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Box of wine

Need help printing the box of wine instructions.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I put to print full page and it still prints the original size photo.  Need to make costume ASAP!!!

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Wine Barrel

Does anyone know anywhere i could go or look to purchase/obtain an empty (large) wine barrel, like the old fashioned looking wooden ones for cheap? i looked around but to buy a large one like 55 gallon is REALLY expensive

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Wine cellar

Hello Internet community. I have a problem/challenge and need some segestions. we have recently moved the family wine cellar into the cupboard under the stares. however, we also have a small fridge in there for things like lemonade and beer, the fridge`s compreser is heating up the cellar so it is too hot to keep wine in. we can`t move the wine or the fridge because there is nowhere else to put them. All segestions gratefully accepted.

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wine rack

Hi, I don't have a ton of experience with wood, but I saw this wine rack and want to build something similar.  Would a 4x4 work to make this out of or do I need a harder wood?  Also what would be the best way to attach it to the wall? Thanks

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how to make wine?

I want to know how to make home made wine: any kind.

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mini batches of wine

Im gonna start making mini batches of wine to see what kinds im gonna mass there a formula for sugar to making them in pet bottles or cocacola bottles

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wine gift bag?

Instructions for making a gift bag that fits a wine bottle

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what is a very basic home made wine recipe for a beginner?

This is just for personal consumption.  we tried making some and it seems to be just vinegar!  Yuck!!!

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Where can I find White Merlot in a box in the Auburn, Ca. area?Dave Ballenger<>?

Where can I find White Merlot in a box in the Auburn, Ca. area? Dave Ballenger ?

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Haier wine cooler questions?

I have a Haier wine cooler model HVW18BSS.  I have a question about the 2 fans on the back of the unit.  Are they suppose to blow air into the unit or are they suppose to exhaust from the unit.  I received this cooler from someone who use to tinker with it and wasn't sure if he put the fans back on the wine cooler correctly.

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Question About Making Sparkling Wine/Champagne?? Answered

I have some finished wine that I want to make into sparkling wine. I understand that you may add a certain sugar solution to it and it will carbonate. There is a problem with this because there will be a residue at the bottom of the bottle. I was wondering if a method I thought of would also work. Here is how it goes. 1) Boil off and collect the alcohol from the wine, with a still. 2) Boil off and collect the water from the wine, with a still. 3) Replace the water you collected from the wine with tonic water that you are putting in the wine. 4) Re-add the alcohol If I am correct I should have carbonated wine, aka sparkling wine. If anyone has any idea if this will or won't work and why, please answer. Thank you for your time.

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How to make red wine from grace jiuce?

I want to make red wine, can you tell me please? Thank you!

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Saving home made wine !HELP!

Hey people so iv made my own brew its out of blackberrys and a little kiwi fruit with plenty of sugar water and yeast and its gone a little acidic, i can still taste alcohol and sugar still its just verry acidic, is there anything i can do to help bring the acidity down? thanks for anyones help.

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When making wine what does the phase prime it mean?

I new to wine making and dont know all the words yet

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Scalding chokecherries

Hey, I'm thinking of using one of my grandma's recipes to make chokecherry wine, but it says "scald" and "let sit until the mixture is done working, then bottle tight". First question how do i "scald" the chokecherries? It also says when done scalding, let stand until cool, is this water AND chokecherries? Also, what does "let sit until the mixture is done working, then bottle tight" mean?

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What types of food pairs best with an full body chardonnay?

I love really oakey/buttery chardonnay....I just never know what types of food to pair with it!

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Single Bottle wine tap

Hi Everyone.  I'm looking for help with finding the pieces I need to build a wine dispenser that uses inert gas (typically nitrogen).  I'm fairly certain I can come up with fittings and tubing, but the real piece I'm missing is a dispenser spout and a way to connect it to the bottle, without it spewing the wine while under pressure.  Once I get that, I'll have no problem building a box to mount it in.  Thanks for your help.

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Wine Stand that is a Balancing Act

Does anyone know how to construct this balancing piece of wood that holds a bottle of wine. I hate to spend over $20 for a 50 cent piece of wood that I could make at home.I appreciate your help, and I just know there are a few of folks that are mechanically inclined that can solve this...Thank you!;_medium=email&utm;_content=bottle_balances&utm;_campaign=topBalancing ActCoolest way to store a bottle of wineIs this magic? No, it's a little science. The weight of the bottle shifts the center of gravity that makes the wine appear to be suspended in mid-air.You'll get loads of comments, smiles and laughs! These positive reactions make these wine bottle balances a perfect gift! After all, Ben Franklin said, "Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."Made of solid wood.

