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Compressed Air Battery

A simple example of how a compressed air battery works. This one, of course, is not very efficient.

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Operate 12v air pump using 12v 8ah battery with relay?

Hello guys I want to connect a 12v electric air pump to a 12v 8h battery with a relay microcontroller.   The air pump has receptacle for a cigarette lighter. Is it possible I can  remove the receptacle and connect the wires to the relay? I want the air pump to turn on every 15 minutes. The battery will be connected to the relay also. Sorry I dont have any electrical experience.  Any help would be appreciated

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can i power a household fan with some sort of battery pack? Answered

I am working on a portable air conditioner for my house when in order to make it portable i would need to power with a battery pack of some sort.

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Is there a way to make an air compressor that plugs into the wall run off of alkaline batteries? Answered

Is there a way to make an air compressor that plugs into the wall run off of alkaline batteries?

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al-air battery powered electric bike or scooter? Answered

  Hey, i was wondering if it would be possible to rig up an electric bike or scooter powered by an array of pvc al-air batteries. The use of al-air batteries would eliminate charging time and be much lighter than lead acid batteries.By pvc al-air batteries i mean a section of pvc pipe with a piece cut out from the side and covered in carbon paper and an aluminum electrode running through the middle.

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Car Air conditioning without Engine Running

Thinkin of running the AC from batteries at times I don't have the engine running. So- electric motor rather than direct drive from engine? How long will battery last? maybe need to have a second battery for this?

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small DC 12v battery?

Hello all. i am currently working on an air powered rifle. my goal is for it to be self contained, so i took apart a testors airbrush compressor and i am fitting the compressor assembly to a 12v blower motor for an early 90s toyota 4runner. is there any way that i can make or purchase a 12v battery pack to power this thing?

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Portable worksite air conditioner

I want to build an evaporative cooler, that I can take with me to my job sites.My tool brand is Makita, so I want to use a Makita leaf blower mounted to a portable cooler. What I think I need your help with is, the small liquid pump for drawing water out of the cooler and sending to a misting nozzle should be DC, so I can draw power from the Makita blower battery.Suggestions are welcome,Ralph

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I need to prevent a battery from discharge?

I want to connect an air pump (5-12v) to a car battery. that battery is also connected to a solar charger panel (seen on other instructables). What i need its a circuit where i can monitor the batterry (a 12v cuttoff) so that when it goes below charge, it turns off the air pump, letting it to freely charge and start again. i thought of a NE555 or a relay. appreciate any help.

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Low Powered Air Conditioner

I live in a converted bus made into a mobile home in Outback Australia. I'm currently building a 'Solar System'  so I can go anywhere without relying on hooking up to mains power. The biggest problem I'm having is finding an 'Inverter' that will handle power consumption to run my 'Fridge' and ''Air Conditioner', I have a 2500w Inverter but this can only run an 'Aircon' up to 300w, so tell me where you can get one that runs at this power level !! I have an idea that may get over both problems (Fridge and Aircon). I was looking through 'ebay' and found a 80L Fridge/Freezer that runs on 12v, mainly used for 4WDs and RVs. I'm just wondering if I could somehow carefully drill a hole into the freezer cabinet and coil copper or aluminum small bore pipe around the internal walls of this, then have a small 12v DC Pump circulating 'Antifreeze' or similar through a external radiator with fan blowing through this into my living area. I know this will be a drain on batteries as the freezer will be constantly running due to the warmer return fluid circling around inside the cabinet, but I'm not really worried about this as I will have 4 Solar Panels totaling around 500w production at 7-8amps and  4 Deep Cycle Batteries rated at 100ah each, total 400ah. Will this setup be efficient as a air cooling system without effecting the frozen food in my freezer too much. Would love to here any comments on this and also any suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Regards Keith

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Is it 1HP vaccum motor which produce Air Flow of 660CFM can be operate by 12V Rechargeable Battery are available?

