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Typo on real board dimensions

On the page it states:Did you know that 1X10 lumber's actual dimension is 3/4"X 9 3/4"?A 1x10 is actually 3/4" by 9 1/4" not 9 3/4"

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Actual Mods!

These are actual products!

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Is this actual music? Answered

Is this real music or is this NOT the band room?

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How i change my yahoo password only with my actual password? Answered

I want to change my yahoo password but i forgot that stupid answer to the question .I have only my actual password.

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Kiteman is actually Mike Rowe!

Kiteman is actually Mike Rowe! All that talk about him being (censored) and living in (censored) and having (censored) is FALSE, as proved by this ad! It pops up all over the place. I mean, really, look at the pictures. The conclusion is a foregone one. It's inescapable. But they do look scarily alike...

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Who actually likes the Altoids Mints?

Who actually likes the Altoids Mints? I just get them for the tins...

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Looking for a knex grenade that actually explodes?

Please, someone suggest and leave a link of an actually functioning knex grenade? I'd be happy if someone could..

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do hover shoes actually works ? Answered

This video ( teaches you how to make hover shoes. Do these realy work ?

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Bill Gates actually used Firefox!?

On wikipedia, specifically on the firefox article, response from microsoft section, the second sentence says that "Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has used Firefox"this sentence proves that firefox is better than IE7 any daylink

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PSP hack question (two, actually) Answered

First of 2: i have some old PC games (colonists of catan, RISK and others) that are small enough, and i think a PSP could be able to run it. but, of course simple copy-pasting wont do, so ive been wondering (becouse of all those instructables) is it possible when i install a windows version on my PSP? (slim) or with any other methods, dont really care how, just make it able to run those games... second, what is a pandora battery? i just cant figure it out? what is it good for?

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Recycling incense, an actual burning question!

Hello all,  I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on recycling powder from packages of incense.  When I buy incense, I buy it in half kilo or kilo increments.  There's always some powder from shipment and currently I have about 100 grams of it.  I was at my local 99 cent store and I came across these cute little molds for ice cubes.  I was thinking these could be used for what I was thinking to do!  The thing where I'm stuck is what should I use to mix with my powdered incense.

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Instrucables that don't actually give instructions...

So I assumed that the purpose of this site was to provide guides and instructions for people to be able to do/make the things that the Instructables are about.  Am I wrong in this assumption?  If I go to an Instructable for "make your own SLR camera from scraps around your home", I expect to find instructions on how to make what the post is about, not a video of some guy saying "I'm not going to give you any instructions, tips, or hints, but I've posted a video of me making one myself without any explanation, and you can watch that." A video of someone making something with absolutely no explanation, tips, hints, help, or instructions isn't really an Instructable, is it? I'm asking because of this post: The author of the post has posted a few pictures and a few videos that don't show anything besides him talking about why he made the project, and time-lapse videos of him putting it together.  In the videos, it actually shows him using the computer generated, printable files necessary to put the project together, which he didn't bother posting in the Instructable.  The entire post seems more like a brag posting of "Look what I can do" instead of being an actual Instructable, because there were no files provided to make your own, no instructions provided on how to do it yourself, no tips or anything. I'm asking here because, when asked about it, the author of the post said (and I quote):           visualspicer (author) says:           Please forward your complaints to the staff of who personally invited me to post this project here in its current format. So my question is: Is the staff of this website inviting people to come post Instructables without actually giving instructions for how to make the things they're posting about?  If this is the case, is this site going to degrade into just a bunch of bragging photos and video of people saying "look at the cool stuff that I made, but don't bother trying to make it yourself, because I'm not giving you the instructions."?

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What does this chip actually do? Answered

Its labeled MACH210-15JC-18JI I've looked over the data sheet, and it says: 44 Pins 64 Macrocells Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) compliant 32 Outputs 64 Flip-flops; 2 clock choices 4 “PAL22V16” blocks with buried macrocells So, it holds data bits with flip flops? In the specs it says D or T type flip flop. Its programmable, but what does it mean by that, how would you "program it" it has 44 pins, and some I/O. What do you think the applications of it are? I have the pinout, but that doesn't really do any good if I can't figure out how to "program it"... It can run at 133MHz tops, but if this was memory there would need to be a section that says when to read/write on rising or falling edge of said clock. It doesn't say that. EDIT: So.. what does High-Density EE CMOS Programmable Logic mean? Sorry for the questions lately, just trying to figure stuff out

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Time Travel Contest (with actual prizes!)

