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Instructables Addicts

Well, I was looking at the Quantcast Page for Instructables, and it was pretty interesting. Of course at the bottom, it says "<1% Addicts, 3% Traffic" Obviously they don't know our community... Haha, that aside, Instructables has one heck of a community, and I feel like it could grow forever. People look at one or two instructables, then they're hooked, or at least I was. Anybody else?

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Addicted to instructables?

Are any of you addicted to instructables? Symptoms include: ( you don't need all of them to be addicted ) Think about it all the time Can spend hours on it by clicking the related links Go on it at least 3 times a week Made at least 5 instructables

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Addicted to Instructables

Why is Instructables so damn perfect??  Yes, I believe I am addicted to Instructables lol...after all it's very easy to get addicted to it. Especially for someone like me, who loves to create, this is a dream website! :D  Thanks to this site my creativity is finally challenged and it's so good to see so many people with my same passion. During these months I have been able to create more things than all the ones I had done in my life! And it feels so good. The last few years have been hard but now I feel alive again. Thank you Instructables! :) I love this community and one of my new dreams is to actually work for this website...the coolest job with the coolest people! :)

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Punctuation Addictions

This seems odd -- but is anyone "addicted" to a punctuation mark? As in, you use it way more than you should, and incorrectly.As you can see, I'm addicted to the em dash (slightly longer form of "-", then en dash, I type it as "--"). I even use it when I'm writing :PI use them in places of commans -- but I'm not sure how my head works to decide which one to use.On IMs, I use "XD" way to much, simply because at first I had lol, then :P (which I've always loved), and XD is just the next thing. However, after setting up my client to change XD into "lmao" -- it broke my habit, probably because lmao seems "too much" for how funny it is, so I'd subconciously use :P next time. People who don't know me think I'm going into fits of laughter when I say "XD" -- even though it just means "I aknowledge that you said something that is mildly funny, but probably didn't laugh"(Whoahh... rambling alert!)Anyway, do you have an addiction? (Just a note: I didn't go back and add --'s for effect, so this goes to show how much I use them :P)

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addiction to being a pyro

Please i need advice im a pyro maniac and im sorta addicted to blowing things up how do i stop? ps as im writing this message im overclocking a lighter with 1 hand

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pyro maniac addiction? Answered

I need to stop being a pyro but i cant like yesterday i was making thermite and blowing it up and today im probaly gonna make armstrongs mixture can anyone help with this addiction?

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Billy Mays Cocaine Addict?

Over a month ago Billy Mays was found dead of a heartattack in his home the morning of June 28. Not untill recently has it been found out that cocaine might of been the cause of his heart attack. There was a full autopsy done in wich they said they had found cocaine in Billy Mays' body. know Its E news And comcast but its all I can find.]

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We need a self help group

Does anyone else here feel like they might as well have a full time job at instructables? I need some kind of Instructablers Anonymous group. I wouldn't be surprised if I spend 40 hours a week on here. (Can any of the staff members check that for me?) Anyways...I'm sure I'm not alone here...

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what makes youtube so addictive??


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Non-12-Step Support Group Program

If you or someone you know could use help recovering from alcohol or other drug abuse, I hope you'll check out This is a secular (non-religious), non-step support group program and resources based on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and cognitive behavior change. It's not-for-profit, and there are online and face-to-face meetings all over the world (the program is better known outside the U.S. even though it's "home-grown."

Topic by RustyRoller  

Is there a 12 Step Program for my Instructables addiction? Answered

I just published my 3rd paltry ible. This one was in the duct tape challenge. Problem solved you say? Not even close! I've been having duct tape dreams and nightmares for a week. More ideas keep popping up in my head.  I need help!

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How can u tell if your addicted to caffine?

I think i may be addicted to caffine. I saw on a show that you could be addicted to caffine. What are the warning signs and adverse affects of caffine addiction?

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make your own amigurumi-the most addictive DIY.

Amigurumi(100%handmade knitted stuffed toys) is easy for the beginner. once you know the basic skills, you can make your own amigurumi according to the pattern. After enough practice, you can creat it without other peoples' pattern. At that time, you are a master.

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My name is Kiteman, and I'm an addict... needing a fix!