I like to use 1HP vacum motor which produce Air Flow of 660FM to powered by 12V Rechargeable battery or Gasoline Engine.IS it workable? Is 12V battery , have enough power to generate air flow of 660CFM sucking power? Is it 1HP vacuum Motor available in Market? Thanks Regard Devarajen 

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Operate a 12v/6Amps air pump, with DIY battery pack? Answered

Hello guys... I have an electric air pump and i want to operate it with a battery pack (for camping purposes, away from any kind of electricity source). Its a 12V/72W pump (works with car lighter connector) so by my poor calculations, i need something that can give me 6Amps for at least 5-10 minutes. I have a lot of 18650 batteries in my disposal, so i thought that i maybe can put together a portable battery pack, so when i go camping for example i can carry it with me. My circuits design skills are... nonexistent... My DIY skills are reasonable... so my questions are: 1) Is it possible to create something that can provide at least 5-10 minutes operation, once per every charge? 2) If yes... can you please tell me or point me at the right direction so i can accurately calculate the amount of batteries that i need and the proper way to connect them? 3) or... any other easier "portable" solution? for example something lighter and cheaper than a motorcycle battery...? Thank you for your time! :)

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I have a REALLY quick question!

 I have one of these Air Rebound remote control cars, they are LOTS of fun, but  I haven't played it for a long time as the battery is degrading, and it only ever seems to last 30-40 minutes, even when the battery was new. I've just taken it apart and among some simple cleaning and putting a longer antenna wire in (the old one cleverly traveled along the frame and around the inside of the right wheel hub, but I'm sure the longer wire I just attached will help GREATLY. I have this REALLY quick question though and I want to know before I put it back together. Each motor (theres two) has a small ceramic resistor soldered between the + and - leads on the motor, on both of them. The only purpose I can figure this would serve is to LIMIT the speed/power of the motor, and waste battery power? But before I do something stupid I really want to know if there is a GOOD reason for why they put them there.

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Is my Spring in the Air - or my prop not supported? Answered

I have been reading on this site about the problems associated with building and using a vehicle for road use that runs on a clock-work basis. The square cube law problem re the spring and also the problems created by the gyro forces of the flywheel. What I want to ask is: Would it be possible to have a spring or series of springs big enough that could drive a generator to charge a bank of batteries that would then power a narrowboat on the inland waterways and potentially rivers of the UK. There is a company that supplies engines and batteries and their paraphernalia suggests it is possible to get 2 hours of battery propulsion from one hour of diesel use - So, if the engine was removed could it be possible to use some kind of clockwork spring-thing instead of the engine big enough to charge batteries that would then power the boat. I am thinking that winding the spring would be done but either a very geared down bicycle or some kind of geared down lever crank with ratchet or even a transportable friendly donkey...I appreciate that fitness and maintaining it would be important to wind up the spring by pedalling the bike, cranking the lever or chatting to the donkey to keep it friendly. How big would the spring need to be and how long would it take to wind it up by bicycle, crank or donkey. Keen to know what the real problems would/could thinking it might be possible to use a series of springs so they do not have to be so very big and therefore could overcome the square cube law problem and how many would be needed to charge the bank of batteries to then turn the prop.

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If I hook the 12 v motor from a car air compressor to a crank and the wires to a battery, will I have a hand generator?

I know you'd need diodes, but would I be able to charge a 12 volt battery with something like this (kinda like in that videogame Metro 2033 where you have a hand powered generator- coolest thing ever)?

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This circuit pulls energy from thin air Most of us are familiar with Texas Instruments (TI) as the company that made the graphing calculator we used in school. Calculators made be the company’s bread and butter, but that’s not all they’ve been up to. TI recently introduced the industry’s lowest power DC/DC step-down converter, a tiny circuit that could allow future electronics to power themselves without batteries or wires. The tiny power circuit allows mobile accessories and wireless sensors to manage microwatts generated from solar, thermoelectric, magnetic and vibration energy, which could eliminate the need for bulky, toxic batteries in the future. A

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Wanted: solar powered car air fan

You know how they have those solar powered air fans you hang in your car window so the car won't get too hot in the summer? Well I spent $35 and bought one, and it's a piece of junk. The fan won't even turn. I'm not sure if the motor is too weak or the solar panel is too weak. Panel is quite small, like 1 inch by 5 inches. So I'm looking for a cheap one to build myself, perhaps using the case from the old one. The problem is, how much surface area in solar panels do I use? Maybe I'll just hook the old one to another car battery, then hook a solar trickle charger to the battery to recharge it. Hmmmm... Anyone want to try and post an instructable for this idea?

