Guess the album ? Answered

Hello, This is a very, very long shot . . .  When I was young I bought a second-hand record  originally from the 70's  or very early 80's . . .  I have no idea what happened to it but almost weekly I think about how to hear it again . .  I have stopped myself from asking in Answers for several years but today is the day. As far as I remember it had an album cover with a plain beige border, inside the border was a drawing of an art nouveaux type woman woman with flowing clothing. The theme was all Hari Krishna but not an actual Hari Krishna record. Lyrics such as  " there is a distant place called sweet something,  where silent  something something, . . .  Beneath a snowy ocean lying wide lies something something . . . " there was a lot of Govinda going on. I've tried looking for album cover on Google images. I've tried typing in all the lyrics that I can remember. No luck . . . any ideas anyone. And, no, it's not Kula Shaker, although I do actually like that track. Thank you

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Homestuck Albums

I know this is not something that I usually do, but I have decided to create albums for the original kids from Homestuck: John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley.  Explanations of the songs picked will be noted, and I will try and get the running times of each album.  Each album has six tracks, with extended versions of songs when possible, so I'd say these are Deluxe EP (extended playtime) Singles.  I may try to cut down the running time and make LP (limited playtime) singles another time, and also, don't hold me to it, do soundtracks for some of my favorite trolls. (Note: you don't have to appreciate, understand, or have read Homestuck to enjoy this; as all the songs center around a character, to some extent, they center around a theme.  Enjoy!) Without further ado, DarkOwlKnex productions proudly presents its first four Deluxe EP singles. (Disclaimer: I don't own any of these songs; these are just some of my favorites that I feel fit the lives of the characters.  All rights go to the original artist and record company.) The Windy Thing: The Tale of John Egbert 1. Blue Monday (12" Version) - New Order (John's Home Life Theme) 2. Procession (12" Version) - New Order (John's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. Ride The Wild Wind (Hybrid Extended Version; Fan Made Mix) - Queen (John, The Heir of Breath) 4. Hammer To Fall (Headbangers 12" Mix) - Queen (John's Strife Specibus: The Hammer)  5. Lullaby - The Cure (John and Vriska's Theme) 6. High (Extended Version) - The Cure (John's Ascent to God Tier; John and Jade's Brotherly/Sisterly Love Theme) GrimDark: The Tale of Rose Lalonde 1. Vicious Streak - New Order (Rose's Home Life Theme; The One-Upping-War Against Her 'Mother.') 2. Procession - Queen/Traditional Arrangement (Rose's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. The Prophet's Song - Queen (Rose, The Seer of Light; Rose and Doc Scratch's Theme) 4. Twenty Four Hours - Joy Division (Rose's Destiny) 5.  The March Of The Black Queen (Deep Cuts Version) -  Queen (Rose's Rampage) 6. She's Lost Control (12" Version) - Joy Division (Rose Goes GrimDark) Cool Kid: The Tale of Dave Strider 1. Airheads - Roger Taylor (Dave, The Cool Kid; Dave's Home Life Theme) 2. Ceremony (Original Version) - New Order (Dave's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. Time - Freddie Mercury (Dave, The Knight Of Time) 4. Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad) - Roger Taylor (Dave's Ironic Humor; Dave and Terezi's Theme) 5. Synchronicity (Part One) - The Police (Dave's Time Hijinks) 6. Synchronicity (Part Two) - The Police (Dave's Time Hijinks... Revisited) Squiddles: The Tale of Jade Harley 1. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - The Police (Jade's Home Life Theme; Jade, The Silly, Creative Girl) 2. Ceremony (Alternate Version) - New Order (Jade's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. Killing Time - Roger Taylor (Jade, The Witch Of Space) 4. Dreams Never End - New Order (Jade's Dreams) 5. A Winter's Tale (Fickle Mix; Fan Made Extended Version) - Queen (Jade's World In The Medium) 6. Beautiful Dreams - Roger Taylor (Jade's Dreams... Revisited) That's it!  Again, all rights go to the original artist and their record company/copyright holder. I hope that you enjoyed, and since I'm assuming that you didn't listen to all of the Deluxe EP's, I encourage you to come back and listen to them all when you have the time. -DarkOwlKnex

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Some album art

. Something to look at

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What is your favorite album cover?

