About Page Updated

The about page has been updated.  Check it out :) https://www.instructables.com/about/

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Questions about the new contest setup.

So I guess someone had a bright idea to change the contest page, and it DOES look a lot better, but where are the contests that are in judging? I liked that with the old one you could go to the bottom of the contest page, and there would be all the ones that are closed, the ones that are being judged, and the contests that have the all the winners. Did this feature get removed on this new contest page?

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Redirect to Submit page

Every time I click on a link in the email newsletter, it first takes me to the correct page, and then automatically redirects to "www.instructables.com/about/submit.jsp". It's really annoying because I have to copy/paste the link for it to work. The redirect also happens sometimes when I click the "Next" button on any instructable.

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How about a random button?

What if the developers were able to incorporate a random button that would send you to any user created page on the site? I feel like it's rather boring to keep looking through pages of these amazing creations and alterations but it seems endless with 6,000+ pages to look through. I feel like this would be a pretty neat idea. What's your feedback on this?

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New contest page!

Hey everyone! we had a release this afternoon to get out our new contest page which will make it much easier for everyone to see entries, enter contests and win cool prizes! we also got rid of recaptcha on the signup page and are using some fancy scripting to block spammers. We also released some top secret stuff, which you will find out about shortly If you have problems, please post in the forums, thanks!

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hiding a bebo page

Ok i have a small problem. My kid wants to do this poetic terrorism thing in our town. Putting up signs warning about low flying angels and such. There is a statue of some great leader of the past and he wants to put a ball and chain on him. This is subversive art and he wants to set up a bebo page or similar to display his poetic subversions but he is afraid that the page would lead authorities back to him. Can he hide?

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About adding Shortcuts

I am new to Instructables. I wanted to add shortcuts and I want to make the Instructables to be displayed in one single page(by selecting the tick mart). I added all the shortcuts and I selected the tick mart and pressed on the save option. But the save option is not working. I tried almost 5 times but of no use. Can anyone Please help me to overcome my problem? Thank You

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Profile Page Updates

Hello Everyone! Many of you have noticed and commented on the site updates that went live on Thursday, October 20, which included substantial design changes to the member profile page. The profile page is near to many of your hearts as the front door to your substantial investments in Instructables, and while some have found these changes disturbing, we believe that they're very much in the community's best interests. I wanted to reach out just to let you know that we have given the new design a great deal of thought and attention, and to share with you some of the reasons behind the changes. First, to clear up some ambiguity about the current state of affairs: The public member profile is stage one of two major changes to the site that will work together. Stage two, which is well underway but not released yet, involves the private profile page (currently the "you" page) and will make access to aspects of your presence on the site much more accessible. Full lists of your own content will soon be available on a full-featured (and much more beautiful) private view of the member page; meanwhile, this content is all available in the "you" section. So the sense that your own content has gone missing is temporary. Second, the High-Level Goals: Clearer, more accessible design. Our old member page, say what you will, had a lot of buttons and options. On the whole, we know that most people don't take the trouble to drill down into the various categories. We want to help you all build large audiences of new appreciators, and while an infinitely detailed catalog of an author's content is appropriate for some, the breadth of activity on Instructables can make it difficult for new users encountering the site for the first time to understand what Instructables is about. Fundamentally this is what the new design is for: to help people understand, at a glance, what a given author is up to on Instructables. Highlighting Engagement vs Cataloguing Activity. Different people interact with Instructables in different ways, but our member page has never reflected this subtlety. It has always presented the most recent Instructables and comments, even for authors who contribute exclusively to the forums, or through favoriting and following other users. We felt that your activity on Instructables should be presented front and center, because it more evenly describes the way in which you participate in the community. Many members participating in this very discussion have benefitted from this choice, even as they challenge it. Forum posts used to live buried under a tab on the left; now, the contribution of a forum topic can appear right at the top if that's how the author participates in the community. We wanted to see how authors engage, and we felt it was ultimately more important than being able to drill through every piece of historical content hierarchically. Audience vs Self. The old profile page served "my view of me" and "my audience's view of me" somewhat evenly. With the changes we've made, and the changes in the pipeline, we're taking a stance. The public page is for my audience, the private page is for me. We're confident the new design better serves authors' audiences, even if it has some weaknesses for the author's own view. The author-centric side is coming, please hang in there! Surfacing Older Content. At HQ, we have frequent discussions about the "evergreen-ness" of the Instructables authors post. A great project from 2009 is still a great project, even though the wider internet has a strong preference for "new" over "good". But it's a struggle for us: we can't put every good project on the homepage forever, or new projects wouldn't have a chance. So we have to strike a balance. The new member page helps in this regard: if your old-but-awesome project still gets some attention and activity, it'll show up in your timeline as people favoriting the old project. So your profile becomes a place of discovery, where I can see "whoa, look at that cool thing that this person made 3 years ago!". Previously, the old project would have been buried under several clicks from the landing page, generating almost zero traffic. Add to that the new ability to select "top projects", and you can see that we're trying to help you keep your best projects in the limelight. See new features below. Third, New Features to Help Authors: Top-Five Projects. DIY Projects are at the core of the Instructables experience, and we listened to authors who make different kinds of things, but want to treat their Instructables Profile like a Portfolio. Randofo is one of the community's best-known and prolific Arduino Gurus, but it's a fact that an Arduino Project of his is a much bigger time investment than some of his smaller food projects. In fact, did you know that he's authored 38 food projects? Now, randofo has the opportunity to present his most-relevant work first, rather than leaving it to his audience to figure out. Right now, he seems to be all about Halloween. Activity Feed. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. We felt that having an activity feed on the member page was the most effective way to answer the most important question for a member page to answer: How does this member participate in the community? While that information was certainly available in the old layout, divining it required an audience member to click through all the tabs, reading every piece of content to completion. There was nothing "glanceable" about the information architecture, except perhaps the achievements (which we've kept). We believe that the activity feed, with the "top Instructables" feature in particular, makes it much easier to determine at a glance how a member participates. Fourth, It's a Living Document: We're watching your comments and feedback closely, and I expect that you'll see some pieces that you're missing return. I can't comment on specifics right now, but I know there are some statistics and counters that may have value. We agree, and we'll respond. But there was a whole lot of "extra" information on the page to begin with, and we wanted to start over as cleanly as possible. UX & Bugs. With a big feature like this, there are bound to be growing pains. Hopefully, you've already seen some improvement with regard to the delay in setting your "top Instructables" and having those reflected on your page. There's still a little blip, but it's down to about 10 seconds now, vs the 20 minutes when we first released it. Sorry about that! We'll also be looking carefully at how the page looks, making sure that we aggregate activity events such that no one event type (ahem, favorites!) takes over, etc. That's all for now. Hope having a little context helps put the changes in context. If it can't bring everyone onto the same page, we at least hope that it'll make them a little less out-of-the-blue. Thank you to you all who have written your comments, and who care so deeply for the community of Instructables!