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To even out my current coming in can I use 12v Gel batteries or should I go to a bank of wet cell batteries?

I have a chispito like wind generator and a radiator fan that I will place on the Air conditioner fan outside. When the Air Conditioner kicks on, I will be generating DC. My plan is to take both sources into a charge controller tied to a bank of 12v batteries, then into an inverter. I have purchased two 12v gel cell sealed batteries to get up and running with. Do I need to use wet cell batteries or can I go with the Gel Cell batteries? By the way my generator creates 3-6 volts in a good stiff wind anf my radiator fan creates 2-4.5 volts when the Air Conditioner is running. Thanks

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How do regular rechargeable batteries do in cold temperatures?

How would regular 1.2V rechargeable batteries do in extreme cold temperatures like -40, even if they were receiving a charge in that temperature? They would be kept in an air tight container. Thanks in advance.

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Rc Airplane Guide

I have been thinking about building an R/C airplane. Here are the specifications I need. L:3ft W:4ft H:6in ( 15 with prop and landing gear Engine: Chain saw motor Prop: 12in Control surfaces: 2 ailerons, elevator I don't know anything about R/C and here are my questions: 1.) How do you assemble an R/C system? 2.) What is needed to run 4 servos(3 control, 1 throttle)? 3.) Where should I buy stuff? 4.) What else should I know? I know how to connect servos to an air frame and everything, but I need to know how to connect a full R/C system together( receiver, servos, battery, etc.). Any help? Please. P.S. My air frame will be, a wing, a wooden dowel going to tail, tail, motor and muffler. I used this design because I have no weight added other than required materials.

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Where to find lightweight 12v batteries? Answered

I need a set of lightweight 12v batteries with a lot of power (15 ah or higher). I have an air conditioner that draws 3.33 amps and runs off 24 volts. My idea is a battery bank with two 12 volts in series to make 24v. I hope to run it ~5 hours off a full charge. I found these on eBay but they weigh 10lb each, which means 20lb for 2 of them. My goal is 10lb or less total weight: A single 15ah+ 24v would work but I cannot find one anywhere. Thanks!

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Solar charged lead acid battery, how do I have automatic shut off and turn on so it does not discharge completely?

I have a battery with a charge controller between it and the solar panel. But if  I connect something low power to it, (like an aquarium air pump for a windowfarm or to power a small water feature),  it needs to shut off automatically before the battery discharges too much (if it is night time or cloudy).  Otherwise I have a dead battery. I don't have a deep cycle battery. Too expensive!  So any ideas how to have an automatic on off switch for this? Thanks,   Brian.

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Need help with choosing battery and fan for air conned shirt instructable

Hi, I'm new to this site and pretty electronically noob and very sleep deprived so please bare with me haha. I was looking at completing this project- an airconned shirt . But I didn't know whether I am buying the right fan for the project. It is a 12v 92mm fan with "2 pin?" which I'm looking at on eBay. I'm not sure how the "2 pin" will affect the wiring- can I still follow the instructions on the page withh this specific fan? And yes 92cm is my preferred size, just a little smaller than the 100mm one on the instructable page. And also, comments state that I can save money by buying a 9v battery, but the fan will just run a little slower. My fan is 92mm and goes 3500rpm which (comparing the size and rpm of other fans in my local electronic store) is quite fast. I'm assuming that using the 9v battery it will just run a bit slower. Is this accurate or will it also ruin the battery/fan's life expectancy, or drain much faster etc? Comments have stated that the batteries used in the instructable would only last a very short time (and batteries being expensive) so I thought to use rechargeable ones. Its going to be a gift for someone who works outdoors in construction in summer heat so it should at least be able to go for 9 hours before recharging. Ps. Any ideas on how to make it cooler via an ice container or cube without wetting the whole setup? Thank you heaps in advance!

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Can I Upgrade Airsoft Battery Voltage ? Answered

I have an airsoft with a battery of 7.2 V 500mh and I wanted to know if I could put a battery with higher voltage like 8.4V because I cant find 7.2 V battery on the internet. I want my airsoft to shoot faster and further So, would it work or the gears (plastic) will destroy?