Some time ago, Lost started on British TV. I'd heard it was good, but I missed the pilot. I also heard that, if you missed the pilot, nothing else made sense.  So, I avoided watching the series, figuring I'd catch the repeats. ...and suddenly they're on season five, and I haven't seen any of them! So, I bought season one on DVD.  Seven discs, twenty-five episodes and a bunch of extras. I picked it up on Saturday, and despite spending a day in school, and a day visiting a friend and her new baby (awww.....), and managing to hunt down my first Mediterranean Gull, I've just watched episode 13 17. Please, no spoilers, I just wanted to say... Whoa! UPDATE: All done.  Twenty-five episodes, and the extras (except the commentaries - I don't like commentaries). We never got to see the Big Scary Monster (although it sounded distinctly mechanical by the end), we never found out where Ethan came from, nor the polar bears. What about the four on the raft?  Last we saw it was still burning, and little Walt! So, I'm now haunting ebay for Season Two - we need to find what's down that ladder....

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Addicted to Instructables Tech? Consider doing it full time at Amazon!

Hello instructables Addicts! I manage a group of engineers at Amazon.  We're the team that gets to design, prototype, and build new devices and machines for Amazon's warehouses. I'm looking for new people to join the team who are interested in joining us on our mission to build cool new technology.  We cover a lot of of diverse areas, from industrial image acquisition and vision systems to embedded device development, so be ready for a challenge!  If you love embedded systems design, aren't afraid of the soldering iron, and want to work with some incredibly bright people every day, check our our job posting! All of the jobs are here in Seattle and are full time.  Read more about qualifications and apply directly by checking our our posting: .  Alternatively, if the link doesn't work, go to and search for 116465. Have a great day!

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Did you notice how the internet and mobile phones totally changed our culture?

Go back just 20 years and on a busy shopping street you saw the poeple walking around as they do today - or did they?I remember poeple talking to each other, standing in front of the shop windows and checking the offers.People greeting each other or stopping for a chat.Now all you see it zombies staring at their phone screen or texting.Even the dreaded "self talker" with a BT earpiece seems to die out.You like fast food don't you? ;)But did you ever bother to waste some time watching people going through the drive through?Back in the days they mostly tried to keep their cigarette going or the girls were busy with the make up.Today it is almost impossibe to spot someone making it through a drive through without playing on his or her phone.The shopping is finnished and all you want is to pay once your trolley was emptied onto the conveyor going to the register.If it were not for the person in front of you...On hand holds the phone to the ear, you hear the latest gossip you don't want to know anything about...And then painfully slow one hand tries to load the trolley again and then finally tries to find a credit with still some money left on it.My favourite are however all those people who are fully addicted to their phone and go mental if you try to tell them.You are having a cold beer with your mate and just want to reflect about the great day fishing.Hold on a second....Oh, did you see this today? ....Ok, just quickly checking FB...Your beer is already number three while your mates beer went warm and stale.Fair enough, was a long day...Then you knock at his door at 3AM to take the boat or or go on a trip.Still half asleep but the phone and all social media must be checked before even making it to the toilet...You get the picture, hopefully not by looking in a mirror now ;)When the "internet" started to be a thing I was already long on the wagon of "online".And back then some big players in the game said "One day we will all be connected in real time!".Of course everyone had a good laugh and moved on.No chance "everyone" could afford a computer, let alone get the skills to go "online".But look at today:You call your provider, tell them you need internet at home and you just plug a box in and have it.Oh, moible is prefered?No problem, just pick the phone you fancy, add a sim card and off you go minutes later.I remember libraries not just as a place to read books but also as a place to learn new things.Explore the world, see other cultures...If you could afford it you might have seen it all for yourself and in real.Today all this is replaced by a single term:"Google it!"What we have today is a simple money scheme created through the totally useless "need" to be connected.So how do you know that you are already addicted to you electronic friend and failed to realise it?Quite simple actually and in the same way as maybe your grandparents did with your parents - if they are old enough ;)Yes I mean the goggle box, the good old TV.Back in the day we said that 4 hours of TV time for a teen is already quite much.We can't escape screens for work or school needs anymore.What we can though is ask:How many hours per day do you spend on yo phone? The time that is not work or school related...How much of your daily life do you organise through your phone by texting, social media or just notes, reminders and so on?Do you complain that even the newest phone newer has enough charge for your "needs"? ;)Do you get cramps in your hands or fingers? ;)Or just plain simple: How long could you really be totally without mobile phone, computer and internet?The answers you give yourself might shock you ;)What are your thoughts on the mobile phone zombies of today?

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I have been away on holiday ( Pacific US coast ) for 10 days and now back at my machine with no urge to text with questions. It feels strange to be so emotionally disjointed about this site... Maybe the questions are not stimulating today or the great London event pulls at me. Yahoo compares Love to a brain on drugs why not Instructables... Or is it just a bunch of duct-tape..

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what the best ipod touch app game,that never gets old or very addicting?

