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Temp.on a woodburning tool, I have one that is 10 watts is that to low for woodburning ??

I just started woodburning, which I like. However, it seems to take along time to get a good burn (I'm using pine) my tool says 10 watts.  Is this a good temp?  I have seen on Amazon some go up as high as 450*, since I'm just starting ~ Any suggestions on what to start with? Thank you for any help, tips, info. Patty

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Stupid Question: (soldering iron) = (woodburning iron)

I have a woodburner and I was wondering if I could use it as a soldering iron? Is it just getting hot enough to melt the solder that I have to worry about or is there some kind of load problem with using a woodburner for this purpose? need help!! (obviously)

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paper log maker

Y'know those paper logmakers where you soak some newspaper and then put it in a metal box and pull the handles to compress it? I have tried to do this with PVC pipe and a wooden plunger made to fit, (with a wooden base as well). didn't work. anyone know if those logmakers work and how to do a cheap/simple version of one, perhaps building on my PVC pipe efforts? when I burned the resulting log from my PVC logmaker it was extremely sooty and burned in about 2 minutes, they are supposed to last an hour and burn clean enough to use in a woodburner.

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My Instructable isn't showing up!

Well, I just posted an Instructable on how to woodburn the Instructables Robot and stuff, but it's not showing up, and some other Instructables are showing up for recent, does anybody know what's wrong?

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Portable Drawing Easel

I designed a portable easel out of two pieces of luan (1/8" to 1/4" plywood).  I originally intended to sell them, but decided I didn't really enjoy making them in production levels.  The time vs. cost factor didn't really pan out. Either way, this is a design that might make an artist loved one happy.  It is fairly quick and easy and has a bit of style to it, I think. I added some molding at the bottom to act as a sort of pencil or brush holder.  Just some metal rings to hold the two pieces of wood together and a SWEEEEET woodburning on the front with my name--feel free to put someone else's name on yours! What you don't see in the photos is a leather strap with a small dowel at the end that fits into two notches--one for holding the two sides of the wood from splaying apart when it's in easel mode, and another for when you want to keep it closed for carrying it.

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'abstract' wood burning.

Not sure if this should be posted here, Outdoors or Square Pegs, but it's art related so I'll ask here. I once saw a how-to video, I am 90% sure is was on this site. but there is a chance it wasn't. I would like help finding it again. From what I remember, the person showing off had: a car battery, a long needle,  plank of wood and some chemical. the process I remember was (but may not be 100% accurate): 1. (s)he painted on a layer of chemical (or acids) on the wood 2. stabbed the needle on the wood 3. connected the battery to the needle 4. turned the battery on. it then made some elegant, fancy patterns, like a bare tree, or a lightning bolt. lots of 'branches' and paths were burned into the wood (without manual intervention. it was 'natral'). like a chemical reaction. if anyone has the name of this technique, or a video/instructable/guide, I would really appreciate a link. Thank! EDIT: solution found: it's called "Fractal Woodburning" (go on youtube for some videos). I should have known, I love fractials! you need: saline wood needles and a high-voltage power source. and patience.

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Making a wedding gift. Need help.

One of my best friends is getting married in September.  I've been trying to come up with a cool gift to make them, but am running out of ideas.  I was going to try to make something for their new home they just bought, but they got situated real quick with new stuff so it's kinda difficult to figure out something they don't already have or that will fit somewhere in their new home.  I wanted to make something that they could/would use, something that has some sort of function, but since the "home gift" ideas are sorta low, I was thinking something more sentimental.  A few years ago I made a gift for my brother, pieces of wood with a waterslide decal of his daughter and her name woodburned into it (I can't upload photos now for some reason otherwise I'd show).  I was thinking of something like that... BUT the husband&wife to be are also into dance parties and that gave me the idea of wanting to do something with LED lighting strip that goes with music played.  I'm thinking one or the other or both or something entirely different.  If anyone has any ideas for a wedding gift for a couple who likes dance parties/music/photos/beer/food/etc... I'd greatly appreciate it. 

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