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ginger ale?

 made ginger beer when I was 8. did not understand how volatile it is. made 6 flagons and they all went  kaboom- together with the roof of our new coal shed- that was 1958 . Still trying to make the Jamaican style  Andrew

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Qbo Robot for Sale!!!

I have a QboEVOPro robot for sale. It came with 4G and I upgraded to 16G. It sells for around $3900 Euros or $5495 USD. I will take $3200 USD with FREE Shipping to anywhere in USA major northern states. The color is Apple  GREEN. If you want to know about him, do a Google search and video YOUTube search. If you are interested:   yhmmc  Thanks!

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What is your beer like?

In the 1970's beer in the UK started turning bad. Fed-up the increasingly poor quality of beer that was too fizzy, had no character and no taste - some guys formed what was to become CAMRA.Largely due to CAMRA's efforts there are now a lot of independent breweries and several pubs selling their beers in my local area. I can get a good choice in several pubs in the town and village, last night I was at a small beer-festival - they had 63 beers on the list.This guy has a lot of information on the beer near me.In addition to 'real ale' a lot of these pubs have a wide range of bottled-beers such as European lagers. Then there are some bars that stick mainly to these imported beers.(You can drink fizzy tasteless stuff in plenty of bars of course)So what is the booze like where you are?

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I need to ale a dungeons and dragons board

So I need to make a game board for d&d but I'm not computer Davy. I'm good with craft materials but the thing is I don't know how to make one. Me and my friends want to learn how to play and right now money is an issue! Please help!

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al-air battery powered electric bike or scooter? Answered

  Hey, i was wondering if it would be possible to rig up an electric bike or scooter powered by an array of pvc al-air batteries. The use of al-air batteries would eliminate charging time and be much lighter than lead acid batteries.By pvc al-air batteries i mean a section of pvc pipe with a piece cut out from the side and covered in carbon paper and an aluminum electrode running through the middle.

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Spanish translations of Instructables / Instructables traducidos al Espanol

English We are seeking native Spanish speakers to help us evaluate several translation services with the intention of translating Instructables projects.  If you or someone you know is a native Spanish speaker, please help us out by taking this questionnaire. You'll note we have several other languages on the questionnaire; these are not yet ready.  I want to see if Spanish speakers have any trouble or comments about the questionnaire before we open it to the other languages. ------------------- Español Estamos buscando personas que hablen Español como idioma nativo para que nos ayuden a evaluar varios servicios de traducción para los proyectos de Instructables. Si tú (o alguien que conozcas) hablas Español como lengua materna, por favor ayúdanos diligenciando este cuestionario: Notarás que en el cuestionario tenemos varios idiomas adicionales; no están listos todavía. Quiero ver si la comunidad de habla española tiene algún problema o comentarios sobre el cuestionario antes de abrirlo a otros idiomas.

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pc based digital clock via parallel port using C language ?

How are you every one?     I have this project and I already have a code and the circuit but i studied assembly language     it's supposed to display the hours and minutes    do any one know assembly and c language so here's the code: TITLE CLOCK.ASM     DOSSEG     .MODEL SMALL     .STACK 0100H     .DATA     PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS equ 378h     .CODE     MAIN PROC     MOV AX, @DATA     MOV DS, AX     CALL RTIME ; READ TIME     CALL DisplayTime ;DISPLAY TIME     MOV AX, 4C00H     INT 21H     MAIN ENDP     RTIME PROC     MOV AH, 02H     INT 1AH     RET     ; CH - HOUR     ; CL - MINUTES     ; DH - SECONDS     RTIME ENDP     DisplayTime PROC     push DX ; was DH     push CX ; was CL     ;     mov AL,CH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,01h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop CL (minutes)     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,02h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop DH (seconds)     mov AL,AH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,08h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     mov AL,00h     out DX,AL     ret     DisplayTime ENDP     Delay Proc     MOV CX, 00100h     X: PUSH CX     MOV CX, 0FFFFh     Y: LOOP Y     POP CX     LOOP X     RET     Delay ENDP     END thank you for your time and this is the circuit diagram

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Programación de Modulo De UltraSonido

En esta prueba de la programación del Modulo de Ultra sonido hubieron varios inconvenientes al al principio, por ejemplo al programarlo por 1ra vez y al colocarlo en el suelo el robot no detectaba los objetos que se aproximaban a el, creímos que tal vez faltaba calibrarlo.Al programarlo por 2da ocasión el robot ya detectaba los objetos, el problema era que no daba la vuelta, simplemente se quedaba estático, creíamos que fue porque la batería estaba descargada. Al pasar 20 - 25 minutos tal vez el problema era que se necesitaba aumentar la velocidad del coche. Eran simples errores, esperemos que al hacer esto y les pasen los mismos errores que a nosotros,

Topic by ReneSantana  

Does anybody know how to produce powdered metals (Al, Fe, etc)? Answered

I have done some research and found some methods though they are more industrial such as atomization. I am curious if there is a method that could reasonably be done at home with fairly easy to find/acquire materials. Thanks in advance

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shoe soles

Ok I have a project going on and I cant figure out what material to make my shoe soles out of. Any Ideas but they have to last a descent amount of time

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what is a mill ball and how do i get one? ( for making al powder)

HELP!!! what is a mill ball and how do i get one? ( for making al powder) needs 2 be cheep!!

