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Zip Review

Alright, so I just made JonnyBGood's Zip Mk1 today, and decided to do a review on it. I recommend that before you make this gun, please read my review as some of your questions may be answered. So without further adieu, let's start. @Range- Not Bad, but cannot be termed as good. It is VERY inconsistent as well. The range that I got with one rubberband on this gun was  5-20 feet. It is quite good for its size though. 6/10 @Looks- The looks of this gun is awesome. It looks really 'sci-fi'ish. 9/10 @Durability- Really strong and well built, does not break easily. Point to be noted that the handle-stock(ish) connection is flimsy, needs some work, but I can live with it. 9/10 @Pieces- The piece count of this gun is a bit too high for its size. And not to mention the 3 broken rods. 8/10 @Comfort- This gun is very comfortable to hold and will not hurt your hand. 10/10 @Rate of Fire- Well, a 3-4 shot gun can not have a true ROF but if the hopper was extended, it would have a helluva ROF. No marks as stated above. @Functioning- Almost perfect functioning, but I guess the blocking mechanism fails sometimes, but rarely. 9/10 The Verdict- 51/60 (pretty solid) It is a well built gun that could use some polishing but in the end, it could be one of the BEST secondary gun there is or even a nice primary. The gun overall is cool and I would suggest you to build it! Also check out JonnyBGood's page and his other stuff! Note- These are my views of the gun and if you think that I am wrong at some point, comment or PM me! Hope you enjoyed the review!

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I have a problem with ZIP file.How to repair it? Thanks Answered

I compressed my entire computer files or folder in Zip files but unfortunately the Zip file has corrupted or damaged due to virus interruption. 

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any software or tool to unzip the password protected zip file?

Any software or tool to unzip the password protected zip file?

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How to view corrupt zipped files? Answered

The problem is that I need to recover a zipped file from a corrupted hard drive. The hard drive is NOT physically damaged, only inaccessible due to the current state: I accidentally, began ghost imaging and completed about 10% of the initial process before I canceled it. So now the system won't boot. I get a single flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. If I connect the hard drive to a SATA-to-USB adapter and connect it to my Windows XP computer it will show that the 'Mass Storage Device' is found and installed. But I can't see the device in My Computer or Disk Management. What I think needs to be done is have the device (connected via USB) mounted so that I can use a file recovery program to scan the drive for files. Does anyone have any ideas? I know I can complete the reimage and then try to recover the file but its about 2.6 GB in size and I have a feeling that no programs will be able to successfully recover the whole file. I would like to recover the file without reimaging the drive because chances of the files being overwritten are much greater if the image completes.

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Batch file zip

I need a batch file that will zip up text file with a password that resides on a network drive. Can some one help me with this?

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extrenal zip drive

I have an older dell computer, and i would like to know if you can make a zip drive out of one of the hard drives that i have in it.

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File corrupt and therefore cannot be repaired

Hi Guys, Last month, I went to Goa with my friends and we had a lot of enjoyed there and click more pictures each together. I had organized all pictures in Zip archive folder for delivering to my friend. But still, I am trying to extract my image data from Zip file but don’t access and show such error “access to the compressed zipped folder is denied” I don’t able to understand such error message. Already I have asked my friends about this corruption error, but they have not sufficient solution to remove this problem. I am so still confused about it Zip corruption error and always keep in mind such thing how to recover my data from Zip archive folder.

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McDonalds Textures

For a game just the textures for a map.

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Is there any way to add files to a massive number of zip files?

Hello, you may remember me asking how to download over 500 files. Each of those files were zip files and I've forgotten to add a readme and changelog to each of them. Is there any way to add these files to the zip's in bulk? I'm just curious here, I could have this done in half an hour of clicking and dragging.

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Please help with downloading ebooks!

OK, I'm having a hard time downloading an ebook. I click the button and have to click the skinny yellow line under the box with the table of contents. I save it, and the folder is zipped but the sub folders are just confusing. Thanks!

