Another Newbie xD

So... im the new one here.. i want to make something simple... with leds.... xD that would require lots of skill :> i got leds resistors....soldering kit and othere tools xD any ideas for newbie ? :>

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Hilarious Jokes.... XD

Like many others, I am a person that loves to laugh, so if you got any good jokes or hard riddles, let everyone know.  Here are a few of my favorite jokes- Bungee-Jumping in Mexico Two guys are bungee-jumping one day. The first guy says to the second. "You know, we could make a lot of money running our own bungee-jumping service in Mexico." The second guy thinks this is a great idea, so the two pool their money and buy everything they'll need - a tower, an elastic cord, insurance, etc. They travel to Mexico and begin to set up on the square. As they are constructing the tower, a crowd begins to assemble. Slowly, more and more people gather to watch them at work. The first guy jumps. He bounces at the end of the cord, but when he comes back up, the second guy notices that he has a few cuts and scratches. Unfortunately, the second guy isn't able catch him, he falls again, bounces and comes back up again. This time, he is bruised and bleeding. Again, the second guy misses him. The first guy falls again and bounces back up. This time, he comes back pretty messed up - he's got a couple of broken bones and is almost unconscious. Luckily, the second guy finally catches him this time and says, "What happened? Was the cord too long?" The first guy says, "No, the cord was fine, but what the heck is a 'pinata'?" An American, a German, and a Mexican  There is an American, a German, and a Mexican. They are in all in a boat. The boat is about to sink. Each of them have to throw things out to make the boat lighter. The German throws out 4 cases of beer and says, "We have a lot of bear in Germany so we don't need these!" The Mexican throws out 5 cases of burritos and says, "We have a lot of burritos in Mexico so we don't need these!" The American grabs the Mexican and throws him out. The German asks why he threw the Mexican out. And the American replies, "We have a lot of Mexicans in America so we don't need him!."

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The new theme

I have noticed lately that people are using Muppet avatars... So here is a random question: Is the new theme Muppets or something? (Also, check out my new Swedish chef avatar) Update: Muppet Style is gone D-;

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How can I add controls to my rc car,i want to put on some king of lighs....?

How can I add controls to my rc car,i want to put on some king of i want to add a switch on the controler and when i press it a LED should turn on on the car...please help.....!!!

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Random fun

Hi guys, just talk about anything here. Also post any funny images, vids, songs etc and have fun The Jamalam

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K'nex Roller Coaster Splicers! (homade and yummy XD)

Ok, i was going to make this a ible, but it was'nt that great. so anyways. When i got my first roller coaster pack off of ebay, it didn't have any splicers! =O So i decided to make my's what you need!1 Pack of dum-dums A K'nex roller coaster set that uses tubingthen, eat, eat, EAT!!! teh dum-dums, then get a moist towelette, and rub them until their clean.Then put them inside of the tubing (duh) and then BAM you have new splicers! :D

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Is there a face appliance simillar to liquid latex, but reusable? Answered

Im trying to make a "chin extension" for a costume I have in mind for Halloween, but I dont want to have to form it from liquid latex every time I put it on. Is there a way to make such an appliance that can be reused?Thanks, -xD

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Repurposing about 35 coozies?

Ive come across a pleroith of foam coozies that my family plans to throw away. Any idea's on how I can change their fate of an eternity in the dump to a new life of something artsy and innovative? Any ideas appriciated! -xD

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How does thermoplastic work with curved surfaces? Answered

I was thinking about getting some thermo plastic. However, I wasnt sure if it would get creases in it if used over a spherical surface. If theoritically I put some thermoplastic over a bowling ball, would it match the curve of it? Thanks! -xD

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Can you sew into Zentai suits? Answered

I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing, but Zentai suits (Elastic full body suits) seem to have potential to me to make some pretty sweet-sick costumes. Can you sew into Zentai suits? If not, how can you attach things to them as far as costume making goes? Thanks! -xD

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Should minecraft be a Topic under the menu play

Post to see if there should be a place for minecraft on instructables XD

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What is a good way to effectively make witty posters for a high school campaign?