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Burnt Iron

Anyone has an idea on how to clean this burnt iron? Thanks. AL.

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What is the effect of adding NaOH and Al with H2O? Is the reaction--2NaOH + 2Al + 2H2O → 3H2 + 2NaAlO2??

I belive this to be the reaction involved in using Drano and I was wondering if it would be effected by the temperature of the H2O and if the reaction would be effected by NaCl mixed in the H2O.

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Global Warming Confusion

NOAA released this a couple of days ago. Global Warming effect on Hurricanes. This is not what Al Gore told us. What gives?

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OK I HAVE OVER 300 16OZ cans of mtn dew. and they are good and everything only problem is what could i build with it they are not open and they have the dark knight on in so they good. yeah walmart had a deal one sixpack for a dollar so i bought 70 six packs and some extras but im open to any ideas let me know what you think

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Earth magnets vs Electromagnets ? Answered

If I have an earth magnet in my pocket but I want a more powerful magnet would an electromagnet be more stronger?? Thanks. AL.

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help with roller! need help asap

I built a vdg and it works. but since the top roller is AL all it does is produce static electricity until it sparks to the AL on the roller. instead of going to the dome. i have to present it at science fair so i need another roller. i was thinking nylon. so i bought a bed frame roller wheel. but i dont know if it is nylon. so does anyone know if there is any thing i could use that would be at hardware stores or any stores?

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Swimjim raspiGuy

Al would like to know how build a raspberry pi drone with 4 propellers with any controller Any help were to look . How do this ?

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Aluminum from aluminum hydroxide?

I have some aluminum hydroxide and I have been trying to find a way to strip the Al(OH)3 of it's hydroxide ions to form an aluminum precipitate. It's nonsoluble so a reaction in an aqueous solution does not seem to be an option, also considering that the only other more reactive metals than it would ignite upon contact with water anyhow. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

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How can I change my e-mail contact list that is alphabetical.

 At the moment it is in alphabetical with Christian name and I would like to change it starting with surnames  

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How do I influence the RNG on a slot machine????? Answered

How do I influence the RNG on a slot machine that I bought???. Its a penny machine called " The best things in Life" . Thanks. AL.

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carbon fiber felt, carbon fiber matting

Seeking a source for remnants carbon fiber felt, will use as combination wind screen chimney internal liner to prevent loss of heat to the environment can use piece sized 4 x 24 inches-minimum. thickness 5 mm, 7mm or better if possible. carbon fiber is usually sold by the sq. yd./meter- i know that carbon fiber felt exists but can't seem to locate same, free or cheap is best, thats why i'm looking for remnant material. thanking you for your help big al

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Ideas for setting up a stand in a little event? Answered

So i am getting a chance to set up a stand in a 'Carnival'. so any ideas? the audience is 10 to 16 year olds.

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why this led blown out?

I have connected  aled of 3ma with 9v dc battery and with resistance of 10k and lateron i connected a polarity capacitor4.7UF in parllel to resistance then led glowed brightly and blown out why? and also how the capacitor can be used as relay here

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Dutch / Nederlands

Hey, my native tongue is Dutch so if you need any translation into / from Dutch send me a message. Hallo, mijn moedertaal is Nederlands dus als je vertalingen nodig heb naar / van Engels stuur me een berichtje.

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Earth Magnets vs Electromagnets?? Answered

I have an earth magnet/ neodymium magnet that is pretty strong as far as pulling power is concerned but would an electro magnet have more pulling force or power. Its a small enough earth magnet that fits in my pocket. Thanks. AL.

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Beer Mat Collectors?

Does anyone else on instructables collect beer mats? I just started as I love ale and have seen loads of cool designs. I thought I'd post to see if anyone else on here collects and would like to swap some of their duplicates for some of mine?

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Error 400

Hola tengo un error 400 en este post que acabo de subir al foro en la sección de eventos, espero puedan ayudarme Gracias de antemano

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Proyecto de dispositivo Bluethoth

Necesito saber que tipo de integrado debo utilizar para realizar un dispositivo que se comunique atraves de un modulo bluethoth y al mismo timpo active una bosina dentro del mismo ....todo esto con componentes lo mas chiquitos posibles

Question by RayneAl03  

Salvage a dead laptop screen?