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The "Truth" about Tesla?

These guys at www.lindsaybks.com/gallery/teslamyth/ttesla1.html say that Tesla didn't invent the Tesla Coil, radio, or AC power. Now, I'll admit that I didn't read all of the arguments completely. I did, however, read the Tesla Coil page in its entirety. One claim is that the Tesla Coil was predated by one Elihu Thomson's patent  "Method of and means for producing electric current" (number 500,630). This patent was filed in 1893 - while Tesla's earliest patent on the Tesla Coil, "System of Electric Lighting" (number 454,622) was filed in 1891. Nice try. They are definitely correct, however, in saying that many parts of Tesla's history has been overly-dramatized. For instance, there is a claim that Tesla's remote controlled boat used a primitive form of voice recognition to take spoken commands from his audience. Obviously, it didn't, and the patents show nothing of the like. Do the other claims on their website have any merit?

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Doctor Who talk page

This is a never ending forum about Doctor Who I will try to answer questions as best as I can and keep this up to date. 

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How about a "What We're Up To" forum/page?

. Y'all have been making a lot of changes lately and not informing the community about what's going on. If you had a forum or page (replies wouldn't really be necessary) that said "Here's what we're working on right now" you could include a note saying "don't worry about it, we're doing some tweaking" or "if you have problems, let us know." This would also help the regulars help the confused so they don't have to bother you.

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You Page times out.

With the new drop-down menu, if I try to go to my You page, there's a pause of about 30-40 seconds, then it goes to the "technical difficulties" message. Hitting "back" works instantly,  and life carries on. Android tablet,  all up to date.

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90 per page "favorites"

(I m not sure if this is the right place to post this, if is not please give me a suggestion). I was just wondering if it would be possible to make the page of the "favorites" so that the people could choose to see 90 favorites instructables per page (like when you look at the "recent" instructables page, for example). I was thinking about this because I have many "favorites" and it really take long time to arrive to my last page (with only 15 instructables displayed per page)....or maybe be able to organize them in diy folders (food, bike, wood...). I don't have really any knowledge in computer so I' m not sure about how much work this will take...

