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I live in the Denver CO area Why have I not been able to see any new additions to Instructables ???

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additional tech

If we send it up then should we put any extra tech? by this i mean in my design im working on i have a altimeter to see how high it flys and a gps tracker for recovery and to see the flight path also should there be a camera added?

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Is the addition of I'bles to the MAKE forum moderated?

I don't see a way to find this out for myself, so I'm asking the group (esp. the group admins). Is anyone allowed to add their own or other's I'bles to the "MAKE Magazine" Instructables Group? If not, what is the appropriate channel for suggestions or self-promotion?

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VBScript Addition Problems? Answered

Hello I Have a Addition Problem In VBScript. If i use 2 Inputboxes to get to numbers (Lets say 3 and 5), there both numeric (isNumeric return "True"), but when i add them (c=a+b) and then msgbox 'c' it comes up '35' not 8. PLEASE HELP ME

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Idea For Workshop Addition? Answered

I recently relocated my electronics table in my workshop and I am currently wondering what to do with all the free space. I am leaning towards a DIY CNC router, but I also might want a welding table. A lathe would also be nice. But my question is simple "What do I put in a 3' by 5' space?" I also don't want to spend 3K on some machinery that is seldom used.

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More Human vs. Monkey: Monkeys add up like we do

In the continuing saga of monkeys versus college students in the field of arithmetics, researchers at Duke University have determined that students are only a mere fraction better than trained rhesus macaques in basic addition. With the continuing decline in college student's cognitive abilities, I expect monkeys to soon be entering - and out competing humans - in the workforce. add up like we doRhesus monkeys master basic addition in a similar way to humans.A mathematical competition between two rhesus macaques and fourteen undergraduates has revealed a new similarity between monkeys and college students: their ability to handle basic addition.In the battle of man versus macaque, students bested the monkeys for overall accuracy at 94% to 76%. But response times during a computerized test of addition were approximately the same in the two groups. Both groups were more likely to stumble as the magnitude of the sums increased.Such similarities, researchers say, suggest an evolutionary continuity between basic mathematical skills in humans and other primates. The results are published this week in PLoS Biology 1.The fact that monkeys can handle basic arithmetic is not in itself new, as it had been suggested by previous work. If monkeys watch as lemons are placed behind a screen, for example, they will stare longer at the fruit if the screen is lifted to reveal an incorrect sum of lemons2. Their apparent surprise when the number of lemons revealed isn't what was expected suggests the presence of rudimentary mathematical ability, says Jessica Cantlon of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina."It's not math in the sense of a symbolic procedure, the way that humans typically think of math," says Cantlon. Monkeys won't be doing full-blown algebra anytime soon. "It's a more primitive form."More monkey versus human news here:Chimp beats students at computer game

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concept section suggestion?

Hi everyone it is i fidgety2 with a suggestion for my favorite site i have often had amazing concepts or ideas but have never been able to put them into action because i either lack the proper materials or time or both i would like to suggest a section devoted entirely to concepts and ideas for instructables it would be kind of like making a instructable without making the actual creation of course there could be pictures and schematics via google sketchup and auto desk-like programs so basically it would be exactly like a basic instructable but without the actual product that is all for now thank you, fidgety2   

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additional usb ports on a laptop

Is there any way to connect additional usb ports to a laptop motherboard without a usb hub? say if you hook a usb port up to existing usb ports? help would be appriciated :D thanx in advance

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A "Drawing Board"

I came up with an idea! There should be a place on the site called the "drawing board" in which you could sketch out ideas using your mouse and save them as a JPG. You could incorporate this into drawing plans and designs for your instructable! It could be a cool feature for everyone, but for pro membership you could have extra things (e.g. rainbow colors, a ruler, paint brush mode). I think this would be a cool addition to the website.

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Request for notepad in profile pages

I come up with ideas all of the time and I, unfortunately, tend to forget what I had come up with.  I am certain that a lot of good ideas are lost this way.  I was mulling this over and I thought "What if instructables had a Notepad in the profiles page.  Allow it to be public or private.  This will allow a simple way for members to keep track of their idea backlogs and share them with others.  Just a simple list.  I know that the forums and the profile "About me" can be used this way but neither are optimized for this purpose.  I think this feature would likely get a lot of use.  Just a thought.  PS:  Thanks for the great site.  I get a lot of inspiration and motivation here.  I hit it all the time with StumbleUpon but I never payed attention to the site when I would hit a random project.

