Recognition: A large part of this movie relies on contact lenses that are worn that act as cameras, copiers and can do real time facial recognition. (connected of course to your iPhone) This tech already exists and the issue here is scale. I see Augmented Reality contact lenses being a regular thing in the next 5 years, and with cloud computing only getting better, real time analysis of large amounts of data is becoming more and more plausible. Can I Make It? Score: Nah, this is more in the realm of darpa, but i wouldn't mind an iPhone app that i can pull up when people say hi to me and i don't remember who they are. Reversible Dress Coat: There is a scene when going from a Military outfit to a regular tourist, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) with the flip of hist wrist makes the pressed jacket he's wearing into a windbreaker. This was impressive and seems not hard to recreate. Can I Make It? Score: I plan on it, with a dress jacket and a windbreaker, yes i'll post and instructable. Sticky Gloves: These are featured in a climb hundreds of stories up and have a mark of DIY-ness. These gloves are not the most safe, but are pretty friggin cool. I wouldn't mind having a pair. Can I Make It? Score: Maybe, but given they didn't explain the tech, i have no idea what the concept is. If it was magnetic, it would be a bit more realistic, but these stuck to glass. Have you seen a good "maker" movie lately? Did I Miss anything from Mission Impossible that you like? Comment below!

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how can i make a good stopmotion? Answered

Ok im gonna try and make a stop motion with legos and other stuff but i have not done a stop motion before and dont have windows movie maker even though i should have it

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what is wrong with my sound in windows media player?

I am using utorrent and have downloaded movies. now when i go to watch them on wmp the video works but the sound is like r2d2 is talking. its all chopping and sounds like a robot. i downloaded windows movie maker and it plays fine on there but i cant get it to work on wmp.

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What is the best FREE video editing software?

What is the best FREE video editing software? I'm looking for a thing like Movie Maker but better 'n faster

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Ok so I am trying to delete my Windows Movie Maker and so I deleted the stuff in the folder but IT KEEPS COMING BACK!!! What in the world!?!?!? What do I do?

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Can i seperate the audio from the video in a .avi or .mov video file?

In windows movie maker I want to add the video of one file and add audio to it. The only think keeping me from this is that the video has audio with it. is there any way i can seperate the video and audio of the video file and just use the video?

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How do I edit how long a picture is shown on Windows Movie Maker? Answered

I have put my images on the storyboard, but I don't know how to reduce the amount of time the picture is shown. I believe it is at 5 seconds per picture. I would like to put it at maybe 2 seconds. Please tell me how to do this! Thanks!

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Check out what I made! (gif)

About 14 hours in windows movie maker, and gimp. I made it for a booking agency some friends and I run. 1000 points to whoever can name the movie.

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Windows 7, is it really that bad???

DVDRW is not recognized, Samsung laser printer does not work, USB is slower than 1.0, movies cannot be played properly... Many conflicts, programs often don't work etc... It seems almost as bad as Vista. W7 32b ultimate, AMD dual core, 2 Gb, etc. Is this normal???

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are there any windows xp application emulators that work on windows 7? Answered

Hello i own a laptop that runs windows 7, and since obtaining it, i have found that alot of my applications are not working as they are incompatible with anything other than windows xp!  most importantly, i cant run my "the movies :stunts and effects expansion pack for my game without needing to change over my save file, because the newly updated "the movies" game , on windows 7, is incapable of playing without crashing if it uses more than 1bg of ram, even though it can do so on windows xp. i want to know, are there any windows xp applicaton emulators?, not programs that emulate the operating system, but rather, run a program the way it would on that operating system? ive tried using the compatibility mode, but it never works. i really need a good emulator. i dont know what to search to find it on google!, all my atempts just turn up with emulators of the operating system, and not for specific applications!

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Video Player

I dont know exactly what to call this. but i want some kinda device that i could make that plays movies off a hard drive, i no that they kinda mmake these already but there really expensive and i figure i could build something cheaper. ive got about 20 extra computers varing from MACs to PCs and ranging in all diffrent years, so i though of like building like a "DVR" without a tuner card or something. and the basic reason for this is so that i can bring large amounts of movies and vids to friends houses without hauling around tons of CDs or my PS3. i also like the way the XBox Mini looks

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The Brickster 2 SLDS Trailer

Well I was bored one day and I just discovered I had windows movie maker on my computer so I made this. My next step, get a facebook and youtube account (or at least google video). LMAO!