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Zip Line Claw Help

I am attempting to make a claw/clamp like device that could hold an object and then ride along a zip line. I have most of the details figured out but I am stuck on what I could use for the claw. It would have to be able to hold about 10 lbs and then have a pin release. I would prefer off an off the shelf item but could do minor modifications. Any ideas? Thanks

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ZIP files from 123D Catch

I recently upload a 123D Catch project and it is completed, but when I download it and try to un-zip the file every program I use tells me the file is no good. Any suggestions? Thanks, Curt

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How do you install homebrew on a Wii using only a zip drive?

There has to be a way(I know it).

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How do I open Minecraft.jar without any special programs?

I want to open Minecraft.jar so I can get the Texture.png file, but without any special programs. I went into the Properties of Minecraft.jar and changed it to a .zip. I opened it up as a .zip, but the Texture.png wasn't there. How do I get it?

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Why is WinRAR a blank file?

I opened up Application Data on Windows XP,and I saw a file named WinRAR. When I opened the file, it was blank. I thought WinRAR was a program for processing RAR and ZIP files; so why is it just blank?

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could someone make an adaptor for my hot glue gun to melt zipstrips

I want to make an adapter for my hot glue gun to melt zip-ties that way i can turn them into filament for my 3d printer. just saying... If it could melt zip-ties and make filament why not use it to melt pop bottles? I could cut the top and bottom off a pop bottle and slice the sides up in a paper shredder then take the shreds and put them in  a hot glue gun to make the pop bottle into filament for my 3d printer. a little help please ? / what would I need to do to make this? I have the ability to print anything if someone could help design it. I wll share it with EVERYONE !

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Newsletter Patch? Answered

This is the first time ever on instructables that I was featured on the newsletter...! I felt really happy! But I was just wondering when and how I will get my newsletter patch? Any ideas? Thanks! I will add a screen shot of the newsletter with my ible in there! The name is Zip Tie Night Light Sorry if I am being too impatient... :( Its just that its the first time so....Im really excited!

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working lights on zip zap rc?

I have these tiny RC cars called zip zaps, and there customizable, so you can put diferent bodies on them. some of the bodies have lights and wires on the body, and a cord to resumably attach to the chassis. i just cant figure out where to plug it in.

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Zip car card RFID location?

I just got a Zipcar membership and received a card, which I assume has an rfid tag to unlock the doors. Does anyone know where the tag is, so I could punch a hole in it (to attach it to a keychain)? Or how I could find out? Thanks!

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Bits and pieces programs ultimate Zip HELP!!

Ok, the yahoo answers crew decided that I didn't exist, so I came pleading to you, wonderus people of instructables! I have the evaluation version of ultimate zip (it's cheap you know) and when I download programs they always come up broken into pieces. how do I get this to work? Example. when I tried to download cat mario It came up 4-clear.mp3 10/30/2007 allclear.mp3 10/30/2007 brock.png 12/23/2007 brock2.png 12/23/2007 brockbreak.. 10/30/2007 and the list goes on and on and on and on and oooon

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how do i fix a zip on a coat that splits when you try to zip up?

I have a 2-way zip on a coat with two zippers. When I try to zip it up with one zipper and the other is left at the bottom, the zip (teeth) does not stay together and splits inbetween the top and bottom zippers. It is quite a new coat but not as new to return it and I really would like to fix the problem. Im thinking maybe the teeth on the zip are to rough or need oiling? Not sure, would appreciate comments, Thanks.

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small airplane made with zip zap componets?

I would like to see pdf. files on building small planes out of paper and light balsa stringers that use pager motors,batterys and rc receviers from zip zap type cars

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Pimp my Scooter!? Answered

 I have a 900 vlt e-zip electric scooter and I ave been in need of some new pimping. Would you have any ideas of how to pimp it? or what it would cost? the materials used?

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I need to make a batch file to run a designated zip program

I need a batch file to run a zip program, select files, then create a zipped product.

Question by Dauntless  

Is Zipper the right name?

Hi I would like to know how to name the kind of system that closes freezing bag (have a look at the pi). Is zipper the right name? B.

