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Overused Words

This is to post your overused words. Interestingly, I definitely have to say interesting and definitely.

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word links Answered

 how do I get word links? like when the word itself is a link to  another page?

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silly words

What are youre silly words? mine are confusicated, facecrack, nasalcavity, woot, rig, tooten pooten, and suckface.

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pass word

It isn't possible to change my password...

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a word of caution

Don't drink and derive

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Words will not post

When I make an instructable, I type a big long paragraph and then hit preview. Then the preview page is blank. I hit edit again and the words are still there. When i posted my instructable the words are gone, but people are posting already so what do I do????Part of my instructable is missing

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What is a very long word that can be spelled the same backwards???

I am very coureous.....please help!!

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Saving search words?

I can't save the search words I am using windows, no idea what number

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Is there any way to put words/letters on potato chips? Answered

It's part of my superbowl entry. I know it sounds silly but if there is any way i would like to know. (Don't tell me to google because I already have)

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How Many Words Can You Make Out Of The First Five Letters?

"A,B,C,D and E" come on people,i wanna see how the instructables community confronts this!!!

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Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia..... long word right........... does anyone know any words longer then that? =D Here is a link to some of the longest words in the ENGLISH language =D-

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Bah tripped the filter again!

I'm pretty sure the instructables filterer doesn't like poor ol' me.  I do a bread based product and my love of fire seems to have yet again triggered the filter! nevermind...

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Word file corrupted? Answered

My word document has just flipped and the page looks squashed and margins are not visible. All new documents are the same and I can't put it back to as it was. Help!

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"Color" isn't a word?

Self Explanitory. Put your face closer if you can't see it.

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Pasting from Word

I discovered that if I write a post in Word and paste it into a comment box, it destroys the paragraphs and sentences by splitting them onto various lines as shown in the image. I took this block of text from the Tesla Wiki, pasted it into word, then copied and pasted it into a comment box. It looks fine until you actually click the "make comment" button. 

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Math / word question

If I had a million dollars and spent one thousand dollars a day,how many years would it take to spend the million dollars?

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ACSII Word Orders

If you want I can make an ACSII art in word form in your orangeboard if you want.Ask me to have them made in the orangeboard as a comment.Example::_; .' `. .-.,-.,-. .--.`. .'.--. .-..-.: :: ,. :`._-.': : : ..': :; ::_;:_;:_;`.__.':_; :_; `.__.' .-. .-. .-. .' `. : : : : .--.`. .'.--. : `-. : : .--. ' ..': :' .; ; ' .; :: :_ ' '_.'`.__.':_;`.__,_;`.__.'`.__;`.__.' .--. `._-.'`.__.' {{{ .--. .-.,-. .--. ,-.,-.,-..---. ' '_.'`. .'' .; ; : ,. ,. :: .; ``.__.':_,._;`.__,_;:_;:_;:_;: ._.' : : :_; .-. : : : : .--. : :_ ' '_.'`.__;`.__.'

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The word 'Instructable' is a typo

So if you've ever typed the word 'Instructable' into a field of text on this site, you know it has that dotted red line under it that indicates it's a typo. It's a small thing, yes, but it would add a modicum of dignity to the word if it was included into the spellcheck's dictionary. Just my two pixels - feel free to call me out for being nit-picky :)

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Instructables Word Search !

Was just a little bored so i thought of making an instructables word search!! hope you folks enjoy this Theres a jpg and the pdf, the jpg is mostly for reference (its so bad quality) in windows you have to print the pdf but in mac you can open the pdf in preview and use the annotate pen tool to do it on the comp.# Cheers, CherishCherub

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"Import from Word"

I've been trying to post my most recent instructable and all has gone smoothly except for the fact that the "paste from word" option does not work. I am using word 2010 on a windows 7 computer with chrome, firefox, and IE 9. All three browsers will only import the plain text format of word documents that I type up rather than the fully formatted versions. It's not that I cant format everything I need via the main text input screen, its just that frankly the scrony forum post-type entry field sucks for writing well organized instructables. Please fix this! ~Love poent

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Word formatting on comments

I have been away from Instructables for some time, and I came back, not much has changed after the pro feature was implanted. Which is good. ^^ However, I have a little problem with word formatting, when I tried using some symbols to change the way the words look, they don't work. Is this due to the pro feature? Or am I using the wrong symbles and my memory needs a little refreshing? Thanks! I just chose this picture randomly, I don't know what else to use. :P

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Word .doc vanished? Answered

Reference any solution please ... Early version of word.   Not a docx. It cant be found in a dos search. Is there good hex editor I can try?  I’m not familiar with hex editors but I’ve heard its the way to go. Any point trying a data recovery tool like easy data recover or NTFS recovery tool rather than a hex editor? Thanks.