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Is this normal?

Sorry for the bad quality, but I thought this looked strange...This is an arrow flying through a piece of plywood.It was captured using a digital camera filming at 30 fps, I used windows movie maker to slow down the video to 12,5% of the normal speed.Can you spot the arrow on this blurry video? I can't :/

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Windows 7 update: Unbelievable! Sound card stopped working!!!

Yesterday, enjoyed some music, a movie... Today,... no sound, green audio port is now SPDIF, and no means to change it in the control panel... Did system restore to 10 days or so back, and all works fine. Wow, major embarrassment for Microsoft!!! Anyone else had this problem?

Question by BobS 8 years ago

Star Wars Un-Cut - the largest crowd-sourced film project EVER

472 DIY movie makers participated in the Reenacting Star Wars project by claiming a 15-second clip of the movie and filming their own rendition of it.  From live action to stop motion, these scenes capture the heart and soul of every die-hard Star Wars fan, in an ultimate tribute to one of the greatest movies ever made. Check out the teaser  just released from from the finished Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope movie.  Star Wars Uncut 'The Escape' from Casey Pugh on Vimeo. via:MAKE

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China's first Maker Faire !

April 6th was a long night that would be followed by an even longer day. Hours stretched like taffy as the Airplane pulled me across time zones. I was on my way to the Shenzhen Maker Faire which was being put on by Eric Pan, the founder of one of the largest open sourced businesses I know. Eric is a visionary, and his vision to inspire more makers in China connecting them with a global maker movement through the concepts of openness, sharing, and innovation inspires me and hundreds others to come to Shenzhen to share in the first Maker Faire in China! Hours ago I was at Instructables cooking my Last Breakfast for the office and gaving my Last Hugs. Qarly, my new friend, had helped my stay up all night organizing my tickets and suitcase. She went with me to the Payless shoe store on her bike as I walked barefoot. Yes, I started my journey shoeless. I had traded in my Vibrams at REI for a large backpack so I could cram as many arduinos and 3D printers into it as possible before leaving to go spread the good words. Here are the good words as I see them right now: "It Can Be Done." Yes, with a solid mission, a relentless attitude and accepting being shoeless (or jobless, or hungry, or ...) it's possible to accomplish the things you dream. Boom, back in that tin can flying over the Pacific. My schedule starts with a trip to Hong Kong to meet up with instructable's member Prank. Alex Hornstein and I had recently completed an adventure in 3D printing called the Pocket Factory in which we traveled across America seeking the business models behind low cost 3D manufacturing. He is now back in east Asia being the revolutionary philosopher engineer he is. I land at 8pm and head out into the city of the future. Hong Kong is a city of millions, beautifully lit tall buildings, zippy public transportation, and the largest pay inequality in the world. Looking out the window I keep wondering if this is the rich part, or the poor. Then I was there. I made it to IFC - a gigantic mall in the heart of Hong Kong. The metro stop inside it is called "Hong Kong Station". Yep, shopping is big here. We hung out on the roof of IFC talking projects. Without giving too much away too soon let's just say Alex is on his way to revolutionize the micro solar industry. We took the familiar ferry route home and I spent the night organizing and updating the social world since I knew in a few hours I'd be in China... and in China, no one can hear you tweet. Before I knew it I had to be off! It was 6:20am (HK time) and the ferry leaves at 6:40, I had a long day ahead of me and I haven't slept yet. Holy crap! I ran and got right back on that ferry from Lama to the mainland. Passing all the tall buildings once again and rushed onto the MTR. As we sped along the Hong Kong landscape of tall towers slowly turned into green rolling hills and the people on the train spoke less and less english. I crossed the border into Shenzhen and it was there I met Ani, the Monk. What a beautiful lady! We had a great conversation involving LOTS of smiling, drawing and almost no words. She was from Hong Kong and we were now friends. We traded bracelets and now I have one more reason to learn Mandarin! I finally made it all the way to Xi Xiang, the metro stop which was walking distance to the Maker Faire! I was getting pretty excited, I had lugged all this stuff across the world, and finally I was going to meet the makers of China! After a long and potholed walk I finally made it to the gate where a nice young Chinese lady helped me carry my stuff, we walked down a long outdoor hallways at F518 the "First Experiential Sharing Space in China" which was filled with sculptures and art. Billboards around me advertised hip hop dance classes and robots peeped from the windows. I knew I was in the right place. Right near the entrence of the Maker Faire was a strange robot. It was the size of a small house and it served books. They have robot libraries in Shenzhen. Wow! The more I learn about this place the cooler it seems! The faire is a large three story space with a media space on the first floor where people can buy "chinese make" a magazine called Radio that has been teaching people how to make stuff since 1955. The publishers of this magazine are also the ones who do the translation for Makezine! The second floor is filled with long tables of makers, a huge hall filled with running robots, dancing droids, DIY laser 3D scanners, touchless IR interfaces, octocopter (no, not tacocopter) and all the awesome stuff you'd expect to see in San Francisco, except this is Shenzhen. There are makers everywhere! Upstairs there are people making clay figurines, another instructables user - Star - runs a workshop around Canidu (yes, you can do!), her company which makes an electronics learning tool. This movement is obviously global and the Shenzhen Maker Faire has pulled makers not only from all over China, but all over the world. Eric Pan, the founder of Seeed Studio employs 70 people through an open source project and through this faire has inspired hundreds. At the after party, you can really tell how proud Eric was to have brought amazing makers like Mitch Altman and David Li from the Shanghai hackerspace together. Eric has a new project in the works right now. He's soon to be a father! I can only imagine how proud he will be when baby Eric Pan picks up his first blinky LED kit. Now that's some serious making! +Bilal Ghalib PS. Eric in the last picture is not dead, only extremely exhausted!