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Question about using LiPo Batteries

Hello, I would like to use a 3V Solar cell rated at 45mA to charge a LiPo Battery (3.7V) rated at 200mAh. am wondering. How long should I allow this to sit in direct sunlight to charge without overcharging the battery? I would also be adding an inline switch to shut off current from the solar cell. Here are the links to the products I would be buying (In case it helps) Solar Cell: (Its about half way down labeled "3.0V 45mA Solar Cell") Battery (Note I'm only using one);=item46040502a0 Thanks

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sprinkler valve and blow gun valve? Answered

Hello i am planing on making an air gun, but Im a little confused. my first question is that what is the best type of sprinkler valve to use (brand and size)? my barrel is 1/2" and air chamber is 1'. My second question is do they make a battery operated sprinkler valve, so i can just hook a electronic switch to it? if so what brand? my third is why is the blow gun valve necessary? thank you those who post answers.

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How can I slow down my electric leaf blower?

I have a 18 volt battery powered leaf blower. It has two speeds. How difficult would it be to slow it down a bit so the battery lasts longer? Right now even on the slowest speed it blows way more air than what I need.

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LEDs keep on taking over. Excellent.

It's no secret that we love using LEDs for our projects. They sip power and are fantastically tiny. You can even get an introduction to how they work with just an LED and a coin battery. If you haven't used one yet, make it a new year's resolution to make one light up this year. If you want to complete any resolutions, that'll be one of the easiest.Yesterday's announcement of the Macbook Air in San Francisco pushes the LEDs further. This isn't the first laptop to have it, but it's a dramatic display of how far the tech has come and how far it needs to go. LEDs aren't perfect for every use, but they hopefully will be someday.According to this article some of the current goals are for better whites, deep-UV, and quantum cryptography. All of which sound pretty tasty.But what about you? What do you want from LEDs that you don't see just yet?

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how can i make my bike electric using a motor (with brush) from an air compressor and a 12V battery ?

I have wires the motor the battery a switch and an old bike

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If I bought a rechargeable 4R25 Battery, How many solar cells would I need to keep it charged? ?

I'm building a dog house which the base will be 9-10inches underground, which helps with the build up cool dead air at the base to help keep the house cool. I want to use four(4) computer fans to help ventilate the house from the base where the dead air resides. Near the roof of the dog house will be ventilation holes for the dog, in fact I may use another fan to vent out the hot air. I was hoping that I could use some silicone cells to keep the battery charged, but not sure how many I would need to keep it charged. if it requires too many I may stick with recharging the battery in the house or using a 9v battery for each fan and swapping it out here and there.

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I'm looking for a high volume, small size air compressor but I can't find a good one. What do you guys recommend? Answered

I need an air compressor that has an EXTREMELY high CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating. It is for an air-powered exoskeleton (crazy idea, I know). It needs to be pretty small, backpack sized if possible, It doesn't need that big of an air chamber (fire-extinguisher sized). Continuous run is a must. Powering it shouldn't be a problem because I will be carrying ~ 30 pounds of Li-ion batteries for running the compressor. I also won't be needing more then ~ 100PSI. Weight is an almost non issue, I wouldn't mind a 20 pound compressor, I'll probably remove the frame anyway, so that will take away some weight.

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Solar help please!

I want to charge rechargable batteries with one solar panel and use the batteries to run fans in my home to save on summer cooling costs. The central air can handle night cooling. What will I need and how do I set it up ?

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How to make laser from air around us?

Asking for some practical projects to make laser only from air around us using simple devices. The devices used should be found in daily life and high voltage power apply is not allowed. A related idea is point discharge. Some suggested devices: battery, spark plug, capacitance, inductance. For more details, ask me by email. Thanks very much!

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Arduino Uno Solar Battery Charger ?