I'm campaign managing for a friend of mine whose running for president. We've got a slew of ideas, but does any one know of an instructable on making lots of effective posters and/or does anyone have any good ideas? Its an all guys school, so the posters can be as stupid as possible. Thanks! --xD

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Anyone know of a resistor that is sensitve to sound vibrations?

Does anybody know of something like a photo cell, except instead of the light being the variable to determine the resistance of a circut, it would be sound and vibrations? If ya do, could ya give me a comment on what it would be called, what they're used in, and where ya could maybe buy one? Thanks! -xD

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Post a Sound on how you pronounce arduino!

Post a .wav or .mp3 on how you pronounce the name arduino! If you people want , I will post me saying it too(in a sound file). I pronounce it like Ar-Dwinn-Oh, I Uploaded an .wav Look below IF you post be sure to include a sound of you saying it ;)

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U can talk underwater!

You heard it right,bro.Here is how I did it in ascii art: | Pool SurfaceV~ o Me --> XD

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what does that have to do with the price of tea in china? Answered

I've been wondering this for a long time! XD

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What program is used in the popular Youtube video "Screaming Eggs"? Answered

Does anyone know what program is used to cut out and place the eyes and mouth on the eggs in the Youtube video "Screaming Eggs"? ( ) Its also used in the Star Wars parody, Thumb Wars. If anyone knows what program that is, and if its freeware or not, It would be super duper appriciated if you could tell meh. Thanks, -xD

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Awesome new contest!!!

This contest looks great. May the best man/woman win...GO!!! Go ahead and post you 'ibles. (I might join in XD)

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Adruino Audio Player?

Is it possible to make a Adruino Audio Player?  I think its possible processing-wise, but how would I add extra memory (microSD)?

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Punctuation Addictions

This seems odd -- but is anyone "addicted" to a punctuation mark? As in, you use it way more than you should, and incorrectly.As you can see, I'm addicted to the em dash (slightly longer form of "-", then en dash, I type it as "--"). I even use it when I'm writing :PI use them in places of commans -- but I'm not sure how my head works to decide which one to use.On IMs, I use "XD" way to much, simply because at first I had lol, then :P (which I've always loved), and XD is just the next thing. However, after setting up my client to change XD into "lmao" -- it broke my habit, probably because lmao seems "too much" for how funny it is, so I'd subconciously use :P next time. People who don't know me think I'm going into fits of laughter when I say "XD" -- even though it just means "I aknowledge that you said something that is mildly funny, but probably didn't laugh"(Whoahh... rambling alert!)Anyway, do you have an addiction? (Just a note: I didn't go back and add --'s for effect, so this goes to show how much I use them :P)

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home made air soft sniper rifle

Im workin on a home made airsoft sniper rifle any help or tips :P :D:O :) :( XD

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Good Repurosing for an Old Office Swivel Chair?

I bought an old office chair at a garage sale today for a buck. Now, after rolling around the neighborhood in it like a maniac, its time to figure out a way to repurpose it. Any ideas? I was thinking ethier using the base to make the Car Seat Office Chair ( ), or combine it with a bike, still with the office chair wheels on it, for a unquie ride. Any idea how to do the second one, or any other thoughts on how to repurpose it? Thanks!-xD

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The madness!

I just realized all the topics i just CreatedXD1 Why Do People have(had) Birds in there avatar?2 Why does Kiteman Have an ocean in his avatar?3 Why does Kiteman Have a Leaf in his avatar?4 Why does Everyone have the same thing in their avatar?5 Why does kiteman Have old Pictures in his Avatar?6 Why does kiteman Have his old avatar back?Too bad it ended, I could have broke a world record on posting so many related topics in the same week XD =P

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Is using the "Get Album Artwork" Option on Itunes "safe"? Answered

In Itunes, you have the option to auto find album artwork for songs that are missing it. However, it comes up with a notification saying all information about this song will be sent to Apple. I used fetch-mp3 to get some of them, and then sound recorder, which is built in to every windows computer, to get some. So, I dont think ethier of those is illegal. (I dont do this for all my music, by the way, so Im not a complete freeloader.) Could Apple get all like, angry at me for this? -xD

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Have u ever tried this? *possible repost alert*

Notice when u search for keyword "love" the title says: "How to Make love" lol.. just kidding around xD PS: rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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do someone know how to listen to the music in the classroom without being seen/heard by the teacher?