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Possible to Double MPG With Fuel Additives?

There is a big movement going on about making your car get better gas mileage with different kits and fuel additives. I read about Ethos over atIncrease Gas Mileage Increase Gas Mileage. Is it really possible to increase your gas mileage with simple solutions? Maybe the oil industry really is trying to keep a tight lid on this whole industry....

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Electrically conductive clear resin or additive?

I'm looking to craft some tiny 2mm buttons for a smartwatch face plate. I've got the design down, but I can't get the screen to register the presses. After some digging I learned enough about touch screens to know why. The buttons are going to be cast in a clear orange resin designed to pick up light from the screen below them. Does anyone know of a clear additive or resin material that can sufficiently conduct electricity over a distance of no more that 5mm? If you have any scraps of clear white or clear orange resin. Try using it as a stylus on a smart phone or tablet. If the screen registers the press, let me know please! Also, first time posting here, so bare with me if I have overlooked any sort of etiquette. 

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Prize addition for Get the LED Out! Contest

The runner-up prizes in the Get the LED Out! Contest now include $50 worth of LEDs from Phenoptix.Long-time visitors may remember that Phenoptix put up LEDs as prizes in the last LED contest and we're happy to see them here again.

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Unable to load additional favorites on Apple devices

Hello!  I have another issue with my Apple devices.  When I go to my list of Favorites (I have a gazillion of them since this is such an awesome site), it crashes every time I get to the bottom of the screen.   It shows 'Loading' and then gags.  Issue occurs for both IOS 7 and previous OS.

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how to controll 2 additional motor for this robot ?

Hy  i saw this mobile operated robot  by Avadhut.Deshmukh and i am making one   Other than the 2 motors  used for controlling the robot  i need to control  2 more motor and 1 light (led) using mobile phone  some body plz tell me how can i do what should i do ??

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Desktops of Oct & Nov - Creative Patch Addition

Want to get another patch? Last months desktop wallpaper thread did excellent, it would seem you loved the idea of getting some patches for your work. This month I am going to ask you to work harder for your patches! I want to encourage your creativity, so dig out one of your best digital photos, whip open photoshop, or show off a great new interface. All unique, creative and personal desktop screenshots will get a patch! Unique, creative and personal means we are looking for something new and fresh, not just a wallpaper grabbed off deviant art! Whether its a custom interface, or a home made wallpaper, just something that is unique to you. This month I have a couple of home made wallpapers to show off, I created both of these from scratch. By scratch I mean I actually cut up those bits of card, and glued those bits of marble. Both wallpapers were then accented and grunged up in photoshop. I then used geektool to match the type already on the card to make the date and time blend in. Tinkertool adds a few extras, including the modded dock, and menu bar items. Little Snitch runs in the menu bar, keeping an eye on what programs are doing. 3rd screen has a picture of my Fiance - as always :D 4th pictures shows my crazy screen set up! What are you waiting for? Post your most creative desktop set up, and claim you patch! Be sure to explain any fancy programs you have running also. To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables. To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables. To take a screenshot in Ubuntu go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-) PS, I know this is like 28 days late, but I have been busy (I get married on the 7th of Nov!), also doing a joint two month edition means I will be able to check back and dish out patches!

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Best way to create additional outdoor storage space?

What's the best way to convert a huge backyard into additional storage space... I was thinking of tarpaulin but most brands are not made for prolonged sunlight? I can pick up a $200 tarp of 7 x 9 metres to do the job.. just wondering if anyone has better ideas?

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Can an addition antenna be added to the ethernet connection on a router?

If an existing wireless router is set up with an exterior directional antenna, can another directional exterior antenna be used by connecting to the ethernet connections on the back of the router?

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Unable to view image tags or additional images in firefox

Hello. Firefox user here. I just recently tried accessing the additional images on several instructables, and am unable to do so. Clicking the small thumbnails below the large image usually makes them the focus, or it prompts me to log in if I am logged out. For whatever reason, this is no longer working. I have tried replicating the problem in IE, and the images work fine. I tried resetting my firefox preferences, to no avail. I reinstalled Java, but I don't know if that would affect my problem or not. I am at my wits end with this problem. Can anyone offer help?