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Can I turn a pull-over into a zip-up sweatshirt? Answered

I've got a really nice pull-over sweatshirt, but I want to turn it into a zip-up with a hood. How would I go about doing that?

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What adhesive to use for gluing zip lock bag material to fabric?

I have a project in mind which I want to line with a food safe material. After some consideration It boiled down to just using pieces cut from a zip lock bag and cotton material. I'm going to hem the 2 materials together but don't want the zip lock material slouching and separating from the cotton material in the middle. If I used a spray adhesive for fabric to adhere the zip lock material flat to the cotton will the adhesive show through the zip lock liner? I want it to look clear so cotton material shows through the plastic like laminated cotton but don't want to use that material. Any ideas or product suggestions? Thanks.

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How do you hang Christmas lights?

How do you hang up your christmas lights? On our fence I used zip ties, but when I went to put lights around some windows, I saw the Window christmas light frame but I didn't have the right lights for it and used Duct Tape. Any ideas?

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I have some questions about "Zip Lock Bags"

I'm very new to zip lock bags and pouches and just found them in my area. I've read that they can be used to package cut vegetables, soup and eatables for long. I want to ask, if I put any kind of food items in them, and do not refrigerate, can the food items stay fresh even for a month? What if I prepare rice and pack it in a zip lock bag? Would it be fresh and eat-able when I open the bag, say after a few weeks? Can these bags also be used to heat food? Don't they catch fire? Just some questions I couldn't get answers for. Thanks to everyone who replies and also to everyone who doesn't :) RS

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is there an easy way to hook up two computer to one monitor?

I have an old computer with a zip drive (approx.15years old at least) that i would like to view my art work that is one various zips and choose different sections on the zips to transfer to a cd on my new computer; however, i only have one monitor. is there an easy way to hook both of my towers up to the one monitor ?

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what can I do with some old iomega zip drives?

I got 3 or 4 of these lying around, gotta be some cool servos or something in them. Might be parallel or scsi connectors on back. Even have a few disks if I needed them, though they've been run thru the magnet so data retention would be doubtable.Would there be functional replacements in them for parts in this project?

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What to do with 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives? Oh yeah, and a zip drive with no disks!

I have 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives. They are kind of old, but should work fine. I noticed the idea of Floppy Disk Racing, and was wondering if any one else had ideas for what to do with them?I also was curious if the diode of the CD player would work as a burning tool, like the on here: Laser Flashlight Hack!!Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Oh yeah, and I have a zip drive with no disks!

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Ramset .22 Caliber ?

I've just walked by Home depot today and I saw these things that looked a lot like ammo, I took a look at it, it said "Ramset .22 Cal, Keep away from childreen, heat ,shock,etc,etc,etc, somthing about powder tools. Apppearantly it was for a nailer. So I just just had a question, how do you use it, and can it be used in firearms (such as a zip gun) that accepts .22 caliber cartriges?

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what wattage of laser necessary to kill mosquitoes (immediately)?

To craft a gadget that shoots mosquitoes with laser, there is the need to know the enemy's vulnerability. The most needed is the mosquito vulnerability to laser shooting. What wattage of laser is sufficient? The configuration I think is, attracting mosquitoes with some infrared light (or, multivibrator), then shooting with laser. I might shoot with a continuous laser (after infrared path is broken, surely), but zip-zip-zip sort of (threshold activated shooting) is sensible, too.I stated this previously @ yahoo answers, but no (serious) answer wa there.See the question there, a full, energy-harvesting mosquito-shooting gadget, a previous question might be related, too. That next question is about the malaria map (for energy harvesting, where necessary).

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Competitor's lost touch?

