It would help if we had some actual furry instructables to add to the group. If you find one or make one, lemme know, and I'll add it. Generally anything related to the fandom is what I'm looking for.

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Cannot add a instructible

Hello I try several times to add a instructible. When i try to upload images or click the save button, it freeze on updating . I have try it in IE, Mozilla and Chrome, in all the browsers the same problem.

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Instructables Firefox search

Well i know it's not exactly an instructible but i would be REALLLLLLLY awesome to have that search box at the top right hand corner of Firefox to search instructables! i go on instructables a lot and to be able to search something without having to go though the website would be ULTIMATE!

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No provision on my instructable to add a step!

I have posted a new instructable, but when I went into edit mode, to add a new step, there is no provision for doing so: Here's my instructable: I tried using Internet Explorer 8, Opera 12, and Mozilla Firefox 23, but to no avail. This is the first time this has ever happened with one of my instructables. And please, don't hesitate to be verbose with your answer, as others on this forum have posted the same problem, and the posted answers are not helpful at all. For example, others have answered "... click the add step button..." when the post indicated there was no add step button, or "... maybe the instructable was not set up as a step-by-step instructable" and simply left the problem still hanging there.  Hey guys, these are not complete, problem resolving answers. And problem repetition (with lack of suitable answers) does clutter up our help section. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, shastalore

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How do i add my instructable?

How do i add my instructable to this group?

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Can't Fully Add Instructables to Our Group

Hi there instructable wizards! I'm the admin for a somewhat new Instructables group and we're having trouble adding our Instructables to our group. We found two ways to attempt to add an instructable to a group - Go to the group page (in our case The Rabbit Hole) and on the right hand side press the +add your Instructable Or - Go to your Instructable and on the middle right there is a Add Instructable to "Group" button Either way, if someone uses these options, as one of the admins, I get an email saying that a new add request has been submitted, but then when I follow the link to the admin page, there are no pending instructables to approve. I've tried this many times on Windows 7 in FF, IE and Chrome...also tried it on Linux in FF When I visit the URL I see the image included here:   It says 12 items found, displaying all items. 1 But willschm and another member of our group have already submitted new projects that should be in the pending section Also noticed that something considers that I have added an Instructable to the group because I can't attempt to add it again from the group page thanks fro the help!

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embed youtube video into instructable

Hi This may sound odd, as I have already done it before but can't for the life of me recall how I did it... I want to embed a YouTube video into a new instructable I am working on.  I have the link and embed code etc, but don't see an option to add this. It is 112MB file, so not going to upload a file, but link it with the embed code as I have before: I am probably missing something obvious, but any ideas? Regards Stuart

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Add keywords

Ok i need to add a keyword to my instructable however i cannot see the button. Can some one tell me or post a screenshot? Thanks.

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How to add photos to instructable

How to embed photos to instructable?

Question by Karlo JosipK   |  last reply

Can't add project instructions

I am probably doing something wrong, but when I try to add instructions in the edit window all the words go away once I save and get out. Also, when I add instructions, then add a step, the instruction from the first step is in the edit window.  If I change the danything in the edit window it gets changed for all steps. Can you tell me  what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

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how to add youtubes on instructables??

I dont know how to add youtube videos to the instructables i make. i get on and see all these instructables where the video is right on the screen and u just click the -> sign to watch it. when i add videos the same way i add pics you need to go to a whole diff page on a link that doesnt work half the time. can any one help me???

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Add "Favorites" stat for Instructables

Would it be possible to add to our stats, a way to see who, or how many times our instructables have been selected as favorites? Thanks, canucskgirl EDIT: Having a way to see how many times our instructables have been downloaded would be nice also!!! :) Maybe this info could be added to our Instructables on the "Stats" tab just above the "referrers"??? :)

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Adding a recent, published Instructable to a contest

Howdy,I've just released a 'ible and want to add it to one of the contests. For the life of me I can't work out how to do it! If anyone can please let me know that would be great. I did try and to add the comp to the new 'ible when I published it but for some strange reason I couldn't publish it with a comp attached!Thanks all

Question by lonesoulsurfer   |  last reply

Add Request

I do occasionally look at the adds, but I find it really annoying having to remember to hold CMD when I click on them so they open in a new tab. Could the instructables team please re-program the site so that it will open the adds and links in a new tab or window, just like facebook? Thanks, BB

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Having trouble adding a gif to my instructables.