Fancy winning a few goodies?From the New Scientist magazine:Our theme this year is time travel. When the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was about to go into operation, some physicists speculated that it might attract visitors from the future (New Scientist, 9 February, p 32, and Feedback, 5 April ). For our competition, we ask you to imagine three such visitors arriving, each bringing glad tidings and bearing a gift from the future. What would the gifts be?Ten lucky winners will each receive a copy of Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration of the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation and Time Travel by Michio Kaku. They will also receive a selection of New Scientist goodies - including books from the Last Word series and a pen-drive.You may enter the competition online. You can also enter by email - with "Competition" in the subject field, please - or by fax or post.The competition closes on Monday 1 December {a significant date} and no entries will be accepted after that date. The results will be published in the 20/27 December issue of New Scientist. The editor's decision is final. Happy imaginings!

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What ultrasonic frequency actually hurts dogs? Answered

I AM NOT TRYING TO TORTURE ANIMALS. I'm trying to make a dog repellent device and I need to know how high I can make it before it hurts the dog, because hurting it is not my intention.

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If it is so easy, could a caveman actually do it? Answered

A "caveman" in the sense of Neanderthal.   They show the "modern caveman" doing all the things in society that is normal to us.  I guess my question is this:   Wasn't the brain of Neanderthal not as developed as ours?  If a caveman was just tossed into society, would he break down or only function with a "diminished capacity"?

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How many actually recreate my instructables?

Every author, contributor, maker on Instructables ask's early or later this questions: Who and how many are actually rebuilding my instructables?  How useful and clear was this Ible for the rebuilder? What improvements have been made? After 5 years and 10 instructables further, I don't have an answer. There is hardly any feedback to answer my main question: How useful is my effort to publish my projects in a way that people can rebuild this (instructable)? Who are the rebuilders? I am a teacher who does not know his pupils. Or more clearly, a writer who knows how many books are sold, but who does not know if they are also read. Some people say in the comments they go to make the project and after that you hear nothing more. How is this for other authors on Instructable? It is legal to have thoughts about this side of the authorship. When it is not for my own joy and curiosity that I make and publish my project's for who else do I make this effort? Maybe the team of Instructable's can initiate a contest for the best reproductions of published instructables. Maybe one of mine is chosen ;-)

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could we actually travel through space?

OK, earlier today i was watching sci fi science on-demand and it was the episode where he discussed hitting mars with several astroids and i thought of something: what if instead of using a normal rocket,why not use the only thing that we know of that is more powerful than a nuclear reaction? anti-matter! no, it is not a myth, CERN has been harvesting the stuff for decades, yet all they have is about 10 pounds or so. most likely less. in theory, we could make a two compartment chamber with an air lock between the two chambers, and in each chamber put a few particles of a natural substance and its anti- substance in the separate chambers with a remote module to open the airlock separating the chambers while we are several hundred miles away, with two possible,reasonable theories:1)the chamber skyrockets through the atmosphere and into the great unknown of the skies and stars 2) we create a new grand canyon in the middle of nowhere, harvest the profits of the tourist attraction and try again until we get it right, if we fail 2) then we have several hundred grand canyons!(whew!!!!!!!!!!)

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Is there any actual proof that Jesus was a real human being? Answered

My wife and I were discussing this the other night and we're on opposite ends of the spectrum.  She says that there are artifacts, ancient records and things like that that prove Jesus was an actual person and actually existed. I've never really seen, read or heard of anything that does so like some type of death record, etc.  Is there any type of actual artifact (other than scriptures and the Bible) that can corroborate it? I say no there is not.  What do you think?

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How do i actually make money on ebay? Answered

People are talking about it. I'm getting the idea there is some kind of site you join? (drop-shippers?) How are you doing it?

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how do you actually enter the sketchbook project?

I read every info on how to enter,but i do not know exactly how to send the money to them to buy for a sketchbook to enter.

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how long between hitting "publish" and actual publication?

How long should it take for a submitted instructable to appear in search queries and/or on the "recent" page?

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How can I tell if a pastor is an actual pastor? Answered

I do lots of different volunteer work.  I've come across a cat that I think is running a sideways program.   He runs his church off of a .com instead of a .org ...... and there are other things.  My question is this:  What do I ask about his "padre license"? Didn't this guy go to school? If I could be pointed in the correct direction to ask the correct questions, that would be great.

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Why does it hate me?! (plus an actual question)

I'm trying to make something for an instructable but my sewing machine must be out to get me! The zig-zag stitch will not work and just ends up as a straight line. I was sewing it like that for a while and it worked but then on the bottom the tread from the top kept getting all bunched up. It will also skip stitches and generally is trying to make me mad. I've tried changing the stitch length and width and type and adjusting the tension but it still won't work right! What might be the problem with it?

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UK Makers Faire Newcastle, are you actually going?