For me there is no question,  REO Speedwagon  "You can tune a piano but you can't Tuna Fish" 

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How do i orgonise all my pictures in my album

How do i organise all pictures in my album into groups. i have some for one project and i have single pictures of other projects i have made. thanks

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Homemade Vinyl Record Cutting

I've always loved recording my music onto computers or cassettes and it's always been a little dream of mine to put one or two of them onto a homemade vinyl record. Obviously this would be very lo-fi but it seems like it'd still be a fun project. Anyone know if this is possible or if they've done something similar? Way I would think it could be done is to reverse the wiring in side a record player into a microphone of some sort and replace the needle with a razor blade with a blank sheet of the certain type of vinyl?

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Itunes album art HELP!?

I just recently got my first Ipod and I've got album art on itunes its self, but not on my ITouch! I cant for the life of me figure out Why! I've tried all kinds of tricks but I'm stumped!!

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The worlds most confusing album?

I have a CD by the artist Styx. The album is called Paradise Theater. Read this confusing puzzle thingy:A.D. 1928 = Rockin the Paradise introA.D. 1928 = The Best of Times introA.D. 1958 = Variation of A.D. 28A.D. 1958 = Outro to Half penny, Two penny.??? Why ???

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Album Review: Black Sabbath - Remastered Early Albums (1970-1973) ****-*****

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1970)01 - Black Sabbath02 - The Wizard03 - Wall Of Sleep - Basically - NIB04 - Wicked World05 - Sleeping Village - Warning06 - Evil WomanBlack Sabbath - Paranoid (1970)01 - War Pigs - Luke's Wall02 - Paranoid03 - Planet Caravan04 - Iron Man05 - Electric Funeral06 - Hand Of Doom07 - Rat Salad08 - Fairies Wear BootsBlack Sabbath - Master of Reality (1971)01 - Sweet Leaf02 - After Forever03 - Embryo04 - Children Of The Grave05 - Orchid06 - Lord Of This World07 - Solitude08 - Into The VoidBlack Sabbath - Vol.4 (1972)01 - The Straightener02 - Tomorrows Dream03 - Changes04 - FX05 - Supernaut06 - Snowblind07 - Cornucopia08 - Laguna Sunrise09 - St. Vitus Dance10 - Under The Sun - Every Day Comes And GoesBlack Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)01 - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath02 - A National Acrobat03 - Fluff04 - Sabbra Cadabra05 - Killing Yourself To Live06 - Who Are You07 - Looking For Today08 - Spiral Architect. Arguably the original Heavy Metal band, Black Sabbath - Ozzy Osbourne (vocals and harmonica), Tony Iommi (guitars), Bill Ward (drums and vocals), and Geezer Butler (bass) - brought death, drugs, occultism, and all sort of things your Mother doesn't want you to know about to Rock 'n' Roll with 1970's self-titled album (released, appropriately enough, on Friday the Thirteenth). Following quickly on its' heels was Paranoid, then Master Of Reality (with the stoners' anthem, "Sweet Leaf"), and Vol. 4. For Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, they brought keyboardist Rick Wakeman onboard.. With controversial lyrics and song lengths that regularly ran to five and six minutes or more, you weren't likely to hear much of them on the local Pop radio station (shortened versions of "Iron Man" and "Paranoid" managed to get a bit of mainstream airplay in 1972), but they were a staple for Album-Oriented Rock stations and 8-track players everywhere during the '70s. Almost every song here is on my medium- or heavy-rotation list (four or five stars).. I bought the original CD reissues back in the early '80s and was impressed at how much better they sounded than the vinyl/tape I was used to - not great, but definitely better. A friend recently loaned me a set of 320k MP3s from the remastered CDs issued in 2004 by Sanctuary UK. I really wasn't expecting much from the early '70s recordings (and it _is_ Heavy Metal), but thought it would be a good excuse to sit down and have another listen. Was I ever in for a treat! The remastered recordings remove a lot of the "mud" from the recordings and really bring out the instruments, especially the drums - "Children Of The Grave" really benefits from the remastering. The title cut from the self-titled album sounds even more evil (count the number of bell tolls in the intro). Can't really say that the vocals sound any better (or worse, it's still Ozzy at his best) and, at times, there is still enough hiss to be distracting, but overall I was very impressed with the quality.. I'll call these discs a Must Buy for all Black Sabbath fans who have the vinyl, tape, or original CD issues - I'm shopping for my set. Any of the first four CDs would make a great introduction to their music for Heavy Metal fans (1972's "We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'n' Roll" is a 14-cut (two LPs, originally) Best-Of collection that has also been remastered and might be a better choice, even if it doesn't include "Rat Salad"). IMNSHO, Wakeman, although great with Yes and on his own, really detracted from the Black Sabbath sound, so I can't recommend Sabbath Bloody Sabbath for new listeners. -- nacho