What the best ipod touch app game,that never gets old or very addicting?

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Want some info on geocaching.

Ok so if you have any geocaching question please ask here.

Topic by james.mcglashan  

The intrest of geocaching

OK did you know you can search for people that have the same interest as you well take goecaching for an example and there is a list at this link, if you want to add geocaching to the list click here, so give it a go.P.S please send a post to tell me who added geocaching to there interests because of me.cheers and have fun geocaching.

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why cant i quit u?

Why am i so addicted to instructables?

Question by nevarxxxraven    |  last reply

Golf GPS

New Golf GPS device for golf addict...its nice...visit are here  

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Kids and Tobacco? Answered

How do I deal with teens that want to try tobacco? I don't want them addicted, but I don't want to inspire disobedience and rebellion. It's not a moral issue with me, but it is an health issue. Ocassional tobacco use doesn't bother me at all, but addiction is unhealthy. So what to do... Forbid them? Let them try it? Yell at them? Ignore it?

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How can I download my favorite flash game??????

I am having trouble getting my favorite flash game. I can download it alright, but when I go to open it, it says: You can play this game at our website (links to The game is called The heist 2 It is NOT Heist 2. It is The Heist 2

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Are there low fat or no fat pie crust recipes?

Healthy living without sacrificing my pie addiction. Are there recipes to make pie crusts without fat or with low fat content?

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XKCD, anyone?!I'm sorry, I'm just addicted to that webcomic. I generally stay up until 12 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays just to get to read the new comic as soon as it comes out.How obsessed are you guys? (/ girls)

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Mimiga Doll?

Hey, I am addicted to the game Cave Story and I would really like a stuffed version of one of the characters. I suck at sewing, and any help on how I should do this would be awesome. Thanks!

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Links don't work

Whenever i click on the search button, or any "next page" buttons, I get a big page of computer language text and nothing else. I NEED THIS FIXED FOR I AM HOPELESSLY ADDICTED TO THIS WEBSITE AND NEEEEEED MOOOOOOORREEE AAAAaaaaaahhhhhh

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Simple and very effective device to quit smoking

SIMPLE AND VERY EFFECTIVE ANTI SMOKING DEVICE TO QUIT THE ADDICTION OF NICOTINE :This is a very simple solution and based on vibration therapy.As per sketch there is two vibrational motor(Cellphone vibrational motors) and these will run with batteries.These motors will create vibrations.Now What is needed is that just transfer these vibrations on the Tongue .When someone is getting desired to take Nicotine as any form (Cigarette,tobbaco) then just put this device on tongue for 3 to 5 seconds and will feel result that the desire of taking of nicotine is no more.The result will be amazing to quit the addiction of tobbaco .even just use the device for 25 to30 days continuously and the desire of taking tobacco will be ended permanently.The part of the device which is going to transfer the vibrations on tongue will be made with COPPER.The reason why the device is working is that it is going to stimulate the neurones in the brain through tongue vibrations to suppress the desire of taking nicotine.Why I am presenting this solution as I have been able to quit the tobacco addiction myself after using this vibrational system. It is very simple to manufacture it.

Topic by vikram_gupta11  

Holiday Spice Pepsi

Hey all - I was wondering if anyone had a recipe or any idea of what spices/flavorings go into Holiday Spice Pepsi.  My boyfriend and I are addicted to it and Pepsi doesn't make it anymore and has no plans to in the future. Any suggestions would be great!

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Has anyone tried: FitBrains ?

We provide brain exercise that is fun, engaging and personalized. Fit Brains has created a unique brain fitness experience that makes it easy for people to incorporate brain work-outs into their daily lives. With Fit Brains' games, it's healthy to be addicted!FitBrains Link

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does anyone play clash of clans

I am wondering if anyone on this site plays clash of clans if so please join my new clan i have started called Got Loot ? my clash name is Br3nnan19

Topic by Mr_awesome  

So, you're an Instructables junkie? Welcome to the Ibles 12 step!