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contest. the word descriptive.?

I would love to enter your contest. but my entry is not bassed on looks to confuse. mine is bassed on combanation of flavours. i would like a more defind . requirment. wether this is a looks or floavour comanation contest.  thank you for your time, rolfo

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*Insert Cuss Word*!

My 360 just Red Ringed for the second time! Right before the four day break too! Right when all the good games have come out! CURSE YOU 360 REAPER! (Ironic that this is what I went as to a Halloween party.)

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Provisional copyright wording?

I received an instructables message from someone wanting to use some of my pictures for articles in an Italian online newspaper. I think I was not the only person who has gotten this request.  This is a quote from the actual request-- "is it possible to take your images to publish for free, obviously citing the copyright and linking the website?" Now, my inclination is to say yes BUT.  I want to make certain that they are not making money on my work and just getting it from me free. I also want to make certain that the pictures remain under my control, that I am not giving up my work but rather giving permission for it to be published elsewhere while still retaining all copyrights to it. What would be a good wording for accomplishing this? Anyone else who has received this request might want to consider provisional permission also.  Ownership of your work is something you should keep the rights to.

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Will not acknowledge or save key words - will, therefore, not let me proceed beyond "ADD KEY WORDS"

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"Authors word of thanks To Our Sponsors!

Authors who have entered contest in the past, present, and future would like to thank our sponsors for their support. Your support has helped make this community a wonderful place to share creative ideas and unique projects. Thank You!

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Pronounciation for one of the longest words in the English Language, (Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis)

I found pronounciation for the longest words I've seen.Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis:Peumono = Noo-muh-NoUltra = Uhl-tra (DUH)Microscopic - Mahy-kruh-skop-ik (Double DUH)Silico - Sil-i-kohVolcano - Vol-key-noh (Triple DUH)Coniosis - Kon - ee - oh - sisPneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is a disease you get from inhaling quartz dust.

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I guess the Autodesk Lawyers get paid by the word?

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C# key word list? Answered

I'm looking for a list of keywords used in c# that also includes there definitions. I'd like it so i can print it out

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Instructables Song

I've been working on a song for a while on guitar but I haven't been able to come up with lyrics. Then I was thinking, what about a song about Instructables? I don't know if anybody here has ever heard End of the World by REM, but the tune I have now would be good for a fast paced song like that. So anyway, does anybody want to make any special requests to be included in the song? Like, people, events, topics, instructables, or achievements. I'm going to try to include all of the main things about Instructables as well. --EDIT-- After reading the posts I figure it would be better to not use the song I have but to use something else. For example like the song on the Discovery Channel. So anyway I'm just going to sort of switch over this topic to just Instructables song Ideas. Thanks, D.T ~Rockerx~

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A picture is worth 1,000 words... or is it?

This is sooo random, I thought I had to share it.I wanted to see if a picture is really worth1,000 words worth of data.the average word is 5 letters and a space (or puntuation), so six bytes.1,000 words would be 6000 bytes, or 5.859375 KB (1KB = 1,024 bytes!!!)A 500x375 px JEPG image is about 55 KB, so it is worth 9486 words (and a 3 letter word + a space).A thumbnail, however, is only 1.91 KB, so only 326 words...It would seem, however, that 326 words would convey more than the thumbnail, whereas the 9486 words would convey more than the mid-range image.Just some random geekiness :-D

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Barcode in Word after upgrading

I'm used to make 2D barcode in Word 2003, it was simple to use and worked very well. Now, I upgrade ma word to 2007, I'm wondering can I use the same add-in in Word 2007? Or should I get a new one? If I upgrade to 2010 later, is there any possibility that the same add-in will work well without any upgrading?

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The "N-Word". The bad one!