Hello everyone. Newbie here.  My project is to make an environmental monitoring system that will be battery powered and charged using solar energy, when the system is not in use. The components I am using are listed below for reference.  Parts List: 1. Solar Panel  2. Rechargeable 9V Battery 3. Uno Rev 3 4. SD Module 5. Grove Dust Sensor 6. Grove Temp & Humidity Sensor 7. Grove Light Sensor 8. ESP8266 Transceiver 9. Grove Air Quality Sensor All the components operate at 5v with the exception of the ESP8266 which is 3.3v. I have been looking at different methods of powering the system and noticed people using LiPo batteries. I'm aware that you shouldn't let there voltage drop too low and something about voltage regulators and boost converters that might be needed.  Based on my system can anyone recommend the best method of powering everything using batteries and charging it through solar energy.   I'm fairly new to the Arduino Eco system and this kind of work in general, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced. 

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Do negative ion generators eliminate smell?

Would a design like this work to eliminate odors in a small room? Whole thing is enclosed in a pvc pipe with 1 end open and one with small holes. The ac power goes into a switch that goes to the negative ion gen. in the sealed end of the pipe. The 9v battery goes to a switch, then to a small blower fan that blows the air out of the pipe.

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Automatic starter for generator

I would like to build an automatic starter for my generator for my travel trailer. I would like for it to start automatically when the temperature reaches a preset level and then, shutdown when the temperature lowers to a preset level. The Air conditioner would be on when the generator is on and also, the battery charger would be on to charge the batteries. The batteries would power an inverter so AC would be available when the generator wasn't running.

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how do i wire a dual altenator in a 91 jeep wranglr for a onboard welder?

I already installed the second alternator i have a dual battery setup with one battery taking care of the jeep and the second battery powering a winch and air compressor i want the second alt to run the second battery and the welder but i dont know how to wire it up i have a ultima externaly regulated alternator help would be appreciated

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airsoft charger. answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna buy a smg air-soft gun from a friend but he doesnt have the charger. the gun's specs are 4.8V and 400 MAH, A computer usb is 5V and 500 MAH so can i use a computer usb to a air soft battery effectively 

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Build a fish that swims in the air without any manual control? Answered

Hey there, My first post. While walking by the toy store, I saw that they had a giant dolphin(filled with air) that was swimming around in air just above the head..... so funny..a big fish swimming you the impression that you are under water.. I could not even see if someone was controlling the motion...seemed to me that its 'altitude' and 'path' was kind of pre set and it would continue to hover until its battery ran out or something. Is there a way to build this? like fill up a ballon (shaped like dolphin) with air, and program it with some kind of bult in controller that makes it hover...? Thank you

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DC To AC Converter?

Hello, It Is Now Summer where I live, and it is getting VERY hot. I Want to put in an Air Conditioner, but whenever I do, My electric bill goes through the roof! I have an old car part (Cannot remember what it is called, its the part that uses the turning engine to charge the battery or something like that... I Cant remember) and I would like to use that (made into a mini wind turbine) to charge my spare car battery, and use a DC to AC Power Converter to power the air conditioner... I Have an DC - AC converter, but its not powerful enough... I Need To Build One That Can Power The Air conditioner.... Soon... Its Starting To Get REALLY hot... Thanks...

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Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that.

Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that. simple though. when i press a button it transmits a signal and the receiver receives this signal and releases electricity. heres a little diagram: O------T             B-R-----M O=Button T=Transmitter R=Receiver B=Battery M=Button -=Wire  =Air? the receiver is powered by the battery

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Car power from car batteries while not in a car?

I bought a car battery just so I could take it with me camping and charge my cell phone. Here is the problem: car powered devices are designed to be charged in a car while the car is running. The voltage of car power is 14.4 volts and the voltage of a fully charged car battery is 12.6 volts. The car battery will charge my cell phone because it is low amperage and does not drop the voltage very much (only if the car battery is mostly full), but if I try to connect my inverter and power higher-amp devices the inverter will beep and not work because it senses low voltage. One way I can get my battery to work is if I had a DC step up transformer. A car battery ranges between 0 and 12.6 volts. I need something which can supply a constant 14.4 volts as the battery is drained. Another option is if I got two batteries and hooked them together in series for 24 volts. If I did that I would need a transformer which could convert 24 to 14.4 volts as the batteries drained. So what is the best way to do this? This is for my camera drone: a DJI Mavic Air. If I could charge my drone batteries with a car battery I could fly a lot longer. Thanks-Jacob

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My phone has gotten a little wet. How do i save it?