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where to get wine corks? Answered

I need wine corks for a project i'm working on, and have not been able to find them. I have tried asking a friend who is a caterer, no luck. I have asked other people, but no one has any. please write any suggestions that you have. I have no money, so it would be best if they where free.

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i have added excess potassium meta bisulphite in my wine. i'm afraid i will screw the entire 3 litre batch. please help me to avert this disaster!!! PLEASE!!! :,-( here is the volume i added. 7ml of 9% K.M.S soln. ( 13g in 150 ml of water) in 3 litres of wine. S.O.S S.O.S S.O.S   :-P Regards, Chakra

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Hand Painting Wine Glasses

I have always used Folkart Enamel paint to paint my wine glasses and never had any problems.   This paint is now changing to the GLOSS only in stores, I can't find it in the non-gloss anymore.    Why does the paint start cracking when I put on the 2nd coat of paint?  I'm cleaning with alcohol first, waiting 30 minutes, then painting and it still want adhere to the glass with a 2nd coat. See picture below. 

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wine bottle wind chimes

I need help!  Within the last month, one of the regular emails that are sent out had a wind chime made from a green wine bottle.  I had it saved, but my phone died.  I can't locate that post.  If you can please help, I'd be sooooo grateful!!!!  I'm sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. I'm new here and am a little overwhelmed. Thanks in advance.

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How to stain the base of a wine glass?

HI all, I've been looking all over, but with no success. How would one go about staining the base of a wine glass? I have no idea what kind of pigment to apply to the base to make it coloured (but translucent) or how to apply it. It seems like a nice way to bring together a mismatched bunch of glasses, but I haven't found a way to actually do it. Any help is welcomed!

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Wine bottle lamps like link (inside) ?

Anyone have ideas on making these, and especially how to finish them so well?

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How to make lighted wine bottles without drilling?

I don't have a glass drill bit, is there another way to install the lights in a wine bottle either using another type of drill bit or a way that I don't need to drill?

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how to make wind chimes out of wine bottles?

I want to make wind chimes out of wine bottles . I have a glass cutter. But I would like to know what other materials I would need to use.

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Does anyone have a neat craft use for 3 liter wine jugs?

I have a number of 3 liter wine jugs and I can't seem to find a real neat craft use for them.  I would like to do something with them that would appeal to adults.

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wine cork wall what type of glue would be best used to put corks on drywall?

Building a wine room and want to use corks on the outside walls but not sure what type of glue to use

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Modify Soleus JC-128 wine cooler to lower tempeture to about 20c / 40f?

I would like to lower the temp. of my Soleus LC-128 wine cooler for other soft drinks. The factory settings range from 39f - 67f or 04c - 26c

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what is the best way to make apple juice wine on the cheap?. Answered

I was told put apple juice and bakers yeast and 1 cup off sugger to 2 galon of juice and didnt come out so good.i have a air lock cork and sugar and juice which is 100 pec apple juice what could i change ?any sug would be most appreciated. thank you tim from fl usa

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Make Your Own Fuel from Wine

Mark Armstrong's Alternative Fuel PhilosophyIf you don't like the vehicle or the fuel it drinks, make some of your ownIt's on every billboard, bumpersticker and street placard: Let's Green This City! Urban Streets Greening Project! Each election ushers in new green initiatives, task forces, and elementary school awareness fairs. Another press conference, another earthy guy in an organic-cotton denim shirt and red Crocs stands in front of City Hall pointing an accusatory finger at the uninspired plebes who won't join us, who won't dare follow San Francisco on the righteous path toward a greener tomorrow.Meanwhile, eco-conscious drivers can't get a drop of biodiesel in city limits, while Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and other surrounding cities offer it at public pumps. (In June 2007, city authorities closed the San Francisco Biodiesel Co-op, for - get this - having too many members.) Not one public pump in San Francisco sells ethanol. The few electric car-charging stations that remain are defunct, rundown or hidden in corners of musty garages, forgotten relics of a well-intentioned but poorly executed past. Our performance so far in fostering alternative fuels - the keystone of the green movement - is not just ironic; it's shameful."You know the easiest job in the world is to be a cynic," says Mark Armstrong, lifting his head from the hood of an electric-powered 1980 Plymouth Horizon. "In order to be successful you have to do absolutely nothing." Armstrong brushes his oily hands against his oily jeans and walks to the back of a cavernous concrete-floored warehouse, through a maze of Frankensteinian inventions: an electrolyzer that splits hydrogen and oxygen fuel, junky gas cars that run on golf-cart batteries, gutted petrol engines that gulp alcohol and a Mercedes motor that bakes bread and spits out edible olive oil."What I'm trying to do here is teach people to quit complaining about what they can't get," he adds, pushing his 6-foot-2-inch frame beneath a gutted 1976 Porsche 914 that he and his students are converting to a hydrolic hybrid. "I say if we really want alternative fuel vehicles, let's get off the couch and start making them."Step 1: Build a Carmore

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How do I make easy wine like in the Bible era!? Answered

They had no chemical only grapes and a few urns! So how did they make simple drinkable wine long ago ?