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New Bring Me the Horizon Album

Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season (anyone a fan of the band here? they're grindcore) To me this album was kind of a let down after there last two albums, some of the songs sounded a little slipknotish, (sorry but I can't stand slipknot, please no arguments lol), but the breakdowns and lyrics were superb, one of the reasons I love this band so much. Overall this album is pretty dece, but not nearly as good as there older stuff. favorite song on the album is "Diamonds Arn't Forever" by far what did you guys think of it?

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Is using the "Get Album Artwork" Option on Itunes "safe"? Answered

In Itunes, you have the option to auto find album artwork for songs that are missing it. However, it comes up with a notification saying all information about this song will be sent to Apple. I used fetch-mp3 to get some of them, and then sound recorder, which is built in to every windows computer, to get some. So, I dont think ethier of those is illegal. (I dont do this for all my music, by the way, so Im not a complete freeloader.) Could Apple get all like, angry at me for this? -xD

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Megan Reilly: singer, crafter, quilter, Instructabler

Megan Reilly recently joined our community with How to Make a Patchwork Quilt.  What you might not know about Megan is that she is not just a crafter (quilter, painter, and mother. . . ), but also an acclaimed singer songwriter!  Her crafting background is apparent in the very title of one of her upcoming tracks, Sew the Threads into Your Heart. I love being able to share stories like this of successful professionals doing amazing things who are also inspired by the Instructables community.  Megan is super excited to share a track from her upcoming album, The Well (click here!) and we look forward to seeing more projects of hers here too.  You can learn more about Megan at, and by following her here on Instructables!  Welcome, Megan, and thank you for sharing your craft and your music with us.

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Scrambled album-art on my Ipod

At some point in the last year, the album art on my ipod has become scrambled beyond belief; some pics are applied to several albums, some albums that already had artwork have had it replaced, etc. Is there any way, short of laboriously going through song-by-song (I'm at about 17k songs, so I'd like to avoid that) to repair or replace them?

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Easiest way to download albums to my pc?

I have been totally confused by audacity, is there an easier way to achive what I wish to do

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Recycling Vinyl Albums as shelf cabinets

Hey guys, My good friend is a graphic designer and music lover. He has a great project for those of us with vinyl album covers with great art. If you're like me, your album covers are collecting dust and no one gets to see the art, but he put together a design that allows you to use your covers as art as part of a book shelf cabinets. He's very close to meeting the funding goal for his prototype on kickstarter -- any support from the community would be much appreciated (especially if this is something you want but think it would be too complicated to make yourself -- as is the case with me :p ) - LMNH

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Can you identify these cars? I'm not a car guy.

I'm not a car guy - at all.  I mean, I like them...  They take me where I need to go...  But as for makes, models and years I am completely in the dark.  Below are some photographs of cars.  Can you identify them for me? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

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My New Music Album- Awakening- FREE TO DOWNLOAD

Hey guys, I just put together my second musical album called "Awakening". This album is FREE TO DOWNLOAD in it's entirety, so check it out and see if it's something you'd like to have on your computer or MP3 player. Just enter your email address and zip code to get my free music. Here's a quick video previewing all the songs on the album:

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Does anybody know of christmas albums by classic rock artists.?