Ok, I hear lots of name calling out there. Sometimes I even hear the N-Word. Not just one N-Word but multiple N-Words. So clue me in. Which is worse, a "noob", a "nerd", a "ninny" or a "numpty"? I just need to know how serious the name calling is. So give me the offensiveness levels of the previously mentioned N-Words on a scale from one to ten (with ten as the most offensive).

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Is the word "neat" old fashioned?

I'm about to write an English press release for my product CameraClip. English is not my first language. I would like to use the word "neat' to emphasize that the product is small, smart and cheap. Is "neat" an old fashioned word in this context? If so, what alternatives could I use? Hope to hear from you all.

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Symbols in Word 2003 and up? Answered

Used to have word '2000'. It was easy to allocate symbols, like 'degree', (small circle in uppercase). I used to allocate D for this symbol. Now I have a newer version (2003, really HATED the Word 'Vista' version...)!  But it seems hard to allocate any shortcuts for symbols now... People, please tell me how to do it..., otherwise I will delete it (again...). The 2003 Office Suite, to be replaced by the decade old ' Office' version??? Please don't tell me the buggy old 'open office' is better... Just put it on your USB stick...

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Annoyingly disjointed words in messaging.

To the staff writing software for the site's message program, There seems to be a character limit per line when viewing messages. The sentences display from one side of the text field to the other then simply stop and continue on the next line. While that is a good thing, preventing scrolling across the screen, it also tends to cut words so that the message can be quite taxing to read. I'm viewing this in firefox on a windows 7 os.

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Spreading the word of Instructables...on the chairlift!

I went skiing this past weekend, and took along some Instructables stickers. I stuck them to a couple of the chairlifts I rode on. Here are a few pictures of them. There were plenty other stickers on the lifts, so I decided to spread the word of a website through stickers as well!

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how awesome is the word awesome? Answered

Ok, I was bored, and this question poped into my head.. if things can be awesome, whaty about the wrod awesome? is it awesome, or is it not?

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The Random Paragraph Word Game

We will see how this works out, I do this with my friends and it gets funny. Instructions: I will start with one word. If we were doing this in person it would be on a piece of paper. That paper is passed to the person next to him. That person writes a word, any word, and passes the paper on. This is repeated, and will form into: A. a funny paragraph B a totally random paragraph that makes no sense C a paragraph that tells an epic story that is the next "Hamlet" and makes perfect sense (That's no fun though) You can choose to end a sentence and start a totally new one anywhere Keep it appropriate. Example Cheese coated birds dance on top of my (*gasp*will it be appropriate?) head. Your pet cookie ate my cat. Here is the word: Why Oh, I forgot to say, add everything prier to your word into your comment (to avoid confusion and if you do that you can avoid a ton of replies to you that you will regret by just hitting post comment and not reply).

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Limit to words on step-by-step

I've got to a certain point on my instructable (I've come back after a day) and when I typed up another paragraph and saved it, the text had disappeared? And no matter how much I typed it up and saved it again and again (my instructable is now published) the text doesn't seem to appear. Anyone else got this? My instructable is also a competition entry which is a problem!

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Word document showing codes? Answered

Dear experts I was working with my document and after a reboot the document no longer showable. Using office 2010, Word 2010, and when I open the file it shows alots codes like this: ×;ÏC PEZ‹c]¯8åã#ç ÅVs¤²Â ÙK@ 6.þƒe cY‚Ü«ß– fuzÍ 3 Ùë7ü96Ù³µ¿d­LT²çŒ ÈaóÞrT”)sG lÛzMù'ÿR °9:o ìÄNtpw PM è!] H{é¼ K²”ô • öŠÂU E)[  â  usA Ó%>ŒB yC L½Df  §ü öHÕ– ò^ éÆÔ=`} ͇•£ ÂM S¿bé”&¾«wðÌ "Bè1®4 3R Š XJ %WÁëz¡Ù¼Cøš/.ÿÌM[¥á>¿f®çe’Ö4xvÞñÅ)¨è¨˜¡¦“òG4 |™q «p!\ñ‚€1à Kleâ £)ãTê0ؾ…q + ã‚  Ù©  п_ø«Ìù"Á¾+k!#Ó »ôYŒ<1˜¤m% ÁJŠró8«Ñ | ®:Wµ ÞWŠðº ±€ ¨ãt¤z½"ÿo<äIêuŒ…ƒ‰z+ØŸ/OþàÓ§Ûƒm  {M¹Â ºÙ|í,I±¹'‚½Äù¯ Úó…¬:o ‹ I thought it was encoding problem so I check all the encodings that Word got but no luck... and I tried to save to txt file, this didnt work as well. I also tried to using recover/repair and see if that work, but still no luck. Any ideas? Thx