I am using Enternet Exployer. I have  read the instructable on how to use the new program and tried every tip to load a gif animation with no success. I can't use the other browsers at this time. I am trying to load a Picasion creation. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. sunshine

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Can't not make comments.

I tried to add comments to other peoples Instructables and that didn't work. I also tried to reply to a comment on my Instructable. Help!

Topic by cateddy   |  last reply

first instructable...

When I "save and add the first page" of my new instructable nothing happens, the page just refreshes, how do I make it work??

Topic by AustralLord   |  last reply

Adding to a instructable

Im almost finished with the inside of my cabin which is already a  published instructable.  Do i add the pictures and instructions to the existing instructable or do i make another instructable for it ?

Topic by coolbeansbaby68   |  last reply

How to add a video?

I have been making a instructables but when i upload a video it turns into picture what should i do??

Question by MilanA5   |  last reply

Making an instructable

Howdy! I uploaded a topic, but when I went to publish it, I kept getting an error message to add keywords, even though I had added them.  It won't publish.  Any ideas?  I hope it's still in the system someplace....

Topic by Stavros!   |  last reply

How to add step??

I am new here and i am in the middle of trying to create a step by step instructable but i cannot find an add step button!   Where is it???

Topic by SpencerrH   |  last reply

an instructable on how to add pictures to be able to post an instructable

But instructables dosent seem to be allowing me to upload any photos

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Instructable Contest

I just spent around 4 hours making an excel walk through for an Instructables contest, and when I went to add it to the contest, it said, "Sorry, your instructable isn't eligible; it may have been published before the contest entry date." The contest is April 4th to May 1st. What is going on?  

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Instructables Review

I was just wondering if you guys (by you guys I mean whoever feels like it) could review my instructable:  It's already published, But I would like to know if there is anything to add or edit to make it feature-worthy. Also, any advice you can give me to improve my future instructables would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Some pages can not add to my favorites

In some Instructables I can not add to my favorites list or can not give "Follow" when I try to do a window appears telling me to do login, even though I already did. This happens to me with some pages. What could be happening?

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I'd like to add a photo to an instructable...

I'm trying to add an updated photo to an instructable. Can anyone tell me how to do this, please?

Question by SH8RRY   |  last reply

who hates all the adds on instructables? Answered

Please tell me if you hate all of the ads on instructables because i will send a pm to the instructables robot with all of the names

Question by The nerdling   |  last reply

Instruct a wave.

Instructables can be much better. Powered by google wave. after i get my server set up with google wave i will try to help instructables by building extentions to help the whole thing work. Installing instructable found @ first instructables would need to install the wave extention to openfire and send me an email at when thats done for me to start working, making extentions. Installing instructable found @ robots made: Rossy, translater, spelly, spell checker, bloggy, alows waves to be on blog? please can still use wave, robots i will make: Sally, alows people to sell there projects using paypal, not made yet, hard, instructables robot, will be a hidden group that would include the robots above, hardest extentions i will make: JW, uploads video(mp4, flv, avi, ect), music(mp3, avi, wav, ect), images(jpeg, jpg, gif, ect), not yet, easy, swf view, alow swf files to be shown on instructables, not yet, easy Questions... will this disable instructables for a little lime? NO, to annoying. will we need to resumbit our instructables? NO that would take forever, robots job. what would instructables like this for? NO SLOW FLASH, faster to load, interactivity, save space Facts. Addsence will be getting instructables more $$ by more users. members can make group projects. members in an area can organize an event. eg maker-fair (please come to australia) members can add any files into waves. (some files may need a new extention just made for them) I will be updating this alot when I think of more so come back soon. Extentions found: Canvas -- bad when i saw this -- vectoreditor -- this has a little prob with text. like/dislike, html_gadget. Extentions i'm working on: JW player uploads and plays videos. (still needing some more development) Bot_protecter. simple editable div can not be recorded by bots eg. email addresses. (NOSPAM WAHOO) i will add all the xml files to a wave for me to create installers and add them stright into the instructable robot i am also working on. How will the gadgets be called without the xml file to add manualy? ok so if i can i will alow the instructable robot to change [canvas] [video] [like] [html] into the gadgets. the video first ask for a file and then embed that video with the jw player and lisenced if donations go towards that later in this project. and for the bot_protecter it will just pick up email address and add them into the safe gadget i made or get called by [safe]. theese can be shown as plain text by {canvas} that will show as [canvas]. if you want to see what some gadgets are goto just remember that you neeed an account untill they alow guests to look at waves it is a smart way to embed the waves that i will make better when i can and this is not installedd on my server because i need to update the java. cheers and happy waven.