I would like to know if anybody knows of christmas albums by classic rock artists. i am particularly interested in: Bon Jovi John Cougar Mellencamp Bruce Springsteen Elton John Bryan Adams Aerosmith I Would really apreciate anyones help. If there is an album that has a variety of songs by these and other artists I would apreciate that also.

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K'nex Turret Bow

Okay, this is my turret bow. Images: Video:

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Who wrote "Monkey and the Engineer"?

On the Grateful dead's album "Reckoning" there is a song called monkey and the engineer. That album has many covered songs and i was wondering whether they wrote it or not. Thanks

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I want a new theme....

I dont think the street avatars would blow over that good, so I was thinking we could have a pic of your favorite artist/album as your avatar instead (like meh). My avatar is the cover of soulja boy's new album "isouljaboytellem". Your avatar can be whatever your favorite aritst/album is

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I need a photo album for my website where all I need to do is add the photo to the directory? Answered

I have a website and i want to add a photo album where all i have to do is add my pictures into the directory and they appear on the website pleas help thanks?

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what is this? (pics included)?

Okay, what are these things and what do they do? on them it says: "in4007 mic" [IMG][/IMG] -thanks, mmcpherson4

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Nerf Gun Modification Services

Hey all. I've been modifying nerf blasters for about 2 years now, and would like to make my services availbable to everyone. From integrations to breeches, you can find it here. I'll be willing to modify the following (to a certain extent on some blasters): Nightfinder Maverick Big Bad Bow Longshot Recon Switchshot Airtech 2000 Titan Scout My contracts will consist of a blaster that you send (or the money FOR the blaster and service). I will then perform the modification and send it back to you. Or, we can discuss the type of blaster you're looking for, make it a suprise, THEN talk prices.;=Movie.flv Copy and paste those links into your browser, they're pictures but I don't know how to attatch them. Also willing to do paintjobs and detailing. Contact me at or I/M me via AIM.

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Is it legal to use a midi file for backing and sell the recording on my own album?

I want to sing, improv, and add a guitar (keytar) solo to Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" for my upcoming album, but I don't want to learn all the instruments in it.

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Two Things: Pivots and Wrestling

First,How many people here like wrestling?I love it.Second,My pivots are wrestling

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What to do with four leaf clovers? Answered

I collect mutant clover and have an album full of 4, 5 and 6 leaf clovers. I want to do something with them besides just keeping them in the album or turning them into pendants etc. Any ideas or instructables?

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Album Review: ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (1973) *****

ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (1973)NachoMahma's Rating: *****Frank Beard - drumsBilly Gibbons - guitar and vocalsDusty Hill - bass and vocals10 Tracks, total time 33:3301 - Waitin' For The Bus (2:53)02 - Jesus Just Left Chicago (3:32)03 - Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers (3:27)04 - Master Of Sparks (3:31)05 - Hot, Blue, And Righteous (3:18)06 - Move Me On Down The Line (2:31)07 - Precious And Grace (3:10)08 - La Grange (3:54)09 - Sheik (4:05)10 - Have You Heard? (3:13)Third album by the Texas trio. After 1972's rather fractured "Rio Grande Mud" the Little Ol' Band From Texas is finally getting their unique, bluesy sound down. All ten songs are solid ZZ Top and rate four or five stars (out of 5) - definitely a recommended buy. This album is before they discovered the horn section - just three gringos cranking out the tunes. From the slow "Hot, Blue and Righteous" to the Top 40 "La Grange" to the hard-driving "Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers," there's something here for just about every rock and roll fan - especially those with a taste for white-boy blues.