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Firefox won't work with pages on main Instructables page

I have Firefox 3.6 on WinXP. I have Javascript enabled but not Java. On the main Ible page are rows of Ibles. Each row is a category which shows 4 Ibls, followed by some page numbers, and a ">>" button for Next Page. Whenever I clikc a page number, or the >> Next Page button that row disappears. Sometimes the same Ibles appear in that row again even though multiple page number buttons are displayed. This function used to work, but stopped working about 2-4 weeks ago. Any ideas how to fix this? I have no other problems with any other website or forum. I do have Adblock but that only blocks images matching certain servers. I also have Flashblock. Here are my extensions for FF: Last updated: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 17:24:15 GMT User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) *** Extensions (enabled: 10, disabled: 3; total: 13) about:me 0.4.1 [disabled] Adblock Plus 1.2.2 AniWeather 0.8.1 Bing Bar 5.0 [disabled] Flashblock 1.5.13 InfoLister 0.10.3 Java Console 6.0.17 Java Quick Starter 1.0 LeechBlock 0.5 Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 0.0.0 Open Profile Folder 1.3.2 Search Helper Extension 1.0 [disabled] Silvermel and Charamel XT 1.3.3 *** Themes (4) Aeon Clouds Default Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) [selected] Silvermel *** Plugins Adobe Acrobat Bing Bar DivX Player Netscape Plugin DivX® Web Player Google Update Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U17 Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft® DRM Mozilla Default Plug-in QuickTime Plug-in 7.0.4 Shockwave Flash Silverlight Plug-In Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library Windows Presentation Foundation

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most recent should be on the home page

I recently posted an instructable but I don't think anyone saw it. I didn't even see it appear. The problem is that the home page for instructables.com shows Featured and Popular. I thought the most recent used to appear on the home page. Am I wrong about this? To get to the most recent ones, i have to create the following link: https://www.instructables.com/tag/type:id/?sort=RECENTIt seems like new instructables don't get noticed easily. If I am wrong, tell me what I need to do.

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Solar page ad takeover.

The "Solar" projects page is pretty much a Chevy Volt advertisement.  A video about the Volt is set to auto-play for every "page" of instructables... of which there are only 5 shown.  I understand that websites need ad money to survive, but when those ads dominate the page and hinder the user from accessing site content it borders on ridiculous. When I click next page I'm greeted with the same giant, auto-play video ad and only 5 instructables.  I find this irritating. -Tom

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Stats pages still running?

Hey can anyone get the stats page to appear or has it been taken offline again? The only reason I ask is that out of nowhere one of my instructables has been speeding up in pageviews, overtaking one about sex and chasing the jet engine up as well but the referral URLs are all just the usual searches from google etc. Either way, anybody any notions on why people may have a sudden renewed interests in Zippos. 

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New/swapped columns in Instructables -- restored

On Monday 8 Feb 2010, I wrote: I'm not sure that I like the swapped page layout -- with the author info, staff feature options, and so forth on the left side.  Since English is read left-to-right, this means that administrative info is given "top billing", while the actual Instructable content is relegated to second place.  It also means that some of that content is cut off of the viewer's display, depending on how they have chosen to size their browser window.  The fact that I'bles makes assumptions about browser size and shape is, of course, wrong in the first place, but the new layout makes that wrongness even more obvious to the casual user. UPDATE:  Tuesday morning, 9 Feb 2010, the administrative info is back on the right side of the page.

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Question about how-to video

I made a video in the spring, how to ice a cake and posted it on our business FB page. There is a *discreet* website at the end as well as 'find us on Tweeter and FB'. I'm wondering if I could/should upload this same video for a cake decorating Instructable, or will people consider it  spammy?  I can go in and edit it out, but that would take 10 minutes away from my next potential Instructable, lol! Would love some opinions... :) Thanks!

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New Home Page Mockup!

Everyone is complaining about how inconvenient the latest home page is, and I agree. See here. So I put together a quick mockup of a home page concept. Please take a look and tell me what you think. What parts do you like, and which parts need work? Feedback is greatly appreciated, especially from the admins. However, "This sucks because I don't like it" is not an acceptable comment. I prefer "This part sucks, do this to fix it." I've posted my original version and a version with notes. Full Resolution Images Can Be Found Here. (or click the [ i ] box icon at the upper left of each picture.)