So, you've recently discovered you're addiction to Instructables. Its alright, this 12 step program will help even the most entangled Instructables junkie to become more tangled than ever before! Step 1:       Admission of the problem and the fact that it is inadequate compared to where you want to be, quite a few people have admitted they have a problem already Step 2:      Give up trying to get worse, you cant and its not your fault. Look to the robot for help, The androgen will assist you on your quest of self destruction. Step 3:       Make the decision to turn a larger amount of time over to the robot as it is the way to more. Step 4:       Look back at your Instructables browsing history and see for yourself that you have not visited enough! There is always more fix waiting here! Step 5:       Admit everything about your habitual abuse to a site member or two(they can be found [ here]) (conventional 12-steps also say to admit your issue to the higher power and yourself, but both you and the robot know your habits) Step 6:      Now that you have exposed your inadequite browsing habits, you must be ready to let the robot overlord help you. Step 7:       Ask our androgenous overlord to aid you in becoming a more addicted internet unit. Step 8:       List the I'bles you havent visited, made/finished.submitted, entered into contests, voted for in contests, commented on, colab'd on, faved, or rated, forums you havent visited, made, or commented on, questiones you havent asked, or tried to answer, groups not visited, joined, made, or contributed to, and commit yourself to changing all that. Step 9:       Do everything you listed to fix in step 8, then go and do more that you havent thought of yet. Step 10:       Reevaluate your limited addiction again and compare it to your first realization of your problem. Step 11:       Think about your questionable morals and habits(pertaining solely to the robot and its web domain) and find every avenue imaginable to exploit them. Step 12:       Now, being a more addicted individual and worthy of praise, you must assist the n00b junkies get to a currently unatainable level of addiction.

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How to fix error in title of my instructable?

I recently submitted my first instructable, "Easy But Addicting Garlic & Butter Snack Mix".  Before publishing it I spell-checked it twice and made good and sure that there were no typos or mispellings.  It has now been published, and there is a GREAT BIG TYPO in the title!!!  It appears this way: "Easy But Addicting Garlic & Butter Snack M&hellip".  This is not how it was submitted, and when I click on the entry the title appears just fine; it is only in the main page of Snack Food Contest entries that it appears wrong.  I have submitted 2 emails to the instructables team but keep getting automated responses that are of no help.  I can't seem to fix the problem in "edit" from my account, as it appears to be fine when I view it that way.  How did this happen, and how do I get it corrected?  Help!!

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How do you help a video game Junkie? Answered

My brother is a huge video game addict. Hes up in the morning with the wii and late in the evening with the Xbox. Hes always on and disconnects from the outside world, forgetting all work or jobs. If some on else is playing he either whines to them to get off or does this annoying "stare over your shoulder" thing that bugs me (To simulate play a handheld while someone has there jaw half a inch above your shoulder, staring intently a your game). My parents constantly take the video games away but he just goes to his friends house to play more 360. Whenever he is out in the real world he is always either talking or ,worst, acting out video games(there is a funny story involving my brother, CoD4 and JFK international).He never gets any excersise or fresh air and he is annoying to play with.

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DS vs PSP !

Its the handheld battle! lol.Just wondering which is better Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS?Ive got a PSP and I actually got bored of it! The games are not that fun or addictive to me.....I havn't played on it since September, now thats a long time!I'm thinking of getting a DS, cause i have played an old pokemon game ( crystal) for the first time ever on my phone, and REALLY liked it. Its very addictive. So it would be better if i played it on a DS which has a bigger screen(s). My phone is only one 1.5 inch.Plus the mario games and the trauma center games look very fun!So also, I am asking you is it worth it to get a DS? Will I get bored of it ? Cause personally i found the PSP to be very overrated, and eventually I got bored of it, now its lying around somewhere - useless, collecting dust.

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How do knex hydrolics stuff get made?

umm, well, i see knex hydrolics stuff around and i wondered how the hydrolics were made...cuz itd be really useful on my boats, thanks! if an instructible could be made on how to do it, then a link post, id be very happy! thanks in advance hedzup456 knex addict

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How to interface piezo electronic drum to the computer without using drum module?

I used arduino uno to make edrum using piezo plates. Also, hireless serial to midi converter to convert arduino signals. With that, i installed loopbe1 internal midi port. I used addictive edrum kit along with the reaper by using loopbe output as input to the reaper. But still i didnt get any sound, whether i missed anything?

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Does anyone here play Travian? I ask because I discovered it a while ago (over a year, but anyway) and have recently got back into it. I am located on S5 in the South-East (+|-) Username rattfish.If you want to find out how addictive the game really is, why not make an account? Here's a link. sure if that worked, so if not just copy and paste. I would read the manual before joining, so you can decide which tribe to play.

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how can i build the carnival game called &quot;bank a ball&quot;?

There's a carnival game called "bank a ball" and I really wanna practice to master it. The only way to do so is to build my very own "bank a ball" , but i have to idea how to. I was wondering if someone could please list the necessary steps, materials, and procedures to build this game. (video of the game, how to win/play)

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I am going to give up Instructables...