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Album Review: Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson (1971) ****

Harry Nilsson - Nilsson SchmilssonRelease Date: 1971Nacho's Rating: 4 (out of 5)Tracks:01 - Gotta Get Up YouTube02 - Driving Along YouTube03 - Early In The Morning YouTube04 - The Moonbeam Song05 - Down06 - Without You YouTube (hit single in 1972)07 - Coconut YouTube08 - Let The Good Times Roll09 - Jump Into the Fire YouTube10 - I'll Never Leave YouThe 2002 remastered version also has demo versions of all but "Early In The Morning". This is the album that first turned me on to music. I had been interested in music before I heard this, but Nilsson's wide range of styles and his goosebump-inducing vocals showed me that there was more to music than Top40 hits and screaming guitars.. For me, the album as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Some of the songs don't stand alone very well, but sound pretty good when played together. I could do without "The Moonbeam Song" and "I'll Never Leave You" (having to follow "Jump Into The Fire" is a big disadvantage) but even they sound OK in context.. The album leads off with the rather goofy "Gotta Get Up" and follows with "Driving Along" - neither a great song, but definitely fun to listen to.. "Early In The Morning" gives a peek at what he can do with his voice and it's a good song, too.. "The Moonbeam Song" shifts into slow ballad mode. Nothing special, but Nilsson does a pretty good job.. "Down" is a nice bluesy song that starts to really show off his voice.. "Without You" is one of my all-time favorite songs. Nilsson takes a rather smarmy song and infuses if with FEELING. I still get goose-bumps when I hear the refrain.. "Coconut" is about as silly as a song can get, but Nilsson somehow makes it work. Another favorite for me. Wooo-oo-oo.. "Let The Good Times Roll" is another bluesy song with great vocals. Fits well between Coconut and JITF.. "Jump Into The Fire" is another favorite of mine. Not many singers can scream and make it sound good. And it has a bass line and a drum solo that will put a grin on Punkguyta's face as he blows out his speakers/amp.. "I'll Never Leave You" is a slow plaintive wail that is a bit of a let down after JITF. Great vocals, but I've never liked the song.. Not an album for every one. Check out the YouTube clips and see what you think.Links:Harry Nilsson at Wikipedia

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How do i power on my pda without a battery (power to the electricity lines)? Answered

Good day to all.    About a few months ago, my pda got broken (and so as the battery) and i want to power it on to the electricity. How do i do that? Here are the pictures of the pda:= pda pictures:= From:=;=Picture015.jpg To:=;=Picture001.jpg If you want to know more details, ask me I really want to power on this pda (it has been a long time since i worked with him and it was a very good pda)

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New Moldover Light Theramin Circuit Board!

Check out Moldover's new Super-Deluxe Pocket Edition of his Album! The album comes on a 2gb USB thumbdrive, that is mounted onto a handmade Circuit Board Light Theramin. The theramin comes with a built in speaker, as well as a 1/8 inch headphone jack for recording/more keen listening. In addition to the album, the USB drive comes with a 50 minute live video of Moldover from Future Everything Fest, as well as a whole bunch of sound bytes/samples from his album. Only 300 available, so get them while you can. Have fun! Check them out Here:

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New Moldover Light Theramin Circuit Board!

Check out Moldover's new Super-Deluxe Pocket Edition of his Album! The album comes on a 2gb USB thumbdrive, that is mounted onto a handmade Circuit Board Light Theramin. The theramin comes with a built in speaker, as well as a 1/8 inch headphone jack for recording/more keen listening. In addition to the album, the USB drive comes with a 50 minute live video of Moldover from Future Everything Fest, as well as a whole bunch of sound bytes/samples from his album. Only 300 available, so get them while you can. Have fun! Check them out Here:

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Some hints at making stuffed animals and casting resin

I posted a web album that goes through some of the process designing a plush animal and adding resin parts to it. It isn't super though rough, but might be helpful to some. Feel free to ask questions!Mr. Blue's Web Album

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Possible to Reprogram Handheld Tetris?