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how do you flatten a wine bottle?

I have a number of wine bottles that I want to melt flat

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Detailed Instructions for Spiral Wine Cellar?

Does any one have or know where to get detailed instructions on building a spiral wine cellar? I understand the basic concepts of the construction and the ducting for proper airflow i just want to make sure I'm not missing something important here...

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How can I make a decent drinkable wine like the Bible or Romans did ?

I always wondered how they made wine in the old days of the Bible and Romans! All they had was some urns and grapes! So I want to keep it simple! (KISS) Keep it simple stupid is my motto! Anyone got a clue? I don't want any chemicals or fancy equipment either, so ?

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I want to make some stone topped wine stoppers. How do you drill thru the stone?

How can you drill thru hard granite stone? I need to drill a 1/4 inch hole about 1/4" deep so I can cement a wine bottle stopper to the stone.

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Wine Bottle Terrarium - Great for homes, offices, studios alike!

Well, i must say, the internet has been rather slow of late, and i have not found anything good to share with you all for a while.Im not a massive fan of gardens, or plant life, i have a few almost dead cacti on my window sill..However, this great idea has got me thinking, and would be ideal for my home, or in the studio at work. Firstly, i love the idea of recycling the glass bottle, a clear bottle is recommended, but apparently the smokey ones do work also.The main bulk of plant life is in moss form. Which i think gives it kinda a mini landscape look.I would make a full instructable, but there is not alot to it (push moss into bottle). I also have enough projects awaiting write up!I would love to see any pictures if anyone manages one.Via, LifehackerThe original can be found at Dr VinoInspired by the work of Paula Hayes

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[newsletter] Electric Motorcycle, Make Wine, LED Umbrella...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Apr. 10, 2008 Welcome back! We have lots of news for you today. New contests! Discover Magazine has partnered up for a Green Science Fair For a Better Planet for you eco-makers, and for the bakers we're having a Cake Contest. Enter something awesome! Instructables and RoboGames will be hosting a Robot Contest! If you build robots this is your chance to share your knowledge and show off your bot. Get ready - contest launches April 15! Contest winners announced! See who won the Pocket-Sized Speed Contest, Pets Month, and the T-Shirt Hacks Speed Contest. We will be hosting a Show & Tell at the SF Bay Area Yuri's Night 2008 this Saturday! If you want to show your projects off, let us know!! Check out these cool instructables! Double-Decker Drum Composter Make a spinning double drum composter to make soil for your garden. posted by iPodGuy on Mar 16, 2008 Recycle Plastic Shopping Bags into 'Yarn' Recycle your plastic bags without melting them or releasing noxious fumes into the air. posted by tlmacnolan on Apr 1, 2008 LED Frosties Light up your party's cooler with some waterproofed LED lights. They're simple to make and easy to reuse. posted by fungus amungus on Apr 1, 2008 T-shirt to sexy top Transform a boring old t-shirt into something that makes you the star of the party. posted by diana.cristea on Apr 5, 2008 Take a Picture of the Steam from your Meals Learn a few tricks for capturing that freshly-cooked look in your photos by reading this Instructable and the helpful comments. posted by Brennn10 on Apr 2, 2008 Cool prizes from Discover Magazine! April is Photo Month! Bake and decorate! Electric Umbrella Turn an ordinary umbrella into something whimsical and magical. posted by sockmaster on Apr 8, 2008 How to Make Wine Making wine is easy to do with the right stuff, equipment, and proper sanitization. posted by Seakip18 on Apr 8, 2008 Turn broken speakers into a snappy media cabinet Broken speakers are pretty but useless while media cabinets are ugly but useful. A melding of the two objects was all but inevitable. posted by GoodRubbish on Apr 7, 2008 $5 Macro Lens - for land or sea use Make a cheap macro lens for a camera with no built-in macro feature. Fit for use above or below the waves. posted by Warthaug on Apr 2, 2007 How to build a 72 Volt electric motorcycle No gas, no oil and almost silent. 72 Volts, 70mph, pure fun. posted by Stryker on Apr 8, 2008 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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newww at this

Please help me get my name out there... i love making wine bottle lamps very crafty. thanks a million.

