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Hello i have to say that sometimes when i turn on my computer and keep my self logged in to it logs me off. i would like to be logged on unless i log off. help please!

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Account Delete?

Can anyone tell me how to delete ur account?

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Pro accounts?

I am confused about pro accounts! Do i just have to do simple things like post on a forum ect? or do i have to pay?

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Account Problems

I just signed up yet every time I go to view a larger picture I get a sign in / sign up prompt. Then I sign in (again) only to get the same prompt. Is my account even activated? Seems like a log in issue.

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Pro Accounts

What is the pro accounts? How are they different from regular accounts and how do you get them?

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Teacher Account

Hello, I am a teacher at Stuart Hall School. I would like a pro membership so I can utilize all these great projects in classroom. I teach at a private school so my email does not end in edu. Here is the our website: Thank you!

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cancel account

How do i can this account

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new accounts

Instructables should have a thing so if some one is band that they can not have the same name and make a new account.

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delete account???

My friend signed me up and I want to delete the account how do i do it?

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Multiple accounts

What is the deal with somebody having multiple accounts? In itself this is okay, but what about using one of these accounts to ask unintelligible questions, and then using another persona or two to answer the question/start a discussion, and awarding oneself with "best answer" for an equally unintelligible reply? A waste of everyone's time, or just mine? Can anything be done? Should I just ignore him? Does this happen often and I haven't noticed? I've foolishly entered into a "discussion" with this person.

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Account Troubles

Hello, I would appreciate if this account is not banned please in advanced. Now, I went to get into instructables the other day, and it gave me a error 500 or something similar and said my account was locked. Why is this? I didn't do anything wrong and I want to have it unlocked as I have pictures on there I need to retrieve, I'm very angry with whoever locked my account and the pictures better still be there.

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Pro Accounts

Right, Can I just say that why should Eric have to reach into his own pocket if the site is getting too costly to run.You either get a pro account or you don't.What would you rather have, a slightly limited instuctables account or no instructables whatsoever.So please just stop bitching about pro accounts, protesting or whatever. Just try to remember that this all is a trial and it could all not go to plan.I myself will be buying an pro account depending on what it is like and what happens after the three months is up.Rant over, Peace out! P.S. Here's a picture of some cake I made to say sorry if this topic my upset you, ONE SLICE EACH ONLY =D

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pro account ???????

The idea of needing to pay to access some features of the site seems to conflict with the nature of the community on this site. After all we are all DIY'ers trying to make quality things for little money. Separating those who can afford to pay for an account from those who come to this site to learn how to be frugal ( because they don't have money to fritter away on things like pro accounts) will only devalue the community. I know the argument of "everything needs to make money some how" does not really stand here as separating the community will eventually lead to reduced following of the web site, decreasing the money available through advertising. Net effect of this is a poor online community that still is not making any real money. My thoughts are that the moderators etc should scrap this new system and protect the Instructables as we know and love it. anyone agree?

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my account Pro don't work !?

My account pro don't work. gagaoune  

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how do i delete my account

I wish to delete my instructables account

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does anyone have a working minecraft account that they don't want?

I had an account that my cousin uses and it won't work so i need an account for minecraft and it has to work.

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I paid for premium account but instructables does not allow me to enter as such? Answered

On September 14 I bought a subscription to a instructables account that day I used it  and there was no problem now I do not what to do

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Account email not updating....

I've changed my account email address and updates are still being sent to the old address even though it shows that it's been updated in the account info.

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Verify my account? Answered

A little box keeps popping up saying "Hey DCA, you still need to verify your account".  I do as it says and a box pops up with an old but still active email address, I send it but it never shows in my mailbox. Nothing wrong with the address, I still get other mails.  What's up? Also, I don't see anyplace to ask a question of the Instructable staff. Thanks,  Dave

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No working pro account

Hi, I have paid a 3 month pro membership but if i logged in, I am not a pro member. I tried this in two different browsers on my macbook and PC. I have cleared the browser cache - without success. What is going on? Can someone help me? The Instructabes-Team gives no answer on my e-mails. best regards

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Back to "Free" account?