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Does Instructables have a curse word policy? Answered

Just curious :) (no personal reason I promise lol)

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link to parts in 'ble for easier search and categorisation

Hello fab fun instructable people, I would like to see instructables linked to their basic ingredients. This way, when I englishly search for vhs and get 1.5 pages of hits that don't have anything to do with vhs's, and then search for vcr and get over 5 pages of hits, I can instead... go to a page, and 1) look at the main basic ingredients that instructables are based upon, 2) reading through them at my leisure, and 3) can think up a new 'ble that has not been done before. Lets say this another way. Looking up at the menu bar, I would like to click a link that says ingredients, that will take me to a page, that will list 50 items (configurable from user profile) which are said to be the main components of an instructable. Clicking on one of these items will take me to another page, which will show that item/component with instructables that have chosen to build with that item/component. So here there will be a list of recipes with said ingredient in. From this list I should be able to read up on all the 'bles marked as having the american vcr tag, which may or may not also have the european tag of vhs. Can I say it again? Let me try. The way to do it with drupal: So if each 'ble is marked with a tag (taxonomy = drupal) this tag is a new field that is attached to each instructable. Each 'ble can have many tags. So this tag can be seen as being a multiple field of parts or ingredients which may be added to an 'ble listing, if he author wanted to be thorough. Next, a 'view' could be created listing all the tags/ingredients/parts used. This view is the main content, and could show on a page a number of items. Each item comprises of a picture of a generic item, item description and item title. The picture can be 48x48pixels, thus allowing for a good pageful of items. Users could have options in their profile to show number of items per page, and to show icon size preference, and say have a small icon view with the 48px icon view, and a medium with 120px, and a large with 200px, maybe for each page of results. So the results page is different from the item/category page. On this item page as on the results page will be the previous and next links, plus also the usual panels that exist on the side and the footer, and of course the header. Essentially the content is what the view is. Clicking on one of these items, will take a user to a search page, listing all items tagged with that specific term, i.e. vhs or vcr or both (you could put a rule saying tag anything with a tag of vcr with the vhs tag, or you could keep them separate, and have both items in the 'view', adding that one is americanised and the other is anglocised with some kind of footnotes). This may open up instructables to be multilingual at some point in the future too, if that was ever something to look forward to the future for. Now, somehting irrelevant to the above idea from happening: if you think I raise a valid point, cool, I would like to be put forward for charity membership, and have myself seen as exempt from having to pay for pro membership. I do not expect this. IDEA* this is another great thing you can add to the site. If possible, tell me so - and then I can make an instructable based on doing charity work not necessary for any return favours, but as an altruistic form of behaviour, and gain credit towards another kind of mem'ship, maybe even community service. I do a lot of charity work, helping others in need, and for people who would like to give but haven't enough to support themselves, or believe that people in Africa or elsewhere have more of a need than themselves getting pro mem'ship, I think that allowing people to have the option may solve grey areas, for instance, where some people who do not fit the 'pro' mold could fit into. I love this site, and I love you guys and girls for doing such a fab job. I wish I was part of the team. Hal p.s. Pro Members should be able to change their nicknames, or have more than one that is hidden from others.

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Help learning proficient Russian words!!!!!!!!!

Can ANYBODY teach me some basic russian?

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First Word That Pops Into Your Head

So I saw this on Amazon, so I decided to start it here. One word or short(One sentence or less) phrases, please, and you may not post another time until someone else adds to yours. The word is(what a surprise)---- K'Nex Have fun!!!

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is there a word for living green out of necessity?

Im too lazy to really care too much about the environment, but i love recycling things for different uses because im poor and thats one less thing i have to buy. is there a word for this? if you cant think of one feel free to help make one up. thanks

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