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Add Instructables Search to google toolbar

If you visit Instructables every day and search something often then adding google button might be useful.;=instructables

Topic by ivan.veretelnyk   |  last reply

How to i add photos on instructables?

By the way i use iMovie for editing and a camera to record

Question by Today I Built A   |  last reply

How to add a timestamp in our instructables ?

I'd like to post some kind of timestamp so that people know when I have made an update to my instructable article. Anyone know how ?

Topic by chris.deen   |  last reply

How to add to Favorites?

How do you add an interesting Instructable to my favorites under the YOU tab? Thanks

Topic by oldtug   |  last reply

Option to Add Images to Video Instructables

I would like to see images enabled on video instructables, as well as having the option to place the video anywhere in the text rather than being locked at the top of the page. An image or screenshot from the video can really highlight an article or video description and make it look much nicer. The only option currently to have both video and images in the same article is to make it a step by step Instructable. Doing so is awkward when all the instructions are provided in a video, but then you're required to somehow add multiple steps to the article which is really just a video description. As an example of how an image can really add to the attractiveness of an article based around a video, first look at this instructable: Then at this article built around the same video on a different website that allows both image and video embedding: In the second article I am able to instantly draw interest to the video with a series of some of the better screen grabs. Even more importantly, while a video is able to provide all the necessary instruction for most things, an image is still the best format to provide a good long look at a mechanism or detailed area, rather than having to pause a video. Even if we were only allowed one still image to be embedded in a video instructable that would be good enough for me. It would at least allow a nice high resolution picture of the finished item to be displayed near the video so that as the viewer is watching each step they can glance over and get a crystal clear look of what the process is building up to. When you're five or ten minutes into instructions it's easy to forget exactly what the finished product is supposed to look like.

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Instructables on shopify

Good evening,  I've recently been trying to purchase something on the instructables shopity store. If in understand the way this website works is that each shop adds clients to their customers list so that they can browse your products.  My question is : Is there a link I missed?  What can I do to see products online?   I'm very confused about how this website deals with customers when the point is to sell products to the great audience of the internet.. I would appreciate a simple answer with instructions on how to access the instructables store. Thank you ! 

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Instructables in Mobile?

  I suggest to the developer of instructables to bring the instructables in mobile! I want to make easy to use instructables so it is start to make instructable in  Pocket Size! and i like to monitor my account how many views i have and to  check if i receive a letter or if i have a new inbox! actually to see and updated  to the new projects in instructables so pls. to all developers don't ignore my suggestion add an comment and we talk about it with the professional Developers of Instructables! Now it is the time to bring the Instructable in the future tech,and actually in MOBILE! From: Wareneutron(WN)

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Can I upload a PDF into a comment on someone else's Instructable?

Hi there. I love this Instructable ( and while making it I ended up creating a PDF for the whole thing. I'd like to add this to the Instructable by uploading it into the comments, but I can't see a way to do that. I can upload a JPG but not a PDF... or am I missing something? I've attached the PDF for reference (the help forum let me). Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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The Instructables App

I believe there should be an instructables app for the ipod touch/ iphone. The app would be a simplified version of the website; users could veiw featured ibles, guides, contests, and their "You" page. Iphone users could make and publish and entire ible because of the camera. Users could also use the "search" bar(obviously). If any of you have any ideas or suggestions post them when you comment below. If enough people comment in favor of this idea we may be able to make it happen. To "sign" this "petition" just comment on this forum saying that you agree with this idea. At this time you can also add any ideas to improve this app.

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Instructables on the BBC.