I need to listen to the music during the lessons, but i really don't know how.. suggestions accepted XD thx in advice

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Random Knex Contest #1 -CLOSED-


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no nose photoshop halloween tut

Hi i recently made this instructable Halloween for this contest , but its stuck in filters XD and isnt getting any looks or critiques. So, if you like the photo i attached go check out my link and instructable.  

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Pandemonium 2011

Hello ibbelz, would anybody like to stop by Pandemonium 2011 this year? Provided you can make it, it'd be fun to have some people other than the regulars stop by for once. Here's a video of last year's war if you are wondering what's going on:

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What keeps diy water torches from "back firing" ? Answered

I wish to make one using electrolysis. Electricity breaks the water into hydrogen and oxygen, then the gas then goes through a bubbler and then to the torch. Can water torches backfire because of the oxygen in the HHO gas?

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Deadline Question from a Person Who Never Pays Attention To Deadlines

Hey instructables community, I just had a question that Im pretty sure I know the answer too, but since I thought of my contest idea 4 1\2 days in advance (of course), Every day of building and counts. Anyway, enough babbling, on to my very simple question - With the Gorilla Glue Contest, the deadline in August 30th. This does mean you can still enter on August 30th, correct? I was pretty sure of this, but since Im investing all my spare time for the next 2 days into it, I didnt wanna rush through and then be like "Awww..." . So anywho, if somebody could clear that up for me, it'd be appriciated. Thanks! -xD

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We need more entries for the robot contest so if you have an idea don't be held back. If you are young (still in school) and have an idea but no money ask your parents the'll usually be happy to help with funds and contruction. So... GET CRACKING! XD

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Metal Gear Solid: Big Boss Costume

Hey all i was wondering if anyone can help me in constructing the Big Boss costume im planning to take it to a convention :P also what type of hairstyle does he have? i cant tell xD ty all who help

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Awesome Youtube channel

Hey guys do you like awesome arduino projects? coding tutorials etc? well come check out my channel! whatch some videos leave alike or two and mabye even subscribe! (sorry for the annyoying channel advertisment XD)

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Regular Knex Bow

Soon the instructable will be availlable via the search function, but it is not finished because that camera i used sucks. I will finish it as soon as i get my different camera, and from what i can tell now, its gonna be nearly indestructable XD. EDIT: Its is completely finished and posted, it will appear soon :D

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Message to the K'nexers

A Poem I write to you of my observations About certain peoples' latest creations Yes this has been said before About this endless comment war The Jamalam and of course I.A.C Have seen the same things as me But they both wrote in regular style Which never stuck: not versatile So I write to you in poetry But the views are same, we all agree But my rhymes will stick into your brain The frontier in this web campaign See I notice that our knex community Lacks complete and utter immunity To spite, hate and lack of respect To many peoples' knex project It's mainly guns, but there are others too That are attacked in a ridiculous taboo That's taboo as in prejudice, you see It's gone beyond reasonable degree K’nex is a toy, don’t forget That fun really is the main object So why all the hate so suddenly It puts ya down, can’t you see? People like me, and naming others too Get ratings based not on what but who Why rate so low based on the person The situation is starting to worsen Insane Creator is one of those Who gets nought with a five in endless blows Upon his models: they ain't that bad It's who he is, it's really quite sad See why would you rate if you had no idea Of the thing you are rating: It's still unclear What would posess you to continue this theme In lowering someone's self esteem It's not just ratings, to me they ain't worth it It's the comments people think, write and submit "What the heck? This is so bad" to name an example But it's one of hundreds: a mere sample Regulars are praised, no matter what they do IAC; Killer~safe cracker to name a few True, they are good, I won't put them down But what about the other side of this web town? If I should have posted Mr. Doomsday Or put that cablecar on display They would never have got to where they are now Because I ain't as regarded, why should we allow? Allow for this rudeness and all this spite To continue all day and all through night We were never like this, can you remember? Time for a little bit of nostalgia? Once upon a time, the community was  Supportive and friendly simply because We wanted friendships and much better outcome And to spitefulness? we never did succumb! So I say please return to how we were Helping every other entrepreneur Not attacking others like wild bulls: Please, “show a smile instructables!”            -Lowney

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Acer N30 What To Do?