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Cheap Wine Cooler using a standard small room air conditioner?

Need to bypass the auto shutoff at 64 degrees of a room air condiitoner so I can use it as a cheap way to keep my wine below 60 degrees. How physically is this done? 

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The secret to storing Loquat for wine making!

If you don't know what Loquat means then just look it up on Google or Wikipedia ;)Mostly used as ornamental trees in the warmer climates Loquat fruits come into season right when the summer is on your doorstep.Although the fruits are delicious and high in nutrients, vitamins and so on: Most people do not even bother to try them :(So if you spot them please give the fruit a try and you might get hooked as did.The biggest problem of using Loquat for more than a direct snack is not the seeds inside.They are quite big and you figure ways out to get around them.Biggest hassle is how the fruits ripen.Unlike most real fruit trees there is fixed time.When the first fruits are ready then the last migh be ready about 3 or even 4 weeks later.And depending on the local wildlife you really need to check daily for ripe fruits....So how to do it properly then?Loquat goes bad really fast no matter what you try.Eat them quickly as otherwise they go off.Don't bother...Those are common answers you get from people who had those trees for years in their gardens.The trick however is really simple:Do not plug them off, cut them off!Some half decent pruning sizzors work great here, especially the smaller types.Cut the stem of the fruit so at least 5mm are left on the fruit.Without the hole from ripping the fruit off and handling it with gentle force there will be no damages or open areas ;)Like that the fruits stay fresh for a few days in your fridge, just make sure they are kept quite loose.Do not just fill a big box with them and hope all fruits survive the pressure ;)If in doubt layer them on soft foam strips or cardboard - works really well if can find complete clusters that are ripe enough.If you have access to more than one big tree you can get enough to even make a really nice wine from it.You need to be quick though, so let me tell you how I do it:Prepare a big enough fermentation vessel, in my case a 25 liter plastic drum, purpose made...Add about 10 liters of warm on prefably filtered water, some sugar and a good amount of your prefered brewing yeast.My personal favourite here is port wine yeast ;)You should prepare this drum once you can collect enough ripe fruits on a daily base.Prepare the fruits by removing the stems, the hard spot at the bottom and then cutting them in half.A small spoon can be sharpened to help to get the seeds out if have some with many little ones hiding.Have a pot with boiling water ready and put about 250 to 400 grams of prepared and cleaned fruits in it per load.A quick heating is essential as you want to keep the cooking time as low as poosible.90 to 120 seconds should be enough to get the heat throughout the fruit - please check every now and then that the fruits are quite soft now.This step is vital to prevent self fermentation - you only want your yeast cultures to work on the fruits ;)Squash the fruits when adding them into your drum.To make a full 25 liters with just a table spoon of sugar at the start you will need about 10 to 12 kg of fruits for a high volume and sweet result.The best option due to the constantly changing sugaar content in the fruits is to go with the flow.Stick to max of about 15 liters per 25 liter drum.Monitor the sugar content and alcohol level.Port yeast dies off at a bit over 14%vol of alcohol.Although some strong ones go up to 18% here...If the alcohol level goes over 10% while the sugar content is still quite high then you add water until you get down to about 7%.If the sugar content goes down too low you add more fruits.With still enough active yeast you can even transfer half oa drum to a new batch once the drum is getting too full and the sugar content is still too high.Just a matter of getting used to working with ongiong adding of fruits and water to compensate the time it takes to get enough ripe fruits.Of course there is always the option to go low and start with 5 liter canisters instead....

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Why does wine or beer pair better with matching food?

This has always stumped me; however should not be confused with the question: "what goes with wine or how to pair wine?" I know that in theory, heartier wines pair well with heartier food; and that light, refreshing wines should pair with light, refreshing food. In practice, I agree that wines or beers tend to pair better with matching qualities in food. Whereas with all other beverages, I always feel that contrasting pairings work best. Dessert for me always requires a black, robust cup of coffee; and a cold, sweet Coke always goes very nicely with a savory lunch. The reason why these pairings work so well is because of their contrasts. So, what is so special about beer or wine that they pair better with food of similar characteristics?

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Wine Bottle Garden Lights - Help?

I am building  retaining wall and am considering adding built-in lighting by using empty wine bottles that have an LED light inside, and a cork or silicone to seal the bottle shut. Optimally this set up would be solar but I could arrange for power if needed. I'm thinking of lights about 2 or 3 feet apart, lying horizontally embedded in concrete except for the bottom. The neck of the bottle would be buried in the retaining wall. It would look like a large glass blob in the concrete. Can someone help me figure out the best way to make this? Thanks in advance! Rhonda

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