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blank view and repeat login

Everytime I log in and than view any item and want to download a PDF I am sent back to the login  I re login and again same procedure over and over.  I paid to become a member and so far I have yet to be able to use the site and am beginning to get upset. Not only does this happen nonstop but when I try to use the search it begins to search and than the screen goes blank with nothing left but my browser header, Why does this happen? I did not have any of these problems until I paid for a membership and now I can no longer use the site. I feel as tho I need to request a refund and forget about the site. Can someone tell me why this happens? I have XP Pro & normally use IE8 but have also downloaded and tried using mozilla and I get the same results constantly being told to login and a blank white page when I try to do a search...UGH Thanks for any help on this matter,, and hope I placed it in the right help section. Terri

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We need a "keep in sight" button

Often an instructable or a comment is enough interesting to deserve our attention during certain time. In this case, a "keep in sight" button could be very useful, to receive an email for any newness with it. Example: recently wilgubeast published an "featured author" about me. I must enter to look it each day to see and answer all new comments. This is not the only case, other topics or discussions have that need for me, too. Spanish original, in the doubt of translation: A menudo, un instructable o un comentario es lo suficientemente interesante como para merecer nuestra atención durante cierto tiempo. En este caso, un botón "mantenerlo en la mira" puede ser muy útil, para recibir un correo electrónico de cualquier novedad con él. Ejemplo: recientemente wilgubeast publicó un "autor destacado" acerca de mí. Yo tengo que entrar a mirarlo cada día para ver y responder a todos los nuevos comentarios. Este no es el único caso, otros temas o discusiones tienen también esa necesidad para mí.

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Request for notepad in profile pages

I come up with ideas all of the time and I, unfortunately, tend to forget what I had come up with.  I am certain that a lot of good ideas are lost this way.  I was mulling this over and I thought "What if instructables had a Notepad in the profiles page.  Allow it to be public or private.  This will allow a simple way for members to keep track of their idea backlogs and share them with others.  Just a simple list.  I know that the forums and the profile "About me" can be used this way but neither are optimized for this purpose.  I think this feature would likely get a lot of use.  Just a thought.  PS:  Thanks for the great site.  I get a lot of inspiration and motivation here.  I hit it all the time with StumbleUpon but I never payed attention to the site when I would hit a random project.

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New Bug

Hello, fellow instructablers! I have located a bug. When you click on someones location, or on one of their interests, it comes up with the same page that comes up whenever you search for an instructable with a keyword that doesn't exist; the one with the instructables robot saying:No results foundTake this opportunity to submit one!When I have seen instructablers who have the same locations/interests as me.Can anyone fix this?Thanks, The Jamalam

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Layout and page down function

The banner or top frame is enormous.  Why?  When I'm reading the instructable I admit I have the zoom enlarged.  the problem is the banner enlarges.  Now it occupies about 25-35% of the vertical space.  Why am I seeing this thing when I hit page down?  There's absolutely nothing of value on that banner.  Most of us (unless we have zero short term memory) don't need to see this space wasting thing.  Why not have an "opt out" option for it?  Give your readers a choice.  Readers like choices.  When I use Page Down using Firefox on Win7 it doesn't work accurately.  It goes too far so I'm missing a line or 2.  This has been like this for years.  Its because of that banner.  This happens often on many websites.  ----------------------- PDF downloads are nice but an HTML download would be far more useful as then the line could have an adjustable wrap width.  With the PDF the image size is locked.  This is very restricting and so last century.  Consider an HTML download  (minus that space wasting banner...duh) and that would preserve formatting and allow good user control.  ----------------------- You have one of the most informative and useful websites on the planet.  You should be proud of it.  I hope you are because its well deserved.  So now lets get it functioning more logically!

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Repeat Thread about Repeat Instructables

First point - I am not against different versions of the same item. There are often several equally-good answers to the same question.However...I just looked at the "recent" explore option, and about half the instructables on the first page were repeats of past Instructables. Two almost-adjacent posts were for the same thing.Now, remember, I'm not against different versions of the same thing, but these were very similar to the past versions. Not copied, but re-inventing the wheel, if you will.This has been a bug-bear in the past, with some members getting quite heated about it.I would like, therefore, to propose a set of possible solutions, using the Instructable on writing Instructables:> This could be linked by a permanent, prominent button from everybody's "home" page.> It could be automatically sent to new members as part of the registration process.> It could be highlighted as part of the Contribution process.Alternatively, when one clicks on the "new instructable" link, it could direct the user first to a page with instructions on searching the existing archive for any previous versions of the project before getting as far as writing "step one".I commend the motion to the house.