Well, I was rooting around in the attic, and found this old Acer N30 Pocket Pc, and well...It's pretty outdated. I can't thinkof much to do with it, but would anybody have any ideas? Floors open :) xD Has a Samsung S3C2410 CPU with 55Mib Ram.

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Is there a way i can have a text dodcument automatically open when i insert my flash drive in the computer.

I jsut need it to remind me to remove my flash drive XD i forget alot

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water car

Ok i have an idea im only 13... not shure if its been thought of before but everyone knows about the car that runs on water but what about a car that ran on dirty water or inpure water and then could change that to pure water while your driving :D if this was thought of before anyone else its my idea xD

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A Good Bullpup Mechanism, Anyone? Answered

I am looking for a good Bullpup mech to put into a gun like the one in the pic, or something of that sort. In other words, I am looking for an 'ible that has a great Bullpup mech. Give me the URL of the web page, and you may or may not be awarded best answer...XD

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A Few Random Crossbows

I was bored so I made a few small crossbows, the ones with rails are more like indoor toys...they shoot everything and tend to keep it in one piece (most of the time) xD That little crossbow without rails still packs a punch, so don't try and shoot it at someone o.o' And uh that also counts for the other 'little' crossbow.

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The President Of the United States Is a Ninja

This morning I awoke to find Our president strewn about the news in a rather comical way: He had nearly been assassinated by shoes (joke) and I took some video using the technique from my recent instructable and converted it into a gif if you are going to use this on anything please make sure I'm mentioned, it's just common courtesy XD

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Firewire on Laptop without PCMCIA. Please Help!!?

My laptop has no pcmcia slot.Is there a way to give it firewire support? It does have the following: usb x3 ethernet x1 phone x1 sd/ms/pro/mmc/xd card reader hdmi x1 vga x1 I am trying to hook a SONY DCR-TRV27 camara into Pinical any help with this will be apreciated?

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Featured Instructable Bug

I have a very interesting issue. On my Arwing BIke Instructable it says that it's featured, yet when I search the editor's picks on the front page and other places I can't find it at all! Is this a bug or am I missing something here? Arwing project here: (VOTE for it in the challenge too! XD) -D00M99

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What I'm up to lately...

What I'm up to lately... Firstly, Tomorrow I am going into hospital to have an operation, and will be away for about 5 days, before returning to my house for 3 weeks recovery time off school (yay) :-D Second, Me and Shadowman39 are doing something together (try and guess what we will be doing together XD) And third, I am writing this. Bye :-P

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Can i make a wifi Extender antenna with a pie-tin?

Kind of like the ones in the image, The Wifi Receiver is one of those USB ones, That look like a USB thumb drive, I am used to those PCI card ones XD Would it work? And has anyone done it? Because, I have one lying around...And my wifi signal is by far too weak. Thanks

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Contest suggestion

How about we have a contest to make the worlds most useful thing? The rules could be: 1. Solid shapes only, no hinges or moving part e.g. pen knives can't be submitted. 2. Using only commercialy available materials and tools. Nothing to specialised. 3. As many possible uses should be listed preferably. 4. No existing products can be modified or coped off. Originality please! just a suggestion XD

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DragonflY Assault Crossbow

Pictures have been taken, Instructable will have the Y-shaped bow and a normal shaped one. Stock and scope will be optional. And uh...yes these things actually hurt...I shot a few arrows into my own leg..just so I could feel how much it would hurt xD Instructable will up soon, need to find some time to write it.

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