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I am having trouble with codecs I am trying to burn some Box Office movies via Windows Dvd maker?

I have done this befrore but am having trouble after instaling k lite codec and divx avi any suggestions? ask me any more  

Question by King Without A Crown 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do I extract all frames from a movie? Answered

 I'd like to find a free program (preferably with a Windows GUI) that can extract every frame (or every Nth frame) from a movie file and convert them into a series of  image files.

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What videocamera do you use to film your Knex models?

I'm looking for a camera (preferly not to expensive) to make some videos of my knex models. Like ball machines or rollercoasters. ***************edit************** I bought a canon fs200, its decent and cheap. However the video format isn't supported by windows movie maker!

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Instructables is going to be at the UK Makers Faire!

Instructables will be showcasing at this years upcoming Makers Faire UK in Newcastle! We have lots of goodies to hand out, and will have some projects on show for people to enjoy. I will be joined by, SteveAstroUK LizzyAstro Jayefuu PKM Kiteman Kitewife Rainbow_Han Last years Makers Faire was a lot of fun, I very much recommend it. I am delighted that we will have our own instructables stall this year. We very much look forward to seeing you at the faire, and be sure to let us know if you are a fellow instructablian.  Jake - gmjhowe - Maker Faire UK 12-13 March 2011 The world-famous Maker Faire returns to the UK to headline Newcastle ScienceFest. Expect a weekend of cool robots, garden-shed inventions, knitted wonders, the occasional fireball and oodles of opportunities to make your own creations. Perfect for creative people of all ages! At Maker Faire, come and play with classic synthesizers, see live 3D printing, learn to solder, play musical Tesla coils, become a Guerrilla knitter, turn a beer can into a pinhole camera, use a Wii balance board to control a robot, make your own stop-motion movie and much more… This special event takes place simultaneously at Centre for Life and Discovery Museum with one Access-All-Areas ticket available. This ticket enables you to see all of Maker Faire plus Life’s planetarium, motion simulator ride and brand-new under 7’s gallery. Tickets are available on the day or in advance. Opening hours: Saturday: 10.00 to 17.00 Sunday: 11.00 to 17.00 Head over to the Maker Faire UK website for more information.

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