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Question about viewing Instructables

How can I consistently view full sized pics? The first time I viewed an instructable each step opened up with a fullsized pic. However since I signed up I get no pics or a tiny pic only slightly larger than the heading pics. Sorry but my eyesight isn't the best and I can't figure out half of what is going on in the pics. Mostly I consider them useless. Sort of why bother putting pics up if all I can see is the tiny icon photos. I changed my setting to open all the steps on one page. However, I get either the steps with pics just a tiny bit bigger than the previews or no pics. I know bigger pics are available because I see larger pics in the right hand previews. Thanks

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Overview of License on Publish page

I often get questions about copyright, licensing, patents, and publishing an Instructable.  In an effort to help clarify, we're going to put an overview of the license on the Instructable publish page.  We'll also link to a forum topic where users can ask questions and discuss edge cases.  I'd love your feedback, suggestions, and question on the proposed text that will appear on the publish page where you choose a license: Here's a brief overview of how the license works: By publishing your Instructable, you give Instructables.com permission to republish your Instructable on our website, or on a partner's website or other media.  We always try to get your Instructable seen by as many people as possible, and usually our goal is the same as yours.  For more information, see our Terms of Service. The license you choose below informs third-parties how they must treat your Instructable.  If you choose our default license, Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa), any website may republish your entire Instructable in a non-commercial venue under the same license, provided they attribute it properly -- by citing your name, linking to your website, your userpage on Instructables, or the original Instructable.  If you choose to reserve all rights, no entity other than Instructables.com may republish your exact text or images.  If you choose Public Domain, you are explicitly abandoning all rights. For the purposes of news reporting, pieces of your Instructable may be republished regardless of their copyright under the fair use exemption. More information can be found on the Creative Common website. The ideas or methods described within your Instructables are not protected by copyright.  Copyright only applies to original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form of expression; for the purposes of your Instructable, that includes your text, images, and any files.  If you'd like to protect the idea or method of your Instructable, you'll need a patent.  Patent law is more complicated than we have space for here, but the good news is that in the United States, you have a year from first publication to file a patent application.  So, if you think your idea is patentable, you can publish a form of it as an Instructable, get constructive feedback on the idea, and still be able to apply for a patent.

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What are we allowed to post about?

I am kind of new to this whole instructables web page and i was wondering if i was allowed to post about how to make explosives, fireworks, and things of that nature. Would i be banned from the sight due to the content? what are the resrtictions? I havent seen anything about those kind of topics specifically yet, so im eager to know if its not allowed, or what.

Topic by Mr.L 

What are we allowed to post about?

I am kind of new to this whole instructables web page and i was wondering if i was allowed to post about how to make explosives, fireworks, and things of that nature. Would i be banned from the sight due to the content? what are the resrtictions? I havent seen anything about those kind of topics specifically yet, so im eager to know if its not allowed, or what

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Suggestion - Sticky Bugs to Questions page

There's been a lot of questions concerning bugs about pictures (from mostly new members) recently, and I suggest that we simply sticky a comment or forum topic to the top of the questions page, concerning the current bugs (to prevent these floods of questions). And if not that, maybe a comment after the submit page, something like,"Is this the correct area to post your question/problem? If it involves a bug on the site, refer to the Bug Report section." After all, just a suggestion.

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questions about patents in illinois

I have been working on an invention/idea for the past year now. I can make a prototype if I really wanted to, if i did it would look like crap, and no one would buy it. Plus, I was told you do not need a proto type to sell an idea. It's a simple invention that you can use small plastic parts, and can be used in everyhouse hold. I have went to places like invent help and others, but no real help. They just want a lot of money to market it for you, and help you get a patent. I have no patent because, I have about 6 different models and don't really know which one is best for marketing, selling, things like that. I don't really know anyting about computers and the internet. I paid a lawyer to look up my ideas/inventions and so far there is nothing out there that is close? Looking for help or different ideas to market and patent my ideas?? any info would help, a lot of web pages for help costs thousands of dollars, which I do not have. I am a Plumber by trade from chicago, and I think it should be in every bathroom,I just don't know where to start. I really like to meet someone, who knows about patents, marketing, sales, and an engineer. that can help me make and market and patent my new plumbing ideas. I know they would work. I know they will sell. I am a union plumber of 7 years from chicago. Anyone around Chicago, that wants to meet up somewhere with me to see if they can help would be great. Email daaabears@yahoo.com Thanks nick go bears!!

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Digital Music stand with timed page turning.