I'd like to reuse the lcd screen from a very dead Dell Inspiron laptop(14"screen) as a remote monitor (wired) for my netbook. I guess what I need is a schematic for the screen leads and to create a power cable and a 15 pin moniter cable. Anyone ever tried this ? Al

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In Philippine law, is there anything concerning alternative currencies?

Google turns up null. I just want to know if there's any law or central bank policy regarding alternative currencies. (Just got interested because of all of the alternative currencies springing up all over the U.S.)

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can stepper motors be combined to double the amps?

I have four stepper motors connected in series to get 12v and more . Can I connect them differently for getting higher amps I think they currently put out like 30 ma each is there a way to increase this amp? thanks for sharing Al

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

How to get colder temp from Beertender

Does anyone Know How I can Hack the T-Fal Beertender which uses Heineken and Newcastle Brown ale mini kegs. I would like to get the temp lower than the 39 degrees that the factory set it at.

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Dutch knex guns, wars and other things

I know there are some Dutch knexers here. Since Holland is quite small, maybe we can have a war or share ideas. If you are Dutch tell me and if you're interested in a war say it. Since this is ment for Dutch people i will now continue in Dutch. Als het je wat lijkt om een keer een gevecht te houden PM me dan en ik zal proberen meer deelnemers te werven. Als je weet welke mensen met knex instructables Nederlands zijn post dan even een comment. Voor een war geldt:          minimaal 12 jaar oud                                              maximaal 15 jaar oud                                              minimaal 3 maanden ervaring met knex guns                                              over de tijd, locatie, plaats en regels kan worden gediscussieerd.                                              GEEN GEWEREN DIE VERDER SCHIETEN DAN 25 METER!!!!! als je tips hebt of je wilt gewoon wat kwijt, zeg het dan P.S. Use google translate if you want to know whats written in Dutch (it's just the age, experience and requirements) P.S. If you want to say something, post your comment in both Dutch and English if possible

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Where can I find this fuse? need a 2 pin little fuse F2 AL 250 f32 also on the side or a good substitute

This fuse is in a small electric blanket controller, I can't seem to find this one, what other fuse would be a good substitute? Blanket was left on for 12 hours several times, other components are good. This is a small blanket used on a massage table.

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carbon fiber felt ! ! ! --- looking for remnant lenght/width(s) of carbon fiber felt ,

Seaking to use carbon fiber felt to blanket/insulate against process heat loss to enviroment. can work with single pieces as small as 3 inches by 12 inches, aprox. thickness 3/8ths inch --HOPEING FOR cheap!

Question by big al 1048  

Is there a wwy for me to make goggles that will allow me to see laser beams? Answered

I've made a laser grid, and I want to see the beans without using water mist. I'm using a standard laser pointer, the kind you get from the dollar store. Is there some way I can see them with goggles or mist?

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Blasting Cap help

I was wondering what others use for their cap bodies, i have been told to use spent brass to hold the HMTD. any better suggestions?? ANFO doesnt like brass so i was wondering if AL casing or heavy paper casing would work better? Thanks.

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Kiteman Recommends: Punk IPA

I just came across a beer (bought in Tesco) from a brewery that is new to me, but I'm definitely going to keep an eye on.The beer is Punk IPA: Post Modern Classic Pale Ale, from the BrewDog brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland. A fresh, clean beer, with an ABV of 6%, it's an easy drinker.According to their website, they have a range of beers, mainly ales and stouts, but with one pilsner as well. They are all modern, pure-ingredient takes on classic brews.I'm not a beer expert, but I am a beer snob. Based on this IPA, and the brewers' Maker attitude, I plan on making BrewDog a regular presence in my beer stocks.Even better news for our resident brewers (Lemonie and moaner70 to name two), they have a vacancy - if you have it in you, and can commute to Scotland, They are looking for a new brewer.

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serial charging of two gel cell 6v..?

I have two 6 v 4.5 amp gell cell I wish to charge them both at the same time connected serially by using a 12v charger? is this feasible? or do I need a 6v charger because they can't be charge by a 12v charger? what say you, thanks, Al

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diode? Answered

Can  i use several diodes in4007 alike to lower the PSU voltage to say 3vdc  from 5vdc to power a radio? also can I do the same to build a laptop psu just to charge out of a lcd psu gives 25v DV , can I use drop voltage bu using same diodes since each one 0.7v drop? thanks Al

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can bridge rectifiers be combined to double the amps? Answered

Say we have 3 amp 3 rectifiers soldered would that function as 9amp rectifier or needed to be wired in a special way, series, paralel with other components? I am building an unknown power wind gen ans I gave 10   3 amp rectifiers. Thanks for sharing.. Al

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Make: en Espanol

A todo el grupo de Instructablers de Mexico los invito a visitar Make: en Espanolhttp://es.makezine.comEstamos abiertos a recibir sus opiniones, dudas y comentarios, al igual que cualquier proyecto que hagan. :)Pasen la voz!!(disculpen los acentos y la "enie", pero el sitio me las cambia)

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