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Accepted But Not Showing

Hi, I have recently posted an instructable in the category of Arduino. It has been accepted however it is not showing up in any of the electronics category.

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Not accepting entries????!!!!!!!

I just tried to unpublish an instructable I just recently put up and republish it so I could enter it in the April Fool's Day contest. When I tried, it said (and I quote) "Instructable not entered in the April Fools contest because contest is not accepting entries. Can someone help???!!!

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Accepted in a contest

I've published my instructable 3 days ago and it is still not accepted in the contest Am I doing something wrong? This is my instructable

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Accepting Defeat

Hey hey, I lost, so I thought it would be hilarious to create an instructable on how to accept defeat.Here it is: Steps:1) Go home 2) Shower 3) Shave 4) brush 5) groom 6) dress up 7) caffeinate 8) call a friend 9) accomplish something 10) Draw till you fall asleep (image).11) Write a song! Lyrics:so today i lost to GRLbut that's okayin my mind we were tiedi was one and they were at least fiveso i lost a laser cutter but that's all rightthere's tomorrow and then tomorrows nightthe day after that and the night that followsi mean a whole series of tomorrowsfilled with unanswerable questions of prize winners and contestantsconstantly concerned with the colossal quest for knowledgei plan to leave this town, graduated from collegemaybe someday i'll have a job that pays and i'll be debt freeAnyhoo, I hope this makes some one other than me laugh.Now that I've accepted defeat I'm thinking that my choices are one of three:1) Quit while I'm ahead.2) Join GRL3) Contact a few of the people that voted for me and see if they'd like to take me as a no pay intern over the summer.In this world, we must all realize that it's almost never a zero sum game, we all can have our little victories.-BilalIf the GRL comes by, I wanna let 'em know that I have only respect for them and the things they do. They do it best.This post is intended for humorous purposes only. If you've suffered a defeat in your life please do not take the steps above as a form therapy. Side effects of over indulgence could include razor burn, wet computing syndrome, and peer misunderstanding.

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Its been more then one day

I entered my rice paper lamp instruct-able two days ago and it was received but not accepted yet. I'm sure it meets the requirements. Can anyone help?

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I got into school!

So, I got my letter today. I got into the Mechanical Engineering program here at UNCC. Woo! Just wanted to share.

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Paracord contest entry not accepted yet? Answered

 Hi I entered my instructable in the paracord contest and never got a reply back. It meets all the requirements, but has still not been accepted yet. I have waited the 2 days (48 hours) but still nothing? is it  possible the people took easter off? any suggestions? 

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I have spent many hours making these instructables for the contest and they haven't been accepted for days. Help? Answered

I recently entered the Back to School Contest. My first instructable was accepted within a day, after that, even though they obviously fit the requirements for the contest and it said that you could submit more than one, the next instructables were "pending approval" and have been doing so for the past few days. Today I checked on it to see if they had been accepted to find that someone else that entered their instructable today got it accepted on the same day. I am getting very annoyed because I have spent many hours making these instructables for the contest. Please Help anyone?

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OH MY MUFFINS!I'M IN!!!!!!!When I first found out, I was flipping out inside! I told my parents and they went nuts.... I can't believe that I got it. This is literally a dream come true!I've dreamed about going to MIT for oh... *counts* six years now, and my dream has finally (almost!) come true! Holy cow..... Is this real life?Just to make sure:Could this be the truth?Did MIT accept me?Hooray! It is true!

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are international entries acceptable?

Are international entries accepatable in summer yarn contest?

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Being accepted into contest?

Its been four days since i submitted my instructable into the jury rig and epilog contests and was just wondering if you get a notification when its been accepted or do you get on if you aren't accepted. Thanks!

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Are international entries accepted?

Well? I assume this is only for USA because instructables team are only giving away Sears gift cards. And Sears are only found in USA...?

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Why wasn't my Homemade Mallet accepted to the "Hand-Tools Contest"?

Why was my Homemade Mallet Instructable rejected from the Hand-Tools Contest? I used "Hand-Tools" to make a "Hand-Tool"... Why could fit the contest better than that? I uploaded and clicked on the enter 3 hours before the contest ended, Didn't get accepted, And now the contest has already closed... I've attached a screenshot below Now that I think of it, I guess that it's because I used a Microwave and a Refrigerator...?