I really need to make a digital music stand.  Setting up multiple paper pages on a stand is extremely inconvenient.  It takes longer to set up the music than to play the song!  Plus, even with the arms extended on my music stand, it can only hold 4 pages max.  Some songs can be 10 pages or more. So here's what I'm thinking: A raspberry pi running a program to view .PDFs and a flat screen TV or monitor mounted to a music stand. W. Wayt Gibbs, here --> (http://spectrum.ieee.org/geek-life/hands-on/diy-handsfree-sheet-music) has already built the exact thing that I'm thinking of.  However, I'll be using this for drum music so my feet will be busy enough without having to use a foot pedal to turn the page (Maybe I'm not that coordinated. Definitely won't be chewing gum while playing!) So I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about automatic page turning. My idea would be a .PDF viewer that can display 3 pages (so that the page turning doesn't have to be exact) and can be set to automatically turn the pages at a timed interval after i click start.  The problem with this is that each song will have a different timing.  Does anybody know of a program that can turn pages via a timer AND remember different timings for each file? I suppose I could just write the timing setting on the top of each .pdf and set it to that every time I open a file. Also, I'm not a computer programmer.  I have built a home theater pc which gave me a little knowledge.  But, when it comes to raspberry pi's I've never used one.  Is it powerful enough for what I'm proposing? Is that the route you would take? I'm also not sure what to use as an input device.  Maybe I'll just mount a percussion table to the drum rack somewhere and use a mouse on it. I'm open to any and all suggestions about every aspect of this idea. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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How can I hole punch thin plastic page protectors in bulk? Regular punches don't work...?

Update: I found my answer, see comment below.  In short: I used a Carl Heavy Duty hollow-head Hole Puncher, and it works great! I've been using plastic page protectors (these, specifically) in bulk, say about 1000 a month.  However, I need them to be 8.5 x 8.5 and I also need to punch holes that are slightly off from the factory holes.  I'm basically using these as a cheaper alternative to 8x8 scrapbook page protectors (which are prohibitively expensive - say $1 a sheet or so). I've figured out how to quickly cut the pages (using a rotary cutter), and that works great.  However, I am still struggling to find a way to quickly & cleanly punch holes in these things.  The problem is that the plastic binds, stretches, and does not cut cleanly.  I need a very sharp & precise puncher to do this quickly, and I haven't found one yet. I've tried normal 3-hole punchers.  I can punch them one at a time, if I hit the punch hard, and occasionally it binds & sticks (since the plastic stretches instead of breaking and gets caught in the mechanism).  I've tried hand-held punches as well, same result.  Also, aligning each individual page is time consuming as well. The problem with paper hold punchers is that they're made for paper.  They're inaccurate, not sharp, but strong.  The cheap & heavy duty ones alike only differ in how much paper they can punch, but neither are sharp/accurate enough for thin plastic sheets.  Is there a high-quality razor-sharp & ultra-precise hold puncher out there?  I haven't seen any that look even close. I've tried holding them down & drilling them.  The plastic wraps around the drill bit and they rip to shreds. I also tried a leather punch, but the ones I got were much too dull - they just dented the plastic. The only thing that has had some success is a dremel 115 cutter bit.  That actually cuts into the plastic, and if I go carefully (eating a bit at a time) it'll go through a lot of sheets at once.  However, it's messy, takes a lot of setup, and leaves a very messy hole (all chewed up). Ideally, I'd love to line up 10 sheets or so, have a way to align them (a jig?), and then punch them all at once w/o any binding or sticking. Does anyone have any other ideas?  I've thought of melting a hole, but then the pages would all stick together.  I'm completely boggled - how can I do this?  What tool can I buy for this?  What method haven't I tried? Thanks guys!  Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Open page in new tab, not working

When I am writing or editing an instructables I usually put in some links, when entering the link I get a option to "Open page in new tab", The only issue is that when I enable and save that option the link opens in the same page and then the box is unticked when editing it again. I have included a short video about this Here https://youtu.be/OHCSXtDeIkk SYSTEM: MacBook Air (Mid 2013) MacOS 10.12.3 (Beta 16D17a) 1.3GHz i5 2 cores with hypertreading 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 BROWSER: Safari 10.0.3 (12602.4.3)

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Pro suggestion: Custom homepage

Just a suggestion, it would be cool if pro members had the option to rearrange the front page like you can do with iGoogle. Maybe they don't like the recent instructables at the bottom, and would rather have their comments there. Alot of people dont have macromedia flash player, which is required to view the instructables in the slideshow at the top.. I like the front page just the way it is, but some others might not. Just something to think about for the future.

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Can anyone see what this page says?

Is is just me or does the background color and font colors used here make it difficult to read about this contest? I can't see most of it.