"We are all makers and hackers"So declares the BBC headline published today.Make, sites like and video shows such as Systm strive to break projects down into manageable chunks to show people how easy it can be to create stuff.You can read the full article and see video from the Newcastle Maker Faire at the link below, as well as a PDF file on making your own Multitouch display.There is also the option to add your own comments.Please, sensible stuff only - the comments are moderated, so "W00t Instructables" would waste time, and not actually appear on the website.Link to article:

Topic by Kiteman   |  last reply

Instructables Store

Unfortunately we've closed down the store for a while. You can get t-shirts and other goodies through us by winning contests! ---------------------------------------------------------- We very recently opened up the Instructables Store! Right now it's still very early and only has a few items in it, but we are going to be expanding it a bit more soon. Currently available are T-shirts, packs of Sugru, and a couple of cardboard kits. Next to be added are more cardboard animals for construction. After that we'll be looking to add a variety of very limited edition items. It will be experimental and we hope to learn a lot from it as well as offer up fun and unique items to all of you. Again, that's the new Instructables Store! Thank you.

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DSI add ons

Im wondering if someone could make an instructable on adding slot 2 from my broken ds to my DSI or posibly making it run 3ds games without 3D (on dsi)


Instructables group on Youtube

A couple days ago we made a group on Youtube for the Launch It! entries. You can check that out here: now we decided to go and make another group for ALL of instructables. That one is now here: add a video to either group all you need to do is join the group and then click the "Add to Groups" link under any video you want to add. There are just over 30 videos in the group now, but there are many more videos to be added so add a few if you have the time.

Topic by fungus amungus   |  last reply

Instructables Enhancer

I moved this Enhancer here: Hello, this is a userscript I made that enhances instructables. It features settings and update notification. What is a userscript? A userscript is a little script (javascript) that the browser runs locally on the website How can i get it? It depends on your browser, for firefox there is a add-on called Greasemonkey, for chrome there is Tampermonkey, google can help you for other browsers. How do i install it? Just go here and hit install: Features Settings menu as a new sub-menu on the you-settings page Auto-checking for updates and notification bubble Displaying comments in the old tree from Displaying comments in the old way Display page buttons for orange boards Fix orange board comment indicators Fix line-break bug when editing the about-zone Full screen-width for widescreen monitorts Hide (removed by author or community request) Make the font size smaller again Make the background orange Fix the commend deleting Added a 'cancle reply' button when replying I would appreciate it if you'd give me some feedback. Also, if you find any bugs, please report them! (no known bugs to date)

Topic by Sorunome   |  last reply

please add keywords problem

OS: OSX Browser: Firefox 30.0 URL: Can't publish instructable - get "Please add keywords" even when keywords are present. Example keywords: "onstar hack privacy camaro gm". I have tried others, nothing seems to work.

Topic by uhclem   |  last reply

Unable to Edit Collection

I have a Windows Vista Computer, and am using the Firefox browser. For some reason I'm not able to edit the Survival themed collection I have published. When I click on the edit button on its page, I get the error screen. I also can't add instructables to it directly from the page of the instructable I want to add. It keeps giving me errors, and I've tried several different instructables with the same results. The funny thing is, All my other published collections are still working fine. Can you please help me with this?

Topic by Diamond Dragon 

Why can't I add my "Create a NOR Gate" instructable to a guide that I'm making? Answered

I am able to add my "Easy AM Transmitter" project to the guide I'm working on but not my other instructable, "Create a NOR gate". Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening??

Question by jensenr30   |  last reply

Unable to add photos

I cannot add a photo to my instructable at all. I've reloaded, cleared temp files, checked Adobe flash, etc. The box for adding photos/files drops too far down when I open it, and I can't access the buttons I need. What gives??? Windows 10, Chrome browser. I can't even add a screenshot here! Grrr!

Question by dpulley 

Can I add links to my instructable?

I am working on a Halloween instructable,  my creation of a character  and need to know if I can add links from other sites in my instructable.  The links will not be a tool for the instructable creation but they will add interest to my instructable for information  purposes ( history facts.) I would like to add a video link as well,  again for information only.   Any help will be appreciated.  

Topic by sunshiine   |  last reply

Add a new category?

Is it at all possible to get another new sub category added to the "Outside" Category? I would really like to get "Farming"  added as a sub category, possibly even a "Tractor" sub category as well. I have already posted a couple of tractor/farming instructables but would like to see a dedicated place for these instead of vehicles or gadgets. I will post some more help and how to with farming and tractors as time goes on.

Topic by GunGeek369