So, both me and Hannah are actually going to the Makers Faire in Newcastle, we are staying in Durham, and catching the train into Newcastle for each of the days. The hotel is booked, and we both have the time off work, so were are going to be there for sure. My question is, who else can we expect to see there? Have you planned on going? It would be nice to meet up with anyone who is going, if only for a quick hello. I am hoping to have a version of my avatar on show so you can pick me out from the crowd. I also hope to have some Instructables flyer/hand out cards. Perhaps with my username link, as well as general info on the site itself. Yes I know other topics have been put up about the makers faire, but this is an ultimate final roll call to see exactly who is going.

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What is the "actual" impact velocities of two colliding objects? Answered

Is it relative to the observer, or one of the objects in the collision?  The reason I ask is that  Marilyn Vos Savant answered a question about this in her column and I think she did it an injustice by saying that: an object moving 50 MPH towards another object moving, say 40 MPH (in the exact opposite direction), that the force of the impact will be.....the same as if each had struck a stationary wall at each of those speeds.  I think she is assuming a "perspective" and not taking the relative postion of "observer" or participant into consideration making her answer, inaccurate depending on perspective.  (I've seen figures on the "relative" speed of a baseball leaving a bat) Any enlightenment on this would be appreciated.

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Put the LED in competition - unsure of when it actually ends.

Hi Guys, I'm from Australia and am entering the competition at the last minute :( I noticed in one place it mentions that the deadline for entries is June 15th, 2009 at 11:59 PST while on another page it says Entry Deadline: 14/06/2009 Can anyone clear this up for me? am just trying to work out how long I have to get the instructable ready. My time zone is GST+8 Attached are a few pics from the instructable I hope to enter. Thanks guys :)

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can any planes that are made out of knex actually fly?

Can cay of these planes actually fly, or get airbound?

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How do I turn a imprint of a key into a actual key?

I imprinted my key in some floral foam and it was perfect but now I want to turn it into another key

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Increasing voltage from 4.5 (actual 4.9) to 12 volts;

What resistor should I add on to the current setup? Two sets of white LED (each removed from flashlight) run in parallel to the 3-AA battery source. The neg or current connection is the spring (or resistor) that came with the flashligt. I would like to use a 12 volt rechargable lead acid battery.?

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"Read more" doesn't actually allow me to read more

The "read more" link that's on the right when I'm viewing someone's profile, including my own, doesn't seem to do anything. All the text is already visible, nothing happens when I click the link. I'm assuming that the link would work if there is something that's not being shown, but why have the link at all when there is nothing more to show? Testing now... no, even when there is something more to show, the link doesn't work for me, in SeaMonkey or Firefox (latest versions) on XP. It just doesn't respond when I click it.

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Is there an "Blob" game that someone can actually enjoy playing online?

I recently thought it would be fun to try some of the blob games like Agar.Io or Nebulous. But of course once you got tired to play against stupid CPU opponents it is time to battle some real people. Well at least that was my initial thought. Funny thing is that when the game starts you have people who, within seconds gain at least 5 times your size making it impossible to gain anything. The term unfair comes to mind quite quickly, even more so if you enter games that go on forever - you start as nothing and the entire screen is already covered by blobs thausands of times bigger than you. After two weeks I am now removing these uselss games and at least won't be bothered with useless ads after every game I lost as it gets annoying too. So the big question: Is there actually some online dot game with a chance to play for more than 30 seconds until being eaten?

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I cannot get my desired thumbnail to be the actual thumbnail. Answered

So placed my desired thumbnail as the very first picture in the intro, but for some reason, the 4th image is being used. I have been working on the instructable for a while, and I assume that it is because for the longest while the 4th image was the first image and thus the thumbnail.  But now I have added more pictures before said picture, and it is still the thumbnail. I have removed it from the Instructable, but it is still the lead image. I have removed other images and rearranged them, but to no avail.  Will the thumbnail change when the site does an automatic update? Or should I be doing something else?

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Is it possible to build a glass bottle wall that actually lets the light in?

I would like to incorporate my stash of glass bottles into a greenhouse, but all the articles I've seen so far call for the bottles to be filled with dirt when being used to construct a wall. What about using them upright instead of on their sides?

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Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? differences ?

Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? what are the differences ?

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What is the actual chemical used for plastic to bond when melting it back down? Answered

  I have seen the instructable where cooking oil was used.  I was wondering what the actual chemical is that makes it bond together again.   Thanks

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What actually happens inside a Large Hadron accurate is this?

I was wondering, perhaps KelseyMH could enlighten me further, how accurate the information is from this article.  I realize it is slated for the general public so it may not be as detailed as it should be, but barring that, how good a job does it do?  Large Hadron Collider:  how it works

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how can i make a toy plasma thruster that actually works???