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The New Update

This forum topic is in the bugs section. I don't know... It's just my opinion... I wasn't online yesterday, but today, I came back, and (we) had a wonderful surprise... I like changes. I just like them, when they're the other way around... I've already written my thoughts here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Have-you-seen-the-update-to-your-profile-page/ I'm sure the staff has worked very hard on the new update, but why? What will Instructables earn from the new update? Why is it better than before? Am I confused and this is an April Fool's prank? There are many members that don't know what the forums are, and don't have a way of expressing their feelings about the new bug. It would be great if this was explained in an email. I know that Autodesk acquired Instructables a few years ago. The newsletter has changed and has become a bit more Autodesk-y. Does this has anything to do with that? This update might be better for viewers, I don't know. However, if it isn't comfortable for us, content producers, Instructables will just have to re-use old Instructables, because we will leave... Please take into account what we have written. Thank you. Maybe this is a Part oe for the update. I might be wrong. Thanks in advance for the replies?

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Small improvements to think about

Hi there, Having just published my longest 'ible so far I generated enough thoughts to write some feedback which may or may not be reasonable. Embedding content: I see that .stl files appear nicely with ability to preview and interact with them in 3D, that's great. It's also fully possible to embed Youtube videos and they work just fine. What I'm missing however is ability to embed a circuit from 123D circuits - one of the reasons I used the tool for my last 'ible was because I thought it would sure be possible to embed something made with an Autodesk service. Nope. Adding the iframe makes the view appear while I'm writing the step, yet disappears in preview/publish. Another service I tried to embed was gfycat - they pretty much solve the issue of huge gifs and therefore long load times by some html5 sorcery (I'm not familiar with that). This could save space/traffic of your servers and decrease page load times. It would also be awesome if uploading an .ino, .txt or any other raw text file would automatically generate a scroll box with the code there maybe even already having the formatting and all. Similarly like .stl generates 3D preview. This would save instructables from another possible wall of text, especially on mobile, because now, when I manually add a scroll box with code in it it still appears like regular text on mobile. As an extra - it would make the work of authors easier as well. Instructable layout: First of all - I understand and support the idea of having a standardized format of instructables, if this undermines that - forget and forgive me. What I propose is a way to add pictures mid-step to avoid walls of text, since somehow making a new step doesn't always feel appropriate or maybe it's just a personal issue I need to get over? Just say if it is so. At least having a way to remove the "Step #:" when making a new step allowing to have pictures mid-step would help. Before you mention it - I know that it is possible to add pictures mid-step using html, but that compromises visibility on mobile, so I try to avoid that. Statistics: After hitting over 50k views in just a few days with my bottle upcycling 'ible I wanted to at least try and replicate that with my other ones. However, when I click the statistics button I have these empty lines next to the visitor count, often the lines with the biggest numbers. While I can guess where most of the views came from it's still massive guesswork and I'm probably wrong in the end anyway. i.e. in that particular case I got over 30k views on my imgur album, my blog post got featured under DIY tag in tumblr and then got some upvotes on reddit as well. I know that your SEO is pretty good from the amount of 'ibles I get as first google results, but fixing statistics has a potential to drive even more traffic for you. I probably forgot something else along the way, but that's it for now. I hope someone bothers to read this and says what she or he thinks. Cheers, Raitis Disclaimer: This is meant as feedback and some ideas for improvement as seen from my point of view, not complaints, not even real critique. Read, think and move forward.

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Thoughts on the new update?

There is a new update as all of you will have probably noticed by now. I've got my own views on the update.  [I miss the orange colour...] But, I wanted to now what the large community at Instuctables thinks about the updated home page. So... Please comment about what you think!

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a 567 page document................made in 5 seconds.

Ok, this is a document i made in ms word today. It is 567 pages long, and made in 5 seconds. Yes, 5 seconds, not 5 months, no joke. No copy and paste either, or a download (those take about a minute each for a document 567 pages long)if you want to know how to do it yourself, first of all, dont bother with this unless you have word 2007, as it does not work in past versions of office. However, i have saved this document in compatibility mode, so you can see it has 567 pages yourself.the upload for this document is taking a while............about 2 mins

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Simple site idea.

So I had an interesting site Idea while looking at my own persona (vanity) and though it would be great if we could choose our best instructables to feature on our own persona page. Along with that we could also have a coming soon box sort of thing as an option, that has a thumbnail and a little text so we can leave teasers about our next projects...

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New pages not showing up anywhere.