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Car reverse camera with additional front camera - switching

Hi Have a q about hooking up 2 car cameras - one front, one rear and being able to switch between different settings. The monitor I have will automatically change from one camera to the other when the 2nd is powered (eg front on all the time until reverse activated switching monitor to rear camera). The setting I want are these 1 - Forward camera on unless reverse engaged (then reverse camera on) 2 - Forward camera on only (all times) 3 - Reverse camera on only (all times) 4 - Reverse camera on only when reverse engaged 5 - All off Any ideas on wiring this up? Cheers Aaron

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How can I add additional keywords to an existing instructable?

I want to add additional keywords to an instructable I made several years ago and can't seem to figure out where the keywords are when I choose to edit the instructable.

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Best Answer Count List additions 2010-04-13

The+Ideanator:1 Hiyadudez:9  

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is it okay to use glycerin as additives or plasticizer in making plastics fom cassava tubers or tapioca?

Is it okay to use glycerin as additives or plasticizer in making plastics fom cassava tubers or tapioca?

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Can't click pictures

When I'm logged in, I can't click the additional pictures in an instructable. When I log out however, I'm able to view pictures. Is there a fix for this? Anyone having the same problem?

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How to insert addtional holes for brackets in a wooden entertainment center?

I want to add additional holes for the shelf brackets in my entertaiment center. The current holes are either to high or low for the placement of the TV. Please let me know if and how I can add additional holes for the brackets?

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could you mix something in with Sculpey to make it stronger?

Sculpey is great stuff, easy to use, but after it's baked it's vulnerable to breaking if you don't make it thick enough.  Any one have ideas on an additive to mix in with it that could make it stronger? Thank you

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What would be a creative addition to a Surgeon costume I'm wearing as a Halloween party? Too generic by itself. ZZZzzz.

I work in a hospital where I was allowed to bring home a gown, gloves, cap, booties, & a facemask. You guys always have some awsome creative & original ideas. $cheaper&-the-better. THANKS 8)

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i can connect my laptop through additional TP-LINK adapter to a specific network but without adapter cannot,pls help me.

Hi, i cannot connect my laptop to a specific connection what should i do,i have tried setting DNS severs, ipconfig and all but still cannot. please help me out of this..

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Ok here is the idea, I have a main tower, plus a dozen or so old ones.  I wsa wondering if it is possible to some how link 2 motherboards so that one acts as a slave for the other.     First thought was that it may be as simple as running a cable from the ide ports.  That may be totally off but that is where I got the idea.    Target goals of theory 1. Additional disk drives- this would allow you to use additional HDD in the other case this was my primary objective. 2. Might the additional processor be able to split the tasks of the computer as a whole? In theory would it then be ran as 2 seperate computers or as one whole with dual processors (does such a thing exist?) 3. extra usb space. 4. additional vga outputs- I have 5 screens right now using the onboard, a dual port pci-e and a pci vid card plus a usb adapter one.  rather clusterry.  I have a additional screen but no card space for it.  I intend to eventually be able to use each independantly or as one large 2x3 screen for watching movies, but that in itself is not as of yet crucial to the theory. So can it be done buy this method or for that matter any method? If so how would I even start? I thank all those much wiser on this that I in advance

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Is there a way of using an old all-in-one Sony Viao Desktop as an additional display for my 13" Macbook?

 This is the old pc,  If this is impractical does my hardware allow me to make it into a Hackintosh and run OSX? Thanks!

Question by BobbyMcD1991  

Is there a way of using an old all-in-one Sony Viao Desktop as an additional display for my 13" Macbook?

This is the old PC,  If this is impractical does my hardware allow me to make it into a Hackintosh and run OSX? Thanks!

Question by BobbyMcD1991  

help 2 male usb to 1 female usb (the extra 1 male usb is for additional power)?

Can someone help me how to make usb with 2 male and 1 female usb. i can't run my alpha network adapter coz it is for a desktop computer not for a laptop so it needs more power to work. 

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How to make a home made power supply for a speaker more than 20W?

A type of amplifier for additional external speakers

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How to you start a collaboration?