Hell no! I will never give up Instructables! However, I am getting far too addicted to Instructables and I cannot concentrate on my projects... So I need to take a break from instructables, that means I will be inactive for a while, maybe about a week or two.. I will begin being inactive when it passes 12:00 AM in San Fransisco.So, bye to everyone who likes me... ;-(UPDATE:I am back!

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SketchUP Knex

I have to say I am getting addicted to using Google's SketchUp for rendering models. I decided to give it a shot for my new RBG instructions, and I think I have it under control. While it has some quirks and not as fast as your own hands, it certainly has that cool factor. Of course, we all have to give props to Imperar for the original Knex models. Do those of you who use SketchUp find that it was easy to get the pieces to fit right? Know of any little tricks to make it easier?

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Real life Magic Wand for your TV

The coolest TV remote ever! The "World's First Magic Wand," can now be yours. This universal remote comes with a built-in accelerometer which allows it to perform "13 magical functions" with which to amaze your friends. In fact, it works with IR sensors to engage with almost any device that can be remote controlled. Too good to be true? Check out the Kymera Magic Wand's charmingly addictive website and order yours today! Supplies are limited, so don't delay.

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Nerf Modifications and Paint Jobs.

Hello, I just thought I'd share the last few months of completed work with my fellow makers! I'm addicted to modifying and painting Nerf guns now because its something you put a lot of time into that is used regularly. It doesn't gather dust or become a paper weight like my previous model car hobby.  Anyway enjoy, and thanks for looking! More pictures can be provided if you're interested. JonnyBGood

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AMEX card not working?

Ive been trying to buy a lab pass for a game Im addicted to. I click the one month option, enter in the info, but it says my credit or debit card is declined! Im using a $50 dollar American Express gift card, but whenever I enter the information it says its declined. So i check on the website, it says everytime I tried (and failed) to use it, it deducts $1. Same for my Visa Gift Card. My mom opened a paypal account for me, but whenever I try it, it says the amount is too great for the card. (its $5.95 ) Does anyone have anyway to fix this?

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Anybody else wish other sites had pop-up photo notes?

Oh man, you know your on instructables to much when you see something highlighted or circled in an image, and mouse over it, hoping for a photo note to pop up explaining why its highlighted. I for one can't stop doing this. I always space out and get really frustrated when nothing pops up until i realize I'm not on instructables. I'm a total addict to this notes, they're so perfect! Just felt like sharing that. Who else compulsively mouses over images like me?

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leaving ;(

Sadly since i sold my knex (about a year ago now) i honestly dont know what there is to make so im leaving instructables. i havent been here in so long i struggled to find out how to make this forum thread. and now that i am addicted to youtube and minecraft i cant see myself ever making another instructable. so thats why im leaving. but on the brighter side im starting a new youtube series but it has nothing to do with building or anything that you would find on here. anyways its been fun sharing my creations with everyone and i had a good time soooooo............ i guess its goodbye...                                                                          -slithien-                                                                               RIP                                                          11/08/2006  to  29/05/2012

Topic by slithien    |  last reply

Is there anyone out there who can teach me to circuit bend, create/re-purpose circuitry, use Arduino?

Recently, I've become fascinated with Instructables involving re-purposing gadgets, gizmos, and gears. I want to learn some basics before I start dismantling my old cell phone or cd player, but I don't know anyone I can ask. And even if I did know someone, I'm not sure I would know WHAT to ask. I'm at the beginning of a machine and motherboard addiction, I can feel it. Do you know any good dealers? _Science on the Side_

Question by Science on the Side    |  last reply


I dont get it I usually read evey new project EVERY DAY -- In DETAIL! i am trully addicted to this site i have been for months; please tell me why this is happening. - i click on the explore most recent menu item and i get logged out! i just want to read is something wrong with my browser? I? dont want to use firefox. I...I amd you know, totaly insane and dangerous, please ERIC HELP ME!! ill do anything i'll even post projects! i swear! FIX IT Omar

Topic by MerleCorey    |  last reply

how do i make nitrous oxide? Answered

Having seen mythbusters, i am curious how the stuff is made. during my internet searches, it is made by heating ammonium nitrate to ~250C. from watching the episode, i know there is more to it than just that. I am under the influence that everything else that was done was purifying the stuff. i am mainly curious about how this is done and whether or not the stuff is toxic, dangerous, addictive, or anything else of the sort that would make it bad to breathe. I will be honest, if the stuff is not dangerous, i will slowly and carefully attempt to make the stuff and maybe breathe a little of it in the curiosity of what it does. for those who don't know, nitrous oxide is also called "laughing gas."

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