Hi I'm new, and I've published 4 pages. The first two came right up. Right away I could see the number of views. Right away there were views.  Since yesterday I've posted 2 new ones, same everything (categories etc), and they're not showing up where they should, the views completely blank. In my panels the the views indicator missing (as below).  All are entires in the BBQ contest. After about 24 hours I assume a moderator would have cleared the first one, but I get the feeling they might not be able to see them. As globally I don't see how anyone can.  https://www.instructables.com/id/Jamaican-Jerk-Sauce-Recipe-Designer-Table/ Jamaican Jerk Sauce Recipe Designer Table(edit) I originally designed this for my own use a few years ago. I was after having a fi… posted on Jul 13, 2013 https://www.instructables.com/id/No-Dough-Easy-BBQ-PIZZA-Jamaicajun-Style/ Herein lies some all-out examples of my no-dough easy make pizza I've been making … posted on Jul 12, 2013 Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, it just seems like before the main site could see them even though there's a delay to getting entered into the contests.

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What about a Mobile version of Instructables?

Hey guys, What do you think of a Mobile Version of Instructables for your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or what ever else !  Lots of popular websites have started do make the mobile version of their website so that almost all of the website features would be available for mobile users. Like Youtube, Facebook or eBay. It would be great because important features cannot be used on the iPod; - We can't comment on 'ibles or post questions and write on forums - We can't see the annotations in the pictures - We can only see 2nd or 3rd pictures in an 'ible by loading all the page again and get down to the correct step - A mobile version would be lighter and faster to load on mobile devices - We can't see slideshows - We can't use full size pictures - Some others.. So that is why I think there should be a mobile version of Instructables ! Tell me what you think of this idea !

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A few thoughts about copyright and Instructables

I have had some excellent exposure from some of my projects on this site. My Nintendo card reader was published in Popular Photography magazine. My geek wallet went pretty viral. Even my shopping cart bike was picked up on Wired and may be published in an Italian magazine. These have been great because they have had my permission to publish my work. But there have been some negatives.Many splogs (spam blogs that just scrape content from valid blogs) have essentially stolen my photography. Thanks to a tip from someone near Boulder i was able to pick up a copy of a newspaper that had published one of my photos "courtesy Instructables." I'm happy to have other people take my ideas and tweak them. That's why i post my projects here. That's why the license i have chosen for all of my projects is Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike. This specifically states "This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms."So when a newspaper publishes my photo without my authorization and credits Instructables that gets me a little hot. When someone takes one of my projects and then makes a video of it and submits it to the MetaCafe rewards program that seems like a violation of my license. And when dozens of splogs pick up a popular project and i have to go around trying to get photographer credit it makes me really reconsider if sharing projects on here is actually beneficial to me at all. I'm sure others have had their great projects ripped off (if they want to retain any rights) in the effort to contribute to the community too. Admittedly, i do have a Leatherman and a few t-shirts and magazine subscriptions to show for my efforts. I do want this site to work - i truly believe in it. I guess i'd like to see image protection for projects that have specified that they need to be attributed. I'd like the license more visible on the project pages. Perhaps a "if you write about this project provide a link to Instructables.com as well as the author's website at xyz.com" type footer to projects. I suppose i can watermark all of my photos and put copyright notices all over my pages and it would be moot.

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Audio playing on page load due to ads????

So I just opened a few instructables from the latest email newsletter, which is always fun.  I have about 8 tabs open.  And then... some random audio ad starts playing at full volume. Something about oxygen network.  Of course I have no idea which instructable page is playing the ad, so I can 1) wait it out while the audio ad plays, or 2) close tabs one by one to see which is the offending page. Why in the world would instructables.com allow audio ads on their website?  I understand if they require user interaction (explicitly clicking to start audio).  But instant audio as soon as the page loads is an awful web faux pas.  If this were more common place, I'd either block all instructable ads (which would be detrimental to the site, I'm guessing), or just stop visiting (which would be detrimental to me :(  ) I really hope this is just a mistake and gets fixed.

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Featured instructable never made the main page?

Do all featured instructables go on the main page? usually, when I get a feature, It is featured right away, and for the next day or so, I see it on the main page. I posted a cutting board a couple days ago that got featured about 24 hours later. The problem is that when it was featured it was too late to go on the main page... Is this common? I get a lot of views while on the main page...

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Q: Others having difficulties about reading private messages in istructables profile page?

HiI just wonder, is it just me.. Or is there some known, wider issues on istructables page, that prevents reading private messages?I have tried couple days to read my messages, but when i click "Inbox", i end to the front page of the instructables, instead to my mail. :( ThanksTuomas

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What do you think about Online Idea? Answered

I think some text under a users Picture(s) on their page telling if they are online or not would come in handy if you wanted to mail them, etc. What do you think?

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We must keep the Allsteps preference!

The title says it all, Allsteps should be a benefit when we register, Now we are going being treated like dirt by the system! We are being removed of all the basic features! What do you think about this happening? Do you think it is fair? do you think it Should be done? And do you think madness will occur when it takes effect?

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