Hello. I get a PRO account membership...for free/gift. I try it the last few days....but I don't need the EXTRA features. How can I turn it back into my normal FREE one ?? Any ideas ???

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my jango account?

My jango account wont play music

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Possible spamming accounts

I found these two accounts very similar: Member1 and Member2. And both are advertising Viagra and selling drugs.

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This is in response to pro accounts...

This suggestion would either eliminate the necessity for pro accounts or reduce the price to pay for one. It wouldnt bother some of us a bit if you put ads on the left hand corner of the page as well as the very bottom of it, below the copyright link. Also, I notice that there are no ads when you make/edit a new instructable or forum topic. You could put some there. If this isnt possible with you guys, or you just dont want to do it, I understand. I am not against pro accounts, But some others are, and I cant really afford one myself (I cant even get a stinkin job due to child labor laws).

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Gifting a Pro account

Hi, I would like to give a 3 month pro members ship to a friend. I am unable to figure out how this is done, can you please help me? Thank you.

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Pro Instructables Accounts

As you know, the recession has has hit many industries hard; it's even changing the way the internet functions. While we hoped to provide an excellent service for free under an ad-supported model, it's becoming obvious we'll have to do something different to help our community survive this economic downturn. So, in the next few weeks, we'll be launching Pro Instructables Accounts.The pro account feature set is still slightly in flux, but it will give you access to some of our existing features and some new ones:Private Instructables - share an Instructable with only a small group of peoplePatches - create and send patches to other usersFewer Advertisements - No contextual (Google) ads, or ads from indirect networksPro Users forumPDF versions of Instructables, including more customizable optionsView all steps on one pageAccess to secondary images sizes on an Instructable's step All images are available for freeNo captcha for Private MessagesPro badge on user iconWe have not finalized the pricing, but it will be reasonable, and you will be able to join for periods of one month, one year, or two years. Initially, we'll only accept payment via PayPal. Every user who has registered prior to the release of pro accounts will receive at least 3 free months of access to the existing features we are turning pro. During this period, we hope to convince you that the features are useful enough to pay for.Why we're doing this:Instructables provides a tremendous amount of value to everyone who uses it. Our authors benefit from having a superior documentation tool and an already established and sizable audience; our members benefit from our active community management; and our audience (those who do not currently have accounts) benefit from inspiring, entertaining, and useful content. In consideration of Instructables' value, you currently look at and occasionally buy products from our advertisers. Supporting content with advertising is a wonderful system, but it isn't covering all of our costs, so we're asking you to subscribe to support us and the DIY community. One of the things I've endeavored to create at Instructables is an egalitarian meritocracy. Anyone can post an Instructable and anyone can comment on an Instructable, not just editors and approved writers; we don't highlight our admin accounts or often use them to moderate comments because it's important that the community as a whole enforces the "be nice" policy. In that spirit, we won't be giving away free pro accounts. I, and everyone else who works here, will buy pro accounts for ourselves. This may seem like just an exercise, but with it I hope to make the important point that we value Instructables and we want to support it. Having been an Instructables member for a long period of time, or having the greatest number of pageviews will not entitle you to a pro account. Just like anyone can post an Instructable, anyone can become a pro member, and the price is the same for everyone. If a pro account isn't for you, we'll always offer a free account. The free account maintains the site's core functionality, and is extremely usable: You can follow an Instructable's directions, post pictures of your results in the comments or another Instructable, and enter all of our contests and challenges. We've tried to carefully balance providing free access to the content -- so we can provide a large audience to our authors -- against making some of the more bandwidth-intensive value-adding features available only to pro members. As an author, you'll always retain full access to your own projects, including PDF versions.I often tell people that Instructables is an online magazine. In reality it's so much more than a magazine, but as an active member of the community you already know that. I hope you'll subscribe.

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How to close instructables account?

How can I close account, as I obviously haven't been using it?

Question by Claudestephane    |  last reply

Account / Contact Information Changes

This sit is a love / hate relationship!!!  I love all the stuff on the site BUT I can't find anywhere to change my Account / Contact Information!!!  ALSO, is it me or does everything load really Slooooooooooow on this site???