My Samsung Solstice has gotten a little damp and the keys are sticking (such as the power button and the unlock/lock button), and it cuts itself on and off......what do i do? Ive tried taking the battery out and letting it air dry but it continues.  It also freezes up when i charge it.  Do i need a new shell for the phone or is the power button shorting?

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Is it possible to make a pocket warmer from part of a hair dryer? Answered

I have an old hair dryer and I know that there is something inside it which heats up the air. I was wondering, is it possible to remove that and attack a battery pack and case and have a pocket warmer or would it not work? Thank you.

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solar powered junk yard air conditiong idea.

Well im stringing togett some ideas ive seen into something green. first the idea i saw the cold water well ac unit, but too much water use to have one constantly run. so i thought a cycling pump, with a tank buried underground. for that too work the water being cycled though must be kept cold as it continues to cycle through. tank idea - something like 2-3 window ac condenser units piped together to fit inside a 50 gal drum. fill the drum with sand and water burying the condensers. the unit would be a condenser with a small water pump and a fan. i've seen small 12 solar battery chargers, would that be enough to run the pump and the fan for extended times say 4 hours a day is this possible or am i over estimating some things

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Can I power a large inverter with many of those external solar batteries for phones?

I'm looking for cheap solar + batteries to run the air conditioning and other electronics on a boat. If i order those external 4600mah solar battery packs that are meant to power your phone while hiking, I can get them for fairly cheap from China.  I'm looking at an inverter online that outputs 1000w, it takes 12v input. Assuming standard usb output of 1.5 volts, does this mean i wire 8 in series as a set which would draw 100amps/hour, so for each 8 battery set it would last ~150 minutes(1.5A output per battery, 4.6amps capacity) at load? How feasible is this as a long term solution (multiple charges and discharges)?

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Airsoft minigun

Here is an awesome easy airsoft gun I built from Nighthawkinlight. link:http:// Highly recomended!!!! I built it for about 30$. My plan i am working on right now is to use the same compressed air method to build a paintball pistol with a 8 cap mag, its working out great so far. Here are the stats for the gun pictured. PROS Compressed air powered!!! (to me this is awesome so i dont have to spend $ on Co2, or a battery that you need to charge) great range 250ft! lighter than it looks high rate of fire 50/ sec sturdy design very accurate CONS uses ammo up quickly kinda large takes a while to pump PLZ RATE AND COMMENT PLZ

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Creating a portable ac outlet?

My girlfriend wants me to make a portable battery powered ac outlet for a plug in air freshener (why not just plug it into the wall??) I have searched the Internet, but could find the right idea I'm looking for. I have seen ideas of converting a battery powered item to ac, or a big solar panel ac outlet. Is what I'm wanting to do even possible?

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Anyone with RV experience? Want a plug-in shop truck

I'm in the process of buying a used ambulance to turn into a shop truck - concept is park it anywhere and use it as a power/air station and tool room. I know ambulances have super beefy alternators and inverters (maybe dedicated generators?) but I'd like to be able to run tools with the engine off - how difficult would it be to have a plug in system like on a RV? Could I just have a standard battery charger built into the frame and plug that in? Thanks for any advice!

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MacBookAir USB powered charger

Hello all,I want to share my idea and also my solution for you (when It will work out:). I wanted to build a low-cost charger for my MacBookAir Early 2014. My idea was to use my Anker Power Pack with 20100 mha to charge my battery (much higher than the battery in the MacBook Air) on the MacBookAir. Problem the outlet of the power pack is 5V/2.4A max...So I have to use a step up converter I bought one on Amazon: get to the 14.85V stated on the outlet of the power supply. The max Amps on the power pack is only 2.4A the power supply is stating 3A.So I put everything together and connect it to the MacBook Air. It seems to work. The charging symbol pops up in the battery screen. But it is actually not loading. The unloading process is much slower but it is not loading! In addition to that, the MacBook sometimes recognize the loader and sometimes not?Do you have any advice on what I am doing wrong? Are the 2,4A from the battery pack to low?After checking I guess the 0.9 mAh per USB are the problem right?

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