I programed a simple game on a basic stamp before, and I just got one of those super cheap handheld tetris games hopes of using the LCD screen like a dot matrix. screen can't be practically used, but I noticed that the circuit board inside the game had a arrangement of holes that reminded my of my serial cable pictures: can solder some wires to that and keep trying each pin until I ruin the original program or fry it completely, but before I start, is this even possible to program it like a PIC?If it's not, is there a way to use those little flat parts that tough the back of the screen operate the LCD screen?Has this been done before?

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How many of you listen to them? If so, what's your favorite album? Song? Band member?

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Anything Interesting I could Do with this?

Hey all, I was recently given a free garage door opener, and I was wondering, Is there anything fun or interesting I could do to/with it? Here is a picture or two (Rat Trap is to Makeshift 'Keep Out Of Box' as Garage door opener is to...?) Thanks

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Is there away to fill in these huge gaps in this wood frame?

I have this mirror that I like but it came with these huge overly sized lamps attached to it which I didn't particularly like and removed, which has left it with two large gaps in the frame. Is there a way to fill in these holes where I could possibly just paint over it so everything looks even or some sort of creative way to fill them in? here is what it looks like. front close up of gap back

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Adding my personal pic

I know where to go to attach my picture but nothing is showing up there where you would normally see your album and the upload options.

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little gem mk2 amp question? Answered

Hello, i going to make a little gem mk2 amp.But i see 2 layout and they are a bit diffirent ....I dont know what version is correct or both are correct ??  And i want to  add a LED to know if the amp is on or off, where should i place it ??? I use a 12v 300mA adapter as power cource. Thanks!

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Album Review: Timbuk 3 - Greetings From Timbuk 3 (1986) *****

Timbuk 3 - Greetings From Timbuk 3 (1986)NachoMahma's Rating: *****Pat MacDonald - acoustic, electric, bass and MIDI guitars, harmonica, vocals, drum programmingBarbara K. MacDonald - electric guitar, mandolin, violin, rhythm programming, vocals10 Tracks, total time 37:0301 - The Future So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades (3:24)02 - Life Is Hard (4:12)03 - Hairstyles And Attitudes (2:53)04 - Facts About Cats (3:22)05 - I Need You (3:59)06 - Just Another Movie (4:15)07 - Friction (3:46)08 - Cheap Black & White (2:55)09 - Shame On You (5:09)10 - I Love You In The Strangest Way (3:03)Timbuk 3's debut album is quirky, to say the least, but I love it. I think it's the harmonica that does it for me, but the lyrics are exceptional, also.Many of you may remember the opening cut from all the radio play it got (their only song to make the charts), but that's not the only gem here. I give all ten tracks five stars, even "Facts About Cats."

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Knex Pickup Truck With Suspension

My TNKIT entry. Video -;=MVI_3819.flv

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Help identify points on circuit board?

Hi, I got a 3.5 stereo adapter and mic cable for a cell phone. I want to convert it from the non-standard cellphone jack into a 3.5 stereo jack so I can connect it to the mic jack on my computer. Is it possible? I need to figure out what the wires lead from. There also seems to be a fiber optic(?) wire. Circuit pic: mic/switch pic:

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Is it possible to make a boxman costume like in the link below?


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Music suggestions for 14 year old? Answered

 I have a 32 gb iphone and I want more music to put on it. I've got the complete U2, Stereophonics, ACDC, Eminem, Beatles, Hollies, Rolling Stones, Oasis, Coldplay and even the complete Zelda Re-orchestrated. I've also got a few other albums, but am looking for some more of the bands that have several albums. There's no type of music I don't like, but I like rock music the most. Any suggestions are helpful, thanks!

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acer gd235hz display problem

Hi there, I've got an acer gd235hz monitor, It's been working fine until one day It just died out.. It'll turn on, display the acer logo and turn off. I did some research and found It could be bad capacitors. I took the monitor apart and found the 3 main capacitors that control that problem. Oddly enough, they look fine. There not blown up like a balloon.  Should I replace them anyways?  Su'scon 1,000 uF 16 V If so, What capacitor brand should I go for? I found this one: Life time rating up to 10,000 Hours @ 105C -- Last Question.. When I took the monitor apart, I found this on the back of the Display Board.. What is it?

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