My addition to the project been recognized by the other author within the intro text, but I wonder if I can be listed as Co-author.

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how do you make pop up picture frames from cardboard without attatching additional cardboard

, i remember the back was flat  and when used as a picture frame you would pull one piece out and clip into other cut out and make a stand up picture frams

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Why is blk water basic instead of acidic?

Recently I came across a brand of water called blk, named for the black appearance of the water caused by the addition of fulvic acid. The manufacterer's website states that it is "exceptionally pure artesian spring water" with the addition of the company's blend of fulvic and humic acid. Now, we all know that the PH of pure water is 7, but if we add acid, wouldn't that make it more acidic? Apparently not, seeing as the manufacturer's website also states that the PH of blk water is 9, making blk water more basic than regular water. I would think the fulvic/humic acid's addition would make the PH acidic, not basic. Can anyone explain this?

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What to do when sending a book overseas. ?

What to do : - how to make sure the book is secure? - And other additional comments. Thanks :)

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I have a Dalselv bed frame and the mattress keeps sliding off. Any idea's on a fix? Possibly adding additional sides?

My mattress keeps sliding down and to the left viewed from the headboard. I have noticed that my bed frame has a lot of leeway making it easier for the mattress to move. I had problems with my first mattress and with my second one. I have a full size bed. Not sure if the addition of boards to the sides, foot and head. part of the frame will help. any other suggestions?

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HP Scanjet 2200c -- how can I make it work on my new computer?

This  is an older scanner, but there was nothing wrong with it when my old computer broke down, and I used it a lot.  HP does not provide updates for older scanners. I have heard that it can be updated without HP's help, but I'm not that experienced. I have installed the scanner program--still have the program CD-- but when I try to use it, it tells me that the scanner is being accessed by another program.  It also tells me that it has stopped working. When I view problems details, it gives me this: Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH   Application Name:    hppsapp.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp:    3b604f42   Fault Module Name:    ntdll.dll   Fault Module Version:    6.0.6002.18005   Fault Module Timestamp:    49e03821   Exception Code:    80000003   Exception Offset:    00048b2e   OS Version:    6.0.6002.   Locale ID:    1033   Additional Information 1:    bfef   Additional Information 2:    e8adce1c2b9e7be834b4063ac3c53863   Additional Information 3:    bfef   Additional Information 4:    e8adce1c2b9e7be834b4063ac3c53863 And of course I don't know what all that means.

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iPod Nano 5g Video Camera Mods?

Hi, I have an iPod Nano 5g and was wondering if there was a way to make it take still photos in addition to videos? 

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Fan art keeps coming in!

Another trip downstairs to the mailbox and 8 more colored robots show up! This is in addition to the 2 that kelseymh brought over on Tuesday during the Make:SF meeting.

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How can we reverse the chemical reaction of a lead acid battery without the addition of energy? Just adding chems.

Http:// shows the forward and backward chemical reactions.

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If I have the calculations for a bandpass enclosure, can I simply multiply them by 2 if I want an additional subwoofer? Answered

I have 2 identical 12 inch subwoofers. I have the measurements from the company for a bandpass enclosure, but the box is only meant to house one driver. I want to build ONE box but have BOTH subwoofers in it. Would I simply multiply all the measurements by 2? Would I need to do anything with the port dimensions? Or would I just be able to dual port it? Or is there some other steps that I have to do. Here are the measurements just in case any one wants to see them: (Vf) Box Volume - .84 Cu. Ft. (Vr) Box Volume - .91 Cu. Ft. (P) Port ID - 4" (P) Port Length - 4.25" Dimensions: Width - 15" Height - 20.75" Depth - 15" (Sb) 9.25" Legend Vf (Front Chamber (Ported Section)) Vr (Rear Chamber) (Sealed Section)) Sb (Speaker Baffle Location (Vf's height) Any help would be much appreciated.             Thanks

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Account Featujre Request: Download Instructable Favorites to Browser

I would love to see some additional functionality added to Instructable's Favorites system if possible. 1. the ability to download your Instructables favorite's list to either a browser or text file.  2. The ability to view Instructables favorites as a list 3. a search command that allows one to search through Instructables Favorites rather than the whole site. I believe these additions would make for a better experience and make Instructables a more robust tool and resource. -Chris Tempe, AZ

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