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How you you delete this account?

Hello. Sorry, I made (my cousin) made this account. How do I delete it??

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I cant log in on my account?

Hi,Im Johnhall44. Whenever I try to log in on my account it is like the password was changed and the password recovery email isnt helping any. Does anyone have some ideas to help?

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What is wrong with my instructables account

My instructables account won't stop signing out on me! It lasts about 30 seconds then times out Cookies on\ Using I.E. (newest version) I have only had this problem with instructables ARGH!!

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What does closing account mean? Answered

My wife has an instructables account. Somehow She doesn't want people to access her instructables anymore. Does closing account accomplish that? How soon does closing account take effect? What happens to Instructables entered and won past contest? Will they still be available for downloading? What happens to pro membership gifts not redeemed yet? What happens to pro membership gifts redeemed but not used yet?

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How do i cancel my account on this website? Answered

I want to remove all data regarding my account from this site...cant see anywhere which gives me this option. My name SallyFuerteventura and profile pic is still visable even though i have modified all my other personal info.

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How do you delete your account? PLEASE HELP

I want to delete my account, but I can't figure out where to go or what to do. Please help me.

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My pro account will not let me see all instructions on one page?

My pro account will not let me see all instructions on one page?

Question by rhills  

Can't seem to close account...advice from articles didn't help

There appears to be no one to write to (email/messages) to close you account.  There is no link, nothing. Need to know the who/what/where/when/how of closing account.  This doesn't seem quite right that you can't quit!

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How much does a one month premium account really cost?

I know how instructables already has loads of information without being a pro. But we have this lab project that we have that we really need to do in order to pass and we would need to download a pdf file for the codes for the program. Im willing to subscribe for one month since i saw that it would only cost 2.95/month, but then when i look at the check out, it is 35.40 dollars? does that mean ill be charged 35.40 dollars right away when i subscribe? i find instructables really useful and i think i might be able to go back here for our future projects in school but i dont think i could afford to give 35.40 dollars when i think we would only need it for a month,  :( Maybe there could be a one month trial? Any help or information would be really great! Thank you in advance!

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Rename User

Is there a way to change your account username? I don't want to have to remake my one instructable that i made! Thank you, Tyler

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Payment receipt

It would be useful to have a link to a "receipt" of the payment for the pro account. Would it be possible to incorporate that? (or at least generate one for me ;-) ) Thanks! El Gus

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Screen Name

Hi For some reason my "Screen Name", changed to "You"......... In my account my screen name is correct... I want to change it back to the original name... How do I do it ???

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How can I delete an unused collection draft?

I accidentally added a copy of one collection I made on my account, but for some reason I can't figure out how to delete the copy. Is there a way to do this?

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Pro-membership gift

Hi! I received a 1 year gift membership and a 3 month gift membership that I thought would kick in this month, but I noticed on my bank account that you have debited me today for the membership fee.......why? craftydabbler

Topic by craftydabbler    |  last reply

I won a pro membership, but I can't find it?

Hello! My pro membership is about to expire, and I looked at my account because I've earned a couple of free memberships, and I wanted to activate them. I see one I got for having a featured instructable or something (3 mos) but I'm pretty sure I won a free 1 yr membership when I won a contest this summer, but I don't see anything in my account about that. Please help? Thanks!

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have pro acct already,been givin another? Answered

Yes ive been givin a pro account for 3 months,now i been givin another this happened to me months back and you all set them up to run concurrently(together) one after another but i keep forgetting to where i need to go to put the the code in,help?

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How to stop auto payment from Instructables?

I no longer use this service and want ti to stop auto charging me.

Question by Nastassia    |  last reply

Can't find my saved in-progress instructable?

Hi, I spent time writing up a portion of an instructable (a lot of time).  I clicked the save button, and it indicated it was saved.  I've searched around my account page and can't find anywhere to get back to it so I can continue editing it.  Help anyone?  This seems silly, but I can't find a link anywhere.  (I found some threads about finding published instructables, but not about finding those that are saved, but not yet published.)  Thanks in advance!

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