So I've known this for awhile and to be honest it doesn't bother me to badly but my Zip series is much more popular than my Competitor series. The first Zip has more views than my first Competitor which has been out for months, but I do realize the philosophy out with the old, in with the new so I could see the original Competitor collecting dust, after all, it doesn't even have a mag lock! Anyway the main reason I'm starting this forum topic is to find out what you like about the Zip series. Has it been the concepts I have been applying in each pump action model? Was it the styling, which was more spontaneous and sci-fi? Maybe it was a hidden preference for the ergonomics of pump action. The truth is, I don't know and I want you knexer's to tell me what you like or dislike about my Zips and Competitors. Using this information I will be able to build a better Competitor or maybe just refocus on building Zip4.

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Locations Prize

Hey If I win a prize how are instructables supposed to know where I live? Because I live in hong kong and for my setting on zip code i put 0000 0000 0000

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Unable to open Winzip file? Answered

Hello Experts, I am running Windows 7 and i have version 9.0 I have been given some movies in a Zip file however when i double click to open the Zip file i get this error, Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive If you are downloading this file try downloading it again - So he transfered it to me via Pidgin Messaging tool its on my pc and i can see the file size 2gb Can you please advise on what the workaround is to be able to open this Many thanks

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Where can I find a printable version of the Deathnote Tarot cards?

I would settle for a zip drive with all the images even, just want someway to be able to print them out.

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Download attached files and PDF at the same time

I have been wondering for some time, is there a way to download the PDF of the instructables together with the attached files in one go, like getting it in a *.zip or *.rar file?

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HEX code?

Heres the asm file that i was trying to convert into HEX file but i was getting many errors by this software MPLAB IDE  Heres the asm file  the code is in the zip file

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I cannot upload Office docs (PPT/VSD Power Point/Visio

I cannot upload power point or visio docs.  I can do it if I hide them in a zip file...

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How many do you have?

Ive got a Mini-t, micro-t, xmod, zip zap, spin master havoc heli, and my dad haz a mini-baja and my sister has the lego r/c.

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Help, how to make a small one way air pump? Answered

I want to make a small (about the size of a bottle top) press pump to remove the air from zip-lock bags. i live in Melb, Aust.

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What is wrong in my batch file? Answered

@echo off title Camo echo what is the location of the folder that has the files (e.g C:\x) set /p file=C:\x echo what is the name of the file that you are trying to hide in set /p namefile=picture echo what is the name of the 7z file that you created (including format) set /p zip=File2.7z echo what will be the name of the new picture that will be created containing the files set /p namehider=newpicture echo what is the picture's format? set /p format=PNG cd %file% copy /b %namefile%.%format% + %zip% %namehider%.%format% I am attempting to automate a process that I do manually but can't seem to get the desired result. First i must have 7zip compress a couple files from a specific folder, which, I haven't attempted to write commands for yet (taking suggestions). Next the below is intended to run in CMD using the created zip file and a picture like so cd\ enter cd x enter copy /b Picture.png + x.7z NEWPICTURE.png The product should be deposited back into C:\X

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Issues uploading files

Hello, I am writing an instructable. Trying to upload a file (.ino, but I also tryied .zip) I have an ": internal server error" message. Photos can be uploaded without problems.Is it me doing something wrong (wrong file format?) or an actual server issue?Thanks

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snap board concept

Hello everybody, this is a new idea of mine that I want to share with you. the snap board concept. It is made of zip lock bags, card board, and duck tape. This idea could be used in notebooks or you could just make a wall of this and make all different bags and holders that snap on to the zip lock rail. You can slide the bags from side to side if you want. I might put this in a notebook case so that I can customize it with pencil holders and other organizers. Or I might make it so that I can snap on different covers and stuff like that . Please tell me any other ideas to use this idea and comments. I will post an Instructables when I make a true model and get feedback. Please comment and subscribe

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how or where can i get a winzip for little or NO cost? Answered

Ok i need win zip to run a program on my other pc with has no internet(it will soon) but yeah how or where can i get a winzip for little or NO cost?

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What the difference between SNES roms with different filename spellings? ([!] [h1] [t1])

I've seen these ("codes?)" all over the place, and I have no clue what they mean... Usually a ZIP file will come with 3 roms, each spelled different. Any help would be great... Thanks. -Shadow Ops

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