I'd like to know how to make a plasma thruster like the one on that one youtube video. If you know how, or you were the one who put up that video, please put up an instructable on it and send me the link. You can reply to this post on my orangeboard on my profile, thanks...Youtube video: Plasma thruster:

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Theory, execution and actual construction of a 'Bullet-Shot Location' like system Answered

 How could it be done? I have revised a version using only two microphones that once one of the microphones 'hear'  the sound, a timer will start and will stop once the next microphone 'hears' it.  This would essentially enable you to draw a line straight down the middle of the gun. It would also allow for tracking the location in real-time. How could you physically build it for a cheap set-up. I'll upload a couple of diagrams some time.

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Pinged computer names don't match actual computer IP address?

So at this school I go to, we have mac books, and we'd communicate to each other using SSH and VNC during class at times. To get the IP addresses (local) of each other, we'd ping the computer name of the person we wanted, the computer name being clearly visible on each of our mac books. From time to time, IP addresses would change, but that's not really much of a problem. Thing is, for a few people, their actual IP address is different to what we'd get when we ping them, and hence we'd accidentally end up in someone else's mac book instead of the one we intended. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on here? Or a solution? (Other than getting them to go and find their IP addresses with "ifconfig" or through terminal?) We're using OS X 10.6.4, btw  Much appreciated

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How to "chew" a large amount chewing gum without actually chewing it

Hi, I want to chew a lot of chewing gum without actually doing the chewing myself (or inflicting that task on others) for an art project - can someone suggest how I could do this on a large scale? I don't know if I should put it in a blender, soak it or what? Also, I'm going to be making a half moulds which will be used to press the gum into, then I'll press the halves together. Is there a good way to harden the gum in a short amount of time? Would baking it work? Or does it need to be dehydrated? I have a dehydrator... Thanks for the advice.

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How do those Harmony balls, or Baoding balls, actually work? Answered

The most I've gotten is it's a "sphere within a sphere and there's a bell", but I don't want to cut one of mine open. Is it an ancient chinese secret.? I thought it might be like a rain stick with thin metal soldered to the inside surface with a loose ball to strike them.

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Just wondering about what you actually get in a Pro Membership.

I was doing some poking around the site and found this page: it talks about a few things that I haven't heard of or noticed since being pro for a while. These include: WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor? I did not notice the editor change at all when upgrading to a pro membership. Is this talking about being able to access and edit the HTML of an instructable? Author Intro - I am guessing this is different than the author bio, so I am not sure... Private Instructables - I have never seen an option to make an instructable private. --- After typing the above out, I logged out of my account and went to the signup page here: and it seems the author intro and the WYSIWYG rich text editor seems to have disappeared however the private instructables feature is still there. If it has any meaning, I didn't pay for pro, I am using one my free 1 year pro memberships for getting a hompage feature.

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Two "hot topics" from particle physics -- read the actual papers!

I've noticed that two recent particle physics "discoveries" (what I'd call analysis results) are beginning to get some media coverage, at least in the science press. Below, I provide links to the actual papers (the preprints in arXiv), and a bit of my own opinion. I encourage the curious to read, or at least skim, the papers --- there will probably be a lot you don't understand (these are technical research papers, after all!), so don't hesitate to ask questions.Dark matter "observation" by PAMELA satellite -- excess of high energy positrons in cosmic rays PAMELA data are high-statistics, and they've done an excellent job with their systematics anddetector calibration. Their low energy data are entirely consistent with previous results, which makes the excess and plateau seen above 10 GeV rather compelling. I don't think we know enough about conventional astrophysical sources of positrons to have any confidence ascribing this result to "new physics.""Ghost particles" in Fermilab p-antip collisions -- excess of high impact parameters muons particles (like muons) are identified in big detectors such as CDF (and BaBar) by picking up signals from their occasional interactions with low density material, and fitting a trajectory in space to those "hits." You can't put active detector material all the way down to where the beams collide, so an extrapolation from the detector region to the "interaction point" is required. There can be many complicated and non-obvious systematic uncertainties affecting those fits. The fact that only about 1/3 of CDF was willing to sign this paper suggests to me that the systematics in this analysis are not really under control yet, and any interpretation of the result should be taken with a grain of salt.

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How do I actually attach the button band to the sweater. What stitch should I use to sew it on?

I know how to knit the garter stitch button band...but what stitch should i use to actually sew it to the cardigan (stockinette) sweater?

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how do I workout my lower abs and actually get results?

I always do crunches and I see results in the upper section of my abs, yet the lower section seems to stay the same. Does anyone know a good workout that will actually show results?

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