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How to accept members for a group?

Hi, i have a group (Electronics Projects) and i need to accept new members. i click accept, but nothing happens. HELP!!!!!!! THANKS!

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Site not accepting new instructables

It appears the function to create a new instructable is down.  Just get the animated dots running across top of page.

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Contest entry accepted and then rejected

I recently published an instructable and submitted it to three different contests. The ible got featured an acceptted to all three contests almost immediately. Then tonight I uploaded another picture, deleted a sentence and republished it (all through the android app). After that I got again three messages that it was received and later on today came three messages that it was rejected... How can this happen? Different editors, different opinions? Or just a plain mistake? The instructable in question:

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Instructable Contest Entry Not Accepted Yet? Answered

I have send a entry in the citizen science contest and it hasent been accepted yet the entry was sent on 19 - 1-13 but it hasent been accepted wven when the contest has been closed for entries I also got an email saying that the entry was recieved .  Please help on this.

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Area Paypal donation links acceptable?

Is it acceptable to request Paypal donations in the how-to guides we create (via a link)? Similarly, is it acceptable to offer completed versions of the item for sale within the guide?

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Removed from contest after acceptance?

Hello: I've had one of my instructables accepted in the Holiday Gifts and Shopbot Challenges. Today, in my account it only shows it as entered in holiday gifts, and no where to be found in shopbot.  Can you be rejected after acceptance?

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How to create a device to accept wifi?

Hey guys, I wanted to know if it is possible to create a device to work on wifi? If so, may you guide me to the instructions. Thanks a million!

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Autodesk 123D contest acceptance requirements

I have a project I want to post in the autodesk contest, but I'm really scared of posting to much information about it because it's an invention I'm working on for some time and still don't have an invention patent for it. In addition, the hole thing isn't fully printable due to some metal parts. I was wondering if the lack of information presented; and non-fully printable projects are accepted in the contest. by the way, I saw some licensed projects. Is it for all the contesters.

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How to tell if your project is accepted

OK, one of my entries has been approved, I have posted three. The others say they are entered, but I have not received confirmation yet, and their pictures do not show up under "Entries" people are commenting on the items, however I can't see them in entries. ? How will I know when, and if I need to make changes, or resubmit the entry? Will they let me know if it does not meet the requirements? or what changes may need to be made? Thanks for any help. 

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International Contest is on NOW, accepting entries.

OK, folks, sorry for the delays, but the Unofficial International Go-Pro Challenge is NOW ON. Entry is open to everybody, no matter where you live, but please pay attention to the special restrictions in Step Two

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acceptable angle of deflection for temporary support

Hi, I am in no way an engineer.  I'm trying to figure out what is an acceptable angle of deflection for a combination frame and hammock support.  I'm thinking of using the the 80/20 t-slot beams.  I want something that is portable, easily assembled/disassembled for moving, and lightweight.  I'm go to make a box in our garden to protect our plants and when the corn is big enough, move the box around to make a hammock support(chicken wire around the bottom part to keep the critters out).  It's basically a box 6 feet wide, 8 feet long and about 6 1/2 feet high. 4 beams to make a rectangle on the bottom, 4 uprights(1 in each corner), and another 4 beams on the top to make it more rigid.  Chicken wire will keep the pests out but let me in to relax until the corn is too high and I move the frame.  :)  I'll put the hammock diagonally from pole to pole; total weight with me and the hammock is about 250 pounds.  It will be anchored to the 2 uprights with 300lb chain at each end. Using the angle of deflection calculator from, I found some beams that had 5mm deflection with 150lbs of dead weight in the center of the 6 foot span.  I thought that even if I anchored the hammock to the center of the 6 foot span, that would be 300 pounds, more than the 250 max the hammock and I will be.  And anchored in the center of the beam is the worst case scenario since I'll be anchored to the corners. But is that an acceptable amount of give in the beam?  It's not meant to be permanent.  I won't be in it more than 2 or 3 hours tops. Thanks!

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voting not being accepted from instructable

This is a problem i think...i love the link you have put to vote on top where all the contest the instructable is on is shown in the drop down box.... however there is a problem i encountered over it... if you vote in that instructable...under the drop down...again when you come to the same shows as if it's not being voted... for it to be permanantly marked as voted you have to go to the main competition and then vote from there...else it doesn't seem to count. well...i don't think most members know that. so far...those who think it's been voted when they just vote on top ...but unfortunately it's not voted .. am i confusing you?? why don't you try and see go to an instructable and vote from the instructable... later go to the main contest and would show that it's not voted. and say you come back the next day and open the same instructable...if you haven't entered the vote in the main'll show as if it's not voted. therefore...all who have voted on the instructable....will not count....isn't that like really bad??? i'll probably not get any votes! :-( please check it and see what you can do about those who have voted on the instructable I use windows vista and i brows with firefox

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Will not acknowledge or save key words - will, therefore, not let me proceed beyond "ADD KEY WORDS"

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Why Has My Instructable Not Been Accepted?

Hi, maybe I got something wrong so I was hoping someone could guide me a little bit : ) I entered this instructible: the contest on August 1, the email said after 48 hours it wasn't accepted to the contest. Knowing that it said that the only requirement was that it was primarily made of cardboard, which it is, I re-entered it only to find that it was still waiting approval.. What do I have to do to get into the contest? I'd really appreciate anyone's help, thanks!

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The Alliance now accepting members please join!

Please consider joining the Alliance. this month we would like to focus on airsoft, knex, and bic guns, and crossbows, AND blowguns.

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XP won't accept virtualbox internet drivers

Hello, I am trying to get the VHD from xp mode to work on virtualbox with internet. I can boot into the OS fine. I tried 4 connection types at once. The screen shot pretty much explains it. 

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Contest banner missing in some accepted entries

I have two different contest entries that have been accepted and they show up on their respective contest pages, but the voting banner is not displaying inside the instructables. appears to be a sporadic issue since two other contest entries that were submitted around the same time in different contests have the voting banner displaying properly.

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why wont my desktop accept this ram? Answered

i currently have some ram in my desktop that is 256mb and says ddr, 266MHz, cl2.5, ECC. my motherboard is a gigabyte GA-8VT00 and i would like to upgrade the ram. i have 2 512mb ddr 400MHz ram modules but when i insert them the computer will either not boot properly or will boot and then restart after a couple of minutes. can someone please tell me who i could fix this. thanks

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Why isn't my ATTiny85 accepting this SoftwareSerial???!? Answered

My code is from the IR Cloud light instructable. I am trying to place a smaller, more abbreviated code into an ATTiny85. The tutorial written by MIT says we can put SoftWareSerial on it (reference: But anyway, Code: #include int RECV_PIN = 0; int green = 4; int yellow = 2; int blue = 3; int white = 1; #define powercode 16712445 #define stormcode 16745085                 IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN); decode_results results; void setup() {   pinMode(green, OUTPUT);     pinMode(yellow, OUTPUT);         pinMode(blue, OUTPUT);             pinMode(white, OUTPUT);   irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver } int whitebool = 0; int rainbool = 0; int yellowbool = 0; int bluebool = 0; int greenbool = 0; unsigned long last = millis(); void loop() {   if (irrecv.decode(&results;)) {                      //Sun if (results.value == 16712445) {       if (millis() - last > 250) {         whitebool = !whitebool;         digitalWrite(white, whitebool ? HIGH : LOW);       }       last = millis();     }     //red       if (results.value == 16745085) {       if (millis() - last > 250) {         greenbool = !greenbool;         digitalWrite(green, greenbool ? HIGH : LOW);       }       last = millis();     } //yellow     if (results.value == 16726725) { // Sun up       // If it's been at least 1/4 second since the last       // IR received, toggle the relay       if (millis() - last > 250) {         yellowbool = !yellowbool;         digitalWrite(yellow, yellowbool ? HIGH : LOW);       }       last = millis();     } //blue         if (results.value == 16759365) { // Sun up       // If it's been at least 1/4 second since the last       // IR received, toggle the relay       if (millis() - last > 250) {         bluebool = !bluebool;         digitalWrite(blue, bluebool ? HIGH : LOW);       }       last = millis();     }     irrecv.resume(); // Receive the next value   }     } And error : /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp: In member function 'void IRsend::mark(int)': /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:227: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:227: error: 'COM2B1' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp: In member function 'void IRsend::space(int)': /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:235: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:235: error: 'COM2B1' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp: In member function 'void IRsend::enableIROut(int)': /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:253: error: 'TIMSK2' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:263: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:263: error: 'WGM20' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:263: error: 'TCCR2B' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:263: error: 'WGM22' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:263: error: 'CS20' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:263: error: 'OCR2A' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:263: error: 'OCR2B' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp: In member function 'void IRrecv::enableIRIn()': /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:279: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:279: error: 'WGM21' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:279: error: 'TCCR2B' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:279: error: 'CS21' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:279: error: 'OCR2A' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:279: error: 'TCNT2' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:282: error: 'TIMSK2' was not declared in this scope /Users/pdyates/Documents/Arduino/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.cpp:282: error: 'OCIE2A' was not declared in this scope What's the big idea??? If this is way too deep, I'll just use an Arduino Uno for this project... I just really want this to be tiny. :(

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Is is acceptable to use instructions found on this site to create and sell things on Etsy?

I see lots of great ideas here.  Is it acceptable to use this as a resourse for adding items to my Etsy store? 

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Should I get a confirmation email after accepting a prize?

I recently won a prize in a contest and received a link to accept the prize. I went to the link immediately and filled in my mailing info. I assume all went well, but I thought maybe I would get some kind of confirmation email that I had accepted it and I didn't. So, I went back to the link and it let me accept the prize again. Is that all I have to do or is there another step to accept the prize? Thanks!

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Is it allowed to make changes after being accepted to a contest?

I have been accepted to the Epilog Challenge and want to make some changes to my instructable. Some questions have come up in the comments and I think some clarifications would be needed.

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My Instructable isn't accepted in the 3D printing group?

Https://  I have submitted my instructable but the moderators who run the groups on the site didn't seem to accept it. Would anyone know why?

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Why isn't the Bikes and Wheels contest accepting entries?

It says the contest started yesterday. Why won't it take entries?

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Not accepting 3rd party cookies at preventing commenting

I've turned off acceptance of all 3rd party cookies in my browser. Because of this, I am not able to post a comment to anyone's Instructable. I get how analytics help drive your business, so you need to use a server based solution vs using client-side (using 3rd party click/data capture) to do so [I'm accepting cookies from your domain]. Blocking 3rd party cookies is pretty common.  [Mozzilla was even considering making it the default, before enough lobbyists have complained that Congress sent a letter to Mozzilla asking that they not do that] Accepting the quantserve cookie, as a REQUIREMENT for commenting is just not kewl!

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The low-down on image use. What is acceptable and what is not?

So, can you use an image from the internet if it is not your own if you site the source appropriately? And the source does not give any copyright of the image on the page either?

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Forbes Contest- trouble having my entry accepted.

Hello, I've to entered one of my videos three times in the last month but after sitting in the "pending moderators approval section" it is always returned. It seems to fit all the criteria i.e. length and logo. Is anyone else having problems?

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student arrested for camera tazer... are dangerous instructables acceptable?

Well, a 14 year old boy in Connecticuit was arrest for modifing a disposable camera into a tazer, making it into a weapon. Well you may have noticed that instuctables shows multiply how to's on this very weapon. My question is, should dangerous and illegal instructables be tollerated on this site? I think anything that dangerous, or illegal should be taken off the site even though they are just for "informational purposes". I'm not saying that it is instructables or any authors of those instructions fault, but i think that there have to be more guild lines for what is to article:

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Is there a durable, waterproof UHF HT that will accept AA batteries?

By waterproof, I of course mean "weather-resistant." I'm looking for an UHF HT that will be just fine if it gets dropped into a lake or falls off an ATV. It doesn't need to float; I can attach a floating keychain to it if necessary. It should also have a AA battery tray that is available from the manufacturer, and still be waterproof with the AA tray. Ideally it would have a keypad. Do you have personal experience with a HT that meets these requirements?

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Why will my lap top not accept the Key security code, but my Ipad does?

I have a compaq laptop that I am try to connect to wifi, but it will not reconize the security code I key in.  I also have my Ipad, and it accepts the security code.  What can I do to make my laptop accept the security code?

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do we have a coin slot that can accept many denominations?

We need to have a coin slot that can accept many denominations and what programmable pic is used in vending or mame machines?

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how do i know if i got accepted to the contest?

I dont